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31 Days of Spirit: Day 11 – Outside Validation


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SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala

Hello, hello, everybody. Happy Sunday. Let’s see if anyone is around. I know a bunch of you might be watching the Vikings game. Or maybe it’s over by now.

I don’t even know. I know they were playing today. But I do not know if it’s still on it might

be. So I am coming on to give you our subject for day number 11

I was gonna check my day tomorrow too, so I can let you know when I was actually going to be on. Let’s see. Okay. All right, got it. Okay, let’s see if anyone is on today. Go ahead and say hello.

All right, so day number 11. This month is just a lion by isn’t it? All right, I see people are on say hi to me. There we go. Now I can see a perfect like cat hair on me or something. I was meditating. So my both my cats had to sit right. Right on me as they always do. Hello, hello. So it is beautiful in Fargo today. Um, I’ve been doing a bunch of chores today. Got some stuff ready for shipping. I had our I had a bunch of naughty spirit bundles that were purchased. So I have them ready to go to the post office tomorrow. I suppose I can share that for you. Let me put that here. Here is a list of all of the things most of the things that we have going on for the holidays. There’s things from clearing space clearings readings, I don’t think the knotty bundles are in there, but I did just post them a day or two ago. So I am heading to the post office tomorrow, if anyone needs to order one, I still have a few left. And we have lots of deep discounts on things for space clearing all sorts of stuff, you guys. So take a look at it. If you have someone that maybe you personally want to reading, I did some deep discounts on 30 minute readings. So I’ve had lots of people buy one for them one for someone else. And some people bought several, which is totally okay by me. So holidays, why not? So definitely take a peek at that. So today the subject that came to mind, and I don’t know why it came to mind. There was a story I had behind it, but I don’t remember what the story is. But it is validation. And I thought we would talk about people that need validation from outside sources, I absolutely was that person. A lot of times when you need a lot outside validation from people, you maybe are struggling with your self confidence. Maybe you’re learning to trust yourself again, maybe you have learned not to trust yourself. And so you keep going elsewhere for that validation. And I think this time of year or any time of the year, really, I think it can become unhealthy to keep going for outside validation. And I remember I was starting my business. And I needed tons and tons of validation when I first started because I had no idea what I was doing. I have no idea how to build a business. And I remember I had this great idea. And I went out to coffee with this lady and I was telling her about this idea. And I’m like, Hey, would you do this? And she’s like, I don’t know why you keep frickin asking people outside of you. She goes, You know, you’re gonna do it anyways. So stop asking for people to agree with you and just go do it. And I just sat there staring at her. And I was like, Oh, well, that’s true. I guess I do keep going outside of myself. And I really needed almost permission from people to go do what I knew that I wanted to do. But I always wanted someone to agree with me. And it can just get really unhealthy when you’re when you’re seeking that. And in the world of social media. It can get out of hand very quickly. I remember we were in a mastermind and we kept counting, you know how many likes we got or or how many views we got and all of this kind of stuff. And if you put something up and you didn’t get a whole bunch of people liking it like that was a failure, which really wasn’t at all social media is so weird because there are things that you can put out Oh, that I will hear three years later, Hey, I saw this post on social media and it just touched me. And, you know, I never commented I never liked it. But oh my god, it changed my life. Like, I’ve heard that before more than once. And I really feel like, I’m, like, I need to block this person that’s trying to take advantage of people hold on a second. But a lock sister. All right. Let me delete her. That’s what I’m feeling like, I don’t need validation, I can just block that person. Okay. Um, there we go. Okay, sometimes we get little people that jump in here. Okay, so, um, I used to ask for a lot of validation. And I do have respected people to me that I do really honor their opinion. Sometimes I have a mentor for that, like, I go back and forth on different ideas or different directions. Or if I’m trying to work through something really difficult, like, I absolutely have somebody that I trust that number one, if I don’t go her way, she doesn’t care. She’s like you, it’s your business. You do what you want. But let’s talk about it. And here’s what I’ve done. And here’s what I’ve learned. And here’s, you know, the the pieces that were hard about it, but you know, she would never, she would never judge me for going against what she had said, I’ve also had teachers and mentors and things like that, that have gotten pissed, because I didn’t do it their way, like really pissed, like, bad talk me behind their back kind of thing. And that taught me so much, probably more than anything that taught me a lot, because I just thought, wow, you know, everyone gets to do their own thing when they want to do their own thing. But if I’m constantly needing that validation, that’s something in me. And that’s something to take a look at. And why do I keep asking for it? For me, it definitely was around some. It was definitely around some some self esteem stuff. It was around not trusting myself, it was around not knowing I didn’t feel like I was educated well enough to make some of the decisions I was making. I was absolutely spirit led in my decisions. But my brain was like, Yeah, but you’ve never done this. And you’ve never taken a class on that and law, the law. And I’ve never needed to because I surround myself with people that know better than me or know more than me, maybe not better than me, but they know more than me. And they’re really, they’re really experts in their field. And so I created that kind of space. So if I am doing something, and I am not quite sure that I have some people I can reach out to they’d be like, Hey, this is something that we’re thinking to do in and this is my question on it. This is where I’m kind of shaky on it. But in the end, it’s my decision. It’s always my decision in the end. And I think sometimes people forget that you’re the boss of your life. And nobody else is. Even around the holidays. I cannot tell you the amount of people that I have heard them say I wish I could just stay home this year. And I’m like, so stay home. You might upset people. That’s true. But they’ll get over it, usually. And if they don’t, that probably tells you more about them than you. And I definitely have made more decisions that have no obligation to them. If I feel obligated, it’s almost always a no. And I can’t say it’s always a no, because there’s some times that I’m like, am I to do this? But almost always it’s a no if I feel obligated or guilted guilted. It’s a no. But I feel guilt about having to do something because someone’s guilting me into it. No, it’s a no. That’s just a pattern in my generational stuff that I’m just like a no. And so I thought it would be kind of a good subject to bring up and remind people that if you are looking outside yourself for validation, maybe you want to step into just being really clear with what your decisions are. And keep them somewhat to yourself for a while until you’re really aligned with them. So several years ago, I wanted to take a group to Sedona for years. And our next trip is February 2024. We actually pushed it out a little bit because people needed a little extra time. And I want to take people to Sedona and I finally got this hit like for five years I had wanted to do this. And I finally got this hit after this retreat that we had. And I was like, oh, it’s time. Like it’s time like I need to put this all together. And I didn’t tell anybody about it. I booked the rooms I booked my plane tickets I booked the activities we were going to do I made the sales page, I gave it to the people that I was really drawn to give it to they all signed up. They all signed up within like a day or two. I got all of it done. And then I rented the car, like all of it. And then I went and told Eli that I was doing this trip, and it was booked. And he’s like, Oh, well,

I hope you fill it up. I’m like, no, no, it’s already filled up. And he’s like, the hell like, you’re not going to even tell me about it. And I was like, yeah, no, like, I didn’t want to because, and not that he would have ever said anything negative about it, because he absolutely supports my work. But there was something sacred about it. So I kept it sacred. And because I was so lined up with it, I didn’t want anything else coming into it. Because I think some people have big dreams and lots of things that they want to do. And then they start telling people about it, and then all the shortfalls in because all their doubt shows up. But they don’t know who you are. They don’t know what you’re capable of. They don’t know that. You can push it off. And I pulled a lot of shit off. And I was like, Holy shit, I totally did that. And it was so fun. And it was so validating for myself, for myself. And it was so empowering that I started trusting myself, I started trusting my decisions. Do I screw up? Yes, of course, I don’t care. I’ve screwed, screwed everything up. I’ve made so many bad decisions. And they always end up being better decisions later, because I’ve learned from something right. But I don’t worry as much about that. I still might send a message like even this weekend, there’s something that I want to do in my business. I was like, Huh, I’m not not shaky on it. But it was just something I wanted to bounce off somebody. And, and it was a great conversation. And as a cat, that’s what I was feeling too. Okay, so long as I’m just kind of in it. Even with your intuition. A lot of people really need a validation when they first start, which I think you do need that. That’s one time where I’m like, yep, you should practice. And you should practice with people that are willing to give you truthful, honest feedback, typically not friends or family. Go to some people that are going to be kind to you and tell you the truth. But typically, you know, your friends and family so much they’re hard to read, right. And so intuitively, when I first started, I loved the validation that I got back because I wasn’t trusting the messages that were coming through. That’s normal. That’s so normal. And everyone goes through that I haven’t met one person that hasn’t gone through that. And the validation that you get when you’re when you’re practicing with the client and doing a reading or doing a mediumship reading or even a card drawn and what you’re getting. That’s healthy validation. Now when I first started, I really really did appreciate that kind of validation. Now when I get that validation back from clients, it’s not it’s not something that I need. It’s more something that it’s really fun to hear now. I’m like, Oh, I totally was feeling that or I was like, Yeah, I get that. Yes, I totally understand that. Like, it’s fun. And it’s more of an experience, not something that I necessarily need back. But when I first started doing my intuition work, you bet I think everyone needs that kind of validation. So it can be both sides, as every subject can be, it can be both ways, right? And so I invite everyone to think about if you do need validation, maybe, maybe there’s times in your life where you’ve needed more and some where you’ve needed last, and somewhere you’re really working on things. And sometimes maybe you have a bad couple months. And so you’re you’re seeking things outside of yourself, and then you kind of catch yourself I actually it’s so interesting, when I am am in kind of that, that like doubting place or something. I have clients from 20 years back that I haven’t talked to forever, and they only book a reading when I am not feeling secure in myself. Because in their life for whatever reason, they’re a little bit insecure. And I’m like, Oh, I always get appointments by them. And they’re showing me that insecurity, that it’s always something that you can always work on. And it’s so fascinating to me because I’m like, oh damn, I have been feeling insecure lately. I just think that’s something that people walk through just depending on I remember after my dad passed, and several people passed, I had many, many, many people pass a couple years ago. And it was so hard that I stopped doing mediumship for the summer, because I just didn’t have energy. It wasn’t a good reading for people like I just knew I knew I didn’t need outside validation. I just knew inside that I shouldn’t be doing readings at the time. And when I first started to come back, and I did like my first reading or my first gallery and I was getting some good feedback. I was like oh good Thank God like I needed the validation, then it was so interesting. So it’s a tricky little energy to work with. Lauren, you can actually go to my website to get a reading. So it’s www dot Jodie And if you go to the holiday gift link that I posted, if you can’t see it now you’ll see when I get off air, go on there to get that first because I did a big discount on it. Okay, just so you know. But I think when when you’re working on your intuition, and you’re working on all this kind of stuff, even starting a business, or even, you know, letting people know what you have for sale, and all that kind of stuff. I do think that takes and validation when you first start, but I don’t want you to always live in that place. I want you to be able to make decisions that work for you because they work for you, personally, and you’ll have all the little looky loos out there that’ll give you their opinion. Don’t worry about it. But opinions is not the validation that you’re looking for. I’ve had people, my dad even one time. My dad always says, Do you want some feedback? Nope. I don’t? Well, no, I don’t. I told you. I don’t want any feedback. Because it was not necessarily healthy feedback. It was usually criticism. And I didn’t need that. I didn’t need the criticism. I didn’t ask for your opinion. I don’t want it if I want it, I’ll ask for it. But I’m not going to ask for your criticism or your opinion. I might ask for feedback in a certain way. But it’s okay to tell people No, no, I really don’t want that. No, I’m not interested in your opinion. Nope. I used to I had to get really good at that piece. Because for whatever reason, I used to be very critical in my own head. And so I would be surrounded by critical people. And I was like, what and how, like everyone I hang out with is so critical and judgy. And my friend Chris told me, she goes, you do that to yourself in your head? I’m like, Look, yeah, of course, I’m really hard on myself. And she’s like, you might want to clean that up. I bet that’ll clean up some of the circle that to hang with. And I thought that’s really good that that’s some good information right there. And it was so interesting, because as soon as I started to clean that up, number one, the opinions went away for them. I mean, everyone’s got an opinion. But they weren’t, they weren’t throwing them at me. They weren’t throwing the criticism at me. They weren’t throwing all the shit that I didn’t need to hear about. Usually people already know, that’s what I think is so funny when people offer critiques, or they think they’re helping, or they’re giving us information on stuff that we didn’t ask for. I always tell people, if you’re not asking me, I’m not going to offer it. If you ask Sure. I will, I will give you some feedback. But if people aren’t asking, I don’t offer it. You know, I’m not needing that. And sometimes I just need the experience. So I have people that that do like to do that kind of stuff. And I’m like, Yeah, I didn’t ask for your opinion. Didn’t ask for your feedback, didn’t ask for the education. Didn’t ask for all the little facts. I don’t I don’t need those. I’m just have my experience over here. And I’ll learn all that most likely. And I’m okay with that. Because I like to have the experience. Kristen says I’m doing mirror work right now with the book by Louise Hay mirror work is very important. I love mirror work. Yep. And mirror work is really interesting. Because it’ll, it’ll show you so many cool things. And one of the things often is that validation piece, and you’ll start to see things and other people, whether it’s stuff that bugs you about them, or whether it’s stuff that inspires you and I used to really tend to look for everything that was annoying about people and human beings really bothered me for a really long time. I was just like, What is wrong with all these people? And I just humanity really bothered me. And then I started to look more at what inspires me about people and what people out there actually are fun for me to watch them whether it’s an actress or someone in a movie or a character or whatever. And that changed so much because I would get so inspired by them. And that was such a healthier feel. I was like God I feel so much better than all this other validation and needing it and needing the likes and needing this and needing that. Oh my gosh was terrible. And then you get into that that comparison piece. And I used to unfriend, not unfriend, but I would unfollow some of my colleagues because they were they were blowing up and they were doing so well. And, and in my head that comparison was like they were succeeding and I was failing. I just tend to go a little slower with things. I’m

kind of a slow learner sometimes. And so they were you know, busting out of the seams in their business and I’m still plugging along. And it would it would get to me so deeply and I get so passed instead of being inspired by what they were doing. I would get jealous and I would get down on myself and all this stuff. So I just had to unfollow them, and wait until I could hold my energy and be happy for them. And that took a long time for me. And I’ve and I’ve heard from other people that they started doing that too, because I kind of suggested and I’m like, if someone’s so annoying to you, in that way where it’s taken away, like the joyful piece of them building their business, or doing well in life, or traveling or anything, and follow for a little bit, work on your stuff until you can follow without the triggers, like I used to really, really struggle with people going on trips all the time, because I really, really wanted to travel, but I wasn’t prioritizing travel, I was prioritizing all this other stuff. And spending all my stuff being jealous or angry or frustrated, or whatever it’s been in in my own little circle. And then I was like, oh, maybe if I just start putting a little money away, I can travel too. And maybe I have to start with smaller trips, or, or save a little longer at the time. But at least I can still go somewhere. And so I love to see people’s travel stuff, I love to see it because it’s so inspiring. They’re like, oh, I want to go there, and I want to go there and I want to go there, Oh, that’d be a cool experience, which is so different than I used to be. Because it’s really painful to be in a comparison piece. It’s so painful to live in comparison. Yep, comparison kills the joy every time, every time and it puts you right in the victim mode. And so when you find yourself in that needing the validation or in that victim mode, or in those places, start giving yourself some choices. Because your choices, I can sit in this mood, or I can look for something that might work better for me or I can talk to someone that’s inspirational or I can listen to a podcast that always gets me going, or I could do this or or or so you can start giving yourself choices to get you out of that place and get you back into your own alignment. And then and then that that need for outside validation isn’t there. And I just I I’ve been seeing a lot of people that need some validation lately. And so just a reminder that you can learn to validate your own self, one of my favorite stories about my husband, and I don’t know that he even knows I tell the story. But it was so funny. Because I told my my hairstylist, she’s known us for years. And it was so funny. And I thought, well, that’s how you do it. Because he was working on we have an old old Jeep that he keeps out at his dad’s place. And he was working on it and he was struggling with it. My husband ever gets pissed off at anything. It’s so annoying. He is so calm. And my oldest is the same way. I just Keaton’s like that, too. They just never freak out about anything. And so he was working on something. And it was something that he had been working on most of the day. And he was so annoyed, and I was coming around the corner. And I heard him it’s okay, Eli, you can do this. I know you can you can do this, Eli. And he was like cheering himself on. And I was like, I don’t know that I have ever cheered myself on like that. And I was going to get my hair cuts I walk in. I’m like, do you cheer yourself on? And she’s like, Well, what do you mean? I said, What? He was working on this thing on the Jeep? And he’s like, it’s okay. Like, you can do it like this. You can figure this out. And she’s like, No, she’s like, I did not talking to myself that way. I’m like, I don’t either, but I think we should. And so we laugh about it. Sometimes she’s like, Oh, I did the ELI thing today, I was cheering myself on. I’m like me too. And I thought it was amazing. Because I was like, Oh, I never realized I never cheered myself on. And I also realized how important it is to sometimes be the cheerleader. So if I’m not feeling maybe as competent as I want or are things aren’t going as well as I want or whatever, I will usually go within my community and find someone that I think is really doing fucking cool stuff or, or did something that I knew they were afraid of, or something and I will send them a note to cheer them on. Because I’m watching and I think it’s really cool that you did this. And I’m really excited for you. And thanks for putting it socially so I could see it. And that makes such a difference in people’s life. I like when I get notes like that. But I really like to do that for other people too. And I just do it randomly. It’s not any certain people. It’s just people that I noticed, I watch a lot of people I see a lot of people I’ve known a lot of people building businesses, because a lot of us are in a business group together. So I think that that validation P is can be done in a healthy way and a very unhealthy way. So I want to just remind you today to learn how to cheer yourself on and maybe that’s the challenge. And kind of the fun little thing that you guys can post over on mighty networks is let me know either how you do cheer yourself on, or how you could start to cheer yourself on and share a few ideas with everybody because then we can all cheer ourselves on and use everyone else’s trick. Some tips and things like that. I think that would be really fun. And then tomorrow, I will be coming back for and we’re going to talk about prizes tomorrow, and I will be coming back. Let’s see. I’m gonna say 1230 tomorrow, okay. 1230 and we’re going to talk about the prizes over on mighty networks and we’ll talk about day 12 And then we’ll just keep digging in my friends. Okay, so if I can help you in any way, please let me know make sure you take a look at our holiday offers before they run out and I will be back tomorrow at 1230 Okay, bye guys.

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31 Days of Spirit: Day 10 – Happy Place



SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala

Hello, hello, my friends. All right, well, I didn’t tell anyone I was coming on. So when it’s Saturday night, so you may be already home in your jammies watching movies, maybe you’re out and about on the town, I actually have a girls night Christmas party tonight that I am just about to leave for. So I thought I’d better get on here and do my live. I had kind of planned to do this whole fun video thing for you today. But I didn’t have enough time to get it the way that it actually looked good. So I’ll do a little montage thing from our skiing day, but not today. Again, I’m not all that great with technology, but I was gonna try. I was at least gonna try. I might have to have Angela and Andrea helped me out. All right, so say hello. In the comments. I see people jumping on tell me what you’re doing tonight. Or this weekend.

And we’ll do a little chat before I leave.

So it’s fine. I’m kind of excited for my party. So my friend Steph usually does pretty fun parties anyways. And we each had to bring three different gifts with a spending limit of only $7, which was annoying. And apparently a couple girls already went over so I didn’t feel too bad. But I was like seven bucks. And so we had to be really creative on what we gave them was supposed to be stuff that we like or that we use and things like that. So I was pretty creative. I’ll let you know what mine were after the party. Hey, Christy. Sure it’s good to see you back here sister. And Miss Alyssa. Good to see you and Cindy Brooks watching hockey. Watching Christmas movies and relaxing. Ah, those suck. wrapping gifts are ready. Oh, I have no gifts. I actually have some gifts arriving Monday that I get to do. We were watching Indiana Jones this morning. You just can’t watch that movie. Like if you if you see it, you have to watch it right.

You know, like Christie, I saw that post and I thought, oh, that must be an interesting way to I remember, maybe two years ago, I saw that my grandma’s old house up on the north side was for sale. And so I call my real estate friend. I’m like, can you take me in there, I just want to walk through it. We didn’t want to buy it or anything. I was absolutely shocked how small it was. Compared to my memories. I mean, obviously I was a tiny little kid so it’s bigger anyways, I’m shocked by the smallness of the house. And because we used to pack people in that house. And I remember there being eight to 10 people in the kitchen and the kitchen is teeny tiny. It was so weird to walk through it as an adult and be you know, adult size and everything. It was so weird. And it was so I don’t know, it was just weird. But it was so cool to walk through it. I mean, you know, it just floods you with those good grandma and grandpa memories. At least for me. It did. Yeah, it was so weird. Looks so little even the doors look small. I know. I know. It’s so weird. All right. So two days, day 10 of 31 days of spirit. And today we are talking about Happy Places. So today, if you saw any of my posts today, we got to go skiing, downhill skiing, I love to downhill ski. I am not very good at it. And I like to tell people that because it’s okay to do things that you love. Even if you’re not very good at it. I’m trying to get better. I’m actually looking for people to give me lessons and stuff. So if you’re in Fargo and you go skiing, and you’re really good, and you can give a lady who’s skied for a long time, but probably has kind of bad habits and stuff. Some lessons, let me know because I would love that. But that’s one of my Happy Places. And I had someone years ago asked me where my Happy Places were. And I didn’t have an answer. And I just thought, Well, why do I not have an answer for that? And I don’t think I ever took the time to think about it. And once I got really clear on some of my Happy Places, those Happy Places also became a very big way for me to focus on and to, to put some energy into making sure that I get to spend time in those Happy Places. So whether it’s skiing, or my camper, obviously everybody knows my camper. If you’ve known me for a minute you know my camper is absolutely a happy place. We have great people around us. We have lots of fun friends out there. Love my love my camper loves to Dona that’s a happy place for me. Big skies. That is a happy place for me. I’m sitting at a table chatting with friends happy place for me sitting at you know, in the backyard at the bonfire at my neighbor’s backyard at the bonfire happy place. Anything at the lakes is always a happy place for me. But I had to really I think that we had to prioritize putting time and effort into our Happy Places, because it’s changed over the years, because, you know, we’ve changed COVID change that a lot. Like, you know, we used to go to the farm a lot and different things like that, and, and utilize dad is very protective of his health, which we encouraged. And it was just not, we just couldn’t spend a whole lot of time there, we still have kids, both in school with germs and all that kind of stuff. And so a lot of our Happy Places had to shift over the years. And so I’ve had to, to revisit that question, and see how I can prioritize my Happy Places, and make sure my house is a happy place and go back and forth on that. I do sometimes it’s dusty, so messy, you know, and we organize all the time, we just don’t have a lot of storage. And in the wintertime, we always ever ski shit out and ILAs good hunting shit. And like we just don’t have we have two closets in my house. So sometimes about this time of year, I get a little annoyed with my house because it doesn’t have enough storage for all of our fun stuff for our Happy Places. Because all of our Happy Places comes with lots of stuff. And so we really have had to shift that a lot. My shed, my she shed is a happy place. And I think you need to remember to put some time and energy into that. So during COVID When we were home, Eli didn’t get to stay home, obviously I work from home. But one of the things that we decided to do, because because we were really staying home, obviously for lots of different reasons, and COVID being the biggest one, but we decided to paint the house. And you know, we didn’t mind the paint, but it just didn’t fit us anymore. Like we had really shifted a lot over the last couple years. And we went with completely different colors. And we’ve ever done before I usually was kind of a fall girl still love fall colors still love the fall, but it felt too dark in our house, we have an old house doesn’t have a ton of big windows and things like that. And so anything to brighten it up is always good for me. And so we spent, I think, six weeks, I think six weeks completely repainting the house from top to bottom. And as we were doing that we were organizing, we were getting rid of stuff we were donating, we were selling, we were putting in garbage, but we really created a beautiful space to live in. And I’ve always put energy and effort into my house. But it was so fun to do it with Eli. He hates painting. I actually don’t like painting, but we really liked the results of it. And so he was all in it. And I was like, Okay, let’s do it then. And then the next year, we really started putting some time and energy because I think it was fostered graduating. So we put some time and energy into our yard. And we have a teeny tiny yard. But the boy I should say the boys put a lot of time and energy into the house in the yard. And I do the flowers and all that kind of stuff. And then this summer, we put some more energy into our backyard, which again is really small, which is nice, budget wise. And Eli did so much. And we did some really fun decorations. And I got to have bonfire readings over here and stuff like that. And I really feel like that helps me be okay, if I’m stuck at home in the wintertime, I don’t always like to be stuck at home in the wintertime, I kind of struggle with a little bit. But it helps to have a pretty house and it helps to have a space that I enjoy. And we have not always had the furniture we want. And we still don’t you know, we still have upgrades, we still need Windows blah, blah, blah, all this stuff. But every time we do an upgrade, the house just feels better and better and better. And so it becomes our happy place because you should really like where you live. And we’re not in a place where we want to move. I can’t even imagine us trying to move right now. So we really wanted to ground that energy in to our space. And I always tell people if you can’t do like everything you want to do, maybe either pick the place you spend the most time in like your living room, or your bedroom. So you rest a lot of people they’ll have any clear their houses and I’ll ask them because I can already feel it that they can’t sleep very well. And I’m like, Hey, what’s your bedroom like? And they’re like, oh, you know, and I’ll be like, well just send me a picture of it and don’t clean it. And you know, it’s close all over the place. They might have old bedding and stuff that are bedding they hate like there’s one woman sent me here bedding picture. And I was like, There’s no way that you actually like that bedding and she goes oh my god, no, it’s like 40 years old and it’s so ugly and I’m like, sister, find a different way to get some new bedding whether it’s trade with a friend or go to a secondhand shop or are, you know, find sales, there’s lots of different ways to get different stuff, right? And your bedroom needs to be a restful place. Like I wait at night, like is it bedtime, it’s bedtime is bedtime because I really do like our bedroom. And it’s just nice and calm and it’s quiet. We’ve moved Keaton downstairs. So it’s kind of like my own little space up there. And I’m like, Oh, it’s so nice and quiet up here. I just love it. And, you know, so we put a lot of time and energy into that space too, because you rest there. Even if you’re not a good sleeper, at least you can rest. You know, I used to not be I’m a much better sleeper than I ever have been. But I still struggle at times. And I used to really not sleep well. So at least wanted to play second rest or do meditation or whatever it might be. Okay. All right. Let’s see. Yep, I would have to think about the Happy Places. If you have to think about it, you need to put some energy into this piece. I love the beach talking with friends. firepits. Yeah, my kind of girl sister. My happy places have changed over the past couple of years. And I’ve been trying to create some new ones me as well. I get that. And that takes a little time you guys if you need to recreate your Happy Places. Like that’s not a bad thing. That’s just something that you got to work on. Okay, I’m donating stuff now. And I love creating and designing happy space. I do too. I

think it’s kind of fun. Feeling more grounded when your home is a home. Yep. I always tell people, whatever space you live in, even if it’s temporary, make it a home. Just you know, just make it a home. One of the things that we used to have this great couple that lived just down for us. These two men and they were beautiful, beautiful, beautiful men beautiful marriage. Beautiful house. And when you walked into their house, Michael and Virgil when you walked into their house, it felt like a hug. And I was like, I want my house to feel like this. Like it was so like, this is how I want my house to feel. And we that has been my goal ever since as I want my house to be like, like hug and we had painted it and everything. And it was Christmas time and I had been cooking something and I think I’d just done a summer pot and stuff like that. And one of Keaton’s friends mom stopped by to grab them and she was Oh my God, when I walk in your house, it feels like hug. And I was like, Yes. I want my house to feel I feel called up my room called out my room. Yep. I call a lot of people out on their bedrooms. I call myself out on my bedroom. Don’t worry, everyone does it. I’m in the bedroom now trying to make serene Yep. Yep. Doing my bedroom was huge, says Christie. The beach forest near stream me to Heidi I’m all about that in the mountains. Me too. I love to do the things you love to do, even if you aren’t good at them. Yeah, that’s gonna be one of our subjects. Because I think that’s an important subject. Ah, I’m a real estate agent I can definitely feel in a home feels like a hug. Yep. And it’s and it’s, it’s not just the stuff in the home. It’s, it’s the intention behind everything. Like, if you guys going to Sedona February 2024, we shifted the date a little bit for people, just so you know, Heidi. But if you have a bunch of friends, and you’re all kind of feeling that way, do a trade party. Like if you have some nice stuff, but maybe you’re just tired of it or just doesn’t fit your personality anymore. Tell your girlfriend’s like, Hey, I have a whole bunch of stuff. And you have a whole bunch of stuff. Like let’s look through each other’s stuff and see what you like and what you don’t like, and see if you can move some energy. So it can be into more of a place that you like, Okay, we’ll talk a little bit more some about some clearing stuff and things like that. I think that’d be a fun discussion for us, too. But tonight, it’s about Happy Places. Okay, and creating Happy Places, creating Happy Places that you like to go, whether it’s a fun little neighborhood restaurant or something like that, like my girlfriend, and I ended up randomly going to lunch last year on Christmas Eve. And it was just so funny. I was like, Hey, what are you up to today? I was like, I’m home by myself. And she’s like, me, too. I was like, Hey, let’s go to lunch. And we went to lunch, we were having the most best time at this great little restaurant, just a few blocks from town are from both our houses. And someone actually treated us to lunch. It was so awesome. And it’s become like this great little quiet place that it’s just it’s one of my favorite places in town. It’s just fun. And so there’s lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of different ways to make a happy place. So I would love for you guys this weekend. Think about a list of Happy Places, and how can you make your home when you’re happy places and we’ll talk more about that I promise we’ll talk more about some of the clearing stuff, and some different things that you can do in your home space. But let’s focus a little bit on your Happy Places go ahead on mighty networks, you can either show us your Happy Places, if you have some photos, you can tell us what your Happy Places are, or some of the things that you did this weekend to create a happy place for yourself. A lot of people go into this thing about not putting their Christmas tree up too early, because you know, people bitched about it or whatever, and I’m like, whatever. If it makes your house happy, put the Christmas tree up, how leave it up, who cares? It’s your space, do what you want with it. But also, make sure you’re going to some of your Happy Places, get out of your house a little bit live a little bit. Okay, so speaking of I have to go to my party. Um, so I’m gonna go and have some fun. I’m sure you guys will see pictures at some point and I will touch base with you guys tomorrow. I am not for sure what time so I’ll pop on at some time tomorrow and then I’ll give you kind of the schedule for the next week. Okay, all right, guys, Happy Places. Go create them. Talk to you later.

31 Days of Spirit: Day 9 – Purpose



SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala

Good morning. Hello. Hello. Good morning. Here we are day nine of 31 days of spirit. So I’ll just hang for a second. Let’s people jump on All right, there we go say hello in the comments, so I know that you’re here. Hello, hello, hello there we go. Good morning. So it is a little bit foggy in Fargo today.

And I’m hoping it stays just for a little bit longer. So I can run to the park and get some photos because we have horror for us today, which I always think is funny. But it’s when the tree branches and everything is just frosted and beautiful. And I love it. I love the it’s so pretty usually it’s a little bit warmer, and then the fog rolls in and so all those crystals land on the tree. So I’m going to try to get some photos for you guys later. Once I’m off. I’m going to run to the park quick and see if I can get some because that’s the best place to get the photos. Good morning. Good morning. And those Xena from New Zealand. That’s cool. Hello. Good morning. Glad you’re here. Miss Laurie and Kathy snowy morning. We have a big storm that supposedly moving in next week, three days of snow so we might get like a good foot of snow. We’ll see Nancy and Lori. I know right. It’s so funny. It’s called hoarfrost. I think that’s just funny. Oh, and it’s hot there. That’s funny. No, it’s cold here. Let’s see you. I’ll see what the temp is this morning. It’s actually not so bad. It was much colder earlier this weekend. It was like negative two. But we are moving up into the 30s this weekend, which is always perfect because we’re gonna go skiing this weekend. Yeah, it’s 22 here. 22 degrees. So it’s a nice day today. It’s beautiful. Foggy Minnesota. Yep, it’s foggy here too. I love the fog. I don’t love driving on the roads when it’s like that. And I’m kind of a chicken winter driver. But I’m a racecar driver in the summer. All right, good to see everybody this morning. So we are on day nine of 31 days of spirit. My name is Jodie Harvala. And we have been doing this all month because I wanted to get back online. I hadn’t been online doing my social media like I normally do. And I love to have a place to focus my energy in the holidays. And so we’re doing some holiday stuff. There’s Ruby, some holiday stuff and some spiritual stuff. It all comes back to spirit. Of course. If you don’t know, that’s my cat, Ruby, she likes to be part of everything that we do in the little she shed here. And she likes sure but off to everybody. She had been sleeping peacefully for the last half an hour, but now she’s gonna get up and just be crazy. Okay, so today what I thought we would talk about So yesterday we did your favorite songs. And we have all sorts of people that that have shared songs. So we’re going to work on something to try to get some kind of playlist or a PDF for you guys or something. Okay. And so we are very excited about that piece. I love it. I love the music piece. And today I thought we would talk about what’s your purpose? I get that question all the time. So I do a lot of psychic mediumship readings, and I do teachings and spiritual teachings and clearance and all that kind of stuff. And I think that’s probably one of my top questions besides, besides, am I on the right path? That’s another one I get what’s my purpose? Am I on the right path? And are they okay? When I’m doing mediumship reading, and I always welcome those questions. I think they’re fair questions. Those are the questions I asked before I knew I could even do this. And even the Are they okay, I do mediumship but that is always my first question when someone a loved one or friend or whatever passes over and I have a lot of mediumship friends. And that’s almost always my question too, because we are just human right? And so how many of you wonder what your purpose is? Let me know in the comments. How many of you is that a question that comes through for you? Is that something you wonder about? Is it something you wish someone would just tell you? Where are you when it comes to the life purpose piece? Yep. I think everyone, we’re not worries. Some people worry about it. Some people just wonder about it every day Yep. I often wonder Yep. Yeah, it’s not interesting. And it’s so I think it’s so much pressure that people put on themselves to figure out what their life purpose is. And I used to do that as well. I used to worry all the time. And I think it’s so much more simple. I think it’s more simple than what we get. I don’t think it’s one simple purpose, I think it is to learn how to be happy or content or feel good about yourself, or, you know, find some way to get back in the world. You know, I think our life purpose changes all the time. You know, I think unconditional love, a lot of people will teach us unconditional love, and I agree. But I also think that we’re human. And so I think our life purpose is to keep growing and expanding, and to keep learning. And I see a lot of my clients when you know, maybe they’re taking classes, or they’re doing some mentoring with me or someone else or, or they’re learning and they’re so on fire and things are happening in their life. And all of this stuff keeps going. And they’re you know, they’re learning and they’re expanding, and things are coming up for them. And they’re getting new perspectives, and they feel so alive. And then they step away from it all. And then I’ll hear from them six months to a year later. And they’re like, I don’t know, I’m stuck. And life sucks. And, you know, everything just kind of stopped. And I’m like, oh, like, are you? Are you doing the stuff you were doing before when you felt so alive? Well, no. And and I think that’s part of it. If you’re not learning something, or growing in some way, I do think it’s really hard to keep going. It’s one of the reasons I have a mentor. Because to show up for myself in that way I need help with that piece. And so learning how to move into a bigger place in my life, and bigger could be all sorts of different things. Bigger doesn’t mean doesn’t always mean bigger stuff and more stuff. And all that kind of stuff bigger might be just a bigger awareness, it might just be walking through some experiences that maybe before you would just kind of try not to walk through or, or feel through anything, and actually doing that and doing the work. So I think your life purpose changes depending on where your focus is. And sometimes your life purpose is to get back to living. Sometimes it’s having even more fun than you already are having fun, I really have always heard that life purpose is having fun, and learning how to be happy no matter where you are. And it doesn’t need to be. It doesn’t need to be such a hard question. Because it’s just sometimes your purpose is to stay home and clean the house. Like I’ve been told that before. By spirit, I’m like, What the hell is my purpose, and they’re like cleaning your house. And like, it’s not purposeful, like there’s no purpose in that. But I would do it. And I’d be like, who I feel so much better. Because maybe that day, that was my purpose. Maybe another day was a different purpose. And maybe it was helping one of you or supporting somebody that I didn’t expect to support. Or maybe it was helping my kids with something or whatever. I think that purpose. We all want this life changing world healing purpose. But I think sometimes that is our job for our worlds. We’re supposed to heal our world, our little tiny world inside of us, which isn’t always that tiny. But I think if people would be like, Well, what’s my purpose today and bring it more present that might feel better for a lot of you. And it might be easier to support yourself in that. Because sometimes your purpose is to support yourself. You know, I have a lot of people that they’re like, oh my god, I’m so sick. And I need to do this and this and this and this and this. And I’m like, how do you just stay home and support yourself today? Maybe that’s your purpose is your you got sick for a reason. And maybe you just need to sit your ass down.

And they’re like, Oh, well, that makes sense. So sometimes you’re your own purpose. Oh, I think we’re always our own purpose. But I think people put such pressure on it. And I think if you live a life that you allow to put you in different situations, your purpose will organically come through. You ever met somebody like out at the store or something and you just say hi to him or you just smile at him or something. And you can just completely see their energy change, or their personality kind of lifts up or something. You know, I was at I was picking up medicine. I don’t know if this is maybe a year ago. Two years ago, I don’t know I was at CVS picking up medicine. And this woman, his little lady was in there. She had her walker and everything. And you could tell she was struggling. And this gentleman was arguing with her. And that’s always a red flag for me if if I hear arguments with old people, and so I kind of walked down the aisle a little bit to see if if she needed help or something. And he’s like, Please, ma’am, just let me do this for you. Like, it’s okay, I can absolutely do it and blah, blah, blah. And I was like, what, what’s happening over here, what’s going on over here, because she was just beside herself. And she goes, this crazy man here wants to pay for my medicine, because I didn’t have enough money to pay for it. And he is just crazy. And I started laughing. And I was like, listen, I would bet in your long life, that you have helped someone along the way that maybe was in the same spot that you are today. And she kind of looked at me. And she goes, Well, of course I have. That’s just what you do. And she was so funny about it. She’s like, well, of course. And I was like, Maybe you should just let this guy kind of pay back a little bit of that love and caring that you’ve offered to other people. Maybe it’s your turn. And she teared up and she got mad at me to then then start yelling at me too. And I told the guy said, Go pay for it. And I will, I’ll stand here with her and not let her escape. So she can get her medicine. And so maybe that was my purpose is to make sure that that woman allowed some support and some help. And I also think sometimes people get that backwards. Because sometimes you’re always the giver. And a lot of people are giver, a giver, a giver, a giver, a giver, and they just suck at receiving. And I think sometimes things happen in life where you’re almost forced to learn how to receive. And you don’t need to be forced to learn how to receive if you would just learn how to receive. But I do think a lot of human beings that’s hard for them. And it’s a lot of just what we’re taught. And we’re taught to always be the giver, and you know, all that kind of stuff. But sometimes your purpose is to receive, because then once you receive and you grow and expand in that space, like you can give so much more in so many different ways. And it could be emotionally, it could be mentally, it could be physically, it could be financially, but if you learn to receive, like, what a beautiful thing. So I don’t think anyone can tell you your purpose. I think you just need to live your life and listen to what your cues are in life and do things that create some happiness for you. Some people don’t go out and figure out how to find joy, they just kind of sit on the couch and wait for it. And that’s not going to work, you got to put yourself out there a little bit. And if traveling is something that you want to do, and you’ve always been guided to it, like start a jar and start putting a couple of bucks in it. And even if it takes you a couple years at least you’ll still be putting some energy towards that, especially if that is meant to be part of your purpose. You know, I never could figure out how we were supposed to travel. But I knew I was supposed to travel. Like I knew it. I knew I was supposed to travel in my work. And I could never figure that out. Because we just didn’t have the extra cash, it’s time to do it. And we would just start putting some cash away and a little money jar, I still have money just sitting on my fridge and I still put money in it because I still want to travel and when I do travel, I have the most magical experiences. I had a really cool experience in Sedona one time I was there by myself. I was know what I was doing there that trip. I don’t know what I was doing. And I remember on the plane, I kept asking spirit, you know what, show me where I need to be. And I often asked that every morning, show me where I need to be show me where I need to serve. show me show me today. You know what my purpose is? Because every day is different. And I went on this little hike. And I saw this family and they were trying to get their older people. They were trying to get a selfie and they just weren’t doing a very good job. And I was like, Hey, how about you guys just line up and I’ll take the picture for you. And they were like, okay, and you could just tell they were just total tourists. They were not there for the woowoo side of Sedona. They were just there to enjoy the red rocks and hike and stuff. And so before I left, I had hit from spirit and I was like, Hey, listen, I said I feel like you guys are just here for a fun, you know, family trip and, and but stay open because Sedona often gives you different signs and symbols from your loved ones that have passed and it feels like someone here lost a brother. So just stay open to science. And they all just stared at me. And I just started to laugh and I said trust me just stay open to the signs and I turned around and walked off. And I thought it was so fun. It was just fun to kind of plant a little seed there. later went back to my hotel room and I was sitting there and and spirit was like, go get some chocolate. And I was like, I don’t really want to leave the room, I’m tired, I got done hiking, and it’s like, go get some chocolate. I was like, I don’t want any chocolate, I’m not gonna go any chocolate because I’m fighting with spirit, which you never should do. And finally, it was like, go get some chocolate. So I went to get some chocolate at this little store was right outside my hotel room. And it was you could walk through this cool crystal shop to get to the chocolate store. So I walked through the store and all of a sudden heard, oh, my God, it’s you. It’s you, this woman screaming at me yelling and running towards me. And I was like, Holy shit, who are you? And it happened to be the lady up on the red rocks. And she goes, stay right here, don’t move. And I was like, okay, and in my head. I’m like, Alright, this is why I’m getting chocolate. And she went and grabbed this man who did not want to come into the crystal shop. And she said, Tell him what you told us on the rocks. Tell him what you told us on the rocks. And I was like, what would I tell you on the rocks? And I was like, oh, stay open to spirit because it felt like someone had lost somebody. And they will show you a lot of different signs. And he’s like, how do you know that? And I’m like, I’m a psychic medium. And Sedona is a very magical place and has a lot of Spiritual Energy Law. And he goes, Well, how’d you know, I lost my brother. They said that you knew that someone lost their brother? And I said, I don’t know. I just know. I just I heard it. And I listen, and I said it. And he’s like, I don’t know. That’s weird. Like, I know, it is weird. It is weird. I said, but watch out. And I kept grabbing the back of my hair. And I said, you know, do you? Do you ever feel like someone’s grabbing the back of your hair or like back of your neck? And he goes, Yeah, I have for years. I just always thought it was just kind of a tick in my body. And I was like, no, no, man, that’s your brother. And he just welled up. And he was just so like speechless. And he goes, You know, that’s when it started was when my brother died. And I was like, yeah, he’s always with you. And then the guy just walked off, like he couldn’t handle any more. So he just left. And I went and got some chalk, and I came back and the woman was there again, and she had all these people standing around her. That’s her, that’s her. And so it was like, such a beautiful place to put some, some, some talents that I had into somewhere that never would have happened, unless I had done all this work to even get to Sedona. So I think when you’re getting some hits, and some guides and some nudges, from your intuition, or from spirit, like, Listen, you know, if it’s like, Hey, start reading your books, and you don’t start reading, that you might miss out on some opportunities for where your purpose can be really put somewhere. And our purpose can be big things, you know, like supporting someone I had, I’ve had several clients actually tell me that I’ve helped them. I’ve helped them want to live again, like they were suicidal, and they wanted to live again, like, that’s amazing to hear something like that. And maybe that was my purpose for my whole life, just helping that one person, or those three people or whatever it might be. But you don’t know, you don’t know what your purpose is. And I don’t think it’s meant to be a specific your purpose is to do psychic readings. I don’t think that is how it comes across. I think it is something different every day. I think your purpose changes. I think your purpose is much bigger than any of us can even comprehend. In our minds. I think it is almost a waste of energy. Kind of have to wonder exactly what it is. Because I don’t think it’s exact. So ask what your purpose is today. What is my purpose today? You know, where can I be of service today? Where can I learn and expand today and just see what shows up? Because you just never know. It could be a car accident that you helped save someone’s life. It could be someone needs a phone, someone needs a smile, somebody just needs to chat with somebody. I had a gentleman one time, I was talking to this banker guy one time and I just had something just had some questions for him. And I was asked him questions and all of a sudden, he asked

us something about divorce or something. And it literally was a 45 minute call of him telling me all the stuff that was happening in his life with his wife. I’d never met the man before ever. And I thought, Okay, this is my purpose right now. So I’m just gonna listen to this dude, because he obviously needed someone just to hear him. And I was like, I can hear someone I’m really good at that. So I was just there to be able to hear that message and give him some place to put some of that energy and give them a few, you know, seeds of hope or whatever I must have said and then we were done with a phone call. It was so weird. I was like, Okay, well, that’s my purpose today. Okay, so it was really kind of fun. But what is my purpose? Today? You could even make it even smaller. What’s my purpose right now? Because sometimes we just get so overwhelmed. And sometimes I asked like, what’s my purpose right now? And it’s like, listen to some music, go sit by the lake, go for a walk, go get something to eat. Call a friend. Like it can be a million different things, you guys, but you put so much pressure on trying to figure out what your purpose is that like you miss the magic? I like the question. What is my purpose is today, what is my purpose today? Otherwise, it’s almost too big and too deep. See? I totally agree. Yep, I love asking my spirit tribe. What do I need to learn today? Yes. Yep. What is it today? What is it today? What is it today? I know are those cool stories? And I do think that, that when I started to shift my my perspective around what is my purpose? Because that’s the question that I’ve asked for a million years, right. And I always knew I had a purpose as a kid, like I knew it. I never talked about it. But I always knew I had a big purpose. I knew I was supposed to do something I knew I was supposed to teach. I knew I was supposed to change the world. And like I knew that as a child. And so of course, the pressure of that got bigger and bigger as I got older definitely got bigger as I got into this work. And it almost shut things down instead of opening things up until I started to bring it back to present and be like, okay, too much. What do I need to just just tell me what I need to do today? Like, where’s my purpose today. And I know there’s days that that I’ve really been guided just to go to Detroit Lakes and go skiing. And by myself, I remember the first few times I went skiing by myself because I could and didn’t take the kids and take Eli just went alone. And number one that was a big deal for me just to go do something fun by myself just because I could. So one of my purpose was to learn how to have fun and have joy again. And so a few years ago, I started skiing by myself. And I actually really liked ski by myself. And I like ski with people too. But I remember I was like, Nope, I’m going skating tomorrow, like I’m going and I and it would be during the school ski trips where there was 1000 kids there that don’t know how to get on the on the chairlift and they’re falling all over the place. And I’m like, Oh, it was like my hell. And there would be all the chaperones. And so I would try to find the bigger people to go on the chairlift with because little kids will kill you on the chairlift. And there was these two moms one time and they’re like, oh, like, What school do you belong to? I said, Oh, I’m just here skiing by myself. And they both were like, I’m sorry, what? You’re doing what? I’m like, Oh, I had a free afternoon. So I just decided I you know, I’m only 45 minutes away. So I came skiing by myself today for a couple hours. And they were like, you can do that. Like, what? What do you mean? Like you’re here by yourself? Like, where’s your kids? I’m like, my kids are at school and my husband’s at work. And I’m skiing. And they’re like now like, how do you how do you do that? I’m like, I just went, I just, I just got my car and I came here and I put my skis on and I’m here. And they were like, We have never even considered skiing by ourselves. And I’m like, yep, skate by myself all the time. I said, and I traveled by myself. What and they just freaked out because it was not even in their, in their heads that they could create that opportunity to do that. So my purpose that day was just to give some people some freedom to go do something that maybe they never would have thought of. And I’ve gotten tons of inspiration from people. That’s what I love about all my clients, and my mentor and all the people that I’m in community with, because they all teach me things that I never even thought I’m like, Oh, I never even considered that I could do that. I mean, our first cruise that Eli and I went on, I was like Sonny just texted she wants to know if we’re going on the cruise. And he’s like looking at me. He goes a cruise. What do you mean? What do you mean? I’m like, you know, a big boat, big cruise. And he was like, I don’t know, like, are we adult enough to go Can we go on a cruise? Like, are we can we do that? I’m like, I don’t know, I don’t know if we can do that. And it was such a great opportunity for us to start living bigger, which is something we wanted to do. And I said, you know, it’s so fun that she reached out in that way first of all, because I trust her I know she’s really fun on trips. I knew the whole group were people that I enjoyed. And and it was like permission to go bigger in our lives because that was something we wanted to do. We lived pretty small life at the time and it was like, I think we can do this. So sometimes your purpose is to teach other people that they can do other things. And now that cat wants to jump on that shelf. I’m hoping she doesn’t do it. Okay, um I love hearing this makes being so much easier, right? Kind of gives you permission just to be in your day. Yeah, morning. That’s Ruby. She wants to go look at the birds and chatter at them. She can wait just a couple minutes here. Okay, questions on your purpose? And any of that kind of hit home for you? Does it make sense for you? I think it’s a big question. I hear it all the time. So I’m hoping to give you guys a little freedom in that piece. So maybe that would be something fun you can do over the weekend for yourself, is you can actually ask yourself and ask your spirit team. Even if you don’t know your spirit team, if you’re super new to this, and you’re like, What the hell’s the spirit team? We’ll talk about that. And one of our days too, but maybe you can just start asking, you know, what is my purpose today, show me show me teach me lead me, let me know what my next move is. and have some fun with it, and then report back. So that would be a nice fun thing that you can put into mighty networks that you can share on on our posts that we have. All of those names are going in for for prizes. So don’t forget to do your mighty network stuff. We want to get you in for prizes. I forgot I was going to do one today. And I completely forgot about it. So I will draw our first prize on Monday, I promise. I like your perspective of what’s my purpose today and right now good. Because that it really does free you up a little bit from all that pressure. I think a lot of women feel under pressure all the time. And I think it’s just to how interesting, that’s how it is. And I think it’s it’s something that you can also teach your kids, you know, and you can teach your friends and, and you can teach each other and help each other. I think it’s more inspirational to do it that way. It’s more organic to, I think it makes all of these stories that I tell I have 1000 stories, you guys, and all of the stories that are my favorite stories, I could have never planned them. Not in a million years could I have planned them. And I couldn’t have dreamed them, I couldn’t have planned them. I couldn’t have connected the dots in that way. I never ever would have been able to do that. And that was the magic for me. Like that was the piece I was like, Oh, this this is what I’ve been searching for, like this is the energy I kept feeling as a kid is to start to let life. And it’s not that I don’t set intentions or goals or work towards something. But I do leave a lot of energy open for for insight from spirit, I really even this doing 31 days of spirit that was from spirit, like I was out for a walk. And it was like, hey, you need to be online every day for 31 days, which is not typical for me. And I was like, Oh, that’s a long time. And as like you don’t know who you might help or support or what kind of support and help I might get. Because it’s been really fun to have the connection every day and something I look forward to. And so get your ass back online. The first day, the very first day, there was a woman that had been struggling, she’s in her community, we all know her and, and there was some behind the scenes chatting with her. And she ended up getting some support that she really quite needed. And she wasn’t the only one there was a few different people just off the very first day talking about miracles. And I thought, Okay, I understand, get back in the energy, of miracles and joy and being of service and purpose and all of those things because they all work together. But you got to put your toe in it, you got to be in it a little bit. I have a woman that’s worked with me. She’s one of my mentoring clients.

She has been with me for years. And every single week we talk and in every single week and one of the reasons she does because I asked her one time I’m like, Why do you talk every week, we wouldn’t need to talk every week. And she goes, why wouldn’t I it keeps me in my flow. It keeps me accountable. It keeps me reminding me to stay in my magic. It reminds me to use my tools that reminds me to do this. And I was like, All right, let’s keep going and her whole life has shifted. And it’s been so fun to be a part of that. So don’t discount that mentoring piece. Either my friends are having a coach or having a therapist or having a minister or somebody that helps you hold your your energy a little bit so that you can live up to whatever the purpose is that you’re feeling guided to. Okay, I think it’s a beautiful thing to have some support. And I have some openings for mentoring in the new year. So if that’s something that is interesting to you, make sure you email me Okay. Um, and I’ve got I’ve got lots of stories I teach from stories though I always have. So I asked for a lot of good stories. And he says love this so much opening up the space to be shown on daily what I need to do in the moment to show up we overcomplicated. I know as human beings we overcomplicate Me included we overcomplicate almost everything. I think it’s just our nature, because we want to know the answers to everything instead of allowing the answers to show up for us. So instead of chasing that purpose, allow it to come to you. Okay? Allow it allow it allow it. Yeah, so overthinking. Yep, we’re a lot of busy thinkers or a lot of busy minds. But that was the other piece with with that purpose is learning how to allow it to come to me. Instead of chasing after it out, they always show me a picture of me chasing a horse because can’t catch a horse. If you’re chasing it, like you’re never going to your horse is gonna be like, Screw you, I’m out. But if you sit and you calm yourself, and you adjust your vibration, you just your energy, the horses will come straight to you every time every time. It’s like magic, but they’re teaching you to be present. And I think that’s kind of how it works with our purpose, too. You need to adjust, you need to align, you need to raise your vibration, you need to get in and use some of these tools that we all teach over and over and over and over. Because then it comes to you and through you. Yep. Allowing and asking. That’s right. Yep. So when I’m chasing, they show me that picture of the horse running away from me. I’m like, All right. All right. All right. All right, I’ll get quiet. I’ll slow down a little bit. can’t chase it. It’s not gonna you can catch it. You can allow it though. All right, friends. That’s what I got for you today. I don’t know what time I’m going to be on tomorrow. Because I kind of want to take you on a little field trip, but I’m trying to figure out how I can do it. So you might just have to catch the replay or just kind of keep an eye on things. I will try to give you a little bit of a warning when I get on. We’re just doing some fun tomorrow. So I thought it would be fun to do it a little a little live while we’re doing it. So I will keep you posted on that. And then of course we’ll meet on Sunday, and I’ll let you know what time Yes, needing to learn to receive. Kathy said so glad I was online today. This was a great topic for me. Yeah, I knew it’d be a good topic for all of us. Good reminders. good reminder for me to talk about it. It’s a good reminder for me. So I hope it was fun for you guys. I will see you soon. Have a great, great, great Friday and a happy weekend. I hope you guys have some fun plans and if you don’t plan some and I will jump on tomorrow when we are where we are. And I will give you a little insight and I will also try to get some pictures of the hoarfrost for all of you that do not live in snowy places or foggy places. Alright guys, have a great day. Talk to you soon. Bye, guys.

31 Days of Spirit: Day 6 – Family



SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala

Hello hello hello my friends here we are day six.

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All right. Hello, hello, hello. Good to see everybody. Okay, so today we are on day number six. When we see, we have I’m trying to keep track of all of our subjects so I don’t double up on them. So day one, we did miracles. Day two, we did support day three word of the year. I still have spots for that day for tradition or ceremony. Day five. We talked about naughty spirit and did some car drives yesterday. And today we’re going to talk about family. And tonight I am I am having a group clearing. Tomorrow is our full moon group clearing our normal month monthly group clearing, which there’s some really cool stuff going on with the full moon that I will talk about tomorrow. But really interesting stuff. I had no idea I learned it on tick tock. And tonight I decided over the month of December because I hear a lot of struggle. Typically this time of year, it usually starts around Halloween goes through the holidays. Because people struggle during the holidays. A lot of people love the holidays. And a lot of people struggle with holidays. And one of the things I struggle with is the family side of things. And I’ve gone through my own stuff with that I have my own stories about that. But one of the things that really has supported me in that is I’ve done a lot of clearing work around it. And I was writing something this morning and I was like I wish I could explain how the energy clearing helps because we heal on a physical type of way we feel we heal emotionally, we heal mentally, but we all have to heal energetically as well. And I often think that’s the piece that gets overlooked. It’s the NRP energy piece that when Eli and I started to really look at that piece. That’s what started to really make changes in our life. If I’m stuck on something, and I’ve done the emotional work and the mental work and the talking it out and physical and blah, blah, all that stuff. And she always comes on I’m online. I’m on class. Okay.

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I always get company when I’m on live with you guys. Okay, so anyways, um, so I was I, if we get stuck in something, then I tend inaction now. Now, after many, many years, I usually look at the energy first. To me, the energy piece is the easiest piece to clear. And then I can go through the other pieces because that’s it’s the energy that gets ignored, really. And so if there are some things going on, maybe you don’t get along with your family. Maybe you’re the black sheep of the family. Maybe piss someone off in your family. Maybe you told the truth in your family. Maybe there’s jealousy in your family, maybe their their way of lifestyle and your lifestyle don’t match maybe it’s abuse, it’s abusive. Maybe you just don’t fit in your family or or other trauma that’s happened A lot of times you’ll work through those layers, but then you don’t clear the energy around it. So you still feel it so strongly, there’s still such a trigger. And when I do these energy clearings, a lot of times, when you can move that energy, some of that trigger gets softened, it gets, it takes the edge away, it gives you a different road to look at, instead of all this other stuff that’s happening. And I found it to be incredibly helpful. And I also found that when it’s really important, like a lot of people will say to me, Oh, family is everything. And I’m like, huh, not in my experience, it’s not. And, and for some people, it is, for some people, that is their experience. And for some people that works for them. And for some people, they need to create their own family. And a lot of people have both they have their their blood family, and they have their created family. And I both but my created family makes more sense to me, I fit in much different with my created family than with my blood family. And that’s just that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that it feels different. And it is different. Because you don’t do things the same way as as maybe when you grew up and things like that. But I think it’s important for people, it’s almost like people need permission, that it’s okay to go create a family. Like I love when people do friends giving and things like that. Because sometimes that’s what people need the most when it comes to family. And so the subject and the clearing tonight, there’s always a lot of energy around it, I always feel a lot of energy around it. And I I’ve heard horror stories of people’s families. And I’ve gone through my own stuff, and, and it’s such a loaded subject. And to clear the energy from that. It’s important. So if you struggle with that, or you’re stuck on that, or maybe you’ve done a lot of work around the family piece, and there’s still something that sticks, think about the energy piece, okay? And think about different perspectives. And one of the things that, and this is with all humans, for me, any relationship I’ve ever had that maybe hasn’t gone? Well, I really had to step into what did I learn from that? And not not what was my lesson? Because I don’t like to learn lessons. But what did I learn? Like, what strength did I figure out that I hold because of that experience with that person. So it could be maybe of a bully in your family, and it could be standing up to that person. And speaking your mind or speaking the truth, it could be that you’re strong enough to choose you first. It could be that you’re learning boundaries. There’s a lot of family members that can help you learn boundaries. Maybe it could be that you learned to not speak up because the people you were speaking to can’t hear you anyways. And so you went and found a different crowd of people that when you spoke, you actually were heard, maybe it is was abusive. And you learned that you were strong enough to step out of it. Maybe you learned that you’re a lot more brave and courageous than you gave yourself credit for. Maybe you learned forgiveness. Maybe you learned some people really live a tough lifestyle. And it’s really hard to watch. And sometimes you need to step away from that. So maybe you learned compassion. Instead of instead of pity. Maybe you learned that everyone has their own path, and you can walk on yours and they can come with or not that’s up to them. But maybe you learned that everyone does get to live the way they want to live. And maybe you learned that you had a lot of judgment. And so you learned how not to do that. Maybe you learned that you can love people from a distance. Like there’s so many different things that that family can teach us. And I’ve really found a lot of different kinds of support in my in my found family, or my spirit family, I call my spirit family. Like I’m like, I didn’t know people acted like this. Like I didn’t know people did this for other people. I didn’t know that they would take care of you in that way or that they would support you in that way. Because it just wasn’t something that ran in our family circle. It was like this is so weird to me. And it was so refreshing to me to have people do things the way I did things even though the people I grew up with in doing those things, because they just weren’t interested in those things, and nothing wrong with it. They just weren’t interested. And I just, it was such a learning experience to start creating this, this spirit family and support system. And I think you need both. I think you need both, you know, a lot of people will will pitch about their husbands and they don’t do this. And they don’t do that. And they don’t do this. And I’m like, Well, maybe they’re not supposed to. Maybe you can go find a different group of people that can help you with those, those parts of your life, and then that partner can fulfill these parts of your life. That was another thing that I think a lot of us in my masterminds and different things like that. We discussed that a lot, because we had all these these things, and we thought our partner should be doing them. And it’s like, Why? Why do they need to do them? Why can’t you have lots of different people in your life to help you support all your wants and desires, don’t put all that pressure on one person or uncertain people. And I also think with family, sometimes, if you’re missing family, go out and find someone else that’s missing, maybe who you could be maybe someone needs a big sister, maybe someone needs a granddaughter. I’ve had a couple of different relationships with older women. And it was so fun because my grandma had passed away, and I didn’t have grandma. And it was so fun to be friends with these older women, because they would tell me all this great wisdom or these funny things, or they would teach me these different things. And I was like, Oh, I love this relationship, because it was like that grandma energy that I really enjoy, because I was pretty close to both my grandma’s. My one died when I was much smaller, but she was the first one that came to me as a spirit. So there’s always that connection. But I love to hang out with older women, because they have so much wisdom as a grandmother usually does. You know. So I think that’s really fun. I think having I have a lot of spirit sisters at this point. And I think that’s really fun. We can we can I don’t know how many times either I’m texting someone or they’re texting me. And they’re and I’m like, Hey, like your guides and angels are talking to me telling me to reach out, like what’s going on with you. And they’ll be like, damn it every time you’re always in my stuff. And oh my god, this was happening. And I didn’t know what to do about it. And it’s so cool. Because it’s this intuition hit, like, Hey, I’m feeling something’s not right, what’s happening, let me support you for a second. And then all of a sudden, I get that text two weeks later, and they’re like, hey, now they’re bugging me what’s going on with you. And I’ve never had that in relationships before. So I think when you when you think of family, a lot of people maybe need to redefine what family is to them, and how people are and how they should be. I you say that? Well, this is how so and so should be. And this is how they should be why? Who said who said that’s how they should be I’m creating that. And so when I let people just be who they are, and I just went on with my life, a whole lot of pain dropped away, which was great. And I can create how I would like to be in my relationships and often attract people that match that now.

And then the other people in my life can be whoever they want to be. Because no one should be any certain way. And most of the time, they’re not going to change anyways. So why try to change people that aren’t interested in changing? Usually, if I want someone else to change, I’m looking at myself like, oh, okay, I’m the one that needs to change. Because that’s not fair for me to to want that from someone that maybe isn’t capable of that or doesn’t want it isn’t interested. That’s okay. Sometimes your family’s just not into you. That’s okay. doesn’t mean there’s not pain or grief, or, or tears or sadness or any of that. So I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel all of that because I think that’s a piece of it. But I am saying and I am saying that there’s a lot of different ways that you can create family in your life. Sometimes you can just adopt people, there’s a little there’s a little lady at our grocery store. Oh my god, she’s so funny. She’s so sassy. She’s got such a mouth on her like she definitely is related to me in some way shape or form. And I think Eli and I both have adopted her as as like I don’t know our grandma maybe and she doesn’t even know it. But we make a make a point to go there sometimes because we know that the shift that she’s working and we sit and chat with her and talk with her and you know, I’ve gotten to know her so far through cancer like all those kinds of stuff because she just fits. So I think family family can come from all sorts of places, places you never expected. So I wanted to remind people to let yourself go there a little bit. Um, yes, different communities for fulfillment. Absolutely. One person can’t be everything. And that’s such a freeing thing. Like, like, there’s certain things that I’m like, oh, a lie. I’m never doing that with you. And I was like, call foster Keaton, because like, I’m not doing that with you. And He absolutely has things that he does not want to do with me. And it used to make me angry, like, oh, he doesn’t want to spend time with me. No, he just isn’t interested. But I’m not interested in that. And so I’m gonna go find someone that’s interested in this. And then we’ll find our own things to do together. Sometimes he needs to do what I want him to do, because that’s what he should do. But that’s just our relationship, right? Vicki says, spot on, I recognize I’m closer to non family versus to blood, family. Many, many, many, many people are. Yep. Actual blood family hasn’t done the work soul tribe loves the good, the bad, the ugly. Yeah. And I do you think people do have families like that, too? I do. I do. I also think there’s many, many people that don’t, and they’re not really interested in the work. Like, it’s not fun work. I can’t blame people for not wanting to look at stuff. But the people that have done the same kind of self growth or looked at themselves, or, or grown and expanded and just kind of shifted different things. If you’re around people that have gone through that, like there’s an understanding, and it’s so fun. Like I have one woman, that’s a friend of mine, oh my gosh, can we be blunt with each other? And we don’t take it personally, because we both gone through some stuff. And so it’s such a refreshing thing, you know, and she’s a fixer. She likes to fix things. I’m a fixer. I like to fix things. And I remember there’s one time I just really needed to bitch like I just did. And we went out for a drink. And I said, I just need you to listen for like, give me like 20 minutes. I just need 20 minutes, I need to have this drink. I need to just bet about some stuff that’s pissing me off. I don’t need it to be fixed. I just need you to hear me. And she’s like, done. Okay. And I got to get it all out. And then she’s like, Do you want some feedback? I’m like, Nope, I want a drink. So we had a drink. And I’ve done the same for her. And it was so great, because we just understood each other. So it was such an interesting development in a friendship that I just hadn’t had. You know, I have it with a couple girls that I’ve been friends with. since sixth grade, we can pretty much tell each other everything because we’re kind of like sisters. So we bicker too. But those those deeper friendships, they really create that family stuff that I was looking for. So it’s super interesting. My grandma made friends with the cashiers I know, I know, I got while I go to the store all the time. So yeah, sometimes the people out in public like those become your family. You know, when when I didn’t have a ton of friends, there’s been a couple different times in my life that I really was shifting friendships, and didn’t really have a big bond with the family and all that kind of stuff. And I would just make friends with people in public just for the day. Like I would go shopping, or I would go do my errands. And I would just be really nice to people and find stuff out about them. And it was so much fun. It was just so fun. So sometimes that’s what you got to do. A lot of generational dysfunctions still going on with family members. I’m too who I know, I’m a little woowoo for my family, too. That’s all right. That’s right. We get to be who we are. That’s the freedom of it. Like that’s where it took me a long time to get there. A lot of people take the family stuff super personal and I did as well. Absolutely. Absolutely, absolutely. Man, let me get rid of this person. We get someone trying to come on and

offer for readings.

I’ll never do that, by the way. kicking you out of our family. Okay. But yeah, a lot of people blame their family for the stuff and I’ve gone through that myself. And finally, it’s just kind of like be who you want to be. And you want to have relationship with Me great. If you don’t, that’s okay too, because I have a lot of really loving people in my family. And we made a lot of really hard decisions around the holidays. And I told a little bit about this earlier this week, but one of the things we did was we really started to honor what we wanted to do for holidays. And boy can that piss people off and and like we wanted to ski and we want to take the boys and we wanted that time with us. And that was not a that was not a while Welcome thing for a couple of years. And now people kind of use drip my mom’s like, why aren’t you going skiing? And I was like, Oh, I don’t even know. But if we do, we’re only going for a couple hours, and we’ll be home and then we can do blah, blah, blah. And so I think people get used to it, but but I was very much of a people pleaser in my family. And so to come out of that, and do boundaries, and like, expect some things was not a happy thing for a while. Um it can be difficult, Chris. Yep. Going on your own by yourself. Yep, definitely. Way too woowoo for my family.

My family has never understood my view of life. I now stop trying to convince them see, and I don’t think you should ever have to convince anyone. I love that. Because I used to be a convinced her to. And I was like, why am I trying to convince someone that’s not interested? Like, why? Why waste my energy? It just irritates everybody. But I am who I am and accept them for who they are. Because it’s fun to be the one who is different. Yeah. My family does not know that who I am. Because I would get lectures about how it’s about the devil. Yeah, that happens to for for many years. On one side of the family, all I talked about was the weather with people because they were not really into my work. They didn’t really get it. Once people started passing away, I would get some different messages and some questions and things like that. But I think that’s okay, too. Like, there’s, there’s times that I know that people are open to what I want to talk about. And I know that other times I can just meet them where they are, you know, and that was that was kind of a interesting thing that happened with my mother in law when she was passing away. We had had a couple couple of tough years about. I don’t know, I honestly I think it was just a power struggle between the two of us. And we were really similar and which irritated me, and she got sick. And she was super religious, and very faithful, and never really pushed it on me. I never felt like it was pushed on me in any way, shape, or form, nothing like that. But I remember, in my reaching out at one point, I think we were emailing back and forth. And I just met her to where she was I use the words that she used in her language, I didn’t go all into my woowoo and you should be doing affirmations and healing and bla bla, because she wasn’t there. First of all, I just met her where she was. And it like created this peace between the two of us for the rest of her life, which wasn’t very much longer. And it was like, oh, sometimes you just gotta meet people with where they are. And and that’s okay. So if my family’s not really into it, that’s okay. That’s okay. You don’t have to talk about it. But I guarantee sooner or later someone will ask questions about it. Totally relate to people pleasing and now having boundaries, I have a hard time with it. And I feel better yet when when you set boundaries with family friends, people have known me a really long time, then you know, like it because they know you like I revert back into my 15 year old self. As soon as I’m in a family thing. Soon as I am, I can feel it happen. It’s the weirdest fucking thing. I can walk into my childhood home. And it’s like, I’m 1415 again. And I’ve the same attitude. I would say mannerisms, I start being a little bitchy. And it’s just like what in the hell and is so I think learning where I can hold my energy and making sure I’m holding my energy is really important as well. And I think that takes some time to practice because the boundaries are for me, it’s not for them. Those boundaries are for me my energy, my time my space my stuff, right, but it’s not for them. They’ll learn that I have boundaries, but those boundaries are for me, and for my mental health and my health and well being. So it is it’s such a rush to go through some of the family stuff in life. I’m totally the weirdo love it and totally embrace it when they describe me that way. But guess what they call me when we were things happen. Yep. They will always call I guarantee it. It might take a long, long time, but if they will call or they will at least ask some questions. And so that was actually some of the advice. Let me think about how it happened. It was so fascinating when I think Priscilla was I don’t know if she had been in a coma at that time or it was just she had just gotten much quieter. And I remember asking Sonny is there anything that I could do to support her energetically, Reiki, any of that kind of stuff. And she, the message was just let them come to you. And I was like, okay, and she’s like, You don’t have to explain all the stuff that you do know about, just let them come to you. And after she passed, it was so interesting, because so many people got signs. And she was she’s really good at sending signs. And we all agreed she was really good at sending signs. But I started hearing from people coming to me to ask about the signs and different relatives that had died on both sides and things like that. But it was true. Like it was such a great message to hear is like, I didn’t need to go teach them. They weren’t interested, they’re not taking the classes, the ones that were would come or they would come to class, or they would have a conversation with me. And so it kind of took that, that pressure I put on myself to make sure people knew who I was and what I did and understand it, that who cares. When they’re ready to understand that they’ll come talk to me about it. And I had questions for lots of family members and around the religion side of things because I’m interested, like, I actually want to know, you know, where’s your faith come from and things like that. So I think there’s some soft ways to go about that. And sometimes it works. And sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s okay. Okay. Um, the hell are all you people coming on here? Now? Hold on, let me block some of these users, my friends.

Sorry, there’s some spammers trying to come in and tell you they love you and they want to give you a reading. We don’t work it that way. Sorry, friends. Okay, I get that way around certain people holding my energy is something I still need to practice with. I think it is a practice. I think learning how to hold your energy is a practice. And I think it takes practice. And I think holding your energy around your family is probably the to me, it’s the most difficult, at least for me, it was still is at times, but I think I think family is tough. Which is exactly why I wanted to do some of the clearings that I’m doing this month, and tonight, we’re starting with the family one and that’s exactly why because I think it’s a very touchy subject. And I think that’s okay. I think it’s okay to talk about the difficulty of it. And you know, the session tonight isn’t a bitch fest. It’s not to come and out your family. It’s not to, to bash them and things like that. It’s for you, to give you some healing on the energy side of things that maybe you haven’t been able to see before. And so it’s it’s it’s powerful, but it’s going to make things a bit more gentle for ya. Krista, my grandma came to me after she passed, and at the time, I didn’t know much about the message part. Isn’t that fascinating? Yeah. When my grandma died, it was actually around this time a year it was it was it wasn’t Christmas. And it wasn’t New Year’s, but I think it was a little bit like maybe the second week in January, because I remember telling my mom, I really don’t want her to die on New Year’s Eve. That would just be terrible. Every year, it would just ruin New Year’s Eve because you know, I was a selfish little teenager. And when the night that she passed, I was sleeping. And she came and she sat on my bed. And she put her hand on my leg. And she said, I’m here to say goodbye. It’s my time to go clear as day I remember it. Every detail of it. I remember clear as day. And it was in the middle of the night. And she said I just want to let you know I love you. But it’s time for me to go. So I need to go now. And then all of a sudden it was morning and I woke up and my dad was sitting in the exact same place that grandma was and he said, I need to tell you something. And I said, Oh I know grandma died. And he’s looking at me like, how do you know that? I’m like, Oh, she came in my dreams. She told me and he just stood up and turned around and walked out of the room. He was like, okay, and he just laughed. And I asked him several years later if you remembered that he was like, No, I don’t remember that at all. And I was like, Oh, it’s so crystal clear to me. It was so funny. So I do think family teaches you some of some of the connection to spirit too. And sometimes it’s after they’ve gone. I know a lot of people that have a much better relationship with people once they’ve passed than when they were here on earth because they can get rid of a lot of the the animosity and they can actually have a healing relationship. So that happens a lot. Oh, yes, you happen like you with that too. Isn’t that interesting?

Oh, isn’t that interesting Barbara my mom told me before she died that the man that raised me wasn’t my bio father. She was my bed. sprinted I missed her so much, but I still have feelings about that confession and you know what? write her a letter journal and burn it, write her a letter and then burn it to release it and tell her all the feelings that you have about it. That works really well. When you still have some stuff that you need to move, you can do that you can do the energy clearing with us tonight. Like that’s exactly why I’m doing it for some of that stuff. My grandma passed on Christmas day in 1992. Her valve was closing we left the dinner table and all drove to the hospital to visit her as she was transitioning. It is a beautiful time of year. You know what now that I’m an adult. I understand why so many people leave and pass away at this time of year because it is such a holy time. It’s a it’s a spiritual time. There’s a lot of magic in the air like I get it as a kid. I did not understand it, though. Yeah, yep. Very similar to when my great grandmother passed. Isn’t that interesting? We have some grandma energy showing up today. Carla said, I learned that if you can only hold your energy for about 10 to 20 minutes from family or others. Just be okay with it. And if you have to leave the environment, do it like you got an appointment and talk to you later and just leave no shame or guilt? Absolutely. Yep. I actually suggest that to a lot of my clients. I mean, you don’t need to go for the whole day, go for an hour, go for two hours, you know, go for the afternoon. You don’t you don’t need to go for the whole weekend. You can decide what works best for you in whatever situation you’re at. And then manage your energy. And when it’s time to go. It’s time to go. And you don’t have to explain yourself. I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to leave now and go you don’t have to explain it. Yep. Great point, Carla. Oh, that’s cool. Vicki. Love it. Yeah, a lot of grandmas have that little kids spirit they still like to play. For Silla gave us some friggin amazing, amazing signs. My favorite one is I was really guided to go out and see my sister in law and brother in law in Idaho. And on the way home, I kept getting this message to go through Red Lodge. So you have to go through Yellowstone and up on the mountain pass. And I didn’t really realize what driving on a mountain pass was like, my kids were little. And it I was up all night the night before because it just was so loud in my head to go through Yellowstone, go on mountain paths and go through red dots go through Red Lodge go through Red Lodge. And I just thought, well, I don’t know, maybe Spirit just wants me to check out Red Lodge for skiing when the kids are bigger. And I just didn’t I just couldn’t quite understand what the message was about. And so we went through Yellowstone, the kids were exhausted because we had so much fun with the cousins. So they kind of slept through Yellowstone. When on the mountain pass, I freaked out the whole time. I’m like, Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. It was so scary. And I was so empowered by the time we got down. And we went in and we were starving. And so we were going into Red Lodge. And I had asked someone at the motel where to go eat and she had said, clearly a couple different restaurants. And she had said the restaurant that we ended up going to and I parked in front of the restaurant, I looked up and I started laughing. I was like, Oh my God. And there was a restaurant called Foster and Logan’s Foster’s my oldest son’s name. As you all know, Logan was her dog’s name. And she had just passed a few months beforehand. And I was like, Holy shit, that’s not a sign. So I made the boys go stand in front of it. And I sent pictures to the whole family and, and even my father in law. He’s like, Yeah, can’t make that one up Kenya. I’m like, No, I had no idea this restaurant was here. So every time we go there, of course, we have to eat it, foster and Logan’s. But I think that’s the fun part about when people do pass and that family pieces, you have that connection. So you can watch for those signs. And we’ll talk more about that. I definitely want to talk about signs and stuff from your loved ones in our 31 days. But today, it’s family and I just want to remind people that you can if the family isn’t what you need them to be for you, you can go out and create the family that you need. And myself and many, many people my community and and the communities that I’m in, we’ve all done that. That’s what’s really cool is then when when the shit hits the fan, you have some people that are there to support you, which is awesome. Okay. All right, my friends is short little vision today. If you can join us tonight, we have a clearing trio. And so it’s three different clearings. The first one is tonight, and tonight of course is on family. And then we’re going to also talk about the holidays just holiday and stress and we’ve been talking a lot about it in the 31 days, which is nice and then of course stress and anxiety. So it’s kind of a cool little package on all the really bigger things that that I hear a lot of out and where people need some help clear in their energy. Okay, so if you can join us tonight, I would love it. Let me see what time it’s at tonight at 7pm. Okay, and so you can go ahead and get your butt signed up, it will be recorded if you’re working or whatever tonight I will record it. And the next one I think is on the 15th Yep, the sixth, the 15th and the 20th is when we’re doing the clearings. Okay, so family, family family, and join me tonight and I will see you all really soon. Okay, you guys. Have a great day. Have a great day. Have a great day and I hope you’re all part of my family. Bye guys.

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31 Days of Spirit: Day 5 – Naughty Spirit Oracle Card Pulls


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SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala

Good morning. Happy Monday. Hello, hello. Hello. It’s gonna hang for a second. So welcome to day five of 31 days of spirit.

And eight is Monday. I love Mondays. They’re one of my favorite days of the week. So we’ll see who is around this morning. I know a lot of people are at work right now so

we’ll see who shows otherwise you just got to catch up in the replay. Here we go. Say hello. I see some people popping on say hello in the comments. We are going to do some naughty spirit cards today. Happy Monday. Hello, hello. Good morning, ladies. There we go. Now we got some people coming on little bit of a delay. Monday morning. Full Moon week. Mercury is in retrograde. A lot happening. I should put that in here actually. Actually, I should put this in here for you guys. Gather around. Hello, Hello. Morning. Good morning. All right, if you are planning and joining me for tomorrow night is our first holiday clearing. And we’re going to do a bunch of clearing around family. Because I know that can be a trigger for people. And then Wednesday night we have our last full moon clearing of the year. Isn’t that weird? last full moon clearing on Wednesday night. So remember, with the full moon clearings, we’re shifting that program a little bit. Right now through December, you can get signed up for the subscription for $17 a month. Once we hit the new year, it goes up to 22 a month. Okay? Both worth it. But save yourself a few bucks and get locked into that $17 rates. You can always cancel that I never have an issue with that kind of thing on subscriptions. You’ll go to the new rate if you resign up, but we wanted to keep it at that $17 through the end of the year. Okay. So that’s for Wednesday night we do that on the full moon each month, or or within a day or two of the full moon. And tomorrow night. We have our energy clearing session on family. Okay, so get your butt signed up for that. And if you can’t make it tomorrow night, but you still want to do the clearing. It will be recorded. Okay. Same as same with full moon ceremonies. Those are always recorded as well. All right. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. And hello, hello. Hello. Okay, so I thought we would start off the week with some card pulls. And I wanted to show you so most of you that know me. There’s some new people of course that we always get but a lot of you know me and you know about my naughty spirit deck one of my favorite decks best seller. super fun, super funny. If you are not into swear words, you will not like this deck. Watch the small ears around you this morning. And it is I created this deck. So first I created my Wunderman deck which was my first deck ever created. And I was sitting I remember specifically in my front yard with Kay is the designer who created that deck with me. And we were laughing because I was like, Oh, I really should do a naughty deck to like the opposite side of it. Because sometimes you get a little snotty and you get a little you get a little dramatic and you get a little little like you don’t want to listen and I thought it’d be fun to do a deck that could still get through to you even when you’re feeling like that. Right. And so it took me many years and then me and Angela start working together and I was like alright Angela, it’s time it’s time to do the naughty deck and we It only took two weeks from the start of our conversation that it was time until I had them at my door printed and we were going through hundreds of pictures trying to find the right photo for naughty spirit. Now I’m looking for a real Live dude to be naughty spirit. So if anyone knows anyone that looks like this and then my way, and because when That’d be funny to have like the real dude. And we laughed so hard and I didn’t show anyone any photos. I didn’t tell anyone we were doing it. Eli knew because he lives with me and I wouldn’t show him anything. And oh my god, we laughed, we laughed because there was some of those photos that were so funny. And I was like, oh, we can’t we just can’t We can’t do that. Like, we can’t do that. And then we found this dude, who of course, is the perfect naughty spirit. And when the cards came, I was opening them and Elie Saab and when he started going through them, and he said, Oh my god, now I see why you two girls were cackling like witches. And people are either going to completely love them, or completely hate them at which is true, you either super are in on the naughty spirit or you’re not really an Illuminati spirit, and they cracked me up and even when I’m crabby and pissy and drama and like just in a bad mood or something. That is why I have these cards, because when I pull them, but he’s still make me laugh still to this day. And then last year, we created the natty spirit calendar, which was just as fun we have 365 different sayings. So we did not repeat one time in one year. Okay. And so um, because I know a lot of you are have kids at home and stuff. This is today’s message for December 5. Right? Isn’t that true? Right. And with with the calendar, what I love about it is there’s not one repeating message. And the funny story with the calendar when we were creating it, and we had five different people with eyes on it. Because Angela and I we know we completely own that we’re not great at details. And so we had Nikki and on it and Nikki had another friend who’s really detail oriented. And so we were editing it and doing all the stuff and looking through it. And the night before it went to the printers. Angela is desperately texting me 11 o’clock at night my time. And I’m like what, who is texting me so late? And she’s like, there’s no July, there’s no July July is missing. And I’m like, What are you talking about? And she goes, the whole month of July is missing. And I’m like what? And she’s like, I don’t know how we did it seriously five different eyeballs on five different people with eyeballs on this calendar and we had completely missed the month of July. And so 11 o’clock at night I am like okay, nowadays spirit come through. And I really think July is some of the best sayings that there are out because it came through and like 10 minutes. And it’s so we had fun with that. And then of course we needed to create our power up spray. Now the Spirit power spray, I use this a lot. If I don’t want to sage or something. It’s got a really you know, it’s got kind of a calming, calming smell. It’s a little bit citrusy, it’s a little bit. Um, I just think it’s a smooth smell. I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s got a little pine in it, it’s got a little orange in it, it’s got the clearing side of things, you know, all of that kind of stuff. And so I really like it for room spray clearing spray in between clients, things like that. So we have the naughty spray as well. And we also created because I am a bath girl and we created our lighten up bath salts. And these are peppermint because of course they got to be spicy. So we have our bath salts. And what we decided to do Nikki was here last weekend for our show that we did online our little sales that we did online and check out this bundle we created because I frickin love it. So first of all, you get this super cute black box because everything naughty spirits, black and white, right? And we have a sparkly, sparkly marker to write the address and everything on and then we have really special seals. They’re not here yet. My stickers weren’t here yet. So I can’t show you the very cool seal that Angela created. Because who doesn’t like great packaging, right? And then you open it up and it’s got the white and the silver, little crinkle papers. And then it’s got the calendar underneath that’s got the cards. It’s got bath salts and it’s got the spray. So not the cutest freakin little bundle. And then cute for Christmas gift birthday gift. Any kind of gift. Darlene I love it. I think it’s so cute. Nikki told me we have to have better packaging so we’re working on that. But I frickin love this. I thought it was so Cute. So again, they get the full calendar, they get the deck of cards, they get the full bath salts and then one of our room sprays and so those are 55. Okay, and includes everything. So it’s a discount off the regular price if you bought everything individually. And so anyone wants those. I’ll be heading to the post office tomorrow. And just let me know. Okay, and I’m gonna put

order here. I’ll just put it up here there we go. If you want to order one of them, you can just use that link that I just posted. But seriously, aren’t they cute? I think they’re darling. Okay, so that is a great gift. You don’t if you have someone that has everything, you don’t know what to get them. Also the people that maybe already have the naughty spirit cards, but maybe they want all the rest of the stuff and they want the bundle you can switch the card decks out for one of my other decks, like several of you don’t have the new deck yet the moon deck and so if you wanted to switch that out, because you already have the naughty deck, you certainly can do that too. Okay. All right. So do you guys like them? Let me know. I have no comments about my pretty packaging. Isn’t it cute? Come on, and totally asking for like, isn’t that gnarly? I love it. I think it’s cute. Okay. Let me make sure. Okay. All right. Just want to make sure we are going in open here. All right. So today. There we go. Now the con I’m like, really not anyone has come but how damn cute they are. I think they’re Darlene. Okay. So that’s the naughty spirit bundle. Okay, so those are brand new. I only have a few available at this moment. But if you have someone that’s hard to buy for, highly recommend one of my favorite store one of my favorite stories about the naughty spirit stuff. I have this client is just a little bit older. And she I don’t I had to haven’t seen her on live. But she told me that she had a bunch of friends that came over. And when she came over, she taught them all how to swear using the naughty spirit deck because none of them swore. And she says she sat there and they all learn how to swear by using the naughty deck. I’m like, Oh my God, that’s not okay. Like that’s not okay. But it’s one of my favorite stories ever that her and her neighborhood girls learned how to say the F word together at the kitchen table with the naughty spirit that thought it was funny. Got it Chris order went up and I will ship it out to you. Okay, so what I’m going to do today is I’m going to I’m going to have you guys know, I love that Kathy Kathy gave it to her counselor. I think that’s great. I’m gonna have you guys put your hands on your heart. And I’m gonna have you just take a breath. And I’m gonna have you think about something that you want a little insight on? Maybe it’s question maybe you just want to know what you need to know today. That’s always kind of a fun question to ask when you’re using oracle cards. Maybe you have something you want a little, a little information on whatever it might be. It’s actually a calendar a deck, vast salts and room spray Kathy. Okay, so they get

the best salts. Rooms spray the deck and our calendar. Okay. And they’re 55 bundles or 55. Okay, so as you’re asking your question now, I want you to ask, Which number between one and five?

Is the answer to your question. Okay, so you’re gonna ask a question, what do I need to know today? And then which number card goes with my question? One through five. Yeah, you guys can order it anytime, hon. Okay, question and then your number. Yep, you can share your number online. You don’t have to put your question online but it’s always fun to know

And then I will pick our cards for the day all right, those of you just tuning in, we’re just doing a card draw for the day, hands on your heart, you’re going to ask a question that you might want some insight on, what do I need to know today? Whatever you’re guided to ask and then pick a number between one and five. Okay. So because of little ears, and I know several of my clients, homeschool and stuff like that, I won’t fully read the cards.

Okay. All right. I will hold them up to the screen though. All right, card number one. If you’ve picked card number one, I do like this card. If they go low, you rise. So that’s about mindset. That’s about attitude. That’s about perspective, that’s about reaction versus response. Is it worth the response? Usually no.

That is about being in higher vibration. Okay, that’s card number one. All right, if you picked card number two, there’s lots of fours and fives. If you picked card number two, oh, that’s a great message. So this message came through. I had a friend in high school, we dated for like a minute. And we were re acquainted through Facebook several years ago, when I was first starting my business, and I can’t be as great messages from him. On the worst days, like I would ever really, it’s really hard building a business. It’s really hard being a single entrepreneur, like building a business that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. And I would have these down days, and I would always get this email like, Hey, don’t quit the world needs what you have, hey, spirit wants you to keep going like just these messages that you just wouldn’t imagine coming out of the sky. And they would just pick me up. They were such great messages. And then he had ended up that he got cancer and passed away. And he would come to my dreams all the time. Like the first couple years that he passed away. And it was so clear, he was probably the clearest spirit I’ve had that comes to my dreams. And I had a year that I was really trying to grow my business and I would get to a certain spot and I would pull back and get to a certain spot and I pull back. And Sonny was here. And she was doing readings in a gallery one night. And I had had a dream the night before. That was like chasing him. I think I was chasing him. I think I was chasing him. And he finally turned around. And he kind of pushed me to the side. And I was like what the hell. And so I asked if he had a message. And she’s like, Yeah, you know, when people kind of want to shake you with love and just kind of, you know, get you back on track. She’s like, Yeah, he’s not being very loving about it. And he was like, stop effing quitting on yourself. And such a good message to hear. And so I had it on my wall for years. Because I would self sabotage. And so your card number two today is to stop quitting on yourself. Such a powerful message that is a good message. So if you tend to quit on yourself or or stop a little short or sabotage yourself, or any of those kinds of things. Write this down somewhere so you just stop quitting on yourself. Okay, that’s card number two. Card number three. Wow. Money loves you. Of course it does. Just energy right. Money loves you. Number three, that could be around investments that could be savings that could be that card just jumped out. That could be around you’re worth that could be around like mercury and retrograde. I actually really liked to look at a lot of the financial stuff and the files and the bank accounts and the savings and I always have work to do on those pieces. So this time of year when when there’s retrograde and it’s almost the end of the year and it’s a new year starting and all that kind of stuff. I like to look at my money and look at what’s working what’s not working. I got a new file cabinet but some different files and be more organize things like that because it’s that’s been a challenge for me like all those different things. So card number three where it’s talking about your money, you might want to just do an overview of it. Okay, number four, this one totally just jumped out of the deck. So I don’t know what your questions are for number four, because there were several of them. Okay. Oh, Karen, isn’t that interesting? Interesting. Okay, here’s number four. Are you kidding me? Of course, the answer’s yes. So there are several fours. I want to know if that makes sense for you guys. Okay, of course, the answer’s yes. Maybe you’ve been holding back. Maybe you’re wondering if you should take that trip. Maybe you’re wondering if you should do something new in the new year. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s time for new beginnings. Maybe it’s about you know, if it was like, you know, what do I need to know today? And the answer is yes. Maybe you need to start saying yes, a little bit more. Sometimes people have to learn how to say no, but sometimes they have to learn how to say yes to Okay. Yep, that makes sense. With these cards, or just jump in today, love it. All right, card number five. Such a good card and such a good reminder, especially for us like it in our heads a lot. I do you love this card. I love all the cards though. stop sweating, the small stuff. It’s tiresome. You ever just kept telling the same story in your head over and over and over that you’re even sick and tired of your own story? Or the little things or the little worries that never come to surface? All of that kind of stuff. It’s such wasted energy, right? Yes, Jacqueline. You are? Of course you are. Alright, number five, stop sweating the small stuff. It’s tiresome. It drains your energy. So Alyssa, so a great book. If you are someone who tends to sweat the small stuff. You’re a worrier, you always are thinking about the worst case scenario, that kind of thing is a really great book that you might want to check out is How to Stop Worrying and start living. I was a huge worrier. Like, I would make myself sick, I get headaches every day, like all that kind of stuff. Right? And I was 18 when I read that book 18. And I wasn’t all that. Knowledgeable at 18. I just really was naive about a lot of stuff. But for some reason that book got in my hands. And I still today talk about that book, because it’s a small book, it’s Dale Carnegie book. And there was so many great tools in that book and so many things, I still think about it in my head today about some of the little things that shifted, so I can just get myself out of that worry state because that doesn’t help in any way, shape or form. Right. And so, um, How to Stop Worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie. Great, great book. Okay. All right. So I’ll review these. So number one, they go low you rise. And in today’s world, sometimes you just got to not pay attention to that stuff. Okay. Number two,

stop quitting on yourself. is a big one, you guys. Big, big, big big. Let’s stop doing this. That was such a life changing message when I got that from my friend.

Number three, when he loves you. course it does. Number four. course the answer is yes. Of course it is. And number five, stop sweating the small stuff. It is tiresome. Love it. Okay, so those are our cards for the day. I love them. When you use oracle cards, and I’ll do some more card folds down the road and stuff with other decks. But what I love about them is you can pick one, you can pick 10, you can pick five, you can pick three, there’s lots of different ways that you can use oracle cards. A lot of my clients use them as a daily card pick. Some of my clients look at the calendar for the message and then they’ll pick a card for the day. What I used to do because I was developing my intuition at the time was instead of picking my card in the morning, because I would get a card and then I would create my day from that card. I would set my intention in the morning I have my day pick my card at night to see if it matched my day. Because intuitively I was kind of, I was kind of tuning into the energy of the day like that was something I was working on is like, Okay, what do I feel about today? Where do I want today to go? How do I want to respond to today? Like I was really working on that kind of energy. And so when I would pick the card at night, it was kind of cool, because it would match what the energy was for the day. And it’d be like, Oh, damn, that works. Like that’s cool. So you can use it as a tool that way too. Yeah, naughty spear will always kick your ass. Always, always, always. Okay, so that is our cards for the day. Remember our beautiful bundle that we have? Isn’t that cute, when that’d be fun to open up from a friend. Okay, so remember that my friends. And if you’re new and you have questions on knotty spirit, a lot of my regular people know all about knotty spirit. But if you have questions on it, let me know. If you want to order a bundle or cards or anything, let me know that as well. Tomorrow so today, I got to run because I have a oh my gosh, I have such a full day today. Holy cow. I am booked all day. And then I have a private class tonight. So tomorrow, what did I say tomorrow? We’re gonna meet here for day six at Oh, yeah. We’re gonna meet at 1230 Tomorrow Central. Okay, 1230 Central for day, six of 31 days of spirit. And then tomorrow night is our clearing on family relationships, that kind of energy. So if you are interested in that, make sure you sign up for it. And then Wednesday night is our full moon group clearing that we do every single month. Okay, so if you have questions on any of that, email us, let us know and we will make sure to answer your questions. Otherwise, have a great Monday and I will see you tomorrow. 1230 Central my time. Okay. All right, guys. Have a great day. See ya.

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31 Days of Spirit: Day 4 – Tradition



SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala

Hello, hello, good morning. It is Sunday morning at 11am. Let’s see who is joining us to day. Let me grab a little link for yet to for the upcoming week. Got a busy week this week all right. Good morning. Good morning, say hello. Hey, Debbie, good to meet you. You’re good to meet you. Good to see you. Love that you made it. Yep. I wanted to do different times of the day because I know people have lives. Good morning. Good morning. I know it’s kind of fun, isn’t it? It’s fun to be back on line like this. It’s been a while since I’ve done this much online. So it feels good to me too. It’s nice when you feel healthy enough to get back online and do your work. Good morning. Good morning. Good to see you Amy and Lori and Miss Chris. In the lane and Vicki. Good morning. Good morning, everyone.

My eyes are watering. Good morning, everyone. Sunday today but doesn’t feel like Sunday. I don’t know why.

What’s everyone doing today? We got our Christmas tree. We’ve had it up. I put it up with the lights on it. But we finally decorated it yesterday. So we got that all set up. It’s much different when the kids are not involved. You do it? No, you do it. But it looks nice. Now that it is up and ready. Football Yes, Vikings are playing. Do you watch the Vikings Laurie? I’ve not really a football girl. But I do keep a tiny track of the Vikings because it would be really fun to see them do really, really really, really, really well. My husband is not a huge, huge game fan. But he’s been watching lots more football this year. So yep, he’s gonna be watching that too. He’s doing laundry and watching the Vikings. That’s what he told me he’s doing today. Which is not typical. He’s usually much more busy than that. Yeah, I’m not a huge football girl either. I will sometimes watch the Vikings. I admit. My mom is a Vikings fan and has been her whole life. And it’s so funny to it used to be so funny to listen to her when the games are on and they were losing. You know, they used to have those Vikings bricks that the phone breaks and you could throw them at the TV as like we really need to get mom like a pile of those. Oh, fine. I have friends at the game today too. That’s always fun when you know someone that’s at the game. More unpacking? Yep. Yeah, you don’t have to be Vikings fan. That’s okay. All right. So little bit of a busy day, a little bit of hanging on the couch watching the Vikings or movies or whatever you’re into. It’s good day for that. It’s not freezing cold today. It’s 15 today, so I might even head out for a walk later. See who’s shoveled and who hasn’t. I’m still waiting for the snow though. I’m into the snow at this point of the year like now I’m like bring it like Let’s go. I’m a skier I love to go skiing. And so I’m waiting for some more snow. Okay, so in the last few days, we have talked about miracles. So you should be watching for miracles being open to miracles. We had a community person yesterday that a child’s got in a bad accident and all these prayer chains were were activated. That’s what I’m trying to find. were activated. And we had great news this morning. Obviously there’s going to be recovering everything but miracles like that I get to be a part of that a lot because I’m a part of different communities. And that’s something almost every community I’m in that has something in common is when something happens to one of the members. You know the prayer Are the prayer chains or the intention chains or the healing chains or whatever you would like to call them? Because I think you can call them whatever works for you get activated. And I love that piece. So it’s nice when things can turn out in that way. They don’t always turn out that way. We know that. But that is awesome. Because that brought us into day two, which is support support systems. Are you supporting yourself? Are you creating a support system for yourself, sometimes, if you don’t have a lot of people in your life, you need to go out and create those systems for yourself. And then we talked yesterday about our words of the year, which is always fun. For me, I love doing word of the year, I love setting intentions, I love doing all that kind of stuff. And today, I thought we would talk about tradition, or I sometimes call it ceremony as well. And that has shifted a bit for me the last few years because you know, life changes. And I’m a tradition girl, I kind of like tradition, I have many traditions that I would love to keep going we had lots of different things that I remember being traditions as kids, they may not have been boxed in that way. But to me, it was like a tradition like, hey, we do this every year, like what the hell. And when holidays was definitely a time a tradition, like my grandma would always host everyone in the family would go to her house, she would cook all of this different food. I remember the turkey pan and how she would based it I remember all the different foods that she would make and all the different cookies that she would make. And to me that was tradition. And I loved it. I loved it I loved as we got older. And as kids started to get older and move out, we would be like, Hey, Grandma, like triple your recipes. So we can have a bunch of leftovers, because the leftovers were part of the tradition of the holidays. And there definitely was years as a child that, you know, adults would have things happen and different things like that, or someone would drink too much or whatever. And as a kid, I never paid attention to any of that, because I was paying attention to all the other traditions, right. And so I am a tradition girl, I do appreciate traditions, I like to honor them and those kinds of things. And as life went on, and as things change, and families change, and friends change, and we have kids, and we have our own things that we want to do, it started to really shift the holidays around. And I didn’t always like that. And what Eli and I finally realized was we really had some things we wanted to create tradition out of for our kids. And it wasn’t necessarily what everyone else wanted to do. Because they have their own traditions. And they have their own families and they got their own kids and everyone kind of wants to do their own traditions. And it starts to put pressure against the old time traditions. And that can sometimes pick people off, right. And I had a woman that I used to work with and radio Elma guy, we had the most fun, we had so much fun. And one of her traditions each year was to take her son she was divorced at the time. But super great connection with her acts. They were they have always been connected in a great way and really did a lot of cool things with with her child. And one of the things that they did is every year they went on a ski vacation by themselves, nobody else they would rent a cabin in Big Sky or or I think they usually went to Big Sky if I remember correctly. And I just thought you you don’t stay home with your family and like you don’t go to your family’s house. And she’s like, Nope, there’s too much drama. I don’t want to be part of it. Too many people too much stuff. I like we don’t like it. So we go skiing every year. And I was like, does that piss people off? And she’s like, Yep, it used to and now they’re used to it. And I always remember that. So when I had kids, and we really got into skiing with our kids, and my husband, I always tell people, my husband loves a Hallmark Christmas. And so we would see these Hallmark shows, and we would see the ski lodge and Christmas and all that kind of stuff. And we were both like, really want to do that like that is something we would love to do. And you know, we didn’t really have the cash for some big huge holiday. But there was we definitely have a ski hill near us. And there’s places near us that we could do that. And so after a while we just started doing that. We started to not attend some of the first we tried to do both. And that was just a mess. Because we were tired there. It was just a mess. And so I was like no, I just think we should do what we want to do. Because it’s our holiday. It’s our children, like we know the things that we want to kind of ingrained in them. And so they still come home for that. And so we started to do our own thing. And skiing around the holiday was definitely one of them. And one of the years one of the first years that we did a little bit bigger trip and we had Eli’s Eli’s youngest sister with us. And she’s big skier. And so it’s really fun. And we had an invited other family because we were in Montana. And we thought, yep, yep, you guys come and we’ll, you know, we’ll have a meal. And you guys can stay overnight or whatever, because we had this great condo and Red Lodge. They have the ham, and they had the potatoes. Like they had the main part of the meal. And then a blizzard came, and they couldn’t get to us. And we were like, What do you mean? Like you have food? Like, what do you mean, you can’t come and they’re like, oh my god, it’s such a big blizzard. And it’s a huge storm, and we’re stuck. And we had to go on to the ski lodge. And we got like little cups of chili and we had tacos, like 70 times in a row, I still don’t really love tacos anymore. And it was the most funny thing because I mean, obviously they felt bad. And we give them shit about it all the time because they had the food. And and it was, it was so funny. But one of the other traditions I started that year. And it’s still one of my favorite memories is I got matching pajamas for everybody, and

seeing my teenage boys, but those pajamas on and be good sports. And I have this memory of foster running down the hallway and these funny striped green and white pajama bottoms and the shirt still cracks me up to this day. In a mortify him that I’m saying this online, but oh my god, it’s still one of my most favorite memories. And Eli’s I had, I had bought them just a tiny bit too small, just a little too small. Because you never know the sizes on those dumpings. And so he’s sitting in the chair and is sure just kind of up. And he’s like, Yeah, this is great. There’s a great tradition. So glad he did this, let’s put pictures all over social media with how this looks on me. And it still cracks me up. And it had been such a hard year that year that even having some of those memories that year was really kind of fun. And so the matching jammies, the skiing, some of the stuff that we do now is tradition that we have started. Foster’s girlfriend really loves doing the gingerbread houses. And so each year, like that’s one of the things I buy them, I get all the stuff, all the candy, all the stuff. And so when they come over to spend some time with us around around Christmas, like I let them you know, we cover the table and they do gingerbread houses, and they’re old. They’re like 2021 now, and it’s still a fun activity. And we do the matching jammies. And then I make them wear the matching jammies out to a movie on Christmas Day. And usually there’s a great movie we want to see. And so like this year, we’re gonna go to the new avatar movie. And they’re all going to wear their matching jammies and people stare at us and laugh at us and think Oh, that’s okay. All the moms are like, Oh, yeah. Oh, cute. There, I can’t believe your family wore them. I’m like, Yeah, me neither, because they’re all old now. But they still do it. And then there’s other traditions that we used to do that, quite honestly, we had to retire them. And I think as family changes, and as life changes, and different things happen, there needs to be some kind of a retirement of old traditions. And last night, I did a psychic party with a bunch of ladies that I’ve gone there several times, I think it’s four years now or five years, or I think it’s four years that we’ve done this every year. So I’ve gotten to see this great expansion in them. And someone said the best line she’s like, you know, sometimes traditions just turn into memories. And I was like, That’s so true. That’s so true. Sometimes they become good memories. And so sometimes it’s a it’s a state of needing to have some kind of retirement for what used to be. So you can clean the plate a little bit to create new ones. And so I know people struggle with that, and they don’t quite know what they’re feeling. And I’m like you’re feeling grief, like it’s a grief, it’s a it’s a loss. It’s something that from your childhood, like you don’t do anymore, or from maybe as a young adult, or whatever. And so I think sometimes the traditions can cause some grief and people don’t remember that, you know, they’re not quite sure what they’re feeling. And then they they almost put that feeling over the whole holiday. And they let it take it take the joy away. And I’m like, no, no, you can actually do something different. You can totally do something different. And it might just create a whole new tradition. That becomes really fun and something you look forward to every year. You know, in Fargo one of the big things some of you may know them, they they’ve definitely been all over the country, but the blenders come and I don’t know how many years it’s been that they’ve done a Christmas show 25 years, 30 years, 20 years somewhere. I mean, it’s been a long time i i know them from my friend was in dance with them. And they’re an acapella group and they put on the best Christmas show and it’s just a tradition. It’s a tradition for the town. And it’s so fun when you start to hear the blenders on the radio again and you start to hear about ticket sales and all that kind of stuff. For many, many, many people, that is our Christmas tradition is we’re going on Wednesday night, Elijah and I are gonna go and I’ve gotten different. I’ve gotten to that show several times. And I usually just tried to bring someone different every time I, I love to see it over and over. And it’s a lot of the same Christmas songs, you know, the normal, great Christmas songs, but they obviously make them amazing. And it’s a tradition that I have for my I would go to the show by myself, if no one wanted to go with me. Like, I’m totally fine doing that, because it’s to me, it’s Christmas, because they’ve been doing this since I was a kid. And so that’s like a town tradition, like Duluth has, I can’t remember the name of it. Of course. I can’t remember what they call it. But they have something downtown in Duluth that every year 1000s of people go and they walk through all the Christmas lights. And do anybody know what it’s called, I can’t remember what it’s called. I should have texted Penny and asked her. But it’s something that the town does. And it’s so fun to have traditions like that, because then the whole town carries them on. And you can remember doing them as a kid, I remember being young and going to the blenders concert. And now I’m almost 50 Going to the blenders concert. So that’s a fun tradition. Yes, bentleyville. Thank you, Chris. And so Duluth has bentleyville and lots of towns have different things that they have done. DL mountain, we go skiing on Christmas Eve, because they let it be open. It’s not a super day. But they’re usually open for at least you know, five or six hours. And we always go skiing on that day. And it’s so fun. And a lot of ski hills have Santa come and things like that. So I think if you are missing tradition, and it’s something that you’re struggling with, maybe you know, family life has really shifted or there’s been a divorce, or you’ve walked away from things or you know, whatever. Think about and look around to see if there’s any other traditions in your town that maybe you can become part of. A lot of families go and pick a family for Christmas, and they and they help them off the giving trees and things like that, that becomes tradition for them or going to the food banks and helping out with that during the holidays, like fun, find some kind of local tradition that might help you still feel sustained in the tradition, energy, but maybe is different from what you grew up with. Okay. The best thing is when your adult children still ask for the traditions from food activities, games, music events. Love it as a parent that we have instilled this in them hoping they do the same with their future families. Yeah, for sure. And for some, like with my family, what was so interesting what I learned because because for me, there were traditions I wanted to carry on and they just didn’t really work. And so when I talk to my kids about some different things, it’s funny because we don’t, we didn’t have a lot of tradition of Christmas and holidays when they grew up, because every year was different. Because sometimes we went to Duluth, sometimes we went to the farm, sometimes we stayed home, sometimes we went to my family, sometimes we did both. Sometimes we did all of it. And so none of it was actually traditional. And that had to be pointed out to me. They’re like, well, they don’t know any different. They don’t know that every year, this is what you do. Or every year that is what you do. And I was like, Oh, well, that makes sense. And sometimes that’s great for kids too, is that there isn’t tradition. So they can be very open to whatever their celebration is. It can go both ways. That’s the thing. It can go both ways. And yep, looking at all the ornaments. See, that is a tradition too. And we go through the decorating of the tree, we always see all their little kid ornaments utilize mom used to do a really cool thing for all the kids every year, she bought them, like a little Hallmark ornament for whatever they were interested in that year. So like Eli has a Jeep, and he’s got a snowmobile and stuff like that. And she had started that before she died with the kids too. So we get to put all those up there. And then we get to think about her and remember that so it’s very fun to create your own traditions too. And I think that’s my message is if you’re missing your old traditions, think about if there’s a new one that you could create for yourself, like Eli loves to make Christmas cookies. We don’t like it. We don’t want to do it. None of us do. But he really likes it. It just becomes a mess. Our frosting never turns out. It’s just a mess. And so we’re trying to kill that tradition because we don’t like it. But we like the we’d like the gingerbread houses. That’s fun for us. And so there’s some traditions that he’s really trying and we’re like, can we just skip that this year? Like can we just not do that tradition? Because sometimes that’s okay too. But Eli really tries to do a lot of the hallmark stuff because for him, that’s what he’s always enjoyed. I don’t know if you guys saw that video that I posted a few days ago of him him singing his lungs out at Christmas one year up in Duluth. And I was like, Oh, I do remember that we did a lot of singing with his side of the family. And that’s a memory that we have when we all used to come together for holidays, because we all used to make the trip. And the little kids would put on plays, which were hilarious. And then they would need time between their setups. And so the rest of us as we were waiting for them would sit and sing Christmas carols. It was so fun. But now everyone’s kids are older, and everyone’s got jobs. And you know, it’s much harder for everyone to come home for Christmas. And so we don’t have that tradition anymore. But it sure fun to see the memories of it. Um,

Debbie says everything is different this year. So it’s the beginning of all brand new traditions. And it’s pretty exciting. I love that you think it’s exciting, because that’s not always easy for people. Sometimes it’s a lot of grief when when it’s brand new. I thought it was exciting too. But I still had some grief to say like, like you can do both. You can grieve your old traditions, and you can be excited about the new ones. Alyssa said, I will put up Christmas tree and put ornaments that my mom and grandma made. Yep, I have some that my mom used to make as well.

As a single childless woman with a with out a family, it’s hard to do traditions. Yep. The friends I did things with every year had married and moved on to doing things with their family. Yep. And so for you, Elaine, it might be to be of service to somebody else. You know, maybe you go and find a family that’s really struggling. And off. You know, they have giving trees and all those things all over. Maybe that’s your personal tradition is helping a family that needs a lot of support. It there’s lots of different choices. But you got to make some decisions that okay, like, like the blenders thing. Most of my friends and family have gone with me at least twice. And so they’re like, yeah, we’ve seen it. And I’m like, Yeah, but it’s mine. So I’m going to keep going whether I go by myself or not. And there’s a lot of traditions that I do without my family and my husband because it’s important for me, because it’s the way I give back each year. And so that might just be something that you have to kind of almost forced yourself to find a new tradition that’s just for you to do. Um, 2020 did change for many, many, many families. That’s right. Vicki said I’m an empty nester. For eight years, my sons do their own thing and one is out of state. And I used to spend it alone. But this year, I have a man friend in my life go Vicki. I haven’t heard about this. Is this the same man friends, like from a few months ago? I haven’t heard any details sister. Nancy said every year I watch It’s A Wonderful Life movie. And yes, I cried do it by myself. Yep. A lot of people have certain movies that they watch each year. I love that if I enjoy it, then I can do it just for me. Yeah, I do a lot of things just I do a lot of things just for me. Because my family’s not into it. And they’re just not. And if they come a kind of Brexit for me, because they’re not into it like I am. And so there’s things that I just do just for me, because for me, that’s the holidays, you know, or there’s certain things that I donate to, or certain places I spend my time are certain things that I do. Because that’s just for me like the the matching jammies is just for me. Like they could care less about the matching jammies. But I made it very clear that it’s for me, and so they’ll do it for me. And I’ve gotten some really terrible ones for them to wear, which is even more fun for me. But yeah, I do think if you’re on your own, again, see if there’s any town, like in your city or your town or near you. Maybe there’s something that maybe they need volunteers every year. And that’s what I would do. I think if I was super alone, I think I would try to find something that every year they needed volunteers, or they needed someone involved with something. And I would get involved that way because that would be a tradition for me is like every year I help out at you know, like the homeless shelter, I help out at this Christmas parade or whatever. I mean, it can be whatever you you’re being called to. But I think there’s choices. And we can talk ourselves out of the choices on why none of it is going to work for us. Or we can be like, Okay, I’m just gonna at least try this. Because at least you’re out of your house. You’re interacting with human beings. You never know when you’re going to meet a new friend, you have no idea or a man friends or a girlfriend or whatever. So I think sometimes you got to put yourself out there and just keep intending that the right people will start to come into your life and And then then like Vicky’s doing then you might have a different holiday the next year, you never know. I just think it’s can be tough for people to do that. So just a little encouragement, search your own traditions. And if you don’t like the word traditions, I know people that hate the word tradition, I call them ceremony or, or an activity or whatever you want to call it, like, I do a full moon activity every month, or I call it ceremony, I do a full moon ceremony every month. And I chose to do it with all of you. So we do our full moon clearing. But I do that each month, because to me, that’s our tradition. That’s something that that is ceremony. To me, it’s tradition, it helps me it’s something I do every single month. I’m doing it with people like you guys, and putting the offer out there helps me to stay in accountability with it. And so sometimes tradition can be that way too. You can create it and then invite people into it to help keep it going. So I think that’s kind of fun, as well. And next week, or this coming week, we’ve busy week this week. So tomorrow, we’ll meet for for day five, of course, and I think we’re going to do it at 9am. I am booked solid tomorrow. So we’ll meet back here at 9am tomorrow morning. And then on Tuesday night, we have our first clearing around family. So if you struggle with that, and maybe some of the traditional stuff is coming up and you need a little help with the clearing, we’re going to do our first themed clearing, holiday clearing, and then on Wednesday is the full moon group clearing. So we have a couple of different ways to do some energy clearing this week and take advantage if you can swing it take advantage because it can be very helpful. And I have some different tools and ideas to help you move your energy into into a better place. And so definitely join us for that. Okay. Um, I have the memory of rice fluff. My grandma used to make that but have not had a very long time we had it at my grandma’s during the holidays every year. Yeah, my grandma used to make that too. Sometimes one year after my grandma passed, you know, the food is never the same once the the main cook goes like you never have the same food. And we all tried to do different recipes for the food that she used to make. And it’s never the same, I don’t think. But every once in a while you’ll run across the right mix and the right recipe. And we went to South Dakota this year. And we went to some restaurant, I can’t remember Nikki and I went to and I ordered their potato salad. It was German potato salad. And I was like I need to meet the chef like I have never ever, ever met anyone that made this kind of potato salad because my grandma would make it every year for all the holidays like Easter and Christmas and all that. And I was like oh my god. And like I wanted to take a bucket home because I hadn’t tasted it since my grandma died in the way that it was meant to be made. And it was so good. And I just sat and enjoyed every bite because it was tradition, I was eating the tradition, it was so fun. But it was fun to try her recipes and see if we could get close to it. And they aren’t the same. Because grandma’s just cooked different. But it was fun to try it. So sometimes you just have to pull some of that stuff out too. Or try something completely new. We were I was never a cookie maker. And and so are healthy cookies never turned out very well. So we’re again, we’re shifting that tradition. But today, think about traditions that maybe you used to do that you’re missing. Let yourself move through the emotion of it, do some journaling and burning if you need to talk it out with someone if you need to. And then put your head forward and think about well what is a tradition that I would love to do? Or maybe there’s one going to midnight mass is a big one like our church. I’m not Catholic, but we were Lutheran but they would do a midnight service. And I think they call it midnight service. I think it was at like 11. But that is a beautiful tradition for some people that they go to that late night church service. And it’s so beautiful because it’s almost always candlelight. And we always had my grandparents worked at the church. And so my grandma would do this huge setup of poinsettias, and it is an absolute memory that I have and it’s always in my head and I loved it and I love going in all those different things and the church doesn’t have church services anymore. But that could be a beautiful thing. You don’t have to take anyone church with you. You can just go by yourself. But I love I’m not a churchgoer. But there are certain services that I would absolutely still pick to go to because it was so beautiful and I love the energy of it. Yep, just like Alyssa just said, I’m not Catholic anymore, but I like the Midnight Mass. Yeah, take the things that work and leave the rest. There’s no reason that maybe that’s your one tradition is once a year you go to midnight mass just because it’s peaceful, and it’s beautiful and there’s candlelight and there’s beautiful music and all those kinds of things. Okay, so this year or, yes, you can grieve your traditional stuff that maybe isn’t working anymore. And what’s a new tradition, you could start this year or one maybe you want to bring back or something that you want to try that’s new that might turn into tradition. Or maybe you just don’t want any traditions at all. You just want to do a different all the time. That’s okay, too. Sometimes that gives you a lot of freedom. Because I do love baking cookies and giving them to neighbors. We like the people that bake cookies and drop them off. For us. They are our favorite. Because they are much better bakers than I am. Next Saturday, I’m going to the boat parade, and they’re all decorated Catholic midnight ceremony is gorgeous. Yeah, yeah, I

love the whole cookie thing. I think that’s really fun. We used to have neighbors that she had, she had so many children, she had like three boys and a girl, she loved kids. And she would get those kids cooking and baking. And they would make big platefuls of cookies. And every year I look forward to it, because they would come over with a little paper plate. And they would say Merry Christmas and maybe sing a little song and they would give us our Christmas cookies. And it was the best I loved it. It was so fun. And so sometimes if you’re alone, maybe you bake a whole bunch of cookies and go deliver them to people that you don’t even know that might be kind of fun. Or maybe you kind of know them or you take them up to the nurse’s. I had a friend that used to do that. Like she would do a bunch of baking. And I don’t know if they have rules, they might have new rules on this. But she would do a bunch of baking and she would go to either to nursing homes or to hospitals on Christmas Eve because she was alone. She didn’t have any family. She didn’t have a whole lot of friends. And definitely not anywhere to go on the holidays. And so she would do all the baking and different things. And she would go to places where people the police station one year she went to and she would offer these treats to them on Christmas Eve because it was better than sitting home alone. And so she that just became a tradition for her until she I think she met someone and things like that. But that then they still continue that tradition, because she just fell in love with doing it. And so because there’s a lot of people that work holidays, and so there was even one year I think she drove out and the there was a person in the little in the little box thing that took your money for parking. And she gave her she went in and she’s like got her ticket and she drove all the way through and she was leaving the lady’s like you’ve been here for like two minutes because yeah, I just wanted to deliver this to you because I know you’re working on Christmas Eve never mattered and no or she just knew that there was someone staffed out there. So there’s lots of ways that you can get out and about and make someone else’s night that usually turns around to help you with your own energy. My whole life. We always had a meteor a meet. What for Christmas breakfast. I don’t know what that word is Nancy. Um, start a cookie or Christmas treat exchange at work. Yep, lots people do that. Nurses love treats. They do and sometimes they want healthy treats. And sometimes they want the good treats. That’s what I’ll say the good treats. I agree. I’ve definitely dropped off treats with different people at the holidays too. I’ve been single for 14 years. So having a man in my life is definitely a new tradition. He just called is bringing holiday DVD to watch today. Awesome. Oh me pie for Christmas breakfast, okay. And my kids still do it. And even now my step family enjoys it. That’s awesome. And big. You said I’m not a TV person. That’s right. I bet you will enjoy every minute of that holiday thing. We watch a lot of Hallmark shows in my family. Eli loves it. And so we watch a lot of homework. And he’s like, Oh my gosh, do you think that they’re gonna get married? I’m like, of course they are. It’s Hallmark. Of course they are and he just laughs He thinks it’s great. So we do a lot of Hallmark TV at this time of year. But we do like the ski ones because it gets us inspired to keep creating some of those ski getaways. So I think it’s fun. Puzzles. See, I’m not a puzzle girl. I tried to become a puzzle girl during COVID Can’t do it. I have relatives that are amazing puzzle people. I am not one of them. I actually got a gift as a puzzle when one of my clients passed away and and there was this great group of women and one of the the gifts we got that year was she took a great picture of us and she made it into a puzzle. And it was a little it was just a little puzzle. I couldn’t get it done. I couldn’t get done. So Foster’s girlfriend came over and she actually she’s like oh my god, can I finish this puzzle for you? I’m like, oh my god, please do. I don’t like puzzles. And I like word puzzles. But oh my god puzzles. I’m not a puzzle girl. I appreciate the puzzle people but I’m not a puzzle person. Oh, see Alyssa. That’s funny. I love puzzles, but only by myself not sharing. I know right, Michelle, it’s kind of it’s a little it’s a little puzzle. It’s not Big at all, but I could not get that sucker together. Lexi had it done and I don’t know five minutes and she’s like, I don’t understand why you couldn’t put this together. And I’m just laughing because Christy the one who passed, she was a puzzler. She loved puzzles. And it Oh, it was hilarious. I know. I can’t do it either. Michelle, I think it’s just Christie messing with us. Yeah, but that might be a tradition. Doing a holiday puzzle can be an easy tradition. You can do it by yourself or with people. That could be a tradition. She probably would Michelle, she loves puzzles. She is a puzzle girl, she loves it. See, there’s lots of different ideas you guys tradition can be whatever you make it, I think that’s the biggest thing is tradition can be whatever you make it to be. And it can be past traditions, new traditions, your own tradition. One of the best advice I got was from the woman who runs the office for ROTC chiropractor, Deb. And hi, Deb, if you’re watching or watching the replay, but she told me long ago, she goes find something that you and your boys that your boys will always come home and do. She goes because when they get married and have kids and all that stuff, a lot of times boys tend to favor kind of the wife’s family a little bit more. And I kind of laughed at my kid. That’s kind of true. And she’s like, Yep, and she goes, so find her tradition that they will always come home for, even if it’s not just on the holidays, but something. And that’s why we started skiing with them. Because I’m like, Well, damn, we’re gonna go skiing then because they will always come on a ski trip with us. And that was something that’s a tradition for us. It just looks different every year, sometimes we take bigger trips. And sometimes like this year, we’re not taking a big trip, we’re just gonna go up to Duluth, because we’re going to do our yearly ski trip together. And this year, it’s just a weekend last year was a big thing. And we surprised Keaton with his first plane ride. And it was a big, big thing for my family this year. It’s a smaller thing. And we’re inviting more family because it’s closer. So it can be whatever you want it to be. And it can change a little bit. So it doesn’t have to be specific. I think people get stuck in those specifics. And it kind of takes some of the magic away of it. Yep, tradition can be what you create my friends. All right, I think I’ll leave you with that tradition can be whatever you create it to be. I would love to hear over on mighty networks. What, if any traditions that you have in love, but I also want to know what are some of the more new traditions that you’ve started either for yourself or for your family or your friends or whatever, and start to share some ideas over there. Because that might help some people that are struggling with that this year. Okay, so share your shares over on mighty networks. And then I will see you tomorrow morning here at 9am Central. Okay. All right, guys. See you soon. Bye. Bye. Have a great day.

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31 Days of Spirit: Day 3 – Word of the Year


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SPEAKER : Jodie Harvala

Good morning everybody. Hello. Hello. Hello. Here we are day three. Jodie Harvala. Psychic Medium from Fargo Moorhead. It is day three of our 31 days of spirit. I’ll just hang for a few minutes like I always do. And let people jump on here say hello to me. I am using stream So if you’ve never registered with them, I will see you say hello, but I won’t see your name. So if you register with them, then I can see your name. Hello, Miss Xena. Good to see you darlin. All right, say hello. Let me know you can see me and hear me. Okay. I think my signal is good this morning though. We had a great conversation. So many shares yesterday about support. So if you did not watch yesterday’s yet the replay you should. So many good and read the comments because there’s so many good stories of everybody. Talking about the importance of support and support systems and learning to support yourself and having enough support and all that good stuff. Hello, everybody. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Hello, hello, hello. Love that there’s enough people going on on a Saturday morning. I’m trying lots of different times because you can hit people at different times a day and sometimes you’ll get two people and sometimes you’ll get 100 people. Good morning. Good morning. Hello. Hello. Hello. Good. Thanks, Carla. So it’s chilly in Fargo. It’s cold today. It’s nice, but it is chilly. We had a little bit of snow yesterday. Not enough though. If it’s going to be cold. I want the snow. I’m a skier. So if it’s going to be cold, I might as well have a foot of snow. Yes, the sun is finally shining, which is always nice. Okay, Mary Ellen. I’ll keep track of Yeah. All right. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Okay, so we’ve done a few different comments. And before we jump into today’s subject, I actually would love to know what subjects you guys want me to talk about, or share about or teach about, through this month? What is and it can be any subject. It can be spiritual or not. I’m keeping it very open. And I have a running list of things that I want to talk about. But I also wanted to ask you guys, what are subjects that would be good for you or helpful or supportive or fun? Because we can have fun to that it would be good. Oh, I know. That’s Ruby. That’s right there. That’s Ruby at some point, she’ll fly down on the desk and scare the crap out of me. She is watching the birds right now. She is very crabby about the cold weather. She is an outside kitty. And in the summertime, she is outside, almost 24/7. And she is not happy about the winter. So one of the things she likes to do is come up to the shoe shed and Eli has put a bunch of birdhouses in the back of my shed, and up really high so she can’t get to him. And she she will sit there and chatter out them and it’s hilarious. So she will come get me in the morning if I’m taking too long and start yelling at me to get up and go to work. So yeah, so usually now in the wintertime, you guys will often see tails in the background. Okay, um, so what subjects do you guys want on the list for us to cover? Shadow Work? Yep. You know what shadow work? It can be. It doesn’t you know, Shadow Work can be tough for sure. But I do think there’s so much reward from doing Shadow Work. Excuse me, and I didn’t always think that. But I’ll put that on my list. Past life. I knew that one would come up that one always comes up. I love talking about past lives. I think past lives are super fun. Maybe we could do like a past life. Meditation or something. So you guys, if you’re brand new, maybe you can get a little bit of an experience. Sometimes online it’s a little bit tougher, but I usually have pretty good luck getting people to at least feel or see your sense of limb. Some past lives, I think they’re very fun. Inner Child Yep. That one I am so shocked by how much in the last I would say, probably this last year, how much inner child stuff has been coming up for my people in classes and stuff. what else what else you want to talk about what else would be? What else is is maybe a struggle that you could use some new perspectives on during the holiday season, or just in your day to day life? What else you guys got for me? We’ll talk about angels and signs from loved ones, and all of those kinds of things, of course. So we’ll do some intuition stuff. Because I got to do that. We’ll do some card polls, I am going to do I don’t have it planned yet. I need to look at my week, but I am going to do one in the evening. And I’ll do some free readings. Because everyone always loves that. So we’ll make sure to do that at some point, too. But any other subjects that you guys think about? That you want me to add to my list? Let me know. Making friends. I know that one is a tough one, right? We’ve touched on that just a little bit yesterday. But yeah, we could talk about that. I think that one I hear that a lot from women is they have struggle on how to make friends. So yeah, we can talk about that. Dreams and meanings. You know, it’d be fun, I have a friend we should almost see if she could come on and be a guest because I am definitely not very educated in the dreams. And so I love it. And I know like this much of it. But I have a woman that a friend of mine that she teaches it. And that might be kind of fun. Manifesting always a good subject. Yes. Yep. Since I’m coughing and clearing my throat, standing in your own gifts and not dimming

your light, do not dim your light. That’s a great subject. I could talk about that one for years, speaking your truth.

All sorts of good stuff. All right, perfect. Okay, if something else pops in for you, as we are going through this, just let me know. And today, what I thought would be a fun thing to talk about. And a lot of people are doing this right now. I’m not the only one. But I think it’s a great subject to kind of explain why we do it. And I wanted to talk about allowing and bringing in your word for the year for the focus for the new year. I definitely offer my little service here. So I’ll put a little link up for that. So every year one of my favorite things that I do during the holidays is like it’s gonna get right, is I offer a little overview and a word of the year and I have been picking a word of the year. Man, how many years have I been doing that now? Probably 15 years, I bet. And when it when it first came up, my friend Wes asked me well, what’s your Word of the Year? I’m like, What are you talking about? Why would I need a word of the year. And I didn’t understand the concept of it at all. It made no sense to me. And because I wasn’t focused at all in my life, I didn’t realize that having a place to focus can help you stay on track, it can help you stay balanced or, or stay in harmony, it can pull you back when you get off track. It can be kind of that that Touchstone or that Guiding Light. And we’re such a wordy. Humanity likes words, right. And so picking the word of the year or I always say allowing the word of the year because I think it comes to you and through you right. And I love doing them for my clients each year I’ve done them for several years, I have other colleagues that do that as well as kind of a fun little holiday thing. And we do it for the new year and and we can feel the energy coming in. And it’s so fun to tune in to see what word comes up for my clients. I think it’s so fun. And sometimes it’s brand new clients and sometimes it’s people I’ve known for a while so I kind of know what they’ve been walking through and then the word comes in and kind of get a giggle. So I think that is probably one of my my best. Not best one of my favorite offerings during the holiday seasons. So I did put my link up there if someone is interested in that because I do think it’s really fun and I do have a few spots left. I can only do so many. And I usually lose my voice when I do them because I do so many but they’re so fun. I love doing them. But if you don’t do that as like a little gift to yourself, you can do it for yourself too. And So this is something that I didn’t realize for a few years. So I would I would pick. Oh, my angel lights coming in the window there. Is that distracting? You can still see me. Right? Okay. So one of the things I did not realize I would pick these big strong words, right. And one of the words, don’t tell people that in publicly don’t tell people that go down that. It’s good idea. But don’t tell people that. So one of the things that I would do is I would pick these big strong words, and I would have all this stuff come up around this word, and I’m like, What the hell like, this is the word I picked and did it. And what I didn’t realize, and I don’t know if this is true for everyone, this is how it worked for me. But I’ve learned that I like it, because it very much helps. Some of my inner work, right? And so if I pick a word, I need to look at the strength of the word. But I always have to look at the, at the weaknesses of the word, too. So let’s say my word is courage. Right? And that used to be a big word for me is courage. And still is that’s a word for me. And so I would look at all the positives of courage. But then I’d have to look and be like, Oh, where am I not being courageous? Where am I not stepping into my courage? Where am I not showing up for myself and my courage, and I didn’t realize that side of it. So it’s kind of like that shadow work a little bit is what we’re talking about, because we look at the light of the word, but then we can look at the shadow of the world, we’re too because that will show you the places that you want to expand. And it’s the place that you want to grow into. Or maybe it’s some things that you need to learn some different perspectives or, or gain some tools or so I think of it as a positive. Now I didn’t used to, I used to get really mad because I picked these great words, and all the shit would happen. I’d be like, What the hell, and I didn’t realize it was just, those are spaces that I was looking for, or not noticing that that’s where I needed to do some growth. And so when you sit with you, what is your Word of the Year, you have to be willing to look at both sides. And I think that’s just part of our spiritual practice is you always need to look at the shadows, and you need to look at the light, right? And so I’m curious if any of you already have a word, or a phrase, because I think sometimes it comes in a phrase. And it can be anything, it doesn’t have to be a word. And maybe you have two or three words, I think, I think having less is more, because you want to be able to focus. And so I’m just curious if any of you already have picked your word for 2023. I have one of my words, and it’s resourceful, which I’ve always been very resourceful. So I’m kind of interested in that word. Because I’m very, very resourceful and I can always figure stuff out. So I think it’s to me that word this year feels more of like a validation, not necessarily something that’s going to be super challenging because I’m pretty resourceful. Sousa, see, I love this too. I have picked a word for years. Last year I didn’t. I felt like I had no focus. I didn’t have a bad year. But there were aspects I should have spent more time on. Already have one for 2023 you want to share it with us and you don’t have to. As you started the topic I heard move, as in my body loud and clear. Yep. Grace and Ease. I love those words. I love that phrase. I picked that a long time ago when I was first getting into some of this work. I picked grace and ease. Oh my God, it was awful. Because I did not do anything. Nor did I allow anything with grace and ease. None of it. I was a fighter. I fought my way through everything. I argued my way through everything. Oh my God, it was terrible. It was terrible. And so I learned a lot about grace and ease and how I never allowed it. And so that was a really good thing for me. But I really had to look at that piece because it was it was probably one of my toughest years when I pick that and not that it needs to be for you. I’m just talking about my drama. I used to be very dramatic with that kind of stuff. And so um, grace and ease was was a big phrase for me. Sorry, I started my fire today and I got a little smoky in here. So I am coughing a little bit. Change. Change is always a tricky one, two, I really see I think I like change. And then I pick that word and it turns out I don’t always like change unless I’m in control of the change. That’s what I learned with my big change. Um, I do like the word change a lot. But that one was funny for me too. I was just like, holy shit, I guess I don’t like change unless I’m like the control freak and gets to I get to tell people when to change. Or when I want to change, it was very funny. I have a lot of experiences with like, the shadow side of my words. Well, and that’s the thing. So, so she said, I don’t know what the changes will be. But I know there will be many. So what I would suggest and recommend is start to put your order in, what would you like the changes to be. So when you pick your word, you actually want to to put your order in, like maybe you want to see change around your wealth, and you want to see some positive change, and some bigger numbers in your checking account or in your savings or you want to change the fact that you don’t travel very much. So you want to add travel to your life or you want to change how you feel change was a big one when I was working on on my health and stuff like that. And so you want to put your order in. So when you do pick your word, you guys, don’t forget to put your order in. Like a lot of times I feel changed coming down the road like I can feel it. And it used to trigger me into oh my god, more changes coming. What the hell’s gonna happen now? Like it was such a fear of of what might happen instead of Oh, I wonder what’s going to happen. So yep. Yeah, that’s full moon play on Yep. Good, good, good, good. Chris says I have picked a word for the last three years. And this year, I picked practice. Oh, my gosh, I love that word. That’s a great word need to remember to be consistent. Yes.

So one of the thing that you can do, when you pick your word is make sure that you’re integrating it into your day. And so I usually post mine up in my office, or on my computer, or both. I always look out the window right over here. So I usually will put it up on my window. But I always of course, I’m looking at my computer too. And so I’ll put a little sticky note with it. On my computer, I also will set alarms, and I will put that word of the year as my alarm name. So it reminds me to tune in to that energy and and do some journaling or do some writing or do some expressing on why that word came. Because when those words come, there’s a reason for it. And so you want to expand your practice a little bit with that word. Okay. Okay, so I think it would be fun. Anyone else have a word? Let me get a drink of water. Okay, I know she shouldn’t get a little smoky sometimes. Okay, so I think it would be fun that and you can do this anytime. But I thought we could do it together online too, is let’s help you guys. See if a word is ready to come to you. And for some of you, it may not be ready to come and that’s okay. But when you feel guided one of the first things that I do so I usually will sit in, take a breath. Just breath and Hannah my heart and I will just center myself to see Ruby fly down. Center yourself a little bit. Take some nice deep breaths.

Are you gonna say hi to everybody, Ruby? Is Ruby everyone is crabby. Okay. And just imagining imagine yourself going up to the light connecting with that light way up into the sky. Bringing that light down let it go all through your body down into the earth. Plug it in into that nurturing loving energy of the earth pulling that up.

So that you are connected, both heaven and earth. Okay, and then I want you just to think about 2023 start to bring the energy of it. Now. Some of you are going to bring in the energy that’s going on in the world. push that away. That’s not the energy I want you to think about. I want you to think about the energy that’s in your personal world. Just you not your family, not your kids, not your relatives not Your friends, just you. Okay, and I want you to call in all your angels and guides and guardians. And I want you just to simply ask what is your word for 2023. And go for the first positive word that comes to you. If you’re hearing a negative word that is just your head out of control. So you want to bring it back, bring yourself into your heart space and ask what your Word of the Year is for 2023. Okay, and then bring yourself back to the room. And just let me know if you heard anything. Okay, let me know in the comments. If a word showed up for you, and you can do this, anytime you want to what some people, I hear them doing this as they’ll do it over and over and over and over. Don’t do it that way. Because that will be confusing for you. Just find one that when you hear it, it just lands in your heart. And it just kind of like oh, that’s my word. I got it. Like it’s gotta land kind of like when you’re creating intentions and affirmations. You need it to land. Okay. Ooh, endless possibilities. That’s a powerful phrase. Pretty, I love that for you, Carla. You could do so much with that. So the word pretty could be. You could start to ask yourself where in my life do things not feel pretty? And it could be your bedroom. It could be your kitchen. It could be your clothes. It could be maybe you’re learning to embrace your own beauty. It could be so many fun things. I love that word. Love always a good one. Nom non. That’s a big word. Settled cloudy. I think that’s a great word for you on settled. Where Don’t you feel settled? And where do you feel settled? And what can you do to feel settled in the areas that you don’t feel settled? That’s a big word. There’s a calming to it though. I like that. When I tune into that word for you. There’s a calmness to it. I love it. As soon as you started both my dogs came up and more on me. Yeah. Cats and dogs. Like when I do energy work. It’s super funny. trueness. I heard compassion. Love it. Yep, Xena. Yours definitely is move. I think we even heard that this summer at one of the bonfire readings. Yeah, yeah, animals teach compassion. That does not surprise me at all.

Change. I like that word for you, Laurie. Love it. Purpose. Awesome word. Grow love that word. So grow is such a big word to where do I want to grow? Where do I want to put my energy into growing?

Growing can be in so many different ways. It can be in education. It can be in your mindset. It could be your physical body. Like there’s so many great ways. I love it. Love it. Yeah, it’s dangerous. Dana. She says I put off do it. Her word is move. And she said I put off doing anything little voices won’t let me ignore it anymore. Those little voices will get to be bigger voices and louder. If you don’t listen, you know, Dana, you should check out and anyone on here one of the ways that a lot of my clients kind of it’s such a gentle way to start to move, but it’s super powerful and does a lot of it. It’s very gentle, but it’s Lee Holden Chi Gong, you can look them up on YouTube. Many, many, many, many, many of my clients usually hold and he has. He’s got a great little signup thing, usually around the holidays too. But it’s like he does seven minute routines. He does much longer routines as well. But there are so many of us that use Chi Gong because it’s good exercise and it helps us move but it also moves our energy and emotions too. So you might want to check that out and say now, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you that before but you might want to Forgiveness. Yep. So Samantha, I also just, I just heard this for you too, that, that forgiveness, that’s a great word. A forgiveness is always a good focus, because you want to find the gift in the situation, right? What did you learn from it. But I also heard straight up loud that you need to pick a fun word to forgiveness can be a tough word. And it’s a lot of work sometimes. And so you’re like, That’s what I heard is you need to pick a fun word as well. So you might want to just open up to that and see what pops in for you. Yeah, Lee Holden is great. He’s fantastic. A lot of us have used him. I think Wendy is the one Chris who introduced us all to him several years ago. And we’ve been using Lee Holden and Qigong, we do it at retreats, we do it at some of my classes, like it’s so good. And it’s so gentle, and you can, if you’re not able to, like get up and do it, you can just sit in a chair and do it too. So that’s what I really liked about is anyone can do it. All right, then it’s not ready to come yet, Elaine. And it’s only December 3. So maybe I should have done this a little later in the month. But, um, but I was guided this morning to talk about word of the year. So that’s what we’re going to talk about. Okay, so many of you got a word some of you didn’t, that’s okay. Because I really do think that the word will come through when it’s time and I and I will put the question out each day, and just say, Okay, what’s my word of the year this year, and mine usually will just fall in at a random time. Sometimes I can sit with it, and it’ll come through. Oftentimes, it just falls in though. Or I will I usually order one of the word of the years from a colleague of mine, because I like to see what my word of the year is that comes to me. And then I like to see what she gets to. And then I use them both in my year for my focus, so I do it that way a lot of people do. So if that’s something that you’re interested in, I like I said, I still have some spots left for my word of the year. But I want you guys to use it, if you’re questioning it. So it’s not the word. It when when the word comes to you, there’s no question to it. You might be trying that one on I don’t know, it’s changed my word. I don’t know. Maybe it’s love my word. I don’t know, maybe. But when the word comes, like, there’s no question to it. Okay, so I would give that a little bit and see if something else comes in, that feels more solid to you. And when you first started doing this, if you’ve not done it before, sometimes you’re just you’re just picking the word out, because that’s the word you want to work on. That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. And I would also ask spirit, and your guides and angels to help you have a word come to you and through you from Spirit, because it will probably be very different than the one you picked with your mind. Okay, all right questions on the word of the year, my friends. I love the Word of the Year energy. I think it’s fun. I love to tune into it. I love to see what I feel into. Sometimes I’m looking at my calendar when it comes. And sometimes I’m driving, sometimes I’m not walking, but let just allow the Word to come to you and through you. And when it comes, you’ll be like, Oh, that’s a good word. Like that’s my word. That’s the one I want to focus on. And then you can be really artsy about it, too. If you’re into crafting and stuff and find some ways to bring that word into your life, put it on your cell phone, do a little journal journaling about it, put it up on post, it’s where you’re going to see it, I sometimes will put it on a post it on my makeup bag. And I usually do that for the first couple of months of the year. And then I still will keep it up. But I do it a little bit more at the at the head start of the year so I can integrate it more. Okay. So you want to use it, it’s coming to you for a reason. And a lot of times, it’s helping you step into whatever shows up for you for the next year. And that’s always a good thing, because we’re meant to grow and expand. So our Word of the Year typically is about growth and expansion. Okay. All right, my friends. That’s what I have for you today. We will gather here again tomorrow. So it’s Sunday, I will say at 11 tomorrow, okay. 11am central to morrow for our fourth day of 31 days of spirit. Okay. All right, my friends. I will see you tomorrow morning 11:11pm. And we will see you then and go ahead and share your Word of the Year over on mighty networks. Many, many many of you have signed up thank you for that. And if you want to share you don’t have to share your word if you don’t want to public but go post something on today’s post. I’m gonna go post it right after this and post something so you can get in the drawing for prizes because the prizes start next week okay all right friends have a great Saturday and I will talk to you soon

okay bye guys

31 Days of Spirit: Day 2 – Support

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SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala

Hello, hello, my friends. All right, so I’m going to try something so I’m hopefully on live here on Facebook. Right and I’m gonna try this as well. All right, so as you jump on, say hello so I know you’re with me all right. Okay, so I’m experimenting tonight I am experimenting to do alive here. And then I’m using my phone to do my live sorry mighty networks and mighty networks. Let’s see if it works. Let’s see if it works there we go hello hello I am using stream yard so if you’ve never registered with stream I just can’t see your name which is totally fine. But I do see Xena and Brooke and Nicole have my allergies and Kristen. Hello. Hello. Hello. I know Happy Friday. Hello, Happy Friday. Happy Friday. All right. I don’t know if the live in mighty networks isn’t necessarily working. We’ll see here. I will still put the link up and mighty networks just in case you’re on there. Just in case I’m gonna see if it works. But am I not. But that’s okay. least I’m trying new stuff. Right Hadley? Good to see you. And Miss cam. Yep,

I had to dig into dig into my closet and get some Christmasy stuff out. Hey, Laurie. Hi, ladies. Jump on. Jump on everybody. Hello, hello, hello. All right. Okay, so I am on Facebook. I do not know if it’s working on mighty networks.

So if you’re on mighty networks, you might want to jump over to Facebook until I figure this out. But I wanted to try and see. Because it would be nice. If you guys are over there that you can grab it. So much fun learning a new technology platform. It’d be really nice once I learned it, though. All right. So did you guys have some fun? Have some insights, have a little reminder about looking for miracles last night? Or today? Did you guys see any miracles? We definitely are having people share over on mighty networks, which I love. Okay, it’s a lot better here on Facebook. Okay, that’s all right. I didn’t know how good my signal would be out here running both of them, but I’m just gonna let it run on mighty networks. Because it’s for sure doing just fine here on Facebook. So we’re just experimenting, but I’ll make sure the Link gets up in mighty networks too. I just wanted to try it and see. Okay. Xena said we got the utility room clean and that is a fucking miracle. Well love it. It’s on my cat here. Okay, you know what? I’m gonna cut this mighty networks. I will post the video as soon as we’re done. Come join us on Facebook for now. Okay, there we go. Then I won’t be distracted. Okay, all right. We will just do on Facebook and then I will share over and mighty networks. The link. Okay. Thank you, Brooke for letting me know that. Okay, you guys can all see and hear me though. Just fine, right? It’s really windy outside, like really, really windy. So I’ve been having some weird stuff with signal today anyways. All right. Okay, so just a reminder, if you have not signed up, you do want to get signed up because you want to join us over on mighty networks. Because that is where I’m going to be doing some of the prize giveaways or all of the prize giveaways. We’re going to do it over there because we want to make sure you guys are getting used to using mighty networks for my classes and stuff. Okay, so I’m gonna put 31 days sign up. If you have not signed up, you want to get signed up because that is how you’re Gonna get into the prizes and be drawn for prizes and things like that. And it will give you the directions to get over to mighty networks if you are not a member there already. Okay. Jacqueline says have an in person interview set up next week that is a miracle. We’ll take it, we’ll take it. There’s lots of miracles in the world, you guys wasn’t that kind of a fun thing to remind yourself of is that big miracles, small miracles, all the miracles, they all happen all the time. We’re just not always open to them coming in, in a way that in a way that we stay open to them, quite honestly. And so I think it is a great thing that miracles a reminder that miracles come in lots of sizes, lots of ways. Okay. Yeah, that’s what we’re going to talk about Mary. The miracle. She Mary says the miracle today is having lots of people reaching out and knowing your network of people are huge. And they have your back. I so appreciate all of you. It’s right, sister. That’s right. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. That is day two is support. Vicki says I got my god box today. Love the naughty journal and calendar. Awesome. Good, good. Good. That’s great, Vicki. Awesome. Yeah, I wanted to talk about support today. It was on my list anyways. And just after being on live last night, for I think we were on less than an hour, less than 45 minutes, even several people, several people. And that’s been going this has been going on but several people were either commenting, reaching out, people reaching out in honor of other people, things like that, letting people know that people need support. And I think that is something that is just not talked about enough, not just in the holiday time, but I think in life, I think mental health has been an issue for people for ever. And I do think that’s one of the positives that came out of COVID. I know it caused a lot of mental health issues. I understand that piece. But I also think that COVID brought the conversation of mental health to the surface so that people can talk about it, and can get some support with it. There’s a shit ton of ways to get support with mental health. You know, sometimes it’s talking to someone like me getting a reading, sometimes it’s an energy clearing. Sometimes it’s a Reiki session. Sometimes it’s a psychotherapist, sometimes it’s a counselor, sometimes it’s a minister, sometimes it’s a police officer or fireman. Sometimes it’s your best friend, sometimes it is a stranger in the store. And and I think that is a subject that I wish more people would talk about. And I also wish more people would get help with. I think mental health, depression and seasonal depression. We see that so much in North Dakota, because around October, beginning of November, the skies start to get gray, it gets dark really, really early, because we do the stupid time change. And seasonal that seasonal depression. Oh my gosh, it is rampant here because we don’t have any sunshine. And so people have to work hard here to to stay in a good place. And I think mental health is one of those pieces that during the holidays, people kind of forget that. I don’t know that they forget that sounds dumb. I think that people try not to bother other people because it’s the holidays. And in people don’t want to ask for help, which that in and of itself is a trauma response. Because you’ve just always taken care of yourself. You don’t need anybody else. You’ll just do it yourself. Nobody shows up for you. You can’t count on anyone, like you have this whole thing that you’re already sitting in, except it’s not really the truth. Because you can ask for help. And there’s lots of people to ask for help. And there’s lots of ways to ask for help. And people really find lots of ways not to help ask for help. There’s lots and lots and lots of excuses not to ask for help. And that’s really sad. I think it’s sad in our world today. And the people that I surround myself with the people that are in my community and the communities that I am part of.

It’s we all keep an eye on each other. And it’s such a supportive piece that I never expected. And I was absolutely independent. I’ll take care of it myself. Don’t worry about it. Blah, blah, blah did the whole thing and then I started to get support have different things when it came up and oh my god, it was so hard, was so hard asking for help. I remember with my first son, I had postpartum depression really, really bad afterwards. And I didn’t say anything to anyone. And I went out to lunch with a friend and I just sat and cried the whole time. And that was just not me. It was just not my personality. It wasn’t me. And she was like, What is going on with you? And I’m like, I have no idea can’t stop crying. And she’s like, and she had had a baby. She had a baby young and she’s like, you know, this is postpartum, like, why are you not talking to your doctor? And I went into my doctor at the time. And unfortunately, he wasn’t very helpful. He was an old doctor. And he goes, What are you crying all the time for? Not helpful at all. It was actually, girlfriends that helped me and got me into a different doctor, that helped me get support with that piece. And I needed it. Not only with my firstborn, but my second born. Oh my god, I was such a mess. When I was pregnant, I puked like 15 times a day, and I’m not kidding. I literally puke 15 times a day, I had to go to the ER every three days to get IVs I had these ridiculous fears of going to bed at night because I didn’t think I was gonna wake up in the morning. I had depression. I had craziness. I was crazy. You can ask any of my friends. I was crazy. And I had so many people kind of see me. And they’re kind of talking and they’re like, how can we help? We’re like, what are we supposed to do? Like, I don’t, I’ve never seen this before. Like, I was just a mess. And I went to a mops group mom, mothers of preschoolers at this church near me. And I mean, one of my best friends was there and a couple other ladies. And I went into the bathroom. And not only was I puking anyways, but I had gotten the flu and I was puking my guts out in the bathroom. Everyone heard me and one of the women came in and she’s like, are you okay? And I’m just crying. I’m like, I am not. Okay. Eli had left town to go hunting because he needed to kill something. And he’s like, don’t call me. Don’t call me. I need a day at the farm. And I’m like, okay, I’m good. I’m good. Well, we had to call them because I was so sick. And the minister, this woman, I don’t remember her name. But she was God’s gift. She was amazing. And she sat me down in her office. And she’s like, how long have you been feeling like this? And I’m like, my whole pregnancy. And she’s like, well have you went and told your doctor and I’m like, I don’t know, kind of, and she literally sat there with me, called my doctor’s office, talk to my doctor. She’s like, I’m sitting here with your patient. And this is what’s happening. And this is what’s going on and lalalala. And she’s like, you’re going to in at four o’clock today, and she is going to help you she had no idea that things were this bad bla bla, bla bla. And I, it was the first time that I really let somebody else kind of take the reins, and get me some help. And oh my god, it was such a relief to have some support. And so I thought the subject of tonight to get support, however, that might look, maybe some of you need a little shove with that piece or a little help. Sometimes you need someone to give you a little push on that piece. How many of you have have had a time that you just knew, you just knew inside of you just needed to get some support, you were just in a really bad place. Something showed you that you needed help, and you actually listened because that’s the other piece a lot of times our intuition and our bodies, and our you know, everything around us is kind of telling us to get help, and we just don’t listen. But how many of you have gotten help? And it turned out to be such a beautiful thing for you. I think that’s the piece so many people forget to talk about is like, oh my god, I got help. And I got counseling and I went on some medication or supplements or whatever, whether you’re natural or not. It doesn’t matter to me. I absolutely think there’s a place for for meds with people because it’s a chemical thing for a lot of people. Does everyone need meds? No, I don’t think so. I think supplements are are great for many, many, many people. But I do think there’s times when meds need to be helpful. There’s just a lot of times that we finally asked for help, and that we don’t talk about it. And I think you got to talk about it. Um, I think women in general are not good at receiving. I would agree with that. I would agree with that. And I think we should get really really really good at receiving I think we should get very good at receiving. Um Xena said me left left. My husband is owned by my family went to a counselor at LSS and it changed my life and look to now one of the happiest people I know. Mary said, I figured that out, especially today, isn’t it great when people reach out that maybe you you don’t expect them to reach out or you didn’t know they would take the time to reach out or that you were that important to somebody to reach out. I think people forget that piece too. Especially in community. That’s why so many of us I’m a big person in community Sunday, Don Johnson has a beautiful community. What’s Hamilton has a beautiful community, like there’s people in my life that we It’s why we built these communities, because a lot of times at first, we needed the help, and we needed the friends and we needed the support. And we needed people around us of like minded ways. And it’s just such a beautiful thing to have that took a lot to go, but it was the best. It does take a lot to go. It takes a lot to go. I did meds counseling mentoring. I could not do it without meds. Yep. Yep. Sometimes meds take the edge off. Absolutely. Yeah, I did that last Friday, Thursday night, I knew I needed to get help from someone. And I followed through on exactly what I needed. I was a mess after I had my daughter and finally went to a therapist and it helps so much. Yes, sometimes it is like Diane said, sometimes it is just talking, just having someone hear you. I don’t think friends and family always hear us the way we need to be heard. And that’s not a slammed of families or friends. I just think having someone other than them that that don’t know everything about you to see something from a different perspective and help you see things from a different perspective. It’s why I’ve done mentoring for years. Because I needed different perspective on how to look at things. I can’t tell you how many times my mentor would say something, I’d be like, Oh, I never thought about it that way. I’ve never even considered that. And then it like changes everything. And I’m like, Oh, Dan, I’m so happy I did this. You know, that’s why I’ve literally had a mentor for over 10 years. Um, every dang time it helped always takes a bit to ask for that help. But I never regret it. Isn’t that a great way to say it? Yep. So hard to humble yourself, but walked into an Al Anon was the help I really needed at the time. Yep. And I don’t even know if it’s a humbling. I mean, it’s a humbling thing. But I think I think sometimes, not always. But I think sometimes women think that there’s a shame to it. And there just isn’t, you know, and I always tell people, I think it’s so brave to ask for help when you actually need help. And, and I think that we’ve been taught that there’s kind of a shame to it. And I remember a client that I had, and she needed to go on food stamps. And I’ve been on food stamps, and actually, I’ll tell my story, I went on food stamps, and oh my god, we were struggling so fucking badly. It was terrible. And it was such an a time that I don’t even know how we got into struggling so badly. And happily, it didn’t last all that long. But I remember sitting in the office, and I was in tears, and I was so embarrassed and so ashamed that I needed to go do all this. And this lady looked at me and she’s like, I’m sorry. Um, you need to stop crying. She goes, actually, you can cry, she goes, but you’re crying for the wrong reason. She’s like, this is exactly why this program is here for people like you that had some unexpected shit happen, that you need just a few months of support to get you through. And then you’ll you’ll be back on your feet again, she’s like, this is exactly why we’re doing this. And I was like, oh my god, I would have never thought of it that way. Because it was such a shame to it. And so I do think there’s a shame to it. That shouldn’t be there. I just don’t think it should be there. It’s why I talk about it all the time, because I don’t think it should be there. Kimberly says I got this awesome mentor provide a different perspective, I was able to get out of my head. Absolutely. That’s it makes you all the best teachers and mentors, your firsthand experience. I agree with that. I can teach from a lot of achy places.

And I do find that a lot of the mentors I’ve had for my own self, they teach from their struggle, and that’s why I love them too is because they’ve walked it and they’re they’re doing the things are walking their talk, they’re doing the things and I have to do the things to like I have to work really hard to keep my mindset in a good place like I can be a victim in no time flat. I can be be, you know, grumpy and depressed and sad. Like I can go into that like nobody’s business doesn’t even take me a minute and I can get there. And I just really decided a long time ago. It’s not how I wanted to live. So I work really hard on that piece for myself. I have a lot of support systems in place for myself and affirm you someone finally made me see my worth and how to use my words. Yeah. Family and friends are often too close and see us only one way. Yep, I agree with that. And not all families are that way. But I do think that it’s nice to get some different perspective than than families and friends. And it is vulnerability asking for help. Damn right, it is Ammar said, I agree I need a support system outside of my family. I did too. And I have many, many support systems, it’s hard to ask for help are supposed to handle it. That’s right. It truly enjoy sharing ideas on self care. I know I do too. And I do think it comes down to you know, when when a lot of us talk about self care. We’re not necessarily talking about massages and getting our nails done. And you know, that kind of thing we’re talking about what kind of support systems do you have set up to help you keep healthy in your life, and you have to start somewhere. And you can’t always have all the support systems, like there’s lots of times where I was like, I just can’t afford that. But I can do this. Like I couldn’t afford a therapist at a time. But I could journal and burn. And and that was really helpful for me at the time because it was free. And it was a place I could express myself and not get judged for it because I had a lot of judging people around me at the time. And but it was something I could do for myself. I couldn’t necessarily get a trainer at the time, but I definitely could go for walks every day or make my husband go with me on walks or walk with friends or set kind of a goal for myself that just today I’m going to walk. I didn’t ever do it five times a week or eight times a week or whatever. I never set goals like that. It was like okay, my goal today is to go outside for a walk and it would take me all day to get my ass to go for a walk. But that was my thing for that day. And so I think bringing my my needs that I needed to do for myself to stay in a healthy place became more of a present day thing. Not necessarily this, you know, 30 days of exercising every day. No, no, I just needed to do it today. I need to journal today. And then I need to eat something well today and then I need to move my body today I need to express myself today like and I wouldn’t do it all at once. Like I would only work on one thing at one time because maybe the big goal was to take a shower, that might have just been the goal that day. So I think the self care piece when you can you might need some therapy you might need you know I have a chiropractor and his wife and she does a lot of supplemental stuff for me that is so helpful for my body. I also have a doctor that has been supporting me so beautifully this last year with hormones and and menopause and all that good fun stuff. And I have a mentor that helps me with my emotional health and I have another woman that helps with my physical health because I’ve made made all these connections through the years and they really helped keep me on track I was tell people I need a babysitter and every little part of my life because when I have that, like shift works and when I don’t it’s harder for me to show up for myself and so I’ve created a really big support system for myself and I have my community I have Sonny’s community I have Wes his community and you know I have a lot of different support systems that that if I don’t show up or I start someone was talking about I think it was Mary that she starts to kind of pull back and she starts to disconnect a little bit. That’s that’s one of my warning signs as well is I just kind of shut down a little bit. And when I could do that I have several people that will be on my butt I’m calling texting, what are you doing? What’s happening, what’s going on? Like come on, like get back into life. And then I work whatever tools that I need to do to get back going. But I definitely have a lot of support systems that I’ve learned that work for me. Okay, um Jackie says just that you encourage us to use or to change our story not fall back into the victim role. Yep. Yeah, I don’t like that victim energy drives me bonkers when I go there. I will do anything to stay out of that until I find myself in it and then I’m like oh this is kind of easy. And it’s not it just as awful. This is the reason we are all here online with you now we are support for each other and you are offering your support for us with your in cite some words of inspiration. Thank you. And that’s true. It is one of the reasons I wanted to do 31 days is because I needed support through the holidays. And I liked the holidays. And I know there’s other people that feel the same, because I have my own things about the holidays, but I really wanted to enjoy them and feel connected and community. This is the easiest way to do it. And I can connect with people all over the world. Oh, I love that. See, this is great. This is how you can get get support from people out in the world too. I went shopping today and it was amazing how the ladies helped me and they picked up things I wouldn’t have picked out for myself. They rocked it see so fun. Yeah, we don’t need to be Wonder Woman ladies. Often depression rears its ugly. rears its ugly. And I let my mind get ahead of me. I’m grateful for my husband very thankful for my gym. I always think the ladies from my exercise class that I teach, they always make me feel good. That’s right, Nancy, moving your body. support systems help to keep us accountable. Yeah. And I always sucked at accountability. Always I’ve always sucked accountability for myself now for other people always show up for other people. But that was something that I didn’t realize. And catch. I don’t know how many years it’s been now I want to say four years, five years. I don’t know how long it’s been now. But I have a mentor. And I’ve had her for years. And at one time I said, you know, this keeps coming to me. And I’m wondering if we can do this, I would like to write every day. But I want to send it to you. Because I know if I send it to if I know that you’re waiting for it and and you don’t see it on our next call, you’re gonna get after me about it. And so just want to write every day. And she goes, Oh, yeah, she goes, Do you realize what you’re trying to do for yourself. And I’m like, I don’t know, I just need to write every day. And I know if I send it to you, I’ll do it. Because you’re, you’re able to show up for me. And she said, and that’s fine, until you learn how to show up for yourself. And I was like, Oh, I I had never looked at it that way. And so that was one of the biggest pieces of having a mentor that I love is because I will show up for her even to this day, I’ll still show up for her and in some areas. Better Than I’ll show up for myself, while I’m learning to show up for myself in those areas. And that was life changing right there. I still write every every day I write every day I journal. And I don’t always send it to her. But I always have one going. And every day I write and so over, I think it’s been this last. I don’t know, six months, eight months, maybe that I haven’t had to send it every day. But I still write it to her every day. And it’s just it’s just going through checking in with myself. How is my emotions today? How am I feeling? How’s my heart feeling? How is my money feeling? How’s my wealth feeling? How’s my body feeling? How is my relationships, how’s my work, like, I just go through my whole life that day and see how things are feeling and what needs to be expressed. And it’s shifted so much, because the drama that I used to journal about everyday because oh my god, it was so much drama. I was like, Oh my God, all I do is think about the drama in my life. But as soon as I gave it a container to put that energy in for the journaling, then it didn’t show up so much on my outside life, because it had a container to go in and my writing every day. So that helped the rest of my day. And so for self help and a drama queen and someone that is big into it, I was so into the victim and the murderer and blah, blah, blah stuff like oh my god, that was so helpful for me. Okay, so finding someone that you can show up for, like a lot of moms, you’re always gonna show up for your kids. We just are like, do it for your kids, and you want to do it for you. But I’m happy to give people that leeway to have some baby steps to do it for others while you’re learning to do it for you. Because in the end, your kids are gonna grow up and move out. So you’re not going to have to do it for them anymore, then you’re gonna have to find a way to do it for yourself. So you might as well start early. Okay.

Um, going to use that tool. Yes. Right on Carla. She says when you feel kind of wonky you just move your hips a few minutes and it puts you in a different mood and perspective. Yep, that’s right. Jacqueline, so fucking love your authenticity. I have learned to just show up you know, and that that’s probably another piece of that is when you know you have support in your life and you know you have people that support you really soon. Are you? You can just be you. You don’t have to wear the masks anymore. It’s so cool. Like it was such an interesting. It was so interesting to me at my dad’s funeral. And I’ve told this story many, many times to people. But it was awful. That whole thing with my dad was awful. He got very, very sick. There was just all this stuff it It was awful for like three years. And so when he finally passed it, there was a lot of mercy to that, like it was time for him to go, right. And so there was relief with it, and all that kind of stuff. And we had the funeral. And it was not a big funeral by any means. Because it was still during COVID. We had some people that came but but there’s a lot that obviously couldn’t come because of COVID. Nor did we want to bring that big of a group together, right. And so when I was walking, there were so many flowers sent from people in my community. My friends in my community, my clients, Sonny’s community, like I think there was 10 bouquets at my dad’s funeral that were from people in my support circle. And it blew me away. Because it was number one, it was such a small funeral. Not a lot of people, really, my dad didn’t have a ton of friends, things like that. So wouldn’t have been a huge funeral anyways, but it just blew me away that that many flower bouquets were from people in my life that were just thinking about me, they didn’t know my dad, they knew what I had gone through, and, and all the different things like that. But to send that and just to have that community support, and I kept getting that kind of support. I got so much mail for the next two or three weeks after my dad passed. And I just thought I have never felt this sort of support in my life. And the perspective was, I had never allowed that kind of support in my life before. And so I think there’s that piece when someone said that women aren’t always good receivers, we’re not always gonna Lauer’s, right. And so there’s a lot of people that probably want to support you some healthy, some maybe not so much. But are you allowing yourself to be supported? You know, I often give the message to women, like let your husband love you a little bit. Like they actually want to actually want to do some of this stuff for you, and they want to love you. And many, many push them away, I find myself doing that to Eli. And then I’m like, Oh, hold on a second. It’s just trying to support me, he’s trying to love me. And you have to start allowing people to support you. And that alone can be part of the first step is just allowing people to support you because it’s so uncomfortable. So uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. And if you’re usually the one taking care of everybody else. Oh my god, it’s awful. Like when my dad first got sick, we needed a bunch of stuff for him. And because he wasn’t able to walk very well anymore, and he needed bed rails and the shower chairs and blah, blah, all this stuff. And I’ll never ever forget. I don’t know if she’s on tonight. I don’t know George is on tonight. But there’s this great place in Fargo. Hiro is is what it’s called. And if you need any kind of medical stuff, like it’s a great place, it’s all donated. And they have great prices on it. They have tons and tons of assistance and support if you need that. And I remember walking into this woman knew me and she goes, Hey, I know who you are. And I’m crying because everywhere I went, I cried. And I was like, Oh, great. And she goes no, I think it’s about time you finally let someone else support you. And then I cried even more. And then she had to come around the counter and she was hugging me up and she was so lovely that day. So lovely. And she’s like, Okay, we need to help you with this. And this and this. Fill this out sign this. Let’s go find this. Let’s get this she helped me get every all my chips in my car. And she goes, You know, I followed you for years. She was it’s about time you let someone else help you. And I just thought oh, just brings me to my knees brings me to my knees. And it was such a great experience. Because from from that day and many many, many days after oh my god, the support that we got was amazing. And it was just because we needed the support. I needed the support. Sure, but so did other people in my life. Right? So of course I’m gonna show up for them. But I needed support to at the time I just had no idea how much I needed it. Okay. Yeah, it always feels so selfish to need or ask for help. Right? And this is what I tell people when they say that. And I because this is what I said to myself too. I was like, okay, so if you had someone come in, let’s say some woman come in and sit down and tell her all of the shit that was happening in in her life that just happened to match everything in your life. And you could clearly see that that woman needed help. And and she was finally asking for help. Would you look at her and be like, yeah, sister, You’re so selfish. Like, You’re so selfish. You should not be asking for help with all the shit going on in your life, like, go take care of it yourself. Would you ever say that to somebody? No, no, you just wouldn’t. You just would most people wouldn’t, I suppose are some assholes at what? But she wouldn’t, right? And so kind of put yourself in that other spot, because I always like to help people, right? And yes, there’s people that take advantage of the help and all that kind of stuff. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the people that when they really need some help, they’re being brave. They’re asking for help. They’re showing up for themselves. They’re doing something that takes a lot of courage. You’re not going to turn around and say, God, You’re so selfish. Oh, my God, I can’t believe you’re here asking. Like, you’re just not going to do that. Right? And if you’re worried about being selfish, you are not selfish. You’re just not. So remember that piece. Okay. Yeah, and it is, it’s a conditioning, and it’s a generational thing. And it’s shit, our moms and grandmas, and great grandmas all taught us, except we all know better. And when you know better, you can do better. So those are just old stories. So I’ve been conditioned to do a lot of things that I don’t do anymore, just because it doesn’t work for me. And so I had to come to these decisions and be like, okay, so that doesn’t work for me, like, I need some help, like, I am not getting the help that I need, or that these people around me need. So I gotta go somewhere else for help. And sometimes going elsewhere, for help is the best thing you can do for yourself. It’s the best self care because again, you get the the other perspectives. When I started seeing all these other perspectives, I was like, oh my god, like what? I never knew that life could be like this. I never knew that I could feel like this. I never knew that it was okay to like succeed. And it was okay to talk about that. And it was okay to do this kind of thing. And it was okay to just be myself and not have to show up in a certain way or wear a mask or whatever. Like it was okay, just to be like, Hey, can you just take a breath with me today? Like, it’s been a shit day, and I’m really struggling and I’m okay, but I just need someone to get that I’m having a hard day. Sometimes. That’s all you need. Just someone to be like, Yep, I got you. Let’s take a breath together. And let’s be okay, together. Okay. And they’ll call you on your stuff sometimes. Okay, it really is okay. It just really is. Really happy to hear that Mary. Yep, changing that conditioning is a Get Out of Jail Free card. Yep. Because sometimes we play victim to our conditioning. And I know that word is triggering word that victim energy, I do not like it. I’ve never liked it. I’ve been one for most of my life, don’t like it. But I really became a victim to my conditioning. And it was always my excuse, or always the story or always the reason that I kept doing what I was doing, because I just didn’t know anything different. I just didn’t know anything different. So I just kept going back and forth in it. And I had to start trying different things. I actually really had to pull in and and do my own self work. And I really pulled out of a lot of social circles. I’ve done this a couple of times in my life where I really had to pull in and only work with a couple people for myself, just just so I didn’t have any other voices in my ears. I just needed the noise off so I could figure out what worked for me. Because what worked for me, for sure didn’t work with a lot of people that were in my life at the time. And so that piece was really important for me. So sometimes I hear that I’m really lonely or I don’t have any friends or things like that I get that piece. And I have much healthier people around me because I was patient to to attract the people that were healthy instead of staying with some of the people that I just hung out because I didn’t want to be lonely. Like I stopped doing that. And it wasn’t easy because it is lonely. But I started to spend better time with myself and find things that I wanted to do or go do things that I wanted to do you guys saw me this summer I went on a two week road trip all by myself. I mean, I saw people along the way, but I spent two weeks alone by myself and it was great. It’s so much fun. And I did have some moments of loneliness, but they shouldn’t last very long. Because I was making friends along the way. I have people all over the United States that I’m friends with now, just because I do Facebook. It’s so fascinating.

All right. Some times we just put ourselves in a cage or jail to get out of it, because it’s so freeing. Yep. And sometimes we go back and forth, we go in the jail, we come out, we go in the jail, we come out, because it’s practice. Life is just you know, a lot of people talk about spiritual practice. I think life is just practice. Everything we do is practice. Yep, detox from unhealthy people. Yeah, yep. Sometimes you just need to spend some time with yourself to shut the noise off. And just let yourself go for a drive. Look at the Christmas lights go to a Christmas concert by yourself. One of the things that I really started doing, and I did this a long time ago, this isn’t new. But I started doing a lot of things alone. Because I was starting to meet all these women that couldn’t do things by themselves. Like they always had to have somebody with them. And I just thought I, I don’t, I don’t always I don’t want to be like that. Because a lot of the women at the time were with healthy people, because they just didn’t want to be alone. And I was like, Eli, I want to learn how to do some of this stuff so that I can be independent in myself too. Then if I want to go to a movie, I’m just gonna get up and go to a movie. You know, my girlfriend used to go to movies all the time by herself. And we always kind of make fun of her because we’re like, What the hell was she going to movie by herself? And I’m like, because she wants to go to the movie. So she’s going to the movie, I like to go hiking, I go hiking or I traveling alone was a huge piece for me. And I really needed to learn how to do that. I haven’t done I haven’t done overseas, traveling yet. I’m still kind of a chicken about that. But I definitely have a couple places I want to go. So I think doing some things by yourself and learning how to be friends with yourself. I had a friend. Couple years ago, maybe four years ago, I went on a road trip and I was documenting it and on Facebook and stuff like I do. I’m you know, I’m kind of obnoxious on my Facebook. And it was so funny because my hairdresser called and she and she has known me for years. And she goes, You’re so weird. You’re having such a good time. And aren’t you by yourself? I’m like, Well yeah, I’m a good friend of myself. Like we have a good time together. And she’s like, you’re such a weirdo. As a given I’m having a good time. And I’ve always remembered that that was such a goal for me is to like enjoy myself and like be able to spend time with myself I don’t wanna be miserable in my own head, you know, so I would turn the radio off and turn the TV’s off. I’d be in silence i That’s my favorite is just having silence sometimes. And I would just spend time alone with myself because I didn’t like what my thoughts were so I had to get used to doing it a different way. And when everything was quiet, I had to listen to myself that gave me the opportunity to heal some of that shit that was going on in my head.


um so Karen said I just was visiting with my mentor and she asked What did I feel was my biggest strength of the past 12 weeks and I said recognizing my weaknesses now I need to decondition from those a min right? That’s such a strength for you know your weaknesses. They become your biggest strengths because they can give you your power back because it’s like oh I don’t like that part. So I’m going to fix that or or expand that or learn something different or give me a different perspective so much better so much better. To give to enjoy things alone Yeah, not for everybody not everyone loves to be alone but yeah, for me it is I don’t mind my alone time exactly right Jack said just just so what I said yep. So used to doing things alone it became way more comfortable. Now it’s getting used to interacting and allowing others and yep, so it can be both sides for sure. can be both sides. I know. I mean a lot of people know I like my alone time but I do recognize it can go both ways. Yep, I recognize I was keeping myself busy helping others, so I wouldn’t have time to work on me. Uh huh. I was a hero. I like to be the hero Let me save the day because then I didn’t have to look at my shit I was absolutely that I live alone and have so much alone time I don’t really like doing things by myself I need a new tribe. Okay, so you’re gonna set the intentionally and to have Spirit lead you to a new tribe. However that looks And then listen to when you’re told to go to a concert or go to a movie or go sit in a cafe or go to the coffee shop or do whatever. Like, a lot of times when I would get lonely, I would just get my laptop and I would go out and sit at Starbucks, or one of the coffee shops in town, we have a ton of coffee shops in Fargo, and I would just sit there, so I’d have people around me, it’s not the same, but it helps me not feel so alone sitting at home. And I usually would end up you know, talking to people. And that helped me learn how to communicate with people. And it taught me kind of taught me as an adult how to make friends again, because, you know, we, unless we do that, we’re not going to meet people, like we actually have to put ourselves out there a little bit, right. And so maybe putting yourself in some social places, maybe that’s gonna be one of your things you do this year. I’m alone, too much. And then I choose to do for others and not do for myself. Yep, that’s a biggie for a lot of women. And you got to put yourself first lady’s got to put yourself first. And sometimes you got to you got to care for yourself. First, I was just telling this story. And another group that I’m running right now and my dad had to go to hospital. And we knew he we knew it was coming. It was when everyone had this shitty flu and all this kind of stuff. And I remember I was going to run out the door because we had to call 911 to get help to get him out of the house, blah, blah, blah. And my spirit said, Nope, stop. It’s going to be cold at the hospital. Put some layers on. And I was like, Oh, that’s true. So I ran and I got you know, tanktop t shirt, long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, because it’s cold in hospitals, and I brought an extra pair of socks and got warmer shoes on. You’re gonna get hungry because you’re gonna be there for hours, grab some snacks, okay, yep, you’re right, got some water, you know, got some some snacks that I can have things like that. And I went through just it only took me less than five minutes to get myself prepared to be able to go help my dad in the hospital. And we were there for hours and hours hours. I ended up getting the flu throughout the evening. And so all of those few minute things that I did supported me while I didn’t feel well supported my dad well, he for sure didn’t feel well. So sometimes you’ve got to do those little things first, and then you can go out and save the world. Okay. Samantha says that’s what I do, too. I go to caribou just to be around other humans. I’ve talked to a lot of new people. Yep. I think it is hard making friends as an adult. Thomas says I give myself permission to leave after 15 minutes typically stay longer. That’s right. That’s awesome. Yep. And I I love because when I was in high school, I was super shy. I know that shocking, because I’m kind of a big mouth now. But I didn’t know how to talk to people. And I didn’t know how to communicate with people very well, thank God, I had my friends. And I was just so shy. And I got a job in a restaurant. And I had to either learn how to talk to people or not pay rent. And so that was a gift. But what I love about this work is it’s helped me learn how to talk to anybody out in the world, it just does not matter. And I’ve had the most magical conversations with people just being able to say hi, like this woman. I was in Florida a couple of weeks, one of my best friends turned 50 We did not she did. And we were on the sailboat. And we did this excursion, we all picked surprise excursions for each other. And I took them on this sailboat thing and there was one other couple. And when they got on the boat, the I could tell the gentleman either had been sick or was sick or recovering or something. He just he just had that air about him a little bit. It was very thin and stuff. And we were out in the Gulf and it was big, huge waves. And the sailboat was going super fast. And it was like this, it was so fun and so scary. And it was awesome. It was so much fun. And this woman was having the time of her life, the time of her life. And it was so cool, because I could actually ask her about that. I think I actually told the story yesterday, but it was so fun because she was a complete stranger to me. And I was able just to be like, Hey, you look like you’re having the time of your life. And she was like I am. And I will talk to women if I see him out in the mall, and they just look like they’re having so much fun or maybe they just are really dressed up and they just look really great. I’m like, oh my god, sister, you are killing it. You look fantastic or people out in restaurants or things like that. I love that I have the ability to do that now but it took me years to get over that shyness. And that helped because I know if I really got stuck with something, I could go to a stranger in the community and be like, Oh my god, I have a flat Tire I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to change my tire, I know how to repair. But I would still want some help with that. Like, I wouldn’t have trouble asking for help out in the world. Like when I was traveling this summer. I’m like, oh my god, like I’m in Wyoming and Montana, wonder what would happen if my car broke down? Like, you know, that’s a little dangerous. And I was like, I would just ask for help. I would just ask someone for help. And that was a big awareness that like, oh, I have no trouble asking for help on the world. And so asking for support and help. That’s your goal, my friends. Okay. All right. Questions, comments? Good subject, hmm, for day number two, for 31 days of spirit. Okay, so if you want to play along, and you want to share a story of support, maybe you need some support. And maybe in the next 24 hours, your goal is to reach out and ask for some support from somebody. Maybe you need to set a goal, it’s called Doctor, maybe you need us psychiatrist or therapist or minister or whatever. Go ahead and share your wins on asking for help with anything, I don’t care what you ask for help for but support in some way over on mighty networks in our group. And anyone who posts in that group is going to be counted in for I’m putting everyone that comments in a cup. So I can pull for prizes as we move along in the 31 days of spirit. Okay, so all prizes are going to go through mighty networks, because I want to get used to maybe networks because that’s what I’m doing all my classes. And so if you have something fun to share about support, maybe have something fun to share about self care, something you’ve learned for yourself something that works for you. Go ahead and share that over at mighty networks in our group and then you will be counted in for the prizes next week when we start to give away prizes. Okay. All right. That’s what I have for you tonight, my friends. tomorrow for day three. We will meet here at 10am. Okay, I’m going to do morning one tomorrow. 10 a m, right here, wherever you’re watching, and we will go for day number three. Okay. All right, guys. Have a great night and I will see you tomorrow morning at 10am Central. Okay. Bye everyone. See ya

31 Days of Spirit 2021: Day One -Miracles

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Day One of 31 Days of Spirit! Live Transcript

Tue, Dec 06, 2022 6:56PM • 37:55
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Hello, hello, everybody. Hello, Lou. I’m gonna hang for a second. Let everybody join me. Hello. Hello. Hello.

If you are joining me live, go ahead and say hello in the comments and I am using stream yard so if you’ve never registered under stream Please do you then I can see who you are. Hey, Vicki. Hey, Xena. Can you guys hear me okay? And see me okay. I was having some internet issues earlier. But they seem to have cleared up so hello, hello. Hello. Say hello to me in the comment section my friends.

Hello, Carla.

Good to see you darlin.

Hello, hello.

Hey, Miss Karen. Good. Thanks, Vicki. Appreciate that. All right. So here we are. So my name is Jodie Harvala. For those of you that might be new, and joining me over the month, and tonight is our very first night of 31 days of spirit. So we’ll get to that in just a minute. I just want to give people a couple minutes here to jump on and find us. If you are on and you want to share on your wall that’s always helpful for all small business people, is how we get our names out. So we do appreciate that. Hey, Rachel.

Hello, hello. Hello.

I know I’m excited too. I have missed my social media obnoxious SNESs that I normally do. I was telling I hired a new VA to help with some stuff. And she is a tech wizard. And Angela is good. And this chick is good too. And I was telling her she was asking whenever the goal is and I was like well, for sure. Just to get back on social media. I said I’m usually very obnoxious and on social media all the time. And this last year was more just of a quiet year for me. And so I said I need to get back on and I need to get more obnoxious again. So I am very happy to be back. Hello, Miss Angie and Tony and Patti. Thank you. Yes, we went short again. So I had COVID last year and I ended up with a lot of long, like long COVID Blah, blah, bullshit stuff. And my hair really didn’t do well at all. So we cut it once short, let it grow out and it still was not healthy. And so we just cut it short again. So now it’s coming back healthy, which is good. So if you don’t know that could be one of the side effects. Not that I want to talk about COVID Because I don’t. But that is why I have short hair again. I haven’t had short hair in a really long time. So it’s very strange to have short hair again. I used to always have short hair, always always. Not that I always have super long hair. But anyways, thank you. Hello, Samantha. Good, good. Good. It’s so fun to have people on again. love social media. I love social media. Thank you for joining me tonight. I was hoping I’d get a lot of people so this is fun for me. This excites me as much as I hope it excites you guys i i love to have connection. And in the winter months and all of you know the last couple years and stuff you know a lot of us are missing that connection. And so social media really became a great place to connect. So I love it. Love it. Love it. From what Yeah, tell me everyone Where are you guys from? So I’m in Fargo, North Dakota. And we are expecting a storm tomorrow. It doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be a horrible storm just like three to five inches but really bad winds. Which I’m kind of okay to get some snow because my whole backyard because we got snow and then we had super nice weather and then it melted so my whole backyard to get to my shed is just ice. So it’s kind of a mess. So I’m okay with a few inches of snow. Hi Mary and Kristen. Okay, so we got let’s see. So we got Nancy of course from my oming one of my faves we got Bismarck, Morton County, Fargo where else did I see this this last two? Rapid City. That’s one Hi. Carla said I hadn’t had short hair for about 20 years. Wow made her feel like a woman of that. California. Remer, Minnesota Casselton Yeah, I’m kind of excited. I have a client that winters in Palm Springs. And so I might she texted me last night. She’s like, Holy hell, you gotta come to my house. There’s like shit going on. And I was tuning in. I’m like, Yeah, I think I should come out and so I might get to fly out to Palm Springs and clear house, which is always fun. I’d love to travel. So I’m up for traveling. For clearing. Connecticut Of course, I really want to go to Connecticut. I’ve never been there. Rachel and Iowa great.


in the noise Hey, Raven, good to see you. Alyssa. Okay, so, um, I saw someone a little questionable join us, so I blocked them. Um, I will never, ever message you about readings and shit like that, if someone comes on. And they do that, because sometimes people do that. Just ignore them. And we’ll block them as fast as we can see them. Okay. I would like I’ve been to the East Coast one time. For a John Holland class actually on medium ship. It was friggin awesome class, first of all, and I was right by the oh, it was beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful. So yeah, I’ve always wanted to go back again. All right, beautiful people. Okay, so let me tell you why we’re here. So one of the reasons. So, in small business, social media is really important to us, right. And it helps us get our names out and helps us get our products out, it helps get our message out, like all the things right. And it’s always been really fun for me. And the last year, I just haven’t done as much I had a really rough couple of years, I had a lot of I just needed a lot of quiet this last year, just needed some healing time you needed some space, I didn’t do a lot of social media. I didn’t have the schedule, I normally have it in teach the classes I normally had. And I had a friend of mine, he’s he’s been my wizard for years. And he had mentioned to me, he goes, You know about time, it’s your birthday, he goes, you’re gonna feel healed again. And I was like, That is a long time away, because I saw him like last January. And he was oh, I’m not Alyssa. I don’t know how to do that yet. We’ll put a message over there, though. Thank you for that. I know, I’m confusing people. Okay, so anyways, um, and so social media, I was missing it in around August, I did start to feel a lot better. And September, October, I was kind of clearing up a lot of old stuff. And we’ve been trying to switch a few systems and different things like this, just like Alyssa said, We’re are working on our mighty networks community as well. And one of the reasons I wanted to do this, because because I want to introduce people to mighty networks, which is where I’m going to be holding my classes. Normally in the past, I’ve done them through Facebook and things like that. But we’ve started just to see some struggles with it and different things with lives. And it just kind of came a mess. And so I will be going live each day here on social media. And then we’re going to be doing some separate things on mighty networks, including that’s where we’re going to give away our prizes, because we want to bribe you to come over to mighty networks. So you guys get used to it, because that’s how I’m going to be doing my classes, okay. It’s nothing you have to use sign up for it. But you don’t have to pay for it or anything like that. If you want to take a class you can. And we’re in training to learn the system. You guys are in training to learn the system. And yeah, I know it’s confusing. I didn’t even really think about that Alyssa, like I thought of it, but I didn’t address it. So lives are going to be here first. First and foremost. I’m going to do them here. And then we’re going to invite you over to MIT network. So when you sign up, so here’s the sign up. Let me get it for you. This will give you the directions to go get signed up at mighty networks. Okay. Is this link to sign up? for 31 days and directions, are mighty networks, I know it’s confusing. And I know we’re in Mercury retrograde. So just going to do it one step at a time. And all of these lives will be loaded on to mighty networks, okay, they just won’t be live at the same time, we don’t have a platform that will let us go live on everything. We are actually doing some research on that because there might be a way to do it. But I just didn’t want to do it tonight, because I didn’t know the technology. So right now just find me here, okay. And we will do prizes and stuff and the announcement for the prizes over on mighty networks. Because again, we want to invite you over there, to get used to it, to learn it to get comfortable with it. So when it’s time for you to take class, if you’re interested, or join a group or do a full moon clearing or any of that kind of stuff. That’s where we’re going to do that. Okay. All right. Hello, hello. Hello, everybody. Okay. So the other reason I wanted to do this was because I know holidays can be really hard for people. Some people love the holidays, they love everything about it, they, they love all parts of it. And some people really, really struggle and hate the holidays, hate Christmas, hate everything about it, blah, blah, blah. And some people fall in the middle where some days they really love it. And some days really don’t. And we’ve had so much change in our holidays, the last few years. And even just from last year to this year. It’s so different because foster moved out where he’s got a girlfriend, he’s had a girlfriend, but we’re trying to figure out like, Okay, can you come to our house Christmas Eve? Or do we get your Christmas day? Or do we need to do it a whole different day or like what what’s what are we going to do? And I like tradition. And so trying to find a tradition that we can keep doing together as a family, we ski and we typically I buy them silly matching jammies. And then we go to the movies wearing our silly matching jammies because they’ll still do it. So it’s kind of fun that way. And so I wanted a place to put my energy, and I wanted it to be cheerful. And I wanted it to be fun. Holidays typically are really fun. For me. I like the holidays, the last few years, they’ve been a little bit tougher, and things have changed. And things have shifted. And so I wasn’t feeling as excited about them as I normally am. And so I wanted I just kept asking spirit, like give me something, give me an idea, give me something like what would be helpful, not only for my people, because you guys are always what I’m asking for. But for me too. And all of a sudden, 31 days of spirit popped in. And I was like, that’s perfect. And so we’ll talk some about holiday stuff. And we’re going to talk about other stuff that comes in that I’m going to talk about. And so tonight, what I’m guided to talk about to kick us off is miracles. So how many of you have in your in your definition of miracles? Because for me, that’s changed over the years, how many of you have either witnessed a miracle been part of a miracle? Had a miracle happen to you watched a miracle happen to somebody else? Like Tell me a little bit about your your miracle experiences. So growing up to me when I grew up, my definition was miracles really only happened. Kind of in in in those dire moments. It definitely wasn’t a day to day thing. It was like someone who was about to die and, and then all of a sudden they got something else and it cured them and they lived and it’s a miracle. Like that was very much my definition of miracle growing up, it was not.

It was like a once in a lifetime thing didn’t happen very often. It was definitely something that was a far away thing for me, if that makes sense. And when I grew up, my definition really changed. I just started seeing all these different things in the world. And I was like holy shit, miracles happen like everyday all day. And I was I had just had Keaton. And both my kids I had really bad postpartum depression afterwards. And I was very much needing something outside of my house. I just needed something to be just about me and do something. And a friend of mine, Jody box, she was doing this Course in Miracles group. I should have told her to come on tonight because she could have given you a whole different side. So hopefully God maybe you see this, but she was holding the course miracles group and I was like, okay, I can do that. I had known Jodie for a few years at that time. I loved all the work that she did loved all the stuff that she did. And she said just go to Barnes and Noble Grab the book, and then meet at this house. And I think there was like 15 or 18 of us or something like it was a pretty decent group. And I went and got the book. And if you’ve ever seen the Course of Miracles book, it looks kind of like a Bible, right? It’s blue. It, it feels like a buy. It looks like a Bible. And I was like, Well, this is interesting. And it was wrapped in plastic. So I opened it up when I got home, and I was reading it. I had no idea what the hell it said, I was like, What the fuck is like, what is this? I have no idea what this is. And I read it. And I’m like, This feels like a cult like, this feels a little cultish to me. And I just put it on the table. And I walked away from it. And I didn’t really think twice about it. And he like, came home. And he grabbed the book and was reading it. And he looked at me and he’s like, so, um, if they give you Kool Aid, you should not drink it. And I started laughing. And I’m like, I know, like, I don’t know what that book is about. And I don’t understand it. And I don’t think I should do this group. He’s like, No, I think you’re supposed to go, I really do. I think you need to get out of this house, I think you need to go. And I was like, alright, alright, I’ll go, I’ll at least go figure it out. Right. And so I went to this group, and one of the things we did was, we would go around the room, and we would each take a section to read, and then we would discuss it. And to be completely honest, I still didn’t understand half the shit that we were talking about in that group. And they were so great, because they gave me different books to read, to help me interpret this book and things like that. And I was just like, I don’t understand this. But okay, I loved the people. The first night I was there, this beautiful woman sat next to me. And I was like, she is just beautiful. And I’d never met her before. And she looked at me, she goes, Oh, I recognize you. You’re in my soul group. And I was like, Okay, I don’t know what that is. I have no idea what that is. But all I know is I really want to sit by you. And I just kind of want to lean on you a little bit because she was just so beautiful and nurturing and so sweet. And we’re still friends today. And we laugh about this. Because she remembers how just completely out of the water I was. And then we had these these beautiful men in the group. No, no, it was just a beautiful group of people. And we met every single Tuesday. And I don’t think I missed one Tuesday in the entire year. And if anyone knows me, consistency is not always my best bet. Right? And but I didn’t, I didn’t I mean, it was blizzarding, I would still show up at people’s houses. And they kind of create a joke finally, because they’re like, well, Jodi’s never going to miss. So we always know she’s going to be there. And we would do the readings and things like that. But the piece that kept me going every single week was we would do our readings. And we would do the discussion. And I would pretend that I knew what they were talking about. Or I would just tell him, I have no idea what you’re talking about. But I liked the discussion. And then we would share our miracles for the week. And we started that very early on, because the entire group, all of our lives changed that year, there was not one person in that group that didn’t have a complete transformation of their life in some way, shape, or form. Most of us it was our careers, there was a couple that it was around relationships, they they found a new partner, they fell in love, like all the stuff. And the thing that got me every week was we just kept sharing our miracles. And so I would go home, on the hunt for a new story for the next week, because I was so excited about miracles. And I remember going for a walk one day and I had, I don’t know if I had quit my job or lost my job or something. I wasn’t working at the time. And I was staying home more full time with the kids, which was not my best self like it just wasn’t it some people love, love, love that. I loved my kids. I didn’t love being home with them all the time. And I was out for a walk. And I just remember I heard my name. And I turned around and there was no one out there. And I thought I don’t know who you are. But you know, what do you want? And I heard the word is clear as day I heard it believe. And I just kind of sat with that word and I thought okay, I don’t know believe in what and the answer was yourself. Believe in yourself. And the next week is when I started to ask more about spirit asked more about classes, where can I start to learn things? What’s mediumship like What is all this stuff like it was absolutely one of the changing moments of my life. And so I wanted to to get you guys in the mind space in the in the mindset of looking for miracles this entire month, every day this entire year or the rest of the year and into the new year. Like what if you woke up every day looking for miracles. And what was so cool about it is I would see miracles, I still do see them all the time. And I see them daily. And I see small ones, and I see big ones. And I see things outside of my life that happened to people I hear about miracles all the time, which I love for my clients and people that I’m working with. I see it in other people’s lives, even just people I’m watching online that I don’t even know I can kind of see a story and I follow it and then I’ll sneak it to see the miracle. I have miracles in my life all the time. Like one of the things with my health was I was really struggling with my health for a long time after I COVID. And I had kept asking for something to come along to really support my body and my health. And I have started taking some really good steps. I started working out with a trainer and I started eating better and doing all the stuff. And then I went on a trip and I was talking to a really good friend and she was taking the supplement and she’s like, You should try it because it really helped me with my symptoms. And that day we tried it which is a whole nother story. But it frickin like within 20 minutes, my brain was back online. Such a miracle. And I don’t think that would have happened if I wouldn’t be so open to miracles all the time. Because I am always open to miracles. I love miracles. I love them. I love them to be around every day. I love to watch them. I love to see them. We went just a couple of weeks ago I was on a trip with my girlfriends, one of one of our girlfriends turned 50 We did not she did. And we teased her all week and we kept telling people it’s her birthday, she turned 50 We are not. And we went on the sailboat. And I remember at the beginning of the day, I was like alright, spirit, bring me something cool and some fun people to meet and just bring some some miracles and magic to us today. And we ended up going on the sailboat thing. And this woman, we he took us out into the golf and there was like four and five foot waves. And he was going really, really fast. And the boat was like this. And oh my god was so scary and so fun. At the same time. It’s good shit out of me. But it was so fun. And this woman next to me, there was only five of us on the boat. So I love that because we had all this individual time with this guy. And she was having the time of her life. Oh my god, she was having so much fun. And I wish I could have been brave enough to take my phone out. But I didn’t want to drop it in the ocean. It was so fun to see her face lit up and laughing and screaming she was having so much fun. And so when we calm down a little bit, I looked at her and I said that was so much fun for me, but so much fun. Watching you have so much fun. And she goes well let me tell you something. She goes that we’re here. It’s such a miracle. And I was like, Oh, tell me about that. Because that’s that’s my kind of language like What do you mean, and her and her husband were there and her husband looked ill when we got like he was he didn’t look ill. But he was frail. And he looked kind of weak a little bit. And he looked like he either was sick or had been sick. And I noticed it right away. Because because of the way he had to move and get himself in the boat and stuff. And she started talking to us about the story. And he had had cancer for 16 years. And

and it was incurable. inoperable. It was absolute death for him all the stuff. And she said he was a minister and she was minister. And she said, You know, when he first got diagnosed, one of the things everyone suggested was that he stopped doing his preaching because it there’s so many people, they didn’t want him to get sick. They didn’t want to wear him out. And he’s like, why would I give up something that brings me life? Like, why would I do that? So I thought that’s something to remember. And number two, they obviously tried to keep him really safe around COVID and all of that kind of stuff. Because they were very convinced that if he got it, he would pass from it because they had ran out of anything that they could do for him. And he ended up getting COVID. And he couldn’t go in for his treatments that had been keeping him alive until he had to clean tests a week apart. And it took him two and a half months to get those two clean tests because it just stayed in his body. And she said that here’s the miracle. She said when he went back for his treatment before they do that they had to do all his numbers again. And she said when we went back all of his numbers, his cancer numbers were at zero COVID had actually caused him to go into remission. And she said and this is how I know that because every virus that he had had for 15 years before that she said every time he Got a virus, we would freak out because we thought it was going to kill them. And then he’d go in for his numbers. And his numbers would be his cancer numbers would be down. And I was like, really she goes, the doctors didn’t believe it. We didn’t believe she said it was wild. And so when he got COVID, because I know people hate COVID, because I, I get it. But she said, COVID cured my husband. And I thought, Well, if that isn’t a frickin miracle, and to top off the miracle, her and her husband were on that boat that day, and on that trip, and it was their 50th wedding anniversary, and she just started to sob. And my friends are in the back, you know, having a couple of drinks and stuff. And they’re like, What is she doing up there crying with that lady, like, they just had no idea what our conversation was about. And, and so this woman was just sobbing because it was their 50th anniversary, and she goes, and he, in all cases should have been dead, I should never be celebrating. And here I am on this big ass sailboat, having the time of my life with my husband. And we can do this again. And it just was so it just topped off the trip for me. Like I love hearing stuff like that. So tonight, first night of 31 days of spirit is to remind you guys to be open and and open up and turn on the faucets and get your mindset in alignment for miracles. And holidays. Typically, people are more open for miracles. I don’t know why, but they just are. And so open that up and carry it into the new year and put a sign up somewhere that says watch for miracles. I always want to get T shirts and say watch for miracles, because I think they’re everywhere. Okay, so I thought that would be a very fun, fun subject to start with. And if you notice one, if you have a story about one, share it and posted on my wall so other people can see it or go into the mighty networks place and post it so we can all see it. Okay, the more you post over on mighty networks, the more you’re going to be included in for the drawings for the prizes. Okay, so every time you post over on mighty networks, you’re going to be in on the drawings. Feel free to share it on my social media here though, too, of course. But I just wanted to give again, little little push over to mighty networks, but I want to hear about the miracles because I love to hear them. Okay, so, um, fact that they still were peaches. Yep, that’s a miracle that my old kids will still put on jammies and go to the movies with me. I’m Cassandra said I had a miracle happened to me I almost drowned and should have when I was three in a public pool, and a shark dragged me to the surface in a public indoor pool. See, look at all these cool stories. When I was young, I was tasked with delivering pamphlets to various churches around town, I had to walk no vehicle. Halfway through, I knew I didn’t have enough but had resolved to go back home and get more and start over again. But when I was counting them out on my way back home, I suddenly had all the pamphlets I needed. Plus extra small miracle but life changing for me, right? Because it gets you to remind yourself again. Recently, Vicki said recently, my dad and I reunited after 56 years of a strange relationship. He’s 94 and I’m 64 is able to celebrate his 94th birthday at my home. Isn’t that awesome? Vicki? I didn’t know about that. That’s great. Judy, miracles happen daily. I feel different levels, different branches of the miracles. I feel I’ve been on the receiving end of miracles from my guardian angel. Absolutely. Me too. Me too. What’s your miracles and runners right? Yep. All right. So that is our subject for tonight is miracles, I want you to stay open for them. I want you to sign up for 31 days of spirit and I want you to post your stories, post your shares post the things that you observe over on mighty networks that will get you in drawings for different prizes. And we’re going to do the prizes throughout the month I’ll let you know and we’re going to be doing them absolutely feel free. If you want to post them on my Facebook pages. It’s totally fine. I would love to see them. And I think the more we spread that kind of energy around the better. I also think asked for miracles. I think a lot of people forget to ask for them. There was a time when my dad was really sick before he died and we were working on I was get them mixed up medicaid medicare one of them I don’t know it was one of them. And I kept telling I kept on spirit I’m like oh my God, I need an expert on those Medicaid shit because I don’t understand it and I I absolutely need a miracle and I need somebody to help me with this because it was so much paperwork and so much stuff that I just I had no familiarity with. And I kept begging for a miracle on that piece. And I was clearing the house one day, and my spirit said, go to the bra store. And I was like, I don’t really need a new bra and spirits, like, yes, you do. And I was like, okay, so I went to the bra store, because I listened. And when my spirit talks to me and tells me things, I listen. And so I went into the store. And I told this lady, I’m like, I don’t really need a bra. But I think I’m supposed to at least try one on and see if I need one. And she’s like, all right, and she was fitting me and she gets all up in your stuff. And somehow we got to talking about my dad still have no idea how that happened. And I said, Yeah, I keep praying for a miracle, because I need somebody that’s an expert on Medicaid. And she’s like, Oh, well, I worked for Medicaid for, I don’t know, 17 years or something. She goes, what do you need to know? I just stood there. And I looked at her. I’m like, Are you fucking kidding? And she’s like, No, what do you need? Like, what do you need, bring your paperwork in, sit down with me. I’ll go through all of it. I’ll show you how to do it. I’ll show you what you need. Is she called one of the nursing homes as I was there, because I had no idea how to get my dad into a nursing home. And she gave me someone’s number. And she told me I’d be calling and she goes, What’s your dad’s last name? And I told her and she said, Oh, yeah, I even worked with H’s. Like, isn’t that funny, I probably have seen his name. And I’m like, What? What? And so sometimes you need to ask for the miracles to maybe you are on your own in life, maybe you’re you’re lonely and the holidays are tough. Maybe your miracle is to find somebody to spend a holiday with. Maybe it’s to find a new friend, or to find a family to adopt or to create some kind of magic for yourself so that you don’t get stuck in the loneliness, but you get stuck more in the spirit of something else. I asked for a lot of that kind of stuff, like how spirits supposed to know what you want, if you don’t ask. And some people are like, Oh, you’re not supposed to ask for stuff like that. And we’ll do that. Of course you are, how is spirit supposed to know what you need or in what you want. If you don’t put your order in. I always tell people that it’s like going through McDonald’s, and you don’t put your order and they just throw food at you. And you just get what you get. And I’m like that I’m gonna put my order in. So if you’re struggling with something, maybe start asking for some miracles around it just to see what happens. Just start playing with it a little bit. Okay, um

See, I hear these, I hear these a lot these kinds of stories, Mary, April 26. I went into the hospital, and the doctor stated I wouldn’t make it through the night. And I am very much alive today. And sassy. As I stated, I wasn’t ready to give up and I was turning 21 years old on the 27th of April. Isn’t that interesting? Yeah, things like that happen, you guys. Big miracles, little miracles, a small miracles are sometimes the most fun ones to see. Because not everyone sees them. You know, like talking to those people on the boat, my friends were kind of sitting in the back because it was kind of chilly out. And I was like, Man, I know, I’m supposed to sit up there. I know who I am. And so I sat up there, I would have never heard that story. If I wouldn’t have followed my gut that I needed to go sit up there. So put your orders in, it’s a holiday season, put your order and have some fun with it doesn’t have to be super serious. Maybe you’re just looking for a great dress to wear to a wedding or something like that. Just do something fun, and add the word miracle into it and see how much magic it brings. Okay, I think that would be a fun thing to put your energy into, instead of some of the stuff that’s coming up in the world today, or some of the shit that comes up around the holidays are on family or blah, blah, blah, all that stuff, right? If you are struggling with some of that refer stuff, I’ve actually put some things out for that too. In our celebration, kind of our holiday offers. Next week, I have two different clearings one on the sixth one on the seventh. The seventh is the full moon clearing and then the one on the sixth, we are going to start doing some energy clearing around family. So if you struggle with your family, have some shit that you need to clear around family, all that kind of good stuff. Join me on the sixth I put the links here and I’ll put them up again on my Facebook group. And I’ll make sure they’re in mighty networks and stuff too. But make sure that you think about ask yourself, would it be a miracle for me to work the energy and do some energy clearing? And would it helped me to feel better because oftentimes, it’s the energy that people forget about, and it can be really helpful. So maybe that can be your miracle is you’re going to let yourself clear away some of the sludge and I’m going to help you with it. Okay, so that’s going to be on the sixth and on the seventh. The seventh is the new moon or the full moon. So we do that one every single month. The one on the sixth is just one of the Christmas ones that I wanted to do this year. And we’re also in Mercury retrograde. So that just started. But is it today? Thursday went Tuesday, I think it started. And so I actually liked the energy of retrograde to me, it helps me be very detailed. It helps me check things twice. It helps me slow down. It helps me organize. I’ve been organizing all week because I was like, What is going on? Why am I trying to organize all this stuff? And I’m like, oh, it’s Mercury in Retrograde. That’s why. So I actually don’t mind Mercury in Retrograde. Now. My computer’s being naughty a few hours ago. So that stuff does happen. But I stayed really calm with it, I restarted it did all the stuff I needed to do and it’s fine. So adjust. Adjust your mindset around retrograde, because a lot of times it can be some really great energy to work in. And you can really do a lot of good for yourself, if you slow down enough and start to do some self care with it. Okay, um, I don’t know. I’ll have to look up Carla, when it goes to it. It’s usually a few weeks, I don’t remember. I don’t know if it’s two weeks. I don’t remember, I actually wonder if it’s a little bit longer. I have to look for your hand. I’ll look and check. We can Google it. We can look okay, um

See, Mary, you might need some clearing work, when that kind of stuff happens on let’s get some clearing work going so you can get back to presence. Sometimes it is we try to escape this kind of this type of year in North Dakota, I noticed a lot of my clients get it’s hard for them to stay present. Because the sun goes away, it gets cold it gets dark by 430. It’s it’s hard to kind of stay in that hyped up energy and winter is meant to do a little inner work. It is meant for some quiet time and self reflection. But we all have to like live to write. And so sometimes it’s an energy piece that people don’t look at. And for some people, it’s weird. I know. It’s weird, but I do. But it works. And so if you want to join me next week, please do but otherwise in the meantime, tonight, we’re talking about miracles. Tomorrow, I will be on let’s do tomorrow at seven o’clock as well. Let’s do tomorrow night at seven. And because we’ll I know a lot of people, it’s easier for you to come after work. I will be going back and forth with different timeframes. Just so you know throughout the month, but tomorrow for Friday we’ll do 7pm Central. Okay. All right. I will see you guys tomorrow. Get your butt signed up. Take a look at the clearings and some of our holiday offers and then get yourself signed up for mighty networks and we will be on the roll for 31 days of spirit. Okay. All right guys, talk to you later. See ya
and we will be on the roll for 31 days of spirit. Okay. All right guys, talk to you later. See ya