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Taking the leap into exploring your spiritual side doesn’t have to be a scary, daunting experience. Whether you’re still in the so-called spiritual closet or have some well-traveled miles on your journey, I know you’ve found your way here for a reason. The Universe is funny like that 😛

My main mission as a healer is to provide a safe place for all to play, grow, laugh, cry, and fearlessly embrace this beautiful, magical life. And I like to think that we’ve done a pretty damn good job of that in the Jodie Harvala community.

No matter what class, training, or group you find on the next few pages, you can be assured that you’ll find your perfect blend of magic, excitement, FUN, unwavering support, and yes, even some gentle asskicking when needed (and always with much love XO).

Explore what we have going on and find your perfect path to a life with Spirit. And if you need help, email me + my team and we’ll happily guide you to your perfect match. (PS. We also have a great free quiz for finding your Spiritual Starting Point. Click here to take it).

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explore your spiritual side

Get spirit-lead guidance and energy services, without leaving your home.

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Get one-on-one, spirt-lead guidance with a phone reading

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Keep your spaces in the flow with a remote energy clearing.

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Bust through blocked energy with a remote personal energy clearing.

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Cut the energetic ties of the past with a past lives energy clearing.

dive deeper into your practice

Immersive, high-touch programs for more accountability and support.

Spirit School

Doors are open now. Click here to learn more.

Experience a brand new spirit school experience

With the newly revamped Spirit School, your Spiritual journey is about to take a transformative leap forward! Spirit School has grown in 2024 to include more support, more ways to connect to Spirit, and more ways to grow. If having increased ambition & drive to show up for yourself, having fun while learning how to use your innate intutitive gifts, and growing as a person and Spiritual being alongside a community where you truly feel welcomed and supported is at top of your list of must-haves for 2024, Spirit School is exactly where you need to be.

Full moon group clearing ritual

Occurs monthly on the Full Moon. Click here to learn more.

a new phase of a favorite moon ritual

Teaams are the lifeblood of successful organizations. They bring together individuals with diverse skills, expertise, and perspectives to collaborate towards a common goal. Effective teams leverage the strengths of each member, fostering innovation, creativity, and productivity.

They promote open communication, trust, and mutual support, creating a positive and inclusive work environment.

free quizzes

Are you an empath?

Have you ever wondered why certain environments or interactions leave you feeling overwhelmed?
Or why you seem to connect deeply with others, feeling emotions that aren’t your own?

It’s time to unravel the mystery of your inner emotional landscape with the “Are You an Empath” Quiz.

What's your spiritual starting point?

Everyone arrives here at their own starting point with their own unique goals. Whatever stage you’re at on your journey, there’s a perfect place for you to receive the support and guidance that best fits you. To help you find yours, I’ve created this 10-question quiz. Answer honestly – and be real with yourself – and you’ll get your perfect starting point.

What kind of naughty spirit are you?

Uh-oh! It looks like you’ve landed yourself on the Naughty list. But don’t worry. Being Naughty isn’t a bad thing around here 😉 After all, we find nothing wrong with living your life confidently, boldly, unapologetically YOU. THAT is your Naughty side, my friend, and it can be one of your strongest superpowers. Wanna find out your Naughty Spirit superpower? Take this quiz now!

What phase of the moon are you?

From the visionary New Moon, full of hope and new beginnings, to the introspective and releasing Balsamic Moon, each phase brings a unique character to the Moon. And just like we feel the effects of the Moon in our everyday lives-we all have a little bit of the Moon in our personalities as well. Find your luminous lunar side by taking the quiz now.

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Join me on this sacred path through Spirit Walk, where we can collectively tap into its power and manifest our intentions together.

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