You are exactly where you need to be.

Everyone arrives here at their own starting point with their own unique goals.
Whatever stage you’re at on your journey, there’s a perfect place for you to receive the support and guidance that best fits you. With this quiz from Jodie Harvala, you’ll have the chance to find your perfect Spiritual Starting Point.

Discover Your Spiritual Starting Point: A Journey of Self-Exploration

The Moon is one of the most powerful forces in our sky, and much like us humans, it has personalities as changeable as the tides it influences. From the visionary New Moon, full of hope and new beginnings, to the introspective and releasing Balsamic Moon, each phase brings a unique character to the Moon. And just like we feel the effects of the Moon in our everyday lives- through heightened intuition, enhanced creativity, or deep introspection, we all have a little bit of the Moon in our personalities as well.  That’s why I created this fun new quiz – to help connect you to your luminous lunar side by discovering which phase of the Moon resonates with your soul. Ready to find out? Click “Start Quiz” below.

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spiritual starting point

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bad energetic hygiene?

If you’re tired of feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually like a pair of crusty undies, it’s time to elevate your energetic hygiene to a higher level.


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