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Past Lives Exploration

Past Lives Exploration

Through the power of past life regression, you can discover the worlds that existed in your past and unlock valuable information about your soul’s journey. In this 2 hour class, you'll learn how to heal, grow, and flourish through uncovering your past lives. Click...

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Slap yourself silly

Slap yourself silly By now you may have heard that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after a joke was made about his wife and her lack of hair. She suffers from alopecia, and it obviously is a painful topic to the couple. I know social media would blow up and all the...

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Energy Tip 101

Energy Tip 101

Hey, Jodie! Did you know a simple few minutes of a vacuum over your floors can change the energy of your home or space? Even a broom. Brushing or sucking up the dirt and debris that gets caught on our floors is an extension of what gets caught up in our energy fields...

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