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2023 Scavenger Hunt Day 1

 Hello my Friend! Welcome to this year's Intuition Scavenger hunt! I am so excited for the fun and magic that we are about to step into. When you put a little extra focus towards something, it tends to show up bigger and brighter! A few fun things to remember as we...

Free Energy Clearing Class for the New Year

TRANSCRIPT OF JODIE HARVALA SUMMARY KEYWORDS house, clearing, chinese new year, energy, people, fun, sage, selenite, clean, windows, candles, feel, space, open, plants, clearings, home 0:04 Hello hello everybody. Good evening. I'm just gonna hang let everyone jump on...

31 Days of Spirit: Day 4 – Tradition
Dec 19, 2022



SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala

Hello, hello, good morning. It is Sunday morning at 11am. Let’s see who is joining us to day. Let me grab a little link for yet to for the upcoming week. Got a busy week this week all right. Good morning. Good morning, say hello. Hey, Debbie, good to meet you. You’re good to meet you. Good to see you. Love that you made it. Yep. I wanted to do different times of the day because I know people have lives. Good morning. Good morning. I know it’s kind of fun, isn’t it? It’s fun to be back on line like this. It’s been a while since I’ve done this much online. So it feels good to me too. It’s nice when you feel healthy enough to get back online and do your work. Good morning. Good morning. Good to see you Amy and Lori and Miss Chris. In the lane and Vicki. Good morning. Good morning, everyone.

My eyes are watering. Good morning, everyone. Sunday today but doesn’t feel like Sunday. I don’t know why.

What’s everyone doing today? We got our Christmas tree. We’ve had it up. I put it up with the lights on it. But we finally decorated it yesterday. So we got that all set up. It’s much different when the kids are not involved. You do it? No, you do it. But it looks nice. Now that it is up and ready. Football Yes, Vikings are playing. Do you watch the Vikings Laurie? I’ve not really a football girl. But I do keep a tiny track of the Vikings because it would be really fun to see them do really, really really, really, really well. My husband is not a huge, huge game fan. But he’s been watching lots more football this year. So yep, he’s gonna be watching that too. He’s doing laundry and watching the Vikings. That’s what he told me he’s doing today. Which is not typical. He’s usually much more busy than that. Yeah, I’m not a huge football girl either. I will sometimes watch the Vikings. I admit. My mom is a Vikings fan and has been her whole life. And it’s so funny to it used to be so funny to listen to her when the games are on and they were losing. You know, they used to have those Vikings bricks that the phone breaks and you could throw them at the TV as like we really need to get mom like a pile of those. Oh, fine. I have friends at the game today too. That’s always fun when you know someone that’s at the game. More unpacking? Yep. Yeah, you don’t have to be Vikings fan. That’s okay. All right. So little bit of a busy day, a little bit of hanging on the couch watching the Vikings or movies or whatever you’re into. It’s good day for that. It’s not freezing cold today. It’s 15 today, so I might even head out for a walk later. See who’s shoveled and who hasn’t. I’m still waiting for the snow though. I’m into the snow at this point of the year like now I’m like bring it like Let’s go. I’m a skier I love to go skiing. And so I’m waiting for some more snow. Okay, so in the last few days, we have talked about miracles. So you should be watching for miracles being open to miracles. We had a community person yesterday that a child’s got in a bad accident and all these prayer chains were were activated. That’s what I’m trying to find. were activated. And we had great news this morning. Obviously there’s going to be recovering everything but miracles like that I get to be a part of that a lot because I’m a part of different communities. And that’s something almost every community I’m in that has something in common is when something happens to one of the members. You know the prayer Are the prayer chains or the intention chains or the healing chains or whatever you would like to call them? Because I think you can call them whatever works for you get activated. And I love that piece. So it’s nice when things can turn out in that way. They don’t always turn out that way. We know that. But that is awesome. Because that brought us into day two, which is support support systems. Are you supporting yourself? Are you creating a support system for yourself, sometimes, if you don’t have a lot of people in your life, you need to go out and create those systems for yourself. And then we talked yesterday about our words of the year, which is always fun. For me, I love doing word of the year, I love setting intentions, I love doing all that kind of stuff. And today, I thought we would talk about tradition, or I sometimes call it ceremony as well. And that has shifted a bit for me the last few years because you know, life changes. And I’m a tradition girl, I kind of like tradition, I have many traditions that I would love to keep going we had lots of different things that I remember being traditions as kids, they may not have been boxed in that way. But to me, it was like a tradition like, hey, we do this every year, like what the hell. And when holidays was definitely a time a tradition, like my grandma would always host everyone in the family would go to her house, she would cook all of this different food. I remember the turkey pan and how she would based it I remember all the different foods that she would make and all the different cookies that she would make. And to me that was tradition. And I loved it. I loved it I loved as we got older. And as kids started to get older and move out, we would be like, Hey, Grandma, like triple your recipes. So we can have a bunch of leftovers, because the leftovers were part of the tradition of the holidays. And there definitely was years as a child that, you know, adults would have things happen and different things like that, or someone would drink too much or whatever. And as a kid, I never paid attention to any of that, because I was paying attention to all the other traditions, right. And so I am a tradition girl, I do appreciate traditions, I like to honor them and those kinds of things. And as life went on, and as things change, and families change, and friends change, and we have kids, and we have our own things that we want to do, it started to really shift the holidays around. And I didn’t always like that. And what Eli and I finally realized was we really had some things we wanted to create tradition out of for our kids. And it wasn’t necessarily what everyone else wanted to do. Because they have their own traditions. And they have their own families and they got their own kids and everyone kind of wants to do their own traditions. And it starts to put pressure against the old time traditions. And that can sometimes pick people off, right. And I had a woman that I used to work with and radio Elma guy, we had the most fun, we had so much fun. And one of her traditions each year was to take her son she was divorced at the time. But super great connection with her acts. They were they have always been connected in a great way and really did a lot of cool things with with her child. And one of the things that they did is every year they went on a ski vacation by themselves, nobody else they would rent a cabin in Big Sky or or I think they usually went to Big Sky if I remember correctly. And I just thought you you don’t stay home with your family and like you don’t go to your family’s house. And she’s like, Nope, there’s too much drama. I don’t want to be part of it. Too many people too much stuff. I like we don’t like it. So we go skiing every year. And I was like, does that piss people off? And she’s like, Yep, it used to and now they’re used to it. And I always remember that. So when I had kids, and we really got into skiing with our kids, and my husband, I always tell people, my husband loves a Hallmark Christmas. And so we would see these Hallmark shows, and we would see the ski lodge and Christmas and all that kind of stuff. And we were both like, really want to do that like that is something we would love to do. And you know, we didn’t really have the cash for some big huge holiday. But there was we definitely have a ski hill near us. And there’s places near us that we could do that. And so after a while we just started doing that. We started to not attend some of the first we tried to do both. And that was just a mess. Because we were tired there. It was just a mess. And so I was like no, I just think we should do what we want to do. Because it’s our holiday. It’s our children, like we know the things that we want to kind of ingrained in them. And so they still come home for that. And so we started to do our own thing. And skiing around the holiday was definitely one of them. And one of the years one of the first years that we did a little bit bigger trip and we had Eli’s Eli’s youngest sister with us. And she’s big skier. And so it’s really fun. And we had an invited other family because we were in Montana. And we thought, yep, yep, you guys come and we’ll, you know, we’ll have a meal. And you guys can stay overnight or whatever, because we had this great condo and Red Lodge. They have the ham, and they had the potatoes. Like they had the main part of the meal. And then a blizzard came, and they couldn’t get to us. And we were like, What do you mean? Like you have food? Like, what do you mean, you can’t come and they’re like, oh my god, it’s such a big blizzard. And it’s a huge storm, and we’re stuck. And we had to go on to the ski lodge. And we got like little cups of chili and we had tacos, like 70 times in a row, I still don’t really love tacos anymore. And it was the most funny thing because I mean, obviously they felt bad. And we give them shit about it all the time because they had the food. And and it was, it was so funny. But one of the other traditions I started that year. And it’s still one of my favorite memories is I got matching pajamas for everybody, and

seeing my teenage boys, but those pajamas on and be good sports. And I have this memory of foster running down the hallway and these funny striped green and white pajama bottoms and the shirt still cracks me up to this day. In a mortify him that I’m saying this online, but oh my god, it’s still one of my most favorite memories. And Eli’s I had, I had bought them just a tiny bit too small, just a little too small. Because you never know the sizes on those dumpings. And so he’s sitting in the chair and is sure just kind of up. And he’s like, Yeah, this is great. There’s a great tradition. So glad he did this, let’s put pictures all over social media with how this looks on me. And it still cracks me up. And it had been such a hard year that year that even having some of those memories that year was really kind of fun. And so the matching jammies, the skiing, some of the stuff that we do now is tradition that we have started. Foster’s girlfriend really loves doing the gingerbread houses. And so each year, like that’s one of the things I buy them, I get all the stuff, all the candy, all the stuff. And so when they come over to spend some time with us around around Christmas, like I let them you know, we cover the table and they do gingerbread houses, and they’re old. They’re like 2021 now, and it’s still a fun activity. And we do the matching jammies. And then I make them wear the matching jammies out to a movie on Christmas Day. And usually there’s a great movie we want to see. And so like this year, we’re gonna go to the new avatar movie. And they’re all going to wear their matching jammies and people stare at us and laugh at us and think Oh, that’s okay. All the moms are like, Oh, yeah. Oh, cute. There, I can’t believe your family wore them. I’m like, Yeah, me neither, because they’re all old now. But they still do it. And then there’s other traditions that we used to do that, quite honestly, we had to retire them. And I think as family changes, and as life changes, and different things happen, there needs to be some kind of a retirement of old traditions. And last night, I did a psychic party with a bunch of ladies that I’ve gone there several times, I think it’s four years now or five years, or I think it’s four years that we’ve done this every year. So I’ve gotten to see this great expansion in them. And someone said the best line she’s like, you know, sometimes traditions just turn into memories. And I was like, That’s so true. That’s so true. Sometimes they become good memories. And so sometimes it’s a it’s a state of needing to have some kind of retirement for what used to be. So you can clean the plate a little bit to create new ones. And so I know people struggle with that, and they don’t quite know what they’re feeling. And I’m like you’re feeling grief, like it’s a grief, it’s a it’s a loss. It’s something that from your childhood, like you don’t do anymore, or from maybe as a young adult, or whatever. And so I think sometimes the traditions can cause some grief and people don’t remember that, you know, they’re not quite sure what they’re feeling. And then they they almost put that feeling over the whole holiday. And they let it take it take the joy away. And I’m like, no, no, you can actually do something different. You can totally do something different. And it might just create a whole new tradition. That becomes really fun and something you look forward to every year. You know, in Fargo one of the big things some of you may know them, they they’ve definitely been all over the country, but the blenders come and I don’t know how many years it’s been that they’ve done a Christmas show 25 years, 30 years, 20 years somewhere. I mean, it’s been a long time i i know them from my friend was in dance with them. And they’re an acapella group and they put on the best Christmas show and it’s just a tradition. It’s a tradition for the town. And it’s so fun when you start to hear the blenders on the radio again and you start to hear about ticket sales and all that kind of stuff. For many, many, many people, that is our Christmas tradition is we’re going on Wednesday night, Elijah and I are gonna go and I’ve gotten different. I’ve gotten to that show several times. And I usually just tried to bring someone different every time I, I love to see it over and over. And it’s a lot of the same Christmas songs, you know, the normal, great Christmas songs, but they obviously make them amazing. And it’s a tradition that I have for my I would go to the show by myself, if no one wanted to go with me. Like, I’m totally fine doing that, because it’s to me, it’s Christmas, because they’ve been doing this since I was a kid. And so that’s like a town tradition, like Duluth has, I can’t remember the name of it. Of course. I can’t remember what they call it. But they have something downtown in Duluth that every year 1000s of people go and they walk through all the Christmas lights. And do anybody know what it’s called, I can’t remember what it’s called. I should have texted Penny and asked her. But it’s something that the town does. And it’s so fun to have traditions like that, because then the whole town carries them on. And you can remember doing them as a kid, I remember being young and going to the blenders concert. And now I’m almost 50 Going to the blenders concert. So that’s a fun tradition. Yes, bentleyville. Thank you, Chris. And so Duluth has bentleyville and lots of towns have different things that they have done. DL mountain, we go skiing on Christmas Eve, because they let it be open. It’s not a super day. But they’re usually open for at least you know, five or six hours. And we always go skiing on that day. And it’s so fun. And a lot of ski hills have Santa come and things like that. So I think if you are missing tradition, and it’s something that you’re struggling with, maybe you know, family life has really shifted or there’s been a divorce, or you’ve walked away from things or you know, whatever. Think about and look around to see if there’s any other traditions in your town that maybe you can become part of. A lot of families go and pick a family for Christmas, and they and they help them off the giving trees and things like that, that becomes tradition for them or going to the food banks and helping out with that during the holidays, like fun, find some kind of local tradition that might help you still feel sustained in the tradition, energy, but maybe is different from what you grew up with. Okay. The best thing is when your adult children still ask for the traditions from food activities, games, music events. Love it as a parent that we have instilled this in them hoping they do the same with their future families. Yeah, for sure. And for some, like with my family, what was so interesting what I learned because because for me, there were traditions I wanted to carry on and they just didn’t really work. And so when I talk to my kids about some different things, it’s funny because we don’t, we didn’t have a lot of tradition of Christmas and holidays when they grew up, because every year was different. Because sometimes we went to Duluth, sometimes we went to the farm, sometimes we stayed home, sometimes we went to my family, sometimes we did both. Sometimes we did all of it. And so none of it was actually traditional. And that had to be pointed out to me. They’re like, well, they don’t know any different. They don’t know that every year, this is what you do. Or every year that is what you do. And I was like, Oh, well, that makes sense. And sometimes that’s great for kids too, is that there isn’t tradition. So they can be very open to whatever their celebration is. It can go both ways. That’s the thing. It can go both ways. And yep, looking at all the ornaments. See, that is a tradition too. And we go through the decorating of the tree, we always see all their little kid ornaments utilize mom used to do a really cool thing for all the kids every year, she bought them, like a little Hallmark ornament for whatever they were interested in that year. So like Eli has a Jeep, and he’s got a snowmobile and stuff like that. And she had started that before she died with the kids too. So we get to put all those up there. And then we get to think about her and remember that so it’s very fun to create your own traditions too. And I think that’s my message is if you’re missing your old traditions, think about if there’s a new one that you could create for yourself, like Eli loves to make Christmas cookies. We don’t like it. We don’t want to do it. None of us do. But he really likes it. It just becomes a mess. Our frosting never turns out. It’s just a mess. And so we’re trying to kill that tradition because we don’t like it. But we like the we’d like the gingerbread houses. That’s fun for us. And so there’s some traditions that he’s really trying and we’re like, can we just skip that this year? Like can we just not do that tradition? Because sometimes that’s okay too. But Eli really tries to do a lot of the hallmark stuff because for him, that’s what he’s always enjoyed. I don’t know if you guys saw that video that I posted a few days ago of him him singing his lungs out at Christmas one year up in Duluth. And I was like, Oh, I do remember that we did a lot of singing with his side of the family. And that’s a memory that we have when we all used to come together for holidays, because we all used to make the trip. And the little kids would put on plays, which were hilarious. And then they would need time between their setups. And so the rest of us as we were waiting for them would sit and sing Christmas carols. It was so fun. But now everyone’s kids are older, and everyone’s got jobs. And you know, it’s much harder for everyone to come home for Christmas. And so we don’t have that tradition anymore. But it sure fun to see the memories of it. Um,

Debbie says everything is different this year. So it’s the beginning of all brand new traditions. And it’s pretty exciting. I love that you think it’s exciting, because that’s not always easy for people. Sometimes it’s a lot of grief when when it’s brand new. I thought it was exciting too. But I still had some grief to say like, like you can do both. You can grieve your old traditions, and you can be excited about the new ones. Alyssa said, I will put up Christmas tree and put ornaments that my mom and grandma made. Yep, I have some that my mom used to make as well.

As a single childless woman with a with out a family, it’s hard to do traditions. Yep. The friends I did things with every year had married and moved on to doing things with their family. Yep. And so for you, Elaine, it might be to be of service to somebody else. You know, maybe you go and find a family that’s really struggling. And off. You know, they have giving trees and all those things all over. Maybe that’s your personal tradition is helping a family that needs a lot of support. It there’s lots of different choices. But you got to make some decisions that okay, like, like the blenders thing. Most of my friends and family have gone with me at least twice. And so they’re like, yeah, we’ve seen it. And I’m like, Yeah, but it’s mine. So I’m going to keep going whether I go by myself or not. And there’s a lot of traditions that I do without my family and my husband because it’s important for me, because it’s the way I give back each year. And so that might just be something that you have to kind of almost forced yourself to find a new tradition that’s just for you to do. Um, 2020 did change for many, many, many families. That’s right. Vicki said I’m an empty nester. For eight years, my sons do their own thing and one is out of state. And I used to spend it alone. But this year, I have a man friend in my life go Vicki. I haven’t heard about this. Is this the same man friends, like from a few months ago? I haven’t heard any details sister. Nancy said every year I watch It’s A Wonderful Life movie. And yes, I cried do it by myself. Yep. A lot of people have certain movies that they watch each year. I love that if I enjoy it, then I can do it just for me. Yeah, I do a lot of things just I do a lot of things just for me. Because my family’s not into it. And they’re just not. And if they come a kind of Brexit for me, because they’re not into it like I am. And so there’s things that I just do just for me, because for me, that’s the holidays, you know, or there’s certain things that I donate to, or certain places I spend my time are certain things that I do. Because that’s just for me like the the matching jammies is just for me. Like they could care less about the matching jammies. But I made it very clear that it’s for me, and so they’ll do it for me. And I’ve gotten some really terrible ones for them to wear, which is even more fun for me. But yeah, I do think if you’re on your own, again, see if there’s any town, like in your city or your town or near you. Maybe there’s something that maybe they need volunteers every year. And that’s what I would do. I think if I was super alone, I think I would try to find something that every year they needed volunteers, or they needed someone involved with something. And I would get involved that way because that would be a tradition for me is like every year I help out at you know, like the homeless shelter, I help out at this Christmas parade or whatever. I mean, it can be whatever you you’re being called to. But I think there’s choices. And we can talk ourselves out of the choices on why none of it is going to work for us. Or we can be like, Okay, I’m just gonna at least try this. Because at least you’re out of your house. You’re interacting with human beings. You never know when you’re going to meet a new friend, you have no idea or a man friends or a girlfriend or whatever. So I think sometimes you got to put yourself out there and just keep intending that the right people will start to come into your life and And then then like Vicky’s doing then you might have a different holiday the next year, you never know. I just think it’s can be tough for people to do that. So just a little encouragement, search your own traditions. And if you don’t like the word traditions, I know people that hate the word tradition, I call them ceremony or, or an activity or whatever you want to call it, like, I do a full moon activity every month, or I call it ceremony, I do a full moon ceremony every month. And I chose to do it with all of you. So we do our full moon clearing. But I do that each month, because to me, that’s our tradition. That’s something that that is ceremony. To me, it’s tradition, it helps me it’s something I do every single month. I’m doing it with people like you guys, and putting the offer out there helps me to stay in accountability with it. And so sometimes tradition can be that way too. You can create it and then invite people into it to help keep it going. So I think that’s kind of fun, as well. And next week, or this coming week, we’ve busy week this week. So tomorrow, we’ll meet for for day five, of course, and I think we’re going to do it at 9am. I am booked solid tomorrow. So we’ll meet back here at 9am tomorrow morning. And then on Tuesday night, we have our first clearing around family. So if you struggle with that, and maybe some of the traditional stuff is coming up and you need a little help with the clearing, we’re going to do our first themed clearing, holiday clearing, and then on Wednesday is the full moon group clearing. So we have a couple of different ways to do some energy clearing this week and take advantage if you can swing it take advantage because it can be very helpful. And I have some different tools and ideas to help you move your energy into into a better place. And so definitely join us for that. Okay. Um, I have the memory of rice fluff. My grandma used to make that but have not had a very long time we had it at my grandma’s during the holidays every year. Yeah, my grandma used to make that too. Sometimes one year after my grandma passed, you know, the food is never the same once the the main cook goes like you never have the same food. And we all tried to do different recipes for the food that she used to make. And it’s never the same, I don’t think. But every once in a while you’ll run across the right mix and the right recipe. And we went to South Dakota this year. And we went to some restaurant, I can’t remember Nikki and I went to and I ordered their potato salad. It was German potato salad. And I was like I need to meet the chef like I have never ever, ever met anyone that made this kind of potato salad because my grandma would make it every year for all the holidays like Easter and Christmas and all that. And I was like oh my god. And like I wanted to take a bucket home because I hadn’t tasted it since my grandma died in the way that it was meant to be made. And it was so good. And I just sat and enjoyed every bite because it was tradition, I was eating the tradition, it was so fun. But it was fun to try her recipes and see if we could get close to it. And they aren’t the same. Because grandma’s just cooked different. But it was fun to try it. So sometimes you just have to pull some of that stuff out too. Or try something completely new. We were I was never a cookie maker. And and so are healthy cookies never turned out very well. So we’re again, we’re shifting that tradition. But today, think about traditions that maybe you used to do that you’re missing. Let yourself move through the emotion of it, do some journaling and burning if you need to talk it out with someone if you need to. And then put your head forward and think about well what is a tradition that I would love to do? Or maybe there’s one going to midnight mass is a big one like our church. I’m not Catholic, but we were Lutheran but they would do a midnight service. And I think they call it midnight service. I think it was at like 11. But that is a beautiful tradition for some people that they go to that late night church service. And it’s so beautiful because it’s almost always candlelight. And we always had my grandparents worked at the church. And so my grandma would do this huge setup of poinsettias, and it is an absolute memory that I have and it’s always in my head and I loved it and I love going in all those different things and the church doesn’t have church services anymore. But that could be a beautiful thing. You don’t have to take anyone church with you. You can just go by yourself. But I love I’m not a churchgoer. But there are certain services that I would absolutely still pick to go to because it was so beautiful and I love the energy of it. Yep, just like Alyssa just said, I’m not Catholic anymore, but I like the Midnight Mass. Yeah, take the things that work and leave the rest. There’s no reason that maybe that’s your one tradition is once a year you go to midnight mass just because it’s peaceful, and it’s beautiful and there’s candlelight and there’s beautiful music and all those kinds of things. Okay, so this year or, yes, you can grieve your traditional stuff that maybe isn’t working anymore. And what’s a new tradition, you could start this year or one maybe you want to bring back or something that you want to try that’s new that might turn into tradition. Or maybe you just don’t want any traditions at all. You just want to do a different all the time. That’s okay, too. Sometimes that gives you a lot of freedom. Because I do love baking cookies and giving them to neighbors. We like the people that bake cookies and drop them off. For us. They are our favorite. Because they are much better bakers than I am. Next Saturday, I’m going to the boat parade, and they’re all decorated Catholic midnight ceremony is gorgeous. Yeah, yeah, I

love the whole cookie thing. I think that’s really fun. We used to have neighbors that she had, she had so many children, she had like three boys and a girl, she loved kids. And she would get those kids cooking and baking. And they would make big platefuls of cookies. And every year I look forward to it, because they would come over with a little paper plate. And they would say Merry Christmas and maybe sing a little song and they would give us our Christmas cookies. And it was the best I loved it. It was so fun. And so sometimes if you’re alone, maybe you bake a whole bunch of cookies and go deliver them to people that you don’t even know that might be kind of fun. Or maybe you kind of know them or you take them up to the nurse’s. I had a friend that used to do that. Like she would do a bunch of baking. And I don’t know if they have rules, they might have new rules on this. But she would do a bunch of baking and she would go to either to nursing homes or to hospitals on Christmas Eve because she was alone. She didn’t have any family. She didn’t have a whole lot of friends. And definitely not anywhere to go on the holidays. And so she would do all the baking and different things. And she would go to places where people the police station one year she went to and she would offer these treats to them on Christmas Eve because it was better than sitting home alone. And so she that just became a tradition for her until she I think she met someone and things like that. But that then they still continue that tradition, because she just fell in love with doing it. And so because there’s a lot of people that work holidays, and so there was even one year I think she drove out and the there was a person in the little in the little box thing that took your money for parking. And she gave her she went in and she’s like got her ticket and she drove all the way through and she was leaving the lady’s like you’ve been here for like two minutes because yeah, I just wanted to deliver this to you because I know you’re working on Christmas Eve never mattered and no or she just knew that there was someone staffed out there. So there’s lots of ways that you can get out and about and make someone else’s night that usually turns around to help you with your own energy. My whole life. We always had a meteor a meet. What for Christmas breakfast. I don’t know what that word is Nancy. Um, start a cookie or Christmas treat exchange at work. Yep, lots people do that. Nurses love treats. They do and sometimes they want healthy treats. And sometimes they want the good treats. That’s what I’ll say the good treats. I agree. I’ve definitely dropped off treats with different people at the holidays too. I’ve been single for 14 years. So having a man in my life is definitely a new tradition. He just called is bringing holiday DVD to watch today. Awesome. Oh me pie for Christmas breakfast, okay. And my kids still do it. And even now my step family enjoys it. That’s awesome. And big. You said I’m not a TV person. That’s right. I bet you will enjoy every minute of that holiday thing. We watch a lot of Hallmark shows in my family. Eli loves it. And so we watch a lot of homework. And he’s like, Oh my gosh, do you think that they’re gonna get married? I’m like, of course they are. It’s Hallmark. Of course they are and he just laughs He thinks it’s great. So we do a lot of Hallmark TV at this time of year. But we do like the ski ones because it gets us inspired to keep creating some of those ski getaways. So I think it’s fun. Puzzles. See, I’m not a puzzle girl. I tried to become a puzzle girl during COVID Can’t do it. I have relatives that are amazing puzzle people. I am not one of them. I actually got a gift as a puzzle when one of my clients passed away and and there was this great group of women and one of the the gifts we got that year was she took a great picture of us and she made it into a puzzle. And it was a little it was just a little puzzle. I couldn’t get it done. I couldn’t get done. So Foster’s girlfriend came over and she actually she’s like oh my god, can I finish this puzzle for you? I’m like, oh my god, please do. I don’t like puzzles. And I like word puzzles. But oh my god puzzles. I’m not a puzzle girl. I appreciate the puzzle people but I’m not a puzzle person. Oh, see Alyssa. That’s funny. I love puzzles, but only by myself not sharing. I know right, Michelle, it’s kind of it’s a little it’s a little puzzle. It’s not Big at all, but I could not get that sucker together. Lexi had it done and I don’t know five minutes and she’s like, I don’t understand why you couldn’t put this together. And I’m just laughing because Christy the one who passed, she was a puzzler. She loved puzzles. And it Oh, it was hilarious. I know. I can’t do it either. Michelle, I think it’s just Christie messing with us. Yeah, but that might be a tradition. Doing a holiday puzzle can be an easy tradition. You can do it by yourself or with people. That could be a tradition. She probably would Michelle, she loves puzzles. She is a puzzle girl, she loves it. See, there’s lots of different ideas you guys tradition can be whatever you make it, I think that’s the biggest thing is tradition can be whatever you make it to be. And it can be past traditions, new traditions, your own tradition. One of the best advice I got was from the woman who runs the office for ROTC chiropractor, Deb. And hi, Deb, if you’re watching or watching the replay, but she told me long ago, she goes find something that you and your boys that your boys will always come home and do. She goes because when they get married and have kids and all that stuff, a lot of times boys tend to favor kind of the wife’s family a little bit more. And I kind of laughed at my kid. That’s kind of true. And she’s like, Yep, and she goes, so find her tradition that they will always come home for, even if it’s not just on the holidays, but something. And that’s why we started skiing with them. Because I’m like, Well, damn, we’re gonna go skiing then because they will always come on a ski trip with us. And that was something that’s a tradition for us. It just looks different every year, sometimes we take bigger trips. And sometimes like this year, we’re not taking a big trip, we’re just gonna go up to Duluth, because we’re going to do our yearly ski trip together. And this year, it’s just a weekend last year was a big thing. And we surprised Keaton with his first plane ride. And it was a big, big thing for my family this year. It’s a smaller thing. And we’re inviting more family because it’s closer. So it can be whatever you want it to be. And it can change a little bit. So it doesn’t have to be specific. I think people get stuck in those specifics. And it kind of takes some of the magic away of it. Yep, tradition can be what you create my friends. All right, I think I’ll leave you with that tradition can be whatever you create it to be. I would love to hear over on mighty networks. What, if any traditions that you have in love, but I also want to know what are some of the more new traditions that you’ve started either for yourself or for your family or your friends or whatever, and start to share some ideas over there. Because that might help some people that are struggling with that this year. Okay, so share your shares over on mighty networks. And then I will see you tomorrow morning here at 9am Central. Okay. All right, guys. See you soon. Bye. Bye. Have a great day.

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