31 Days of Spirit: Day 10 – Happy Place

SUMMARY KEYWORDS happy, house, places, friends, skiing, bedroom, fun, energy, place, space, bedding, eli, bonfire, home, ski, love, keaton, christie, shift, feel SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala 0:03 Hello, hello, my friends. All right, well, I didn’t tell anyone I was...

31 Days of Spirit: Day 9 – Purpose

SUMMARY KEYWORDS purpose, skiing, people, spirit, life, bigger, fun, energy, question, sedona, teach, chocolate, bit, support, hear, piece, started, learn, helped, stay SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala 0:02 Good morning. Hello. Hello. Good morning. Here we are day nine of 31...

31 Days of Spirit: Day 6 – Family

SUMMARY KEYWORDS people, family, grandma, energy, learned, passed, clearing, friends, spirit, support, interested, boundaries, piece, life, signs, relationship, fun, tonight, lodge, talk SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala 0:03 Hello hello hello my friends here we are day six....

31 Days of Spirit: Day 4 – Tradition

SUMMARY KEYWORDS tradition, year, fun, people, holidays, christmas, vikings, skiing, kids, big, love, family, cookies, grandma, jammies, eli, friends, puzzle, call, blenders SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala 0:04 Hello, hello, good morning. It is Sunday morning at 11am....

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