Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 3 – Angel Numbers

Hey Friend!

Isn’t this a fun week! The signs and stories that I have been told are SO FUN! We always have a lot of magic that comes through this week. It’s why I love to do this game as much as possible. I talk to my guides and angels every day all day!

When I first started working with Angels it was hard to “Trust” that they were around. I had all sorts of little games I would play with them and one of them was numbers.

I had learned that Angels often come through numbers. We tagged them as Angel numbers. 111,222.333 and so on. Even seeing your birthday happens to people! It’s a really fun way to know your angels and guides are near.

Today we are on the hunt for Angel numbers!

Gentle reminder! If you are not seeing the signs and fun clues yet it’s OK! Sometimes it takes a bit to start to notice them. They don’t have to come on the direct day we post either! Just play a bit –  this is meant to be FUN!

Share share shrae away on the numbers and fun messages from spirit that you have seen this week! The more shares the more you are entered into our drawings at the end of the week!

Let’s go make some magic!


Today’s Hunt

Hand on heart! Get connected to the light and the earth! Ask your guides,Angels and spirit team or loved ones to start sending you repeating numbers to show they are around!

We have this great little pdf for you to offer some examples of what the numbers mean but I would also say its ok to make your own meaning if it feels better! Spirit has no rules my friends!



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