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Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 6

Good morning!!! The world today is made up of so much social media! From Facebook to Twitter to TV, it's everywhere. I don’t know that you can really get away from it for too long. Although at times I would suggest you put the phone down and step away and go take a...

Intuition Scavenger Hunt – Day 5

 Hey Friend Bring on the money honey! Today is all about the cash.pennies,dimes,quarters and all things abundance related! We have all heard pennies from Heaven! After someone crosses over we often will see pennies in weird places and we attach that to our loved ones...

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 7
Feb 11, 2023

Day 7!! Head here to watch todays video

Morning all!!

Morning all!!

What a magical week my friend! Thankyou for joining us in this epic adventure with Spirit! It just lights me up when I see people having connections and learning how to have connections with spirit!
Today we talk about community. In the last few years, I think we have all learned how important it is to have community and connection. We found a lot of creative ways to bring that in to our lives and I am still meeting people every week who are my social media friends and when we see each other in public, it’s an automatic hug. I love the humanity of that!
Starting today, we are opening up the doors to the community I have been building for a while now. A place that is safe and expected to have questions on spirit. A place that we can explore all facets of spirit and grow and expand together.
When I first started in this work I had SO MANY questions and I didn’t have a space to go ask them. I would get so frustrated because the teachers were not all that interested in explaining things as I grew and was growing so fast. I was remembering so much so quickly.
As the years went on, I knew I wanted a place for people like me to go. We launched Spirit School last year and already have a beautiful group of ladies that have kicked off the group. We went through some growing pains and I am more than excited for what we have planned this year for all who join us!

Spirit school is a safe space for spirit led souls. We will come together and learn and grow and most of all explore all sides of ourselves. Education, question and answer sessions, motivation and FUN are all part of this community. We have our set of 6 videos that start us off together and we will be walking through each of them together starting March 5th on the Full Moon.  You will watch those videos on your own and once a week I will come in and we will dissect and have some fun with all your questions!  These are the basics and the foundation that I felt was so important when I was putting this all together.
Once we move through the videos we will then start the growth chart of exploration. Each month we will move into new subjects and new things to educate and most of all practice our skills together. Friendships and connection is a huge piece of this community.
If you ever felt alone in life, this is a group for you. We have an opportunity to come together and create a little circle in this big world to spread the light and improve our lives. I just cant explain how important it feels to have a foundation of support. Its been key in my growth.
Spirit School doors open today and the investment in your own spiritual growth is only $197 for a year.  ( Payment plans are an option)
I am calling out to those that want to create the life they desire instead of letting life create us. We have a lot more power than we ever give credit too and I know how important group support is! We are calling in the empowered and those that know they want to be empowered. The light bringers and those that know they have the light but maybe need a little kick in the ass to stay in the light 😊  I am calling the fun and fabulous and the ones that want to play or learn or remember how to play 😊  Newbies or experienced does not matter to me. We all need a group and we all need a place to ask things that are confusing or scary or just plain interesting!
My group is geared for positivity and growth. Fearbased and shitty attitudes need not apply 😊
I do hope you join me!
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