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Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 7

Day 7!! Head here to watch todays video Morning all!! Morning all!! What a magical week my friend! Thankyou for joining us in this epic adventure with Spirit! It just lights me up when I see people having connections...

Intuition Scavenger Hunt – Day 5

 Hey Friend Bring on the money honey! Today is all about the cash.pennies,dimes,quarters and all things abundance related! We have all heard pennies from Heaven! After someone crosses over we often will see pennies in weird places and we attach that to our loved ones...

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 6
Feb 10, 2023

Good morning!!!

The world today is made up of so much social media! From Facebook to Twitter to TV, it’s everywhere. I don’t know that you can really get away from it for too long.

Although at times I would suggest you put the phone down and step away and go take a walk! Sometimes it’s what can catch our attention and I have noticed the last few years Spirit has found its way into Social media just like everyone else has. 😊

I like to use my social media for fun and laughter as much as I can. I decided long ago to use it as a platform to create smiles and education or laughter. For myself as much as anyone else. I have stuck by that personal rule for a long time. I LOVE social media and love to connect and see what people are up to, and don’t get me started how much I love all the travel photos that have inspired me to go places myself! I have learned a ton through social media and often times it’s the place Spirit will first get my attention on something.

There is nothing like a good meme to stop me in my tracks. It could be something I need to ponder something that wakes me up or gives me a new perspective or just makes me laugh. I have had red birds come out of the woodwork when my grandma died and the amount of times I saw Good Vibes only when my dad died was pretty incredible.

When I started creating Spirit School, the memes about Harry Potter and Hogwarts were CRAZY fun, and still to this day when we get close to opening those Spirit School doors for new people, the Harry Potter and Hogwart memes start up with a magical vengeance and I love it!

Use your social media for good my friends! Extra credit and an extra entrance to our Prize drawing if you share a meme that you know somebody probably needs to see or hear today! It’s a great way to help Spirit spread the message of love or laughter or a helpful hint to get through something. Bring it on friends!

Let’s go make some magic!

Today’s Hunt:

Today is all about the messages you get through social media! The GOOD ONES. The FUN ones the ones that make you belly laugh outlouds. The ones that touch your heart or make you cry because something inside of you knows its from a loved one on the other side. Pay attention to the good. SHARE with us the memes that talk to you today!

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  1. Selma

    after we got off the live today, someone posted on social media a picture of the clouds and there were whispy angels in it. Love it