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Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 7

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 7

Day 7!! Head here to watch todays video

Morning all!!

Morning all!!

What a magical week my friend! Thankyou for joining us in this epic adventure with Spirit! It just lights me up when I see people having connections and learning how to have connections with spirit!
Today we talk about community. In the last few years, I think we have all learned how important it is to have community and connection. We found a lot of creative ways to bring that in to our lives and I am still meeting people every week who are my social media friends and when we see each other in public, it’s an automatic hug. I love the humanity of that!
Starting today, we are opening up the doors to the community I have been building for a while now. A place that is safe and expected to have questions on spirit. A place that we can explore all facets of spirit and grow and expand together.
When I first started in this work I had SO MANY questions and I didn’t have a space to go ask them. I would get so frustrated because the teachers were not all that interested in explaining things as I grew and was growing so fast. I was remembering so much so quickly.
As the years went on, I knew I wanted a place for people like me to go. We launched Spirit School last year and already have a beautiful group of ladies that have kicked off the group. We went through some growing pains and I am more than excited for what we have planned this year for all who join us!

Spirit school is a safe space for spirit led souls. We will come together and learn and grow and most of all explore all sides of ourselves. Education, question and answer sessions, motivation and FUN are all part of this community. We have our set of 6 videos that start us off together and we will be walking through each of them together starting March 5th on the Full Moon.  You will watch those videos on your own and once a week I will come in and we will dissect and have some fun with all your questions!  These are the basics and the foundation that I felt was so important when I was putting this all together.
Once we move through the videos we will then start the growth chart of exploration. Each month we will move into new subjects and new things to educate and most of all practice our skills together. Friendships and connection is a huge piece of this community.
If you ever felt alone in life, this is a group for you. We have an opportunity to come together and create a little circle in this big world to spread the light and improve our lives. I just cant explain how important it feels to have a foundation of support. Its been key in my growth.
Spirit School doors open today and the investment in your own spiritual growth is only $197 for a year.  ( Payment plans are an option)
I am calling out to those that want to create the life they desire instead of letting life create us. We have a lot more power than we ever give credit too and I know how important group support is! We are calling in the empowered and those that know they want to be empowered. The light bringers and those that know they have the light but maybe need a little kick in the ass to stay in the light 😊  I am calling the fun and fabulous and the ones that want to play or learn or remember how to play 😊  Newbies or experienced does not matter to me. We all need a group and we all need a place to ask things that are confusing or scary or just plain interesting!
My group is geared for positivity and growth. Fearbased and shitty attitudes need not apply 😊
I do hope you join me!
Enter HERE!


Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 6

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 6

Good morning!!!

The world today is made up of so much social media! From Facebook to Twitter to TV, it’s everywhere. I don’t know that you can really get away from it for too long.

Although at times I would suggest you put the phone down and step away and go take a walk! Sometimes it’s what can catch our attention and I have noticed the last few years Spirit has found its way into Social media just like everyone else has. 😊

I like to use my social media for fun and laughter as much as I can. I decided long ago to use it as a platform to create smiles and education or laughter. For myself as much as anyone else. I have stuck by that personal rule for a long time. I LOVE social media and love to connect and see what people are up to, and don’t get me started how much I love all the travel photos that have inspired me to go places myself! I have learned a ton through social media and often times it’s the place Spirit will first get my attention on something.

There is nothing like a good meme to stop me in my tracks. It could be something I need to ponder something that wakes me up or gives me a new perspective or just makes me laugh. I have had red birds come out of the woodwork when my grandma died and the amount of times I saw Good Vibes only when my dad died was pretty incredible.

When I started creating Spirit School, the memes about Harry Potter and Hogwarts were CRAZY fun, and still to this day when we get close to opening those Spirit School doors for new people, the Harry Potter and Hogwart memes start up with a magical vengeance and I love it!

Use your social media for good my friends! Extra credit and an extra entrance to our Prize drawing if you share a meme that you know somebody probably needs to see or hear today! It’s a great way to help Spirit spread the message of love or laughter or a helpful hint to get through something. Bring it on friends!

Let’s go make some magic!

Today’s Hunt:

Today is all about the messages you get through social media! The GOOD ONES. The FUN ones the ones that make you belly laugh outlouds. The ones that touch your heart or make you cry because something inside of you knows its from a loved one on the other side. Pay attention to the good. SHARE with us the memes that talk to you today!

Intuition Scavenger Hunt – Day 5

Intuition Scavenger Hunt – Day 5

Hey Friend

Bring on the money honey! Today is all about the cash.pennies,dimes,quarters and all things abundance related!

We have all heard pennies from Heaven! After someone crosses over we often will see pennies in weird places and we attach that to our loved ones energy and from that point on the pennies will show up at fun times to show they are around. I love it!

I always ask for a raise lol. How about Quarters or dollars or more 😊 Why not! We are learning about receiving in all of these cases so lets open up that door!

When I find change I like to keep it in a special container. I have named it the Fun Fund and we use it each year for vacations for the kids. Back in our super lean and broke days it could get us a night at a hotel and over time we have been able to do a few bigger trips too. Either way that penny from Heaven went into making memories with my own family and that to me is priceless.

Abundance comes in many ways and often we block ourselves from the receptive mode to open up those arms today and let spirit know you are open to receive ALL the good in the universe and lets see what shows up!

This is a piece we work on in spirit school my friends. ALL year long we will have reminders on how to be a bigger and better receiver. It’s a skill we all need to know and I don’t feel like we give enough attention as humans to learn how to do it!

Share share away! Get put in our drawings for prizes at the end of the week. I can finally tell you one of the Bigger prizes is a full ticket into this years Spirit School! The entire year will be paid for if you win! It’s a pretty fun prize to be able to offer!

Lets go make some magic!


Today’s Hunt

Today ask your spirit team after you are connected and hand on heart to show you pennies or abundance or wealth or just money from heaven today 😊  Keep track of all the amazing things you receive today. It could be hugs or laughter or gift cards or gifts.

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 4

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 4

Hello Friend!

Day four of our magical time together! Today is one of my fav things to introduce people too or just remind them of the existence of Guardian Angels!

From birth to death, we all have one! This is not grandma or mom or dad or a loved one. This is an Angel that has been assigned to you from the moment you are born to the moment of your death. They are your buddy in spirit 😊

I LOVE to meet the guardian angels of my clients. They are almost never what I expect them to be, and I think that is probably the most fun part!
Most people want to know the guardian angel’s name and for that I would encourage you to just ask for it! They are not really tied to the name, but humans need names to help us organize things in my brains so just ask and go with the very first name you hear!

I created a meditation a long time ago to help people go on a little journey to meet your Guide. This week it’s time to listen and then have fun playing all week with your new friend or re-establish that connection if needed!

When I first was introduced to my Guardian Angel, I felt like I was being followed for a couple weeks. I finally reached out to my mentor at the time, and he laughed and said it’s your guardian angel and he is happy you’re finally paying attention to him! It was quite the funny conversation. Now I talk to him every day and ask for guidance each and every day as well.

They are here to love us when we need it and love us more when we don’t think we deserve it. They can offer guidance and support, and for me it gave me a sense of safety that I had not felt before. It was a sacred moment of my spiritual path. I also learned he likes to have fun and it felt like that gave me permission to have fun in life too and fuck around a bit 😊 (Yes to swearing too! Lol )

Reminder: This is meant to be FUN.
Let’s go make some magic. And don’t forget to share this article for a chance to win prizes!!

Today’s Hunt:

Today is about play and connection with your Guardian Angel. It’s a beautiful friendship to create and nurture as life goes on. Its ok if you don’t feel or see or hear anything at first. Just ask for those signs that they are around to be BIG and OBNOXIOUS so that you can get used to how they speak to you!

Take a listen to the meditation ​and enjoy the connection between and your longest living friend in Spirit!

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 3 – Angel Numbers

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 3 – Angel Numbers

Hey Friend!

Isn’t this a fun week! The signs and stories that I have been told are SO FUN! We always have a lot of magic that comes through this week. It’s why I love to do this game as much as possible. I talk to my guides and angels every day all day!

When I first started working with Angels it was hard to “Trust” that they were around. I had all sorts of little games I would play with them and one of them was numbers.

I had learned that Angels often come through numbers. We tagged them as Angel numbers. 111,222.333 and so on. Even seeing your birthday happens to people! It’s a really fun way to know your angels and guides are near.

Today we are on the hunt for Angel numbers!

Gentle reminder! If you are not seeing the signs and fun clues yet it’s OK! Sometimes it takes a bit to start to notice them. They don’t have to come on the direct day we post either! Just play a bit –  this is meant to be FUN!

Share share shrae away on the numbers and fun messages from spirit that you have seen this week! The more shares the more you are entered into our drawings at the end of the week!

Let’s go make some magic!


Today’s Hunt

Hand on heart! Get connected to the light and the earth! Ask your guides,Angels and spirit team or loved ones to start sending you repeating numbers to show they are around!

We have this great little pdf for you to offer some examples of what the numbers mean but I would also say its ok to make your own meaning if it feels better! Spirit has no rules my friends!

2023 Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 2

2023 Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 2

Welcome Friend!

Day two! Today is a gift that you can offer to yourself for your entire life. The year before last I lost 16 people within about 6 to 9 months. Including my dad. It was a very tough year and the thing that I leaned back on all the time was my connection to spirit and to my loved ones now in spirit.

I do believe that we all can be our own mediums. ( Medium means you can communicate with the dead)

It comes to everyone differently and our loved ones are sending us signs and communication all the time. We just are not taught to watch for those loving signs until we lose someone and we are in the throws of grief. I feel like that is the hardest time to learn!

That is why todays hunt is all about communication from the other side. Take a moment and think about that loved one that you would love to hear a message from. Get a sign from. Know that they are ok. Think about the fun times or the laugh or smile. Maybe they had a certain smell. Maybe they willdo what my dad did and send me a new affirmation to use!

Good Vibes only was my dads first message to me! Not typically the language he would use but it sure made sense in the moment he gave it to me 😊

Signs can come in many ways! A friend of mine sends me Bon Jovi songs each time he is around. My dad shows me shooting stars or shapes in the clouds. Another friend would visit me in my dreams. License plates or songs or poems or memes the list goes on and on! They use everything they can to communicate and sometimes those flashing lights are just a hello from Heaven!

Get connected today.

Get your hand on your heart and think of your loved ones in spirit.

Ask them to send you a sign and most importantly ask them to make it big and obnoxious so you don’t miss it!

A little clue is if you find yourself asking if that’s a sign it most likely is 😊  often they just need us to know they are here they are alive and they are not going anywhere. They love us and they are in a peaceful space.

Share with us your magic experiences with us on Social media or Mighty Networks and share share away so you get into the drawing at the end of the week for Prizes!

Lets go make some magic!


Today’s Hunt

Look for a sign today from friends and family who have passed. Ask and look for signs in the world that create a sense of connection to loved ones and make sure to share with us on Facebook or Mighty Networks! And share share away to get entered into our drawing for prizes at the end of the hunt! If you missed the live video or need a different link to share, read this article here!

2023 Scavenger Hunt Day 1

2023 Scavenger Hunt Day 1

Hello my Friend!

Welcome to this year’s Intuition Scavenger hunt! I am so excited for the fun and magic that we are about to step into. When you put a little extra focus towards something, it tends to show up bigger and brighter!

A few fun things to remember as we walk through the week together.

Please share as much as you can- the more fun we have, the more fun and magic we create, and we would love to have this magic energy spread as far and wide as possible. I love to give the world a bit of magic and reminders and these fun touches of spirit create waves of magic and we all know this world could use it!

We have set up really easy ways to share the fun see the attachments! Each person who shares will go into a drawing for prizes at the end of the hunt!

Get connected to the light friends! Connect to your team, your loved ones, the light. All of it! When you take the time to connect each morning before the world hits you the day just shows up different. Yes, even the difficult days.

Here is a connection meditation you can download and use each day if you wish! You can also just create your own! That is the fun of energy and intuition. You can create whatever feels good to YOU!

Commit to it each day this week while we are together and see how you feel at the end of the day. I tend to freshen up my connection throughout the day. It just feels better, more clear and a higher vibration that runs through me each day!

Enjoy! And happy hunting!


Today’s Hunt:

What is it that creates the feeling of connection with your light source? After doing the connection meditation, stay focused on connecting to the light source throughout the day and make sure to share your experience with us on Facebook or Mighty Networks! And share share away to get entered into our drawing for prizes at the end of the hunt! If you missed the live video or need a different link to share, read this article here!