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Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 7

Day 7!! Head here to watch todays video Morning all!! Morning all!! What a magical week my friend! Thankyou for joining us in this epic adventure with Spirit! It just lights me up when I see people having connections...

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 6

Good morning!!! The world today is made up of so much social media! From Facebook to Twitter to TV, it's everywhere. I don’t know that you can really get away from it for too long. Although at times I would suggest you put the phone down and step away and go take a...

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 4
Feb 8, 2023

Hello Friend!

Day four of our magical time together! Today is one of my fav things to introduce people too or just remind them of the existence of Guardian Angels!

From birth to death, we all have one! This is not grandma or mom or dad or a loved one. This is an Angel that has been assigned to you from the moment you are born to the moment of your death. They are your buddy in spirit 😊

I LOVE to meet the guardian angels of my clients. They are almost never what I expect them to be, and I think that is probably the most fun part!
Most people want to know the guardian angel’s name and for that I would encourage you to just ask for it! They are not really tied to the name, but humans need names to help us organize things in my brains so just ask and go with the very first name you hear!

I created a meditation a long time ago to help people go on a little journey to meet your Guide. This week it’s time to listen and then have fun playing all week with your new friend or re-establish that connection if needed!

When I first was introduced to my Guardian Angel, I felt like I was being followed for a couple weeks. I finally reached out to my mentor at the time, and he laughed and said it’s your guardian angel and he is happy you’re finally paying attention to him! It was quite the funny conversation. Now I talk to him every day and ask for guidance each and every day as well.

They are here to love us when we need it and love us more when we don’t think we deserve it. They can offer guidance and support, and for me it gave me a sense of safety that I had not felt before. It was a sacred moment of my spiritual path. I also learned he likes to have fun and it felt like that gave me permission to have fun in life too and fuck around a bit 😊 (Yes to swearing too! Lol )

Reminder: This is meant to be FUN.
Let’s go make some magic. And don’t forget to share this article for a chance to win prizes!!

Today’s Hunt:

Today is about play and connection with your Guardian Angel. It’s a beautiful friendship to create and nurture as life goes on. Its ok if you don’t feel or see or hear anything at first. Just ask for those signs that they are around to be BIG and OBNOXIOUS so that you can get used to how they speak to you!

Take a listen to the meditation ​and enjoy the connection between and your longest living friend in Spirit!

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