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TRANSCRIPT OF JODIE HARVALA SUMMARY KEYWORDS house, clearing, chinese new year, energy, people, fun, sage, selenite, clean, windows, candles, feel, space, open, plants, clearings, home 0:04 Hello hello everybody. Good evening. I'm just gonna hang let everyone jump on...

31 Days of Spirit: Day 9 – Purpose
Dec 19, 2022



SPEAKER: Jodie Harvala

Good morning. Hello. Hello. Good morning. Here we are day nine of 31 days of spirit. So I’ll just hang for a second. Let’s people jump on All right, there we go say hello in the comments, so I know that you’re here. Hello, hello, hello there we go. Good morning. So it is a little bit foggy in Fargo today.

And I’m hoping it stays just for a little bit longer. So I can run to the park and get some photos because we have horror for us today, which I always think is funny. But it’s when the tree branches and everything is just frosted and beautiful. And I love it. I love the it’s so pretty usually it’s a little bit warmer, and then the fog rolls in and so all those crystals land on the tree. So I’m going to try to get some photos for you guys later. Once I’m off. I’m going to run to the park quick and see if I can get some because that’s the best place to get the photos. Good morning. Good morning. And those Xena from New Zealand. That’s cool. Hello. Good morning. Glad you’re here. Miss Laurie and Kathy snowy morning. We have a big storm that supposedly moving in next week, three days of snow so we might get like a good foot of snow. We’ll see Nancy and Lori. I know right. It’s so funny. It’s called hoarfrost. I think that’s just funny. Oh, and it’s hot there. That’s funny. No, it’s cold here. Let’s see you. I’ll see what the temp is this morning. It’s actually not so bad. It was much colder earlier this weekend. It was like negative two. But we are moving up into the 30s this weekend, which is always perfect because we’re gonna go skiing this weekend. Yeah, it’s 22 here. 22 degrees. So it’s a nice day today. It’s beautiful. Foggy Minnesota. Yep, it’s foggy here too. I love the fog. I don’t love driving on the roads when it’s like that. And I’m kind of a chicken winter driver. But I’m a racecar driver in the summer. All right, good to see everybody this morning. So we are on day nine of 31 days of spirit. My name is Jodie Harvala. And we have been doing this all month because I wanted to get back online. I hadn’t been online doing my social media like I normally do. And I love to have a place to focus my energy in the holidays. And so we’re doing some holiday stuff. There’s Ruby, some holiday stuff and some spiritual stuff. It all comes back to spirit. Of course. If you don’t know, that’s my cat, Ruby, she likes to be part of everything that we do in the little she shed here. And she likes sure but off to everybody. She had been sleeping peacefully for the last half an hour, but now she’s gonna get up and just be crazy. Okay, so today what I thought we would talk about So yesterday we did your favorite songs. And we have all sorts of people that that have shared songs. So we’re going to work on something to try to get some kind of playlist or a PDF for you guys or something. Okay. And so we are very excited about that piece. I love it. I love the music piece. And today I thought we would talk about what’s your purpose? I get that question all the time. So I do a lot of psychic mediumship readings, and I do teachings and spiritual teachings and clearance and all that kind of stuff. And I think that’s probably one of my top questions besides, besides, am I on the right path? That’s another one I get what’s my purpose? Am I on the right path? And are they okay? When I’m doing mediumship reading, and I always welcome those questions. I think they’re fair questions. Those are the questions I asked before I knew I could even do this. And even the Are they okay, I do mediumship but that is always my first question when someone a loved one or friend or whatever passes over and I have a lot of mediumship friends. And that’s almost always my question too, because we are just human right? And so how many of you wonder what your purpose is? Let me know in the comments. How many of you is that a question that comes through for you? Is that something you wonder about? Is it something you wish someone would just tell you? Where are you when it comes to the life purpose piece? Yep. I think everyone, we’re not worries. Some people worry about it. Some people just wonder about it every day Yep. I often wonder Yep. Yeah, it’s not interesting. And it’s so I think it’s so much pressure that people put on themselves to figure out what their life purpose is. And I used to do that as well. I used to worry all the time. And I think it’s so much more simple. I think it’s more simple than what we get. I don’t think it’s one simple purpose, I think it is to learn how to be happy or content or feel good about yourself, or, you know, find some way to get back in the world. You know, I think our life purpose changes all the time. You know, I think unconditional love, a lot of people will teach us unconditional love, and I agree. But I also think that we’re human. And so I think our life purpose is to keep growing and expanding, and to keep learning. And I see a lot of my clients when you know, maybe they’re taking classes, or they’re doing some mentoring with me or someone else or, or they’re learning and they’re so on fire and things are happening in their life. And all of this stuff keeps going. And they’re you know, they’re learning and they’re expanding, and things are coming up for them. And they’re getting new perspectives, and they feel so alive. And then they step away from it all. And then I’ll hear from them six months to a year later. And they’re like, I don’t know, I’m stuck. And life sucks. And, you know, everything just kind of stopped. And I’m like, oh, like, are you? Are you doing the stuff you were doing before when you felt so alive? Well, no. And and I think that’s part of it. If you’re not learning something, or growing in some way, I do think it’s really hard to keep going. It’s one of the reasons I have a mentor. Because to show up for myself in that way I need help with that piece. And so learning how to move into a bigger place in my life, and bigger could be all sorts of different things. Bigger doesn’t mean doesn’t always mean bigger stuff and more stuff. And all that kind of stuff bigger might be just a bigger awareness, it might just be walking through some experiences that maybe before you would just kind of try not to walk through or, or feel through anything, and actually doing that and doing the work. So I think your life purpose changes depending on where your focus is. And sometimes your life purpose is to get back to living. Sometimes it’s having even more fun than you already are having fun, I really have always heard that life purpose is having fun, and learning how to be happy no matter where you are. And it doesn’t need to be. It doesn’t need to be such a hard question. Because it’s just sometimes your purpose is to stay home and clean the house. Like I’ve been told that before. By spirit, I’m like, What the hell is my purpose, and they’re like cleaning your house. And like, it’s not purposeful, like there’s no purpose in that. But I would do it. And I’d be like, who I feel so much better. Because maybe that day, that was my purpose. Maybe another day was a different purpose. And maybe it was helping one of you or supporting somebody that I didn’t expect to support. Or maybe it was helping my kids with something or whatever. I think that purpose. We all want this life changing world healing purpose. But I think sometimes that is our job for our worlds. We’re supposed to heal our world, our little tiny world inside of us, which isn’t always that tiny. But I think if people would be like, Well, what’s my purpose today and bring it more present that might feel better for a lot of you. And it might be easier to support yourself in that. Because sometimes your purpose is to support yourself. You know, I have a lot of people that they’re like, oh my god, I’m so sick. And I need to do this and this and this and this and this. And I’m like, how do you just stay home and support yourself today? Maybe that’s your purpose is your you got sick for a reason. And maybe you just need to sit your ass down.

And they’re like, Oh, well, that makes sense. So sometimes you’re your own purpose. Oh, I think we’re always our own purpose. But I think people put such pressure on it. And I think if you live a life that you allow to put you in different situations, your purpose will organically come through. You ever met somebody like out at the store or something and you just say hi to him or you just smile at him or something. And you can just completely see their energy change, or their personality kind of lifts up or something. You know, I was at I was picking up medicine. I don’t know if this is maybe a year ago. Two years ago, I don’t know I was at CVS picking up medicine. And this woman, his little lady was in there. She had her walker and everything. And you could tell she was struggling. And this gentleman was arguing with her. And that’s always a red flag for me if if I hear arguments with old people, and so I kind of walked down the aisle a little bit to see if if she needed help or something. And he’s like, Please, ma’am, just let me do this for you. Like, it’s okay, I can absolutely do it and blah, blah, blah. And I was like, what, what’s happening over here, what’s going on over here, because she was just beside herself. And she goes, this crazy man here wants to pay for my medicine, because I didn’t have enough money to pay for it. And he is just crazy. And I started laughing. And I was like, listen, I would bet in your long life, that you have helped someone along the way that maybe was in the same spot that you are today. And she kind of looked at me. And she goes, Well, of course I have. That’s just what you do. And she was so funny about it. She’s like, well, of course. And I was like, Maybe you should just let this guy kind of pay back a little bit of that love and caring that you’ve offered to other people. Maybe it’s your turn. And she teared up and she got mad at me to then then start yelling at me too. And I told the guy said, Go pay for it. And I will, I’ll stand here with her and not let her escape. So she can get her medicine. And so maybe that was my purpose is to make sure that that woman allowed some support and some help. And I also think sometimes people get that backwards. Because sometimes you’re always the giver. And a lot of people are giver, a giver, a giver, a giver, a giver, and they just suck at receiving. And I think sometimes things happen in life where you’re almost forced to learn how to receive. And you don’t need to be forced to learn how to receive if you would just learn how to receive. But I do think a lot of human beings that’s hard for them. And it’s a lot of just what we’re taught. And we’re taught to always be the giver, and you know, all that kind of stuff. But sometimes your purpose is to receive, because then once you receive and you grow and expand in that space, like you can give so much more in so many different ways. And it could be emotionally, it could be mentally, it could be physically, it could be financially, but if you learn to receive, like, what a beautiful thing. So I don’t think anyone can tell you your purpose. I think you just need to live your life and listen to what your cues are in life and do things that create some happiness for you. Some people don’t go out and figure out how to find joy, they just kind of sit on the couch and wait for it. And that’s not going to work, you got to put yourself out there a little bit. And if traveling is something that you want to do, and you’ve always been guided to it, like start a jar and start putting a couple of bucks in it. And even if it takes you a couple years at least you’ll still be putting some energy towards that, especially if that is meant to be part of your purpose. You know, I never could figure out how we were supposed to travel. But I knew I was supposed to travel. Like I knew it. I knew I was supposed to travel in my work. And I could never figure that out. Because we just didn’t have the extra cash, it’s time to do it. And we would just start putting some cash away and a little money jar, I still have money just sitting on my fridge and I still put money in it because I still want to travel and when I do travel, I have the most magical experiences. I had a really cool experience in Sedona one time I was there by myself. I was know what I was doing there that trip. I don’t know what I was doing. And I remember on the plane, I kept asking spirit, you know what, show me where I need to be. And I often asked that every morning, show me where I need to be show me where I need to serve. show me show me today. You know what my purpose is? Because every day is different. And I went on this little hike. And I saw this family and they were trying to get their older people. They were trying to get a selfie and they just weren’t doing a very good job. And I was like, Hey, how about you guys just line up and I’ll take the picture for you. And they were like, okay, and you could just tell they were just total tourists. They were not there for the woowoo side of Sedona. They were just there to enjoy the red rocks and hike and stuff. And so before I left, I had hit from spirit and I was like, Hey, listen, I said I feel like you guys are just here for a fun, you know, family trip and, and but stay open because Sedona often gives you different signs and symbols from your loved ones that have passed and it feels like someone here lost a brother. So just stay open to science. And they all just stared at me. And I just started to laugh and I said trust me just stay open to the signs and I turned around and walked off. And I thought it was so fun. It was just fun to kind of plant a little seed there. later went back to my hotel room and I was sitting there and and spirit was like, go get some chocolate. And I was like, I don’t really want to leave the room, I’m tired, I got done hiking, and it’s like, go get some chocolate. I was like, I don’t want any chocolate, I’m not gonna go any chocolate because I’m fighting with spirit, which you never should do. And finally, it was like, go get some chocolate. So I went to get some chocolate at this little store was right outside my hotel room. And it was you could walk through this cool crystal shop to get to the chocolate store. So I walked through the store and all of a sudden heard, oh, my God, it’s you. It’s you, this woman screaming at me yelling and running towards me. And I was like, Holy shit, who are you? And it happened to be the lady up on the red rocks. And she goes, stay right here, don’t move. And I was like, okay, and in my head. I’m like, Alright, this is why I’m getting chocolate. And she went and grabbed this man who did not want to come into the crystal shop. And she said, Tell him what you told us on the rocks. Tell him what you told us on the rocks. And I was like, what would I tell you on the rocks? And I was like, oh, stay open to spirit because it felt like someone had lost somebody. And they will show you a lot of different signs. And he’s like, how do you know that? And I’m like, I’m a psychic medium. And Sedona is a very magical place and has a lot of Spiritual Energy Law. And he goes, Well, how’d you know, I lost my brother. They said that you knew that someone lost their brother? And I said, I don’t know. I just know. I just I heard it. And I listen, and I said it. And he’s like, I don’t know. That’s weird. Like, I know, it is weird. It is weird. I said, but watch out. And I kept grabbing the back of my hair. And I said, you know, do you? Do you ever feel like someone’s grabbing the back of your hair or like back of your neck? And he goes, Yeah, I have for years. I just always thought it was just kind of a tick in my body. And I was like, no, no, man, that’s your brother. And he just welled up. And he was just so like speechless. And he goes, You know, that’s when it started was when my brother died. And I was like, yeah, he’s always with you. And then the guy just walked off, like he couldn’t handle any more. So he just left. And I went and got some chalk, and I came back and the woman was there again, and she had all these people standing around her. That’s her, that’s her. And so it was like, such a beautiful place to put some, some, some talents that I had into somewhere that never would have happened, unless I had done all this work to even get to Sedona. So I think when you’re getting some hits, and some guides and some nudges, from your intuition, or from spirit, like, Listen, you know, if it’s like, Hey, start reading your books, and you don’t start reading, that you might miss out on some opportunities for where your purpose can be really put somewhere. And our purpose can be big things, you know, like supporting someone I had, I’ve had several clients actually tell me that I’ve helped them. I’ve helped them want to live again, like they were suicidal, and they wanted to live again, like, that’s amazing to hear something like that. And maybe that was my purpose for my whole life, just helping that one person, or those three people or whatever it might be. But you don’t know, you don’t know what your purpose is. And I don’t think it’s meant to be a specific your purpose is to do psychic readings. I don’t think that is how it comes across. I think it is something different every day. I think your purpose changes. I think your purpose is much bigger than any of us can even comprehend. In our minds. I think it is almost a waste of energy. Kind of have to wonder exactly what it is. Because I don’t think it’s exact. So ask what your purpose is today. What is my purpose today? You know, where can I be of service today? Where can I learn and expand today and just see what shows up? Because you just never know. It could be a car accident that you helped save someone’s life. It could be someone needs a phone, someone needs a smile, somebody just needs to chat with somebody. I had a gentleman one time, I was talking to this banker guy one time and I just had something just had some questions for him. And I was asked him questions and all of a sudden, he asked

us something about divorce or something. And it literally was a 45 minute call of him telling me all the stuff that was happening in his life with his wife. I’d never met the man before ever. And I thought, Okay, this is my purpose right now. So I’m just gonna listen to this dude, because he obviously needed someone just to hear him. And I was like, I can hear someone I’m really good at that. So I was just there to be able to hear that message and give him some place to put some of that energy and give them a few, you know, seeds of hope or whatever I must have said and then we were done with a phone call. It was so weird. I was like, Okay, well, that’s my purpose today. Okay, so it was really kind of fun. But what is my purpose? Today? You could even make it even smaller. What’s my purpose right now? Because sometimes we just get so overwhelmed. And sometimes I asked like, what’s my purpose right now? And it’s like, listen to some music, go sit by the lake, go for a walk, go get something to eat. Call a friend. Like it can be a million different things, you guys, but you put so much pressure on trying to figure out what your purpose is that like you miss the magic? I like the question. What is my purpose is today, what is my purpose today? Otherwise, it’s almost too big and too deep. See? I totally agree. Yep, I love asking my spirit tribe. What do I need to learn today? Yes. Yep. What is it today? What is it today? What is it today? I know are those cool stories? And I do think that, that when I started to shift my my perspective around what is my purpose? Because that’s the question that I’ve asked for a million years, right. And I always knew I had a purpose as a kid, like I knew it. I never talked about it. But I always knew I had a big purpose. I knew I was supposed to do something I knew I was supposed to teach. I knew I was supposed to change the world. And like I knew that as a child. And so of course, the pressure of that got bigger and bigger as I got older definitely got bigger as I got into this work. And it almost shut things down instead of opening things up until I started to bring it back to present and be like, okay, too much. What do I need to just just tell me what I need to do today? Like, where’s my purpose today. And I know there’s days that that I’ve really been guided just to go to Detroit Lakes and go skiing. And by myself, I remember the first few times I went skiing by myself because I could and didn’t take the kids and take Eli just went alone. And number one that was a big deal for me just to go do something fun by myself just because I could. So one of my purpose was to learn how to have fun and have joy again. And so a few years ago, I started skiing by myself. And I actually really liked ski by myself. And I like ski with people too. But I remember I was like, Nope, I’m going skating tomorrow, like I’m going and I and it would be during the school ski trips where there was 1000 kids there that don’t know how to get on the on the chairlift and they’re falling all over the place. And I’m like, Oh, it was like my hell. And there would be all the chaperones. And so I would try to find the bigger people to go on the chairlift with because little kids will kill you on the chairlift. And there was these two moms one time and they’re like, oh, like, What school do you belong to? I said, Oh, I’m just here skiing by myself. And they both were like, I’m sorry, what? You’re doing what? I’m like, Oh, I had a free afternoon. So I just decided I you know, I’m only 45 minutes away. So I came skiing by myself today for a couple hours. And they were like, you can do that. Like, what? What do you mean? Like you’re here by yourself? Like, where’s your kids? I’m like, my kids are at school and my husband’s at work. And I’m skiing. And they’re like now like, how do you how do you do that? I’m like, I just went, I just, I just got my car and I came here and I put my skis on and I’m here. And they were like, We have never even considered skiing by ourselves. And I’m like, yep, skate by myself all the time. I said, and I traveled by myself. What and they just freaked out because it was not even in their, in their heads that they could create that opportunity to do that. So my purpose that day was just to give some people some freedom to go do something that maybe they never would have thought of. And I’ve gotten tons of inspiration from people. That’s what I love about all my clients, and my mentor and all the people that I’m in community with, because they all teach me things that I never even thought I’m like, Oh, I never even considered that I could do that. I mean, our first cruise that Eli and I went on, I was like Sonny just texted she wants to know if we’re going on the cruise. And he’s like looking at me. He goes a cruise. What do you mean? What do you mean? I’m like, you know, a big boat, big cruise. And he was like, I don’t know, like, are we adult enough to go Can we go on a cruise? Like, are we can we do that? I’m like, I don’t know, I don’t know if we can do that. And it was such a great opportunity for us to start living bigger, which is something we wanted to do. And I said, you know, it’s so fun that she reached out in that way first of all, because I trust her I know she’s really fun on trips. I knew the whole group were people that I enjoyed. And and it was like permission to go bigger in our lives because that was something we wanted to do. We lived pretty small life at the time and it was like, I think we can do this. So sometimes your purpose is to teach other people that they can do other things. And now that cat wants to jump on that shelf. I’m hoping she doesn’t do it. Okay, um I love hearing this makes being so much easier, right? Kind of gives you permission just to be in your day. Yeah, morning. That’s Ruby. She wants to go look at the birds and chatter at them. She can wait just a couple minutes here. Okay, questions on your purpose? And any of that kind of hit home for you? Does it make sense for you? I think it’s a big question. I hear it all the time. So I’m hoping to give you guys a little freedom in that piece. So maybe that would be something fun you can do over the weekend for yourself, is you can actually ask yourself and ask your spirit team. Even if you don’t know your spirit team, if you’re super new to this, and you’re like, What the hell’s the spirit team? We’ll talk about that. And one of our days too, but maybe you can just start asking, you know, what is my purpose today, show me show me teach me lead me, let me know what my next move is. and have some fun with it, and then report back. So that would be a nice fun thing that you can put into mighty networks that you can share on on our posts that we have. All of those names are going in for for prizes. So don’t forget to do your mighty network stuff. We want to get you in for prizes. I forgot I was going to do one today. And I completely forgot about it. So I will draw our first prize on Monday, I promise. I like your perspective of what’s my purpose today and right now good. Because that it really does free you up a little bit from all that pressure. I think a lot of women feel under pressure all the time. And I think it’s just to how interesting, that’s how it is. And I think it’s it’s something that you can also teach your kids, you know, and you can teach your friends and, and you can teach each other and help each other. I think it’s more inspirational to do it that way. It’s more organic to, I think it makes all of these stories that I tell I have 1000 stories, you guys, and all of the stories that are my favorite stories, I could have never planned them. Not in a million years could I have planned them. And I couldn’t have dreamed them, I couldn’t have planned them. I couldn’t have connected the dots in that way. I never ever would have been able to do that. And that was the magic for me. Like that was the piece I was like, Oh, this this is what I’ve been searching for, like this is the energy I kept feeling as a kid is to start to let life. And it’s not that I don’t set intentions or goals or work towards something. But I do leave a lot of energy open for for insight from spirit, I really even this doing 31 days of spirit that was from spirit, like I was out for a walk. And it was like, hey, you need to be online every day for 31 days, which is not typical for me. And I was like, Oh, that’s a long time. And as like you don’t know who you might help or support or what kind of support and help I might get. Because it’s been really fun to have the connection every day and something I look forward to. And so get your ass back online. The first day, the very first day, there was a woman that had been struggling, she’s in her community, we all know her and, and there was some behind the scenes chatting with her. And she ended up getting some support that she really quite needed. And she wasn’t the only one there was a few different people just off the very first day talking about miracles. And I thought, Okay, I understand, get back in the energy, of miracles and joy and being of service and purpose and all of those things because they all work together. But you got to put your toe in it, you got to be in it a little bit. I have a woman that’s worked with me. She’s one of my mentoring clients.

She has been with me for years. And every single week we talk and in every single week and one of the reasons she does because I asked her one time I’m like, Why do you talk every week, we wouldn’t need to talk every week. And she goes, why wouldn’t I it keeps me in my flow. It keeps me accountable. It keeps me reminding me to stay in my magic. It reminds me to use my tools that reminds me to do this. And I was like, All right, let’s keep going and her whole life has shifted. And it’s been so fun to be a part of that. So don’t discount that mentoring piece. Either my friends are having a coach or having a therapist or having a minister or somebody that helps you hold your your energy a little bit so that you can live up to whatever the purpose is that you’re feeling guided to. Okay, I think it’s a beautiful thing to have some support. And I have some openings for mentoring in the new year. So if that’s something that is interesting to you, make sure you email me Okay. Um, and I’ve got I’ve got lots of stories I teach from stories though I always have. So I asked for a lot of good stories. And he says love this so much opening up the space to be shown on daily what I need to do in the moment to show up we overcomplicated. I know as human beings we overcomplicate Me included we overcomplicate almost everything. I think it’s just our nature, because we want to know the answers to everything instead of allowing the answers to show up for us. So instead of chasing that purpose, allow it to come to you. Okay? Allow it allow it allow it. Yeah, so overthinking. Yep, we’re a lot of busy thinkers or a lot of busy minds. But that was the other piece with with that purpose is learning how to allow it to come to me. Instead of chasing after it out, they always show me a picture of me chasing a horse because can’t catch a horse. If you’re chasing it, like you’re never going to your horse is gonna be like, Screw you, I’m out. But if you sit and you calm yourself, and you adjust your vibration, you just your energy, the horses will come straight to you every time every time. It’s like magic, but they’re teaching you to be present. And I think that’s kind of how it works with our purpose, too. You need to adjust, you need to align, you need to raise your vibration, you need to get in and use some of these tools that we all teach over and over and over and over. Because then it comes to you and through you. Yep. Allowing and asking. That’s right. Yep. So when I’m chasing, they show me that picture of the horse running away from me. I’m like, All right. All right. All right. All right, I’ll get quiet. I’ll slow down a little bit. can’t chase it. It’s not gonna you can catch it. You can allow it though. All right, friends. That’s what I got for you today. I don’t know what time I’m going to be on tomorrow. Because I kind of want to take you on a little field trip, but I’m trying to figure out how I can do it. So you might just have to catch the replay or just kind of keep an eye on things. I will try to give you a little bit of a warning when I get on. We’re just doing some fun tomorrow. So I thought it would be fun to do it a little a little live while we’re doing it. So I will keep you posted on that. And then of course we’ll meet on Sunday, and I’ll let you know what time Yes, needing to learn to receive. Kathy said so glad I was online today. This was a great topic for me. Yeah, I knew it’d be a good topic for all of us. Good reminders. good reminder for me to talk about it. It’s a good reminder for me. So I hope it was fun for you guys. I will see you soon. Have a great, great, great Friday and a happy weekend. I hope you guys have some fun plans and if you don’t plan some and I will jump on tomorrow when we are where we are. And I will give you a little insight and I will also try to get some pictures of the hoarfrost for all of you that do not live in snowy places or foggy places. Alright guys, have a great day. Talk to you soon. Bye, guys.

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