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Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 7

Day 7!! Head here to watch todays video Morning all!! Morning all!! What a magical week my friend! Thankyou for joining us in this epic adventure with Spirit! It just lights me up when I see people having connections...

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 6

Good morning!!! The world today is made up of so much social media! From Facebook to Twitter to TV, it's everywhere. I don’t know that you can really get away from it for too long. Although at times I would suggest you put the phone down and step away and go take a...

Intuition Scavenger Hunt – Day 5
Feb 9, 2023

Hey Friend

Bring on the money honey! Today is all about the cash.pennies,dimes,quarters and all things abundance related!

We have all heard pennies from Heaven! After someone crosses over we often will see pennies in weird places and we attach that to our loved ones energy and from that point on the pennies will show up at fun times to show they are around. I love it!

I always ask for a raise lol. How about Quarters or dollars or more 😊 Why not! We are learning about receiving in all of these cases so lets open up that door!

When I find change I like to keep it in a special container. I have named it the Fun Fund and we use it each year for vacations for the kids. Back in our super lean and broke days it could get us a night at a hotel and over time we have been able to do a few bigger trips too. Either way that penny from Heaven went into making memories with my own family and that to me is priceless.

Abundance comes in many ways and often we block ourselves from the receptive mode to open up those arms today and let spirit know you are open to receive ALL the good in the universe and lets see what shows up!

This is a piece we work on in spirit school my friends. ALL year long we will have reminders on how to be a bigger and better receiver. It’s a skill we all need to know and I don’t feel like we give enough attention as humans to learn how to do it!

Share share away! Get put in our drawings for prizes at the end of the week. I can finally tell you one of the Bigger prizes is a full ticket into this years Spirit School! The entire year will be paid for if you win! It’s a pretty fun prize to be able to offer!

Lets go make some magic!


Today’s Hunt

Today ask your spirit team after you are connected and hand on heart to show you pennies or abundance or wealth or just money from heaven today 😊  Keep track of all the amazing things you receive today. It could be hugs or laughter or gift cards or gifts.

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