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31 Days of Spirit: Day 6 – Family
Dec 19, 2022



SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala

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All right. Hello, hello, hello. Good to see everybody. Okay, so today we are on day number six. When we see, we have I’m trying to keep track of all of our subjects so I don’t double up on them. So day one, we did miracles. Day two, we did support day three word of the year. I still have spots for that day for tradition or ceremony. Day five. We talked about naughty spirit and did some car drives yesterday. And today we’re going to talk about family. And tonight I am I am having a group clearing. Tomorrow is our full moon group clearing our normal month monthly group clearing, which there’s some really cool stuff going on with the full moon that I will talk about tomorrow. But really interesting stuff. I had no idea I learned it on tick tock. And tonight I decided over the month of December because I hear a lot of struggle. Typically this time of year, it usually starts around Halloween goes through the holidays. Because people struggle during the holidays. A lot of people love the holidays. And a lot of people struggle with holidays. And one of the things I struggle with is the family side of things. And I’ve gone through my own stuff with that I have my own stories about that. But one of the things that really has supported me in that is I’ve done a lot of clearing work around it. And I was writing something this morning and I was like I wish I could explain how the energy clearing helps because we heal on a physical type of way we feel we heal emotionally, we heal mentally, but we all have to heal energetically as well. And I often think that’s the piece that gets overlooked. It’s the NRP energy piece that when Eli and I started to really look at that piece. That’s what started to really make changes in our life. If I’m stuck on something, and I’ve done the emotional work and the mental work and the talking it out and physical and blah, blah, all that stuff. And she always comes on I’m online. I’m on class. Okay.

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I always get company when I’m on live with you guys. Okay, so anyways, um, so I was I, if we get stuck in something, then I tend inaction now. Now, after many, many years, I usually look at the energy first. To me, the energy piece is the easiest piece to clear. And then I can go through the other pieces because that’s it’s the energy that gets ignored, really. And so if there are some things going on, maybe you don’t get along with your family. Maybe you’re the black sheep of the family. Maybe piss someone off in your family. Maybe you told the truth in your family. Maybe there’s jealousy in your family, maybe their their way of lifestyle and your lifestyle don’t match maybe it’s abuse, it’s abusive. Maybe you just don’t fit in your family or or other trauma that’s happened A lot of times you’ll work through those layers, but then you don’t clear the energy around it. So you still feel it so strongly, there’s still such a trigger. And when I do these energy clearings, a lot of times, when you can move that energy, some of that trigger gets softened, it gets, it takes the edge away, it gives you a different road to look at, instead of all this other stuff that’s happening. And I found it to be incredibly helpful. And I also found that when it’s really important, like a lot of people will say to me, Oh, family is everything. And I’m like, huh, not in my experience, it’s not. And, and for some people, it is, for some people, that is their experience. And for some people that works for them. And for some people, they need to create their own family. And a lot of people have both they have their their blood family, and they have their created family. And I both but my created family makes more sense to me, I fit in much different with my created family than with my blood family. And that’s just that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that it feels different. And it is different. Because you don’t do things the same way as as maybe when you grew up and things like that. But I think it’s important for people, it’s almost like people need permission, that it’s okay to go create a family. Like I love when people do friends giving and things like that. Because sometimes that’s what people need the most when it comes to family. And so the subject and the clearing tonight, there’s always a lot of energy around it, I always feel a lot of energy around it. And I I’ve heard horror stories of people’s families. And I’ve gone through my own stuff, and, and it’s such a loaded subject. And to clear the energy from that. It’s important. So if you struggle with that, or you’re stuck on that, or maybe you’ve done a lot of work around the family piece, and there’s still something that sticks, think about the energy piece, okay? And think about different perspectives. And one of the things that, and this is with all humans, for me, any relationship I’ve ever had that maybe hasn’t gone? Well, I really had to step into what did I learn from that? And not not what was my lesson? Because I don’t like to learn lessons. But what did I learn? Like, what strength did I figure out that I hold because of that experience with that person. So it could be maybe of a bully in your family, and it could be standing up to that person. And speaking your mind or speaking the truth, it could be that you’re strong enough to choose you first. It could be that you’re learning boundaries. There’s a lot of family members that can help you learn boundaries. Maybe it could be that you learned to not speak up because the people you were speaking to can’t hear you anyways. And so you went and found a different crowd of people that when you spoke, you actually were heard, maybe it is was abusive. And you learned that you were strong enough to step out of it. Maybe you learned that you’re a lot more brave and courageous than you gave yourself credit for. Maybe you learned forgiveness. Maybe you learned some people really live a tough lifestyle. And it’s really hard to watch. And sometimes you need to step away from that. So maybe you learned compassion. Instead of instead of pity. Maybe you learned that everyone has their own path, and you can walk on yours and they can come with or not that’s up to them. But maybe you learned that everyone does get to live the way they want to live. And maybe you learned that you had a lot of judgment. And so you learned how not to do that. Maybe you learned that you can love people from a distance. Like there’s so many different things that that family can teach us. And I’ve really found a lot of different kinds of support in my in my found family, or my spirit family, I call my spirit family. Like I’m like, I didn’t know people acted like this. Like I didn’t know people did this for other people. I didn’t know that they would take care of you in that way or that they would support you in that way. Because it just wasn’t something that ran in our family circle. It was like this is so weird to me. And it was so refreshing to me to have people do things the way I did things even though the people I grew up with in doing those things, because they just weren’t interested in those things, and nothing wrong with it. They just weren’t interested. And I just, it was such a learning experience to start creating this, this spirit family and support system. And I think you need both. I think you need both, you know, a lot of people will will pitch about their husbands and they don’t do this. And they don’t do that. And they don’t do this. And I’m like, Well, maybe they’re not supposed to. Maybe you can go find a different group of people that can help you with those, those parts of your life, and then that partner can fulfill these parts of your life. That was another thing that I think a lot of us in my masterminds and different things like that. We discussed that a lot, because we had all these these things, and we thought our partner should be doing them. And it’s like, Why? Why do they need to do them? Why can’t you have lots of different people in your life to help you support all your wants and desires, don’t put all that pressure on one person or uncertain people. And I also think with family, sometimes, if you’re missing family, go out and find someone else that’s missing, maybe who you could be maybe someone needs a big sister, maybe someone needs a granddaughter. I’ve had a couple of different relationships with older women. And it was so fun because my grandma had passed away, and I didn’t have grandma. And it was so fun to be friends with these older women, because they would tell me all this great wisdom or these funny things, or they would teach me these different things. And I was like, Oh, I love this relationship, because it was like that grandma energy that I really enjoy, because I was pretty close to both my grandma’s. My one died when I was much smaller, but she was the first one that came to me as a spirit. So there’s always that connection. But I love to hang out with older women, because they have so much wisdom as a grandmother usually does. You know. So I think that’s really fun. I think having I have a lot of spirit sisters at this point. And I think that’s really fun. We can we can I don’t know how many times either I’m texting someone or they’re texting me. And they’re and I’m like, Hey, like your guides and angels are talking to me telling me to reach out, like what’s going on with you. And they’ll be like, damn it every time you’re always in my stuff. And oh my god, this was happening. And I didn’t know what to do about it. And it’s so cool. Because it’s this intuition hit, like, Hey, I’m feeling something’s not right, what’s happening, let me support you for a second. And then all of a sudden, I get that text two weeks later, and they’re like, hey, now they’re bugging me what’s going on with you. And I’ve never had that in relationships before. So I think when you when you think of family, a lot of people maybe need to redefine what family is to them, and how people are and how they should be. I you say that? Well, this is how so and so should be. And this is how they should be why? Who said who said that’s how they should be I’m creating that. And so when I let people just be who they are, and I just went on with my life, a whole lot of pain dropped away, which was great. And I can create how I would like to be in my relationships and often attract people that match that now.

And then the other people in my life can be whoever they want to be. Because no one should be any certain way. And most of the time, they’re not going to change anyways. So why try to change people that aren’t interested in changing? Usually, if I want someone else to change, I’m looking at myself like, oh, okay, I’m the one that needs to change. Because that’s not fair for me to to want that from someone that maybe isn’t capable of that or doesn’t want it isn’t interested. That’s okay. Sometimes your family’s just not into you. That’s okay. doesn’t mean there’s not pain or grief, or, or tears or sadness or any of that. So I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel all of that because I think that’s a piece of it. But I am saying and I am saying that there’s a lot of different ways that you can create family in your life. Sometimes you can just adopt people, there’s a little there’s a little lady at our grocery store. Oh my god, she’s so funny. She’s so sassy. She’s got such a mouth on her like she definitely is related to me in some way shape or form. And I think Eli and I both have adopted her as as like I don’t know our grandma maybe and she doesn’t even know it. But we make a make a point to go there sometimes because we know that the shift that she’s working and we sit and chat with her and talk with her and you know, I’ve gotten to know her so far through cancer like all those kinds of stuff because she just fits. So I think family family can come from all sorts of places, places you never expected. So I wanted to remind people to let yourself go there a little bit. Um, yes, different communities for fulfillment. Absolutely. One person can’t be everything. And that’s such a freeing thing. Like, like, there’s certain things that I’m like, oh, a lie. I’m never doing that with you. And I was like, call foster Keaton, because like, I’m not doing that with you. And He absolutely has things that he does not want to do with me. And it used to make me angry, like, oh, he doesn’t want to spend time with me. No, he just isn’t interested. But I’m not interested in that. And so I’m gonna go find someone that’s interested in this. And then we’ll find our own things to do together. Sometimes he needs to do what I want him to do, because that’s what he should do. But that’s just our relationship, right? Vicki says, spot on, I recognize I’m closer to non family versus to blood, family. Many, many, many, many people are. Yep. Actual blood family hasn’t done the work soul tribe loves the good, the bad, the ugly. Yeah. And I do you think people do have families like that, too? I do. I do. I also think there’s many, many people that don’t, and they’re not really interested in the work. Like, it’s not fun work. I can’t blame people for not wanting to look at stuff. But the people that have done the same kind of self growth or looked at themselves, or, or grown and expanded and just kind of shifted different things. If you’re around people that have gone through that, like there’s an understanding, and it’s so fun. Like I have one woman, that’s a friend of mine, oh my gosh, can we be blunt with each other? And we don’t take it personally, because we both gone through some stuff. And so it’s such a refreshing thing, you know, and she’s a fixer. She likes to fix things. I’m a fixer. I like to fix things. And I remember there’s one time I just really needed to bitch like I just did. And we went out for a drink. And I said, I just need you to listen for like, give me like 20 minutes. I just need 20 minutes, I need to have this drink. I need to just bet about some stuff that’s pissing me off. I don’t need it to be fixed. I just need you to hear me. And she’s like, done. Okay. And I got to get it all out. And then she’s like, Do you want some feedback? I’m like, Nope, I want a drink. So we had a drink. And I’ve done the same for her. And it was so great, because we just understood each other. So it was such an interesting development in a friendship that I just hadn’t had. You know, I have it with a couple girls that I’ve been friends with. since sixth grade, we can pretty much tell each other everything because we’re kind of like sisters. So we bicker too. But those those deeper friendships, they really create that family stuff that I was looking for. So it’s super interesting. My grandma made friends with the cashiers I know, I know, I got while I go to the store all the time. So yeah, sometimes the people out in public like those become your family. You know, when when I didn’t have a ton of friends, there’s been a couple different times in my life that I really was shifting friendships, and didn’t really have a big bond with the family and all that kind of stuff. And I would just make friends with people in public just for the day. Like I would go shopping, or I would go do my errands. And I would just be really nice to people and find stuff out about them. And it was so much fun. It was just so fun. So sometimes that’s what you got to do. A lot of generational dysfunctions still going on with family members. I’m too who I know, I’m a little woowoo for my family, too. That’s all right. That’s right. We get to be who we are. That’s the freedom of it. Like that’s where it took me a long time to get there. A lot of people take the family stuff super personal and I did as well. Absolutely. Absolutely, absolutely. Man, let me get rid of this person. We get someone trying to come on and

offer for readings.

I’ll never do that, by the way. kicking you out of our family. Okay. But yeah, a lot of people blame their family for the stuff and I’ve gone through that myself. And finally, it’s just kind of like be who you want to be. And you want to have relationship with Me great. If you don’t, that’s okay too, because I have a lot of really loving people in my family. And we made a lot of really hard decisions around the holidays. And I told a little bit about this earlier this week, but one of the things we did was we really started to honor what we wanted to do for holidays. And boy can that piss people off and and like we wanted to ski and we want to take the boys and we wanted that time with us. And that was not a that was not a while Welcome thing for a couple of years. And now people kind of use drip my mom’s like, why aren’t you going skiing? And I was like, Oh, I don’t even know. But if we do, we’re only going for a couple hours, and we’ll be home and then we can do blah, blah, blah. And so I think people get used to it, but but I was very much of a people pleaser in my family. And so to come out of that, and do boundaries, and like, expect some things was not a happy thing for a while. Um it can be difficult, Chris. Yep. Going on your own by yourself. Yep, definitely. Way too woowoo for my family.

My family has never understood my view of life. I now stop trying to convince them see, and I don’t think you should ever have to convince anyone. I love that. Because I used to be a convinced her to. And I was like, why am I trying to convince someone that’s not interested? Like, why? Why waste my energy? It just irritates everybody. But I am who I am and accept them for who they are. Because it’s fun to be the one who is different. Yeah. My family does not know that who I am. Because I would get lectures about how it’s about the devil. Yeah, that happens to for for many years. On one side of the family, all I talked about was the weather with people because they were not really into my work. They didn’t really get it. Once people started passing away, I would get some different messages and some questions and things like that. But I think that’s okay, too. Like, there’s, there’s times that I know that people are open to what I want to talk about. And I know that other times I can just meet them where they are, you know, and that was that was kind of a interesting thing that happened with my mother in law when she was passing away. We had had a couple couple of tough years about. I don’t know, I honestly I think it was just a power struggle between the two of us. And we were really similar and which irritated me, and she got sick. And she was super religious, and very faithful, and never really pushed it on me. I never felt like it was pushed on me in any way, shape, or form, nothing like that. But I remember, in my reaching out at one point, I think we were emailing back and forth. And I just met her to where she was I use the words that she used in her language, I didn’t go all into my woowoo and you should be doing affirmations and healing and bla bla, because she wasn’t there. First of all, I just met her where she was. And it like created this peace between the two of us for the rest of her life, which wasn’t very much longer. And it was like, oh, sometimes you just gotta meet people with where they are. And and that’s okay. So if my family’s not really into it, that’s okay. That’s okay. You don’t have to talk about it. But I guarantee sooner or later someone will ask questions about it. Totally relate to people pleasing and now having boundaries, I have a hard time with it. And I feel better yet when when you set boundaries with family friends, people have known me a really long time, then you know, like it because they know you like I revert back into my 15 year old self. As soon as I’m in a family thing. Soon as I am, I can feel it happen. It’s the weirdest fucking thing. I can walk into my childhood home. And it’s like, I’m 1415 again. And I’ve the same attitude. I would say mannerisms, I start being a little bitchy. And it’s just like what in the hell and is so I think learning where I can hold my energy and making sure I’m holding my energy is really important as well. And I think that takes some time to practice because the boundaries are for me, it’s not for them. Those boundaries are for me my energy, my time my space my stuff, right, but it’s not for them. They’ll learn that I have boundaries, but those boundaries are for me, and for my mental health and my health and well being. So it is it’s such a rush to go through some of the family stuff in life. I’m totally the weirdo love it and totally embrace it when they describe me that way. But guess what they call me when we were things happen. Yep. They will always call I guarantee it. It might take a long, long time, but if they will call or they will at least ask some questions. And so that was actually some of the advice. Let me think about how it happened. It was so fascinating when I think Priscilla was I don’t know if she had been in a coma at that time or it was just she had just gotten much quieter. And I remember asking Sonny is there anything that I could do to support her energetically, Reiki, any of that kind of stuff. And she, the message was just let them come to you. And I was like, okay, and she’s like, You don’t have to explain all the stuff that you do know about, just let them come to you. And after she passed, it was so interesting, because so many people got signs. And she was she’s really good at sending signs. And we all agreed she was really good at sending signs. But I started hearing from people coming to me to ask about the signs and different relatives that had died on both sides and things like that. But it was true. Like it was such a great message to hear is like, I didn’t need to go teach them. They weren’t interested, they’re not taking the classes, the ones that were would come or they would come to class, or they would have a conversation with me. And so it kind of took that, that pressure I put on myself to make sure people knew who I was and what I did and understand it, that who cares. When they’re ready to understand that they’ll come talk to me about it. And I had questions for lots of family members and around the religion side of things because I’m interested, like, I actually want to know, you know, where’s your faith come from and things like that. So I think there’s some soft ways to go about that. And sometimes it works. And sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s okay. Okay. Um, the hell are all you people coming on here? Now? Hold on, let me block some of these users, my friends.

Sorry, there’s some spammers trying to come in and tell you they love you and they want to give you a reading. We don’t work it that way. Sorry, friends. Okay, I get that way around certain people holding my energy is something I still need to practice with. I think it is a practice. I think learning how to hold your energy is a practice. And I think it takes practice. And I think holding your energy around your family is probably the to me, it’s the most difficult, at least for me, it was still is at times, but I think I think family is tough. Which is exactly why I wanted to do some of the clearings that I’m doing this month, and tonight, we’re starting with the family one and that’s exactly why because I think it’s a very touchy subject. And I think that’s okay. I think it’s okay to talk about the difficulty of it. And you know, the session tonight isn’t a bitch fest. It’s not to come and out your family. It’s not to, to bash them and things like that. It’s for you, to give you some healing on the energy side of things that maybe you haven’t been able to see before. And so it’s it’s it’s powerful, but it’s going to make things a bit more gentle for ya. Krista, my grandma came to me after she passed, and at the time, I didn’t know much about the message part. Isn’t that fascinating? Yeah. When my grandma died, it was actually around this time a year it was it was it wasn’t Christmas. And it wasn’t New Year’s, but I think it was a little bit like maybe the second week in January, because I remember telling my mom, I really don’t want her to die on New Year’s Eve. That would just be terrible. Every year, it would just ruin New Year’s Eve because you know, I was a selfish little teenager. And when the night that she passed, I was sleeping. And she came and she sat on my bed. And she put her hand on my leg. And she said, I’m here to say goodbye. It’s my time to go clear as day I remember it. Every detail of it. I remember clear as day. And it was in the middle of the night. And she said I just want to let you know I love you. But it’s time for me to go. So I need to go now. And then all of a sudden it was morning and I woke up and my dad was sitting in the exact same place that grandma was and he said, I need to tell you something. And I said, Oh I know grandma died. And he’s looking at me like, how do you know that? I’m like, Oh, she came in my dreams. She told me and he just stood up and turned around and walked out of the room. He was like, okay, and he just laughed. And I asked him several years later if you remembered that he was like, No, I don’t remember that at all. And I was like, Oh, it’s so crystal clear to me. It was so funny. So I do think family teaches you some of some of the connection to spirit too. And sometimes it’s after they’ve gone. I know a lot of people that have a much better relationship with people once they’ve passed than when they were here on earth because they can get rid of a lot of the the animosity and they can actually have a healing relationship. So that happens a lot. Oh, yes, you happen like you with that too. Isn’t that interesting?

Oh, isn’t that interesting Barbara my mom told me before she died that the man that raised me wasn’t my bio father. She was my bed. sprinted I missed her so much, but I still have feelings about that confession and you know what? write her a letter journal and burn it, write her a letter and then burn it to release it and tell her all the feelings that you have about it. That works really well. When you still have some stuff that you need to move, you can do that you can do the energy clearing with us tonight. Like that’s exactly why I’m doing it for some of that stuff. My grandma passed on Christmas day in 1992. Her valve was closing we left the dinner table and all drove to the hospital to visit her as she was transitioning. It is a beautiful time of year. You know what now that I’m an adult. I understand why so many people leave and pass away at this time of year because it is such a holy time. It’s a it’s a spiritual time. There’s a lot of magic in the air like I get it as a kid. I did not understand it, though. Yeah, yep. Very similar to when my great grandmother passed. Isn’t that interesting? We have some grandma energy showing up today. Carla said, I learned that if you can only hold your energy for about 10 to 20 minutes from family or others. Just be okay with it. And if you have to leave the environment, do it like you got an appointment and talk to you later and just leave no shame or guilt? Absolutely. Yep. I actually suggest that to a lot of my clients. I mean, you don’t need to go for the whole day, go for an hour, go for two hours, you know, go for the afternoon. You don’t you don’t need to go for the whole weekend. You can decide what works best for you in whatever situation you’re at. And then manage your energy. And when it’s time to go. It’s time to go. And you don’t have to explain yourself. I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to leave now and go you don’t have to explain it. Yep. Great point, Carla. Oh, that’s cool. Vicki. Love it. Yeah, a lot of grandmas have that little kids spirit they still like to play. For Silla gave us some friggin amazing, amazing signs. My favorite one is I was really guided to go out and see my sister in law and brother in law in Idaho. And on the way home, I kept getting this message to go through Red Lodge. So you have to go through Yellowstone and up on the mountain pass. And I didn’t really realize what driving on a mountain pass was like, my kids were little. And it I was up all night the night before because it just was so loud in my head to go through Yellowstone, go on mountain paths and go through red dots go through Red Lodge go through Red Lodge. And I just thought, well, I don’t know, maybe Spirit just wants me to check out Red Lodge for skiing when the kids are bigger. And I just didn’t I just couldn’t quite understand what the message was about. And so we went through Yellowstone, the kids were exhausted because we had so much fun with the cousins. So they kind of slept through Yellowstone. When on the mountain pass, I freaked out the whole time. I’m like, Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. It was so scary. And I was so empowered by the time we got down. And we went in and we were starving. And so we were going into Red Lodge. And I had asked someone at the motel where to go eat and she had said, clearly a couple different restaurants. And she had said the restaurant that we ended up going to and I parked in front of the restaurant, I looked up and I started laughing. I was like, Oh my God. And there was a restaurant called Foster and Logan’s Foster’s my oldest son’s name. As you all know, Logan was her dog’s name. And she had just passed a few months beforehand. And I was like, Holy shit, that’s not a sign. So I made the boys go stand in front of it. And I sent pictures to the whole family and, and even my father in law. He’s like, Yeah, can’t make that one up Kenya. I’m like, No, I had no idea this restaurant was here. So every time we go there, of course, we have to eat it, foster and Logan’s. But I think that’s the fun part about when people do pass and that family pieces, you have that connection. So you can watch for those signs. And we’ll talk more about that. I definitely want to talk about signs and stuff from your loved ones in our 31 days. But today, it’s family and I just want to remind people that you can if the family isn’t what you need them to be for you, you can go out and create the family that you need. And myself and many, many people my community and and the communities that I’m in, we’ve all done that. That’s what’s really cool is then when when the shit hits the fan, you have some people that are there to support you, which is awesome. Okay. All right, my friends is short little vision today. If you can join us tonight, we have a clearing trio. And so it’s three different clearings. The first one is tonight, and tonight of course is on family. And then we’re going to also talk about the holidays just holiday and stress and we’ve been talking a lot about it in the 31 days, which is nice and then of course stress and anxiety. So it’s kind of a cool little package on all the really bigger things that that I hear a lot of out and where people need some help clear in their energy. Okay, so if you can join us tonight, I would love it. Let me see what time it’s at tonight at 7pm. Okay, and so you can go ahead and get your butt signed up, it will be recorded if you’re working or whatever tonight I will record it. And the next one I think is on the 15th Yep, the sixth, the 15th and the 20th is when we’re doing the clearings. Okay, so family, family family, and join me tonight and I will see you all really soon. Okay, you guys. Have a great day. Have a great day. Have a great day and I hope you’re all part of my family. Bye guys.

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