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Free Energy Clearing Class for the New Year

Free Energy Clearing Class for the New Year



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Hello hello everybody. Good evening. I’m just gonna hang let everyone jump on we are doing some information on clearing your space tonight some basic top 10 things that I like to share when people want to clear their space. My name is Jodie Harvala Psychic Medium spiritual teacher. Say hello in the comments I’m using stream yard tonight and so if you haven’t I just won’t see your name. I can still see your comments though. But say hello so I can see who is joining me. There we go now some people are jumping on Hi, Xena. Good to see you. Hey Kelly, good to see you. It’s been a while girl

Elise and Sabrina hello hello

all right, I see bungee jumping on say hello Hello Miss Karen and Amy. Oh la I love Facebook for this fun stuff. Hey Miss tangi. Good to see you too sister

on a whole bunch of people are coming on. Hopefully I don’t miss her name is Cindy and Amy Chanel. Did I say that right. Miss Amy. Hello. Hello. Miss Brittany. Hello everybody. Good to see everyone. Donna and Michelle and Linda and Linda. That’s funny. You guys jumped on that same time? Yes, Peggy. Hello. All right. If we get any weirdos that jump on and want you to message them right away for reading or things like that every once awhile we get that kind of shit. Come on. I’m just gonna block them but please ignore them. I would never do that. That’s not somebody I know. Okay. Foggy southern Alberta. Hello. Hello. It is beautiful. in Fargo today. We had some pretty snow. We had a beautiful weekend. We went ice fishing. And I went cross country skiing. And we rented a little cabin up by the lake and it was so fun. And just like it was a beautiful weekend to be outside. And my son did you guys all hear my son went in the ditch. Got a call at 1231 o’clock at night. It’s good shit out of me. And him. Of course. All was totally fine. But I’m kind of I don’t like it and those middle of the night calls. I do not to like it. And I often turn off my phone. And I told him that I was like think that my phone was on because I don’t always leave my ringer on and I must have forgot to turn it off. Or maybe I might have just intentionally left left it on because I knew he was that we were out of town and stuff. And he said oh my oh my god, a whole bunch of people I could have called. And he gave me like the list of people that he would have called I’m like, okay, at least got brain enough to do that. Yeah, he was fine. I guess he came off you know, it’s so slippery when you come off like, like the to go on to the interstate in some of those spots. And then he flipped around once and then he landed with his asset of the truck into the ditch. And then happily, it was so nice, because I wish I knew who he was. But a cop was driving by and stopped and made sure he was okay. And then and that he I bet he saw how young he was. Because he’s he’s not quite 17 yet. And he sat with them until the tow truck came. It’s not nice. I thought that was awesome. I was like That is awesome. I wish I knew who that cop was. So as far as scary experience, yes. Could have been much worse. So everything is good. And then there’s my favorite part of the whole thing and I literally laughed out loud in the middle of the night. So it took maybe an hour or something for the tow truck to get there not not long at all really. And I said you know do you do you have your debit card with you because you’re gonna have to pay them and I didn’t really think of anything because we have it on our insurance. You just pay it then they reimburse you but I didn’t tell him that. And if you have little ears plugged in for a second but I get a text like 10 minutes after and he had to pay it he goes Mom, it’s fine. Can $300 Oh my god, I lost it. I laughed so hard. And then he goes, I don’t even care that I swore and I just busted out laughing and I was like, huh, this is why we don’t want you to go in in the ditch. But he was out of town. It was late at night. And oh my god, it was so funny. Oh, I was just cracking up at that. So he did not care for that. So now his he keeps asking how long it takes to get reimbursed? Oh my God, it was so funny. Yep, he’s totally fine. Totally fine. Truck is totally fine. I actually drove it today. So yep, he’s good. And he got back in the car and drove back out there. So it didn’t like, you know, some kids kind of stiffen up and won’t drive again. And he got right back in and drove again, which I think is important, especially in North Dakota, like you got to know how to drive. And it can happen, anyone going in the ditches, not just it can happen anyone. I’m just glad he didn’t flip the truck or anything. All right. Hello. Hello, everybody. So I was sharing about my son went in the ditch this weekend. And he’s totally fine. Check this fine all as well. But we had beautiful weather. And now we’re back home today. And we’re getting ready for the Chinese New Year, which is next Sunday. Okay, so that is when the lunar energy shifts of the year. So we have our calendar date that shifts on December 31, right on our New Year’s Eve calendar. But when I got into kind of more of the energy work a long time ago, maybe 15 years ago, now, I would notice on New Year’s Eve, I was like, just feels like something’s not like it just doesn’t feel like the new year yet. And I remember talking about this with friends. And then I was taught that the Chinese New Year is when the actual energy shifts. And I was like, ah, that’s what it was. And so I celebrate both because they both feel like they need celebration. And over the years, I’ve learned just some little tips and tricks with some basic stuff. And I thought it’s really fun to teach everyone about some of these fun little things that we do. And I wanted to start with some basics on getting your space ready. And just general clearing. So some of you will know a lot of this. But I always teach that go back to the foundation and just go with the foundation and the basics and do the best you can with them. And then you can add on some of the fun things, we actually created a cool PDF, and then you’ll get the one that I’m going through tonight, and a clearing meditation for you for the Chinese New Year. Here, I’ll put the link up, you might not get to see the link until I’m not on here. But we created it and we made it super cheap. It’s only eight bucks. But it’s a half an hour clearing. It’s a 30 minute clearing plus two PDFs that have to do with clearing your space and specific things about the Chinese New Year. So if you want some more specifics on the Chinese New Year’s stuff that you can do, go ahead and grab that, that offer that bundle that we put together for you. Okay. All right. So how many of you that are online? How many of you actually, like clear your houses in some way, shape or form? Like how many of you do sage or something? Give me a little give me a little measurement here. How many of you actually pay attention to the energy of your house? Again, some of the stuff I’m going to do tonight it’s it’s pretty general and but it’s it’s really I think it helps with the foundation and when you start with the basics you just keep building up from there. Sometimes me me yep. I don’t know how to do it. Yep. So you do my house randomly sage I do often. Sage spray. Yep. Open the windows when it’s nice. Yeah. All of it works, you guys. You do? Yes. Good. Good. Good. How many of you have never cleared your house or don’t know what I’m talking about? Which is totally fine. How many of you I never knew before all this I was like, me mean clear. My house. We had our house cleared because we had a ghost in the house. That’s how I got into all of this. It was it was super funny. Like I was just starting to open up to some of this stuff. And we saw ghost in my house. And we actually had a bat in the house and then we saw a ghost in the house and I had someone come over to clear my house. And that’s how I got into all this craziness. It’s not craziness but Windows spray have me do it. Fresh flowers. Yes, yes. cleared my old house every full moon stopped when I moved here. You should keep going with a Janice you know you love to do it. Yeah, I’ll tell you about my ghost story in just one second here never cleared okay. Oh yeah, the bat was way worse than the ghost. Way worse at least it goes hard to say what’s worse the Battle of the ghost. So my son was little he was still on a bottle. So I think he was maybe six months old maybe. And. And it was so funny because I went to make him a bottle in the morning. And there was a bat in my sink. And I just about flew out of my skin. I’m not into bats not into mice, and symbolically fine with them. They have cool magic symbology I don’t want the real ones on my house. And so I am in bed in the house. So smart me went and grabbed like 17 towels out of my bathroom and threw it over the bat. So he couldn’t escape the sink. And I called Eli at work. He worked at grandma’s restaurant at the time. And I was like, Oh my God, you have to come home right now right now right now you have to come home right now. And he thought something was wrong with Foster. And he’s like, take a breath, what’s going on? You know, he just gets shut out of him. And I was like, Oh my God, there’s a bad in the house. There’s bad in the house. And oh, he was laughing so hard. He’s like, Are you kidding me?

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I’m like you get your ass home right now and get this bat out of the house. And so he’s like, Well, where is it? And I’m like, I have it in the sink. And it’s covered in towels. And he’s like, Wow, can I just stay there? I’m like, no. So I made him come home from work. Take the bat, get it out of the house. And then and then it came back because bats just come back. And so then it was flying through the house at one point. And I had all the windows and doors opened trying to get it out of the house. And then he got it out again. And then we went to sleep one night. And I heard this noise in the upstairs and I ran into the hallway to see what it was. And I looked in Foster’s room and there was a ghost sitting in the rocking chair. And I looked and I looked away and I was looking at the bat and I looked in his room again still saw the ghost and I looked away. And I looked again and I was like oh my god, there’s a ghost in the room of the baby. And I didn’t want the bat to get in there. So I slammed his door shut and then I ran into the bathroom and slam that door because I didn’t want the bat on me. And then I’m screaming two in the morning at you like oh my god, there’s a ghost in the house. There’s a bat in the house get up. And so he had to get up, figure out the bat and then he didn’t even think about the ghost because he’s like You are crazy. And then the next day I was talking to a friend of mine. I was like, Oh my God. It’s like ghosts last night. I remember exactly what she looked like she was tall and skinny. She had long gray hair. And she was peaceful. She wasn’t she wasn’t creepy or like she didn’t skate like she’s she startled me. But she didn’t scare me because I actually she was sitting and looking at Foster’s crib. And so to me, it was more like she was just watching over him right? She’s like, get the bat out of your house. And oh, it does my sound keep cutting out. How’s that you guys? It’s probably because I’m yelling. And so so I had to get my house cleared to get the ghost out of my house. And it introduced me to this woman that taught about space clearing and then the space clearing. I started doing that. But the ghost story was so interesting, because five years later, I was talking to my neighbor outside and she said you know, it always it we always felt like it was something weird in that house when the wife died. And we didn’t know if she was pushed down the steps or fell down the steps or something. She said there was always this weird thing. And I was like, what what does that lady look like? And sure shit. She explained exactly how I explained her and my face was like, great, because she goes, Why do you look like that? And I’m like, I totally saw her in my house. And I was explaining about what she looked like to me. And she’s like, Yeah, that was her. That was her. So yeah, we definitely had well, we’ve had a few ghosts in our house. Actually. We live across the street from a church and so we’ve had a haunted house for a long time. It’s much better now, obviously. Okay, you guys sound is good now. Okay. It’s probably because I was yelling. Okay, so yes, that’s how I got into space clearing and Um, some of the things that were so interesting to me when I got into space clearing, we were really struggling when I got into this work like, really, really, really, really were struggling. And I remember telling Eli, we are doing everything right. We are good people, we are nice people, we do things for others, we work really hard. Like, we’re both workers, we’re not lazy. We’re, we’re good parents, like, I just I kept telling him, we’re missing something, there’s something that is missing. And I don’t know what it is. But I know we’re missing some piece of this. And when I got into space clearing, I remember realizing, Oh, my God, this is the piece like this is the piece. This is the piece that we’re missing is that we don’t pay attention to the energy of anything, because we just didn’t know it’s not taught anywhere. And unless you fall into it, or your Spirit brings you to it, like you don’t really know. And I just thought, oh my god, that is when everything started to change, when I started to learn about the energy of things, and it made so much sense to me. So that is why I’m so obnoxious about talking about it. And people should get their spaces cleared and blah, blah, blah, because it made such a difference in even. I mean, we still talk about that. And just so many cool things happen to us after that. And so that story was really pivotal, like seeing that ghost and all that stuff, because I wasn’t doing this work at that time. And it really shoved me into this work, thank God. And so ghosts can be kind of there for a good thing to you guys. Sometimes Sometimes it is introducing and pushing the door open to something that’s supposed to support you and help you and learning about about mediumship and seeing signs for my loved ones biggest gift ever. Because I’ve had so much death now in my life. I’m like, Oh, thank God, I know that. I feel bad for people that don’t have a faith or belief in that. I do I feel really bad about that. And so when I talk about these basics, you’re gonna be like really like, is that it? And I’m going to be like, yeah, pay attention to it. Okay. All right. So, top 10 things that I feel is a great way to start and start paying attention to the energy. So before you do some of these things, you guys, you may want to just sit in your house and feel what your house feels like. Okay, and I know that sounds funny, but like, walk around your house, notice if certain corners feel darker, or if going down the steps to your basement feels like there’s like like it slows down or it’s kind of like walking through mud or some of that kind of stuff. Like notice, I talked to a woman today, I just cleared her house and she had this back room and she’s like, can’t even go in that room. She’s like, it literally physically makes her ill to go in there. And so as I was clearing, I had her walk through it. And we went kind of through this exercise. And it was so cool, because she could feel the energy clearing off. And so you want to pay attention to how your house feels before you do some of this stuff. And then how it feels after that’s also very much training your intuition. And it’s, it’s allowing you to learn the energy of things. Okay. All right. So one of the first things that and again, these are easy things you guys, so one of the first things is light a candle fire is transformational. And so a lot of people and you can do unscented candles, you can do scented candles, the one I use in my shed is actually like a pine smell because I think pine is a very clearing energy for me. And so if I’m about to, to set it intention or or even while I’m clear, like cleaning my house and things like that, I like the energy of fire it just naturally I’m a Leo, so I like fire. And so naturally, I think fire just transforms the energy in a room, obviously, you need to be careful, don’t burn your house down. And they have tons of different kinds of candles these days that you can do, you can make your own all that kind of cool stuff. And I like to do I like to have a candle burning in whichever room I’m working in. Okay, you don’t have to do that. But that’s how I do it. That’s just an example. Some people have very specific candles that they use for clearing work. Some people just use whatever they have in the house. And so I also think that in the evening when it’s it’s just getting dark. It’s such a peaceful time in the day, that lighting some candles. We used to do that when our kids were little like we’d eat supper and then we’d start to turn the lights down and then we’d light a couple candles and we would like set the mood in the house because when you can when you kind of set the energy in the house and you’re using physical things. Things that you can see you can smell it, you can hear it because you can hear the flames that helps to bring your feelings and senses out as well. And it brings kind of a calming energy to the room and the fire is transmuting energy because that’s what fire does. Okay, so I think lighting a candle can be very powerful. Ooh, sage and cedar candle. Hmm. Yep, it’s a really great addition to your bedtime routine, especially with kids, obviously have the candles where the kids can’t see him. But I used to use candles a lot when I was had little kids at home.

Okay, all right, perfect. All right, number two, flowers and plants. So my grandma was amazing with plants. My mom is very good with plants my aunt’s very good with plants. I’m not. I knew, though, that my house needed some life in it. And it needed some continuous life in it. And so I when I started to bring a few plants into my house, I actually went to the florist. And I’m like, listen, like I kill plants, like I kill a lot of things. So telling me the plants that are super easy that you know, you water once a week. And if you forget, they’re not going to be dead in three days. And so they actually were super helpful. They gave me some super, super, super easy plants. Just to add a little life to the house, when I am creating, creating and creation mode or like this weekend is is like an energy thing or on the full moon or things like that, I will go and buy some flowers. Number one, I like flowers. I know people think oh, they just die. And they’re a waste of money, whatever. I really like them. And I like having them in my house. There’s something about them. I like the energy of them. They feel abundant to me. And so I bring in plants and I bring in fresh flowers when I’m creating something. So if I’m doing a big launch or I have a big class coming up or something that’s part of my abundance routine, is I go buy some really great flowers and it could be from the grocery store. A lot of times I just get the cheap ones from the grocery store. Costco has great flowers, they actually have great plants too. And they’re usually discounted and things like that you can always I like to encourage my clients to trade different little plant cuttings with their friends. I think that’s really fun, because then you can Hey, I have an aloe vera plant and I have this plant and you can trade the little babies. And so sometimes it’s like an exchange of love as well. Again, new life coming in and having this great energy of life and growth and you need to nurture it or minds you to be nurturing you need to feed it. Feed it good food, like all the kinds of things and I think it’s a very basic thing that can shift the energy of your house a lot. Okay. Um, yeah, we don’t have a Trader Joe’s I so wish we did. I so wish we did.

Piece plant. Yep. I love those. Yeah, we’re talking about Chinese New Year. Yep. I do like the Trader Joe’s flowers. I always buy him in the cities when I’m there

love fresh flowers. Yep, I think fresh flowers also in North Dakota. I think having some green plants living things in our house. I think it’s great for that winter depression that comes on people. I think it’s really helpful to have some green in your house when we don’t see the sun for weeks on end. For me, that’s that’s one of the reasons I like flowers in the wintertime is because it reminds me springs coming it will come it might take a little bit but it’s coming and so I buy the really pretty fresh flowers. Okay. Yep, plants in every room and it’s great for the air. It’s really good. A lot of people don’t open their windows in the wintertime. And so plants can help with that piece too. Okay. All right. plants, plants, plants, light a candle, get some flowers or plants. Number three, open a window. I really think that’s one of the easiest ways to clear the energy in your house, open a window. And today it was funny. I was telling this client I’m like, Hey, can you open the window in that bedroom? And she’s like, Yeah, no, it’s frozen shut. And she tried like all these different windows and it was warm this weekend and now it’s cooler and so she just couldn’t get the windows open. I said just go open the door. And I said intentionally stand there for a second. And then when you open the door and and intend for that negative energy to leave or dense energy to leave like she felt the wish of the energy leaving. And so I actually have my windows open daily derives my husband baddie hates it, but I feel such a difference when I have the windows open for 10 minutes, you can just air out the room and then close them again. And if there’s a blizzard, always up in my windows, if there’s a thunderstorm always up in my windows. If I’m saving my house, I open all the windows and all the doors. And it usually takes me maybe half an hour to stage my house. And I will keep them open the whole time because I just think it helps to move the energy out the only part of my house that I can’t open the windows is all the basement ones are pretty much sealed in the wintertime and they’re covered with snow. But the rest of the house, I open the windows at least for 10 minutes, almost daily. Okay. I actually sleep with my bedroom window open too. But don’t don’t mention that to Eli, because I do it after he falls asleep. Yep, just for just for a couple minutes. See if it makes a difference in your energy, Brittany, you’re pretty sensitive. So it might do something to to shift some of that energy. I know people freak out when I tell them to open their windows in their doors, especially in the wintertime. But I still think it helps oftentimes, even if it’s below zero, I still will open them just for a little bit. Just for a little bit. It lets your house breathe. And sometimes if you’re a shallow breather, it reminds you to breathe to like there’s always two sides to why I’m having you guys do this stuff. Okay. Yeah, you do have to remember to close them. I’ve done that too. I’ve done that upstairs. I hadn’t both open and oh my god, it was freezing. But yeah. Open, open, open. Okay, but windy days, fantastic time to open your windows fantastic. Again, even if it’s just for a couple minutes. But that wind coming through your house, it is taken shit away. So it’s a great, great basic thing to do to clear the energy in your house. It was that funny. Those husbands don’t like us when we talk about this. Okay, um, this one I always think is funny. But this has been something since I started clearing houses. And I used to not talk about it because I thought people would think I’m weird, shocking, I am weird. But I ended up talking to one of my mentors was Hamilton about it one night, and I was like, hey, Wes, what do you think about this? And he started laughing. And he goes, Oh, yeah, 1,000% I believe that. And I was like, really. So one of the things that I think is absolutely magical. And I don’t know why is to run your vacuum, vacuum your floors, vacuum your floors, and move everything around and really get in there and vacuum things. But I think vacuums are magical. I don’t know why I’ve always felt this ever since I was a little kid. And then when I started to really get into the clearing piece of it, that’s one of my favorite things to do is just go back and number one, it leaves a nice lines in your rugs, right? But there is something about running a vacuum. And I remember I would keep I kept telling people this when I was clearing houses, that’s how Western I got into the conversation about it. And I was like what every single time like, I feel like I’m telling these people, their houses are dirty. And it has nothing to do with that piece. There’s just something about running a vacuum and he started laughing He goes yeah, I’ve always thought vacuums are magical. And he’s like, Oh, thank god, there’s another person that thinks the same. And so I just feel like there’s something with vacuums or something in the vibration or the energy or whatever. And what’s really funny is when I’m clearing energetically like if I’m working on someone’s body or their house or something, I also vacuum energetically in my head to like I have an energy thing that I do that that looks like a vacuum. And so I think it crosses all the borders body, mind and spirit. But I really think vacuuming can shift the energy of a room really, really really fast plus it looks clean to that right and I was just telling a girl today depending on the kind of vacuum you have, sometimes I’ll take a little bit of essential oil on my fingers and I’ll put it like my vacuum now doesn’t have a bag but I used to just put it on the bag or I’ll put it like on the side where where the dirt comes in. But I’ll put it somewhere so that sense can be kind of kind of spread around the house too. Don’t put it on your filters or your vacuum you will break your vacuum I did that don’t do that. But you can you can do that. Okay it also burns calories That’s right. Yes cotton pad cotton pad in the canister great idea. So that’s a really good idea. Sweeping absolutely don’t sweep on the Chinese New Year though. Okay, so don’t know sweeping on Sunday. But yeah, sweeping obviously my my shed. I sweep it all the time and I actually bought an old style broom like a witch broom. So I always sweep but yep, sweep does same thing. Absolutely. Oh, a dryer sheet around your filter. That’s good idea. Yeah, don’t do that. I used to put a couple drops on your filter and it just messes with your filter. So don’t do that. Okay, so you’re gonna run your vacuum. And then of course, dusting, dusting is really easy. Some people love it, some people don’t. But I think dusting your shelves straightening your books. In Fung Shui way, they actually tell you to bring your books out to the edge of the shelf instead of pushing them all the way to the back. It kind of bothered me that mine didn’t feel good that way. So I just push them back because that just feels better to me. So make sure that you go make sure that you desperate everything Hey, Xena, or who just asked a question Miranda, wait till the end and I’ll do some questions. Okay. Otherwise, I’m gonna go all over the place. So I’m gonna get through these. And then I will answer your questions. Okay. Yes, no cleaning are working on Sunday. It’s Chinese New Year, no clean are working. You do it all this week. And then Sunday is your day of rest. Okay, all right. So dust your home and some people don’t ever dust. So if you’re one of those people dust your house, if you have the fans, you know, just above them, clean out your lights, which are your light things. But yeah, dusting, dusting, dusting that I think also is a very satisfying thing to do. Because you see the dirt on your rag, or your towel or whatever you use. And I think there’s something satisfying knowing you’re cleaning that kind of that kind of layer off. And to me, that’s kind of how it feels when I’m clearing people’s energy. It’s like I’m dusting feels good. Okay. I’m declutter, always foundational, find a spot and start. Some people will will. They almost shut themselves down? When I give some of these kind of guidelines out? Just do what you can you guys, if you have a very cluttered house and you have lots of stuff, or you have any kind of hoarding tendencies or that kind of stuff, just start with one little pile. Just one little thing, kind of a fun little Fung Shui thing is you move and clean up nine things for nine days. Okay, so each day, you clean up or move or put away nine things. And then you stop. If you want to keep going. You can. But it’s to move nine things for nine days. And it helps to get the energy of the decluttering moving. So you can declutter your whole house in a week, right? You can just do little tiny things. If you have a ton of stuff that in your house is really full. Just start with the main spot. Just if you have a certain chair that you sit in, you know, we always have our little stuff around us, like start there, clean up that area. And then wherever your eye moves next, for the most of it, like if there’s a pile of like mail, and you’re like cash open that mail, oh, I really should organize that. Oh, that damn mail, then that would be my next spot that I would start crying. Does that make sense? So just do little things. Do what you can. Okay. You can declutter this whole week, just not on Sunday. And I mean, really, if you want to on Sunday, you can. But the Chinese New Year they recommend no work on Sunday. Okay.

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But you can declutter this whole week, you can start to get your whole like I started cleaning my house over the weekend, not this weekend, but last weekend because I knew I was going to be gone this week. And then I know the projects that I want to do this week, okay. All right. Let the sunshine in open those windows, open the curtains. I’ve been in so many homes, where they never open their curtains. They just never open their curtains. And I’m like, open your curtains. Like what let some light in your house. I never make sense to me, but I’m a Sunshine Girl and I like light in my house. And sometimes I know it’s because it’s hot or it’s cold, like you know Temperature wise, but let some light in. Like think of your house as you and your eyes are always closed. You never let the light in. Like that is not going to feel good to you and doesn’t feel good to your house. Let some light in open your your blinds open your curtains even if it’s for an hour when you get home. open things up a little bit. So upstairs a lot of times I keep my blinds closed just because it’s my bedroom, you know and it’s cold and so we use it a little bit for insulation, but like on the weekends and stuff, I go open all those up to let some light in the house. Okay, so don’t always keep your house so closed in. Okay. All right. Let’s see I use the moon. Y’all know I love the moon and so yes for Mitch to Kimberly use the moon. So each month of course I do my full moon group clearings which is your personal clearing, but I also use the moon for clearing in my house too. So I actually do have a couple of windows where the moon light comes in, so I don’t close them right away, I let the moonlight come in. And I also clean out my wallet clean out my purse and I put that my open wallet and my open purse in the window for a little bit or overnight depending. And I intend that that moonlight fills my my wallet in my purse with abundance. Another little Fung Shui tip, okay, and a lot of us we want more abundance right now right groceries are a million dollars. And so clean out your purse, clean out your wallet, get all your receipts out, straighten out your money, you know, get all the junk out of your purse, and then put it in the window under the moonlight have a full moon. Okay. I will read some of your comments in a minute, I want to make sure I go through all these Okay, um, this one I love, love, love, love, love, love, change your photos, change your artwork around. So if you’re really stagnant in your house and you struggle to like find a new vision or you’re not inspired, or you’re just kind of, you know, a lot of us get like that around January, February. And the house just feels just kind of the just doesn’t take all your pictures down from all your floors upstairs, downstairs, bathroom, everything, and then put them up in different places. Because our eyes get so used to seeing everything where it always is right. And so our vision is never challenged, and we never see something new. And so if you’re trying to create a new vision, you’re not really sure what that vision is, take it all down, rearrange it and put it in different places in your house. It’s so wild to do that it completely changes the whole energy of the house. So I used to have my angels upstairs in my bedroom. And I told Eli I’m like thing is just too much. They’re too much in my in the bedroom, like I can’t sleep very well, because I feel like they’re talking to me all night. And so we move them downstairs. And then I had a more peaceful thing that I moved upstairs into my bedroom, and it felt so much better rested, I got better rest. And we move some things from in my office back into the house and from the house out to my office. And so you take everything down and put it all in new places. And I think that’s a really fun thing to do. I think if people have nothing else on the list, that would be the one that I would suggest the most, okay, because you want always to have a vision. And sometimes our visions get stale, and we get bored. And so you got to move it around a little bit. Okay, another thing around pictures or photos and things like that is if you don’t have photos, have fun. And like yourself doing something fun. Or if you have a family doing something fun or you and your friends or things like that in your house, make this the year that you’re going to create that. And so what Eli and I did is each season because we always have like, like a certain kind of thing that like we always go skiing in the winter. Like that’s a family thing we do. We have the camper in the summer. We do maple surfing in the spring, we do four wheeling in the fall like all those different things right. And so we started intentionally taking pictures while we were having super fun. And then we would get those Canvas mats, super cheap Canvas mats, where they would print them and they’re not very expensive, and a lot of them do huge discounts. And on this one wall every season, we change out our pictures. So we have something new up there. And so right now it’s got our ski pictures up there. And a couple of my favorite pictures when we were on this great ski vacation that we did a couple years ago. And then in the spring, I usually change it to some camper stuff because I’m ready for the camper. And we do some Lake pictures in the summer. But that’s a great fun way to kind of shift out the energy. And it reminds you that you’re supposed to have fun, like you’re supposed to have fun and life is supposed to have fun. So put some memories of fun like if you have a picture from a vacation where you and your husband fought the whole time. Not a great choice. But if you have a picture that you know you and your husband, maybe it was your honeymoon or maybe it was an anniversary trip or just a fun trip with your friends put it up on the wall so you start to bring more and attract more of that energy in okay. I just put them in the closet. They’re not very big. And we have no storage space in this house. So you just if you clean out all your shit out of your house you have storage space. So yeah, we just put them in the in the closet but it’s so fun to be able to bring out those pictures every year because it shows Have our energy. And we’re like, oh capper pictures are coming out. All right. And usually every year, I’ll get maybe one that I’ll rearrange. And then Foster has his own apartment now. So I’m like, Hey, you want to take this one, and then I’m gonna put this one up. And so and again, they’re not very expensive. That’s why we did it that way, because they’re not expensive. And it reminds me, why do my work and why Eli goes gets a job, it’s not to pay our bills, it’s to take our family and more vacations, or it’s to travel more, or it’s to create more pictures like that create more memories. So put happy on your walls, okay. I actually really prefer artwork from artists that I know or have met. I don’t do a lot of like Target pictures and stuff like that. And there’s nothing wrong with those, you can absolutely do those. But Eli, and I thought it was really fun to meet artists and then buy one of their pieces. And our neighbor is an artist. And so we’ve got a couple of his pieces as well. But that was something that I thought, I love that it was Eli suggestion, and I loved it. Because it brought that life, that creative energy into our house. And we’re both super creative as our kids. And so I wanted that creative energy in the house. Okay.

Yes, Karen, I agree doing like holiday sheets and stuff like that, or towels, in your bathrooms, things like that have some fun with some of that stuff, I always change up like my little hand towels in the kitchen, or at the camper, I always have fun hand towels, those things are super easy ways to update your house. So some people will go on a vacation. And then when they come back, they’re just like, I don’t know, my house is there. And I’m always like, do something, get some new throw pillows or get a new throw or, or, you know, have a party with your friends where everyone brings a box of stuff they don’t want and trade because your friends probably are sick of their stuff too. But it’s probably great stuff. And so do some trade parties, okay, and there’s a lot of ways that you can do that. And then the last one number 10, clean your windows, you want clear vision, a lot of times you guys will see me cleaning my glasses when I get on here because as soon as the computers on I’m like, oh geez, My glasses are so dirty, clean your windows. And so my whole shed is all windows. And so there’s many days where I’m like, oh, I need a new vision, I gotta clean my windows, cleaning your windows in your house, cleaning the mirrors, cleaning your front window, cleaning the windows, on your vehicle, all of that kind of stuff, because that’s our vision, we want clear vision. And so a lot of times when you’re going through big stuff in your life, your vision changes. And I’ve noticed people, lots of people that as they get kind of more aligned with themselves and they get more sure and confidence. And they they kind of know they’re really clear on their vision and all of those things. It really it starts to change their vision, and their eyes start to either get better, or they just start to see more clear and they don’t need their glasses. Like it’s so fat. I’ve seen that with so many of my friends that as the older they get. And the more experienced they get. And the more clear they get their vision changes and they don’t need the glasses anymore. So funny. Okay, so that’s my top 10 basic things. Now, in the little bundle that we created, I also have top 10 things that you can do to get your house ready specifically for the Chinese New Year. So if you want to get all those tips and tricks, go ahead and grab that package, it’s eight bucks. And there’s a clearing meditation on there. But one fun thing that I will teach you about the Chinese New Year that I think was the most fun of it all. Get yourself some oranges, okay, they’re very abundant. It’s it’s a joy thing. It’s abundance. It’s all the good stuff. And on the Chinese New Year, Sunday, you wrote, you open your front door, and everyone rolls them in with the intention, whatever you set your intention for, and you roll them into your front door. And so we’ve been doing this for the last few years. And a couple years ago, we were doing an expo in Montana. And I told Laurie about this. I was like, hey, it’s Chinese New Year tomorrow, we should get some oranges. And we should roll them in the door. I don’t know how many oranges she got. Because I think we must have had at vendors. So she got enough oranges for all the vendors and all of us that brought helpers. And before we open the door that morning, all of us had our oranges and we roll them into the door with our intentions and all of our wishes for the year and it was so fun. Also very fun for kids. Make sure they’re rolling them. Don’t let them throw them or they’re gonna break something in your house. You can also put some cinnamon in your hand and you could do this every full moon or no it’s the first day of the month or the Chinese New Year and you blow the cinnamon in that’s also abundance as well. Okay. Do the front door of your house. Okay, let me read some of these And if you have questions now on your homes or space clearing, I’m not doing readings but if you want to ask about some space clearing stuff, let me know. Okay. Miranda said and she got a question I have cleared my house with sage but I feel like the energy is more crazy can this happen sometimes it can especially if you need to like let the energy out that’s I would say open your windows a little bit. Sometimes it’s showing you where you need to put some attention. So if there Things are crazy after you sage then more than likely there is something that you need to address whether whether you need to get out and move more you need to get outside more you need to open the windows a little bit but yeah, sometimes that can happen um

first winter I open the curtains. Yep. Makes a difference. Yeah, no working on the Chinese New Year, my friends. I will be doing readings that evening. So that’s not going to be work though. Because I’m just, I’m volunteering. So I’m going to be here next Sunday at 7pm doing free readings

Oh, Sue see. Isn’t that interesting? Sometimes that happens. So she said she had the very mild case of COVID I’m glad it was mild. And she’s normally a gogogo person so this is good for those of you that always clean and this made me stay home stop and look around I vacuum burn some incense open. The blinds are arranged in my home office and it feels much better. Yeah.

Yeah, I like the art thing to Janice and Spirit brings me art pieces that call to my soul all the time and at a very reasonable price.

Yeah, Cassandra said, as I work on my intuition, my vision has gotten better. I didn’t think anything of it. Yep, like now if I’m watching TV, I actually have to take my glasses off. And before I would need my glasses to watch TV

Yep, no sweeping on Sunday. I have my home for sale, something more specific for that. So if your home is for sale, some of the things that I would tell people to do. So there’s kind of some fun little things that you could do. So you might want to go out. Wintertime, it’s a little bit harder to do this. But it’s nice to have to, to like on each side of your step. If you have a front step to put to like in the summer, I would say go get two flowerpots with red flowers in it. But maybe you could do like pine needles with some red ribbon or something. So you have two things of red on your front step. You could also take a bag of bird seed, and you go around the property line and you and you put that bird seat out with the intention that I take care of the universe and feed the universe of the universe is going to feed me and so you can put the bird seat around the whole perimeter of your house just as a gift to the universe to bring someone to open your house. You want to make sure your house knows that you’re selling it which I know sounds really funny but you want to tell your house that you’re selling it this is why and this is why you’re grateful to have been living in the house and what the House gave you you might want to do a thank you note to your house. A lot of people forget that and you might want to let the house know that hey, you know what this house would be great for a new family someone that that maybe they just got married and they haven’t had kids yet this would be a good great starter home and, and like let let all that out on paper. So the universe knows. I also tell people to picture your house in your head with a for sale sign in the front of course but then I have them put like big huge like billboard lights up energetically that said houses per sale, come here, come here and energetically put the for sale sign out in the universe as well. A lot of people depending where your price is set, you want the numbers to add up to a nine. Now sometimes Realtors fight against that because they don’t understand what we’re doing. But you want to add each number and then have the total number end up in a nine because nine is about releasing it to the universe. Okay, and so that might be something you could do to you could also if you’re going to do like an open house weekend or something, bake cookies by bread you know, that’s kind of a real estate trick. But I think whatever you can do to make your house look as clutter free as possible sage it maybe a few days before someone’s gonna come see it and just thank your house be very big gratitude and let your house know where you’re going and what your plans are so the house can absolutely help you as well. Okay, I clear a lot of people’s homes when they’re for sale, it helps a lot. I have lots of success stories on that not every single one but I have a lot of success stories that once I cleared the house the house sells I don’t think it’ll take long though Alyssa.

Okay, counters are always covered. The House wants updated counters, but I don’t want to want the clutter, I would get a couple of cute baskets to put the clutter in. And then let the house know that you will update the counters as you when you can. But one kind of fun thing, this is what we did when we wanted carpet in the house like we want to carpet in the house, we needed carpet in the house, we had no money for carpet in the house. And so I went to a friend’s house. She’s a real estate agent. And she had this big piece of carpet and I was like, ah, if I had carpet in my house, that’s what I’d want. And she goes, Oh, you should take that home. And then when you’re ready, you can show the carpet people what you want. And when I got it home, my spirit said Put that right between the living room in the bathroom, like just lay it right down. And every time you walk on it, tell it how, how fun you are that how fun it is that you’re going to have new carpet, I’m so excited to have this new carpet in my house. Oh my god, isn’t this beautiful? I got new carpet in my house. And every time I stepped on that carpet was a lot because I pee all the time, I would affirm that I’m gonna have new carpet in my house within six weeks, I had new carpet in the house. So you may want to get like a little sample of what kind of cupboard you want or something. You know, it doesn’t have to be the one but something close to what you probably will end up getting and put it on the cupboard with a little thing on the back that says something about I’m so excited for my new cupboards and then have that on the cupboard. So the cupboard knows. And then if someone says, Oh, are you getting new cupboards? Yes, I am. Well, when I’m not sure yet, but they’re coming because when they do, that’s what I’m going to have. That’s what I would do Cassandra but I would get a couple of cute baskets to put the clutter in. Because that doesn’t help either.

Do you roll the oranges into the actual door out? So I stand and roll them into my house? Okay, so you don’t roll them out of the house. You roll them in the house, I opened my front door, and I set the intention and I roll them into my house and your cats and dogs will think you’re nuts. Yep, no laundry on that. There’s no chores or work on Sunday. No chores, no laundry, no sweeping, no cleaning, no cooking. So cook something good on Saturday night. So you can just have leftovers and like fun stuff on Sunday. It’s a day of just enjoy it. Go for a walk, go outside, go do something with your family watch Netflix, no cooking, cleaning anything like that. How interesting. So Joanne said I saved my house and have taken other clearing classes with you since doing so lately. I feel like my house doesn’t like me wondering if I did something wrong. You can never ever, ever make your house worse. That’s a really good that’s a really good subject to talk about when you clear something. Or you’re learning how to clear something. I was afraid I was always afraid I was gonna mess it up even worse. That’s not how energy works. It’s not how Spirit works. They would never want you to do something to make it worse. Okay, so you can’t you didn’t do anything to screw it up. What I would ask I would get quiet with my house. Okay, there’s two parts to this. Number one I would ask my house what do you need? Because it feels like you don’t like me? So I would say those things I would get really quiet and be like okay house like what’s up? Like, I feel like you don’t like me what’s going on? The other house that I would actually sit with more Joanne is I would sit with my house, my body, my mind my spirit. And I’d be like, Okay, what’s happening internally that I’m thinking that I don’t like myself or I or my house doesn’t like me like what is that about? It feels more internal, because this is your house. Right? But our houses our homes reflect our house. So there’s something internal that you need to look at Joanne and you might even need to do some journaling. Maybe there’s something about yourself maybe maybe, I don’t know, maybe yelled at your kids or you were rude to somebody or something and something inside of you isn’t Isn’t liking it or you haven’t forgiven yourself or something’s trying to someone’s trying to clean itself up internally. It’s not really about your outside house. It’s much inside house. Hopefully that makes sense. Oh, Janice, I’m so glad you asked this question. I wanted to bring this up. So she said, My Money Tree hasn’t been happy in this house and it shows in my finances, I’m feeling it’s cursed with old energy, and I should let it go and buy a new one. Okay, so I don’t think it’s cursed. But, and I’m so happy you brought this up. So a few years ago, I don’t know, maybe four or five years ago, my mentor was coming to town, and I and she was going to use my house to see clients and stuff like that at one point. And I was like, Holy shit, I gotta clean up my house. I’m having like this person that I have so much respect for coming into my house. And she’s really sensitive to energy. So I wanted my house clean, right? And I have my friend Danny come over. And cuz she loves cleaning, cleaning loves it. I don’t I don’t I like the results. She likes to clean. And I was like, Holy shit, she’s coming. Can you come help? And she goes, Yep, let’s do it on Sunday. And as we were clearing and decluttering some stuff and cleaning, she was she was taking some of this stuff that I had set up, back when I would have my house funk suede. And it’s kind of they’re called cures. And like, some of them were like little globes, and some of them were little statues and different things like that. And she said, When you see these Now, where does your head go? And I said, you know, honestly, every time I see them, I think of how broke we were when I did that, like it was a desperate way to try to get my finances better. And I felt really, I liked Fung Shui a lot. But at the time that I was putting those things out, we were very desperate, or I was very desperate. And I said, so when I look at him like my face does, like, I don’t like them. And she’s like, we gotta get rid of them. And there was they were still beautiful things, but they just didn’t fit my vibe anymore. Because I was much in a much different mindset, our money was much different. The way I took care of my money was different, my business was different. So the energy of those things, for example, the money tree just didn’t fit. And so I just packed it up, and I asked if any of my friends wanted any of it. And then the other stuff, I think I just donated to the thrift store or something. So sometimes your stuff you’ve just outgrown it, and you’ve outgrown the energy of it. And so I would just pass it to somebody that maybe needs it, or you could sell it or whatever you want to do, but sometimes it’s not cursed. That’s just putting some energy like it’s not cursed. It is just energy that doesn’t fit you any longer. Okay. Great question though.

Oh, I love that bark. I have asked houses that I have sold to find the perfect people that will love it as much as we did is worked every time that people my old houses have commented to happy they have been I love that. I love that. Yeah, I actually have several realtors that I that I work with. And I clear their houses for them and teach them some of those little tricks to work with with the people so they can bring in the beautiful families um

Sue, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Can you move it to a different room? I don’t know what you’re talking about

put it all in one thing, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Um

Oh, good. Alice. Good. I’m glad that made sense to you.

So Tony said we’re looking for someone to stay in our house and also care for our cat. Would I clear and create intentions the same way as selling? Yes, I would do very similar. And I actually have a website a client of mine leaves for three or four months out of the winter. And so she there’s a website that you can go and it’s very extensive. But she had some good luck on it. And then of course ask people that you know, because personal people is great, but maybe send me an email or a message Tony and I can get the website from her. I can’t remember but I’m talking to her tomorrow. But yeah, you would just set the same intentions. I would also talk to your cat and make sure your cat knows that you’re leaving for a couple months, and where you’re going and why you’re leaving and what you’re doing, because they’re fine with that. But you need to give them the plan, and then ask them what they want in a caretaker. So what’s interesting with this one friend of mine that does this every year, every time her cats have had a male in the house, and I’m like, it’s so funny, they always have a guy stay at your house. And she goes, I know, it’s so weird. And they’re the sweetest men’s sweetest guys. And they’re handy. And you know, in case anything happened in the wintertime, but when she asked her cats, they wanted a man. And so I make sure you’re talking to your cat. Because God talk to your animals when you do stuff. So like last summer, when I went to the lake a lot, like I had to explain to Ruby like, Hey, I’m not gonna be home a lot. I’m gonna go the lake this summer, and she wasn’t really happy about it, but she’s like, alright, I get it. So make sure that you know about that. Sage or do Palo Santo, so I don’t like Palo Santo. For me. I like the smell of it a lot. But it gives me a migraine. So I don’t use I don’t use that for myself. I use Sage. But some people like it. Some people don’t. I would just ask the cat what he wants in a caretaker?

Yep, jail. Exactly. Yep. Oh, this is great. Two great questions, Dana. So she said, I was afraid if I cleared my house, my good spirits, her parents would leave. But thanks to your prayer, and very specific for that, which doesn’t serve me or belong to me should leave. Yep. So I just said intention is that anything that no longer serves me or any dense energy or, you know, whatever you want to say leaves? The good. The good stuff doesn’t leave you guys, I actually get that question. It’s probably one of my most asked questions when I clear a space is, is if you clear my space, you’re going to take my mom and grandma away from me. I’m like, No, we never get rid of your guides, your angels, your loved ones, your deceased loved one. Never, never, never, that is not what we’re clearing energy for. We’re clearing energy. So your space can actually hold you in a safe and nurturing space. And so that we’re not trying to hold her house, like there’s some houses you walk into. And they’re so heavy and dense, because it’s like, you kind of have to hold them up. And that is not how it’s meant to be your house is supposed to hold you. And it’s supposed to let you grow and expand and it’s there to hold you in that space. And so I love to clear houses at this time of year around the Chinese New Year and around full moons and you know all the different different cool dates, because it’s such a clean slate and it it it sets the energy for the new year. And so you can grow and expand into it. Okay, so people are wanting their house more deeply cleared. And several of you have said I’ve cleared your houses before so you can probably speak better than I can to it but this is a great this is a great weekend to have me clear spaces for you guys. So if anyone’s interested in that, make sure you email or get a hold of me so I can get you on my schedule. And most of them are remote at this point okay

all right.

Get rid of that dude. Okay. Um, so all my space clearings are typically 350. And I do most of them are remote at this point, Brittany. And that includes a follow up and a reading as well. So I’ve been freaking out to have Sunday be in my home. I was freaking out. I was super funny. I don’t think I would freak out now, but it was still kind of early in my relationship with her and I was like, holy shit. Somebody’s coming to my house. I know. And she is so not she wouldn’t have given a ship. My house was a mess. But I was like, oh, but it sure felt awesome when we got it ready. It was super funny. Oh, her money tree. Okay, so I’m moving it to another room. I don’t think for the strong feeling she has with it. I don’t think that would work. I would I would tell her to move it out of the house because of the emotion and kind of the mindset she has around it. I would just have her move it away. I found just rearranging stuff around the house gives a different vibe. Yep. Every time I had I had lots and lots and lots of different jobs before I found this one. And I would work at the place for a year and then I would help them and tell them they need to rearrange and they need to paint and they need to upgrade and then I would and then I would leave like two weeks later and go get a new job and I would do the same thing. I had no idea I was helping them clear. Energy. But that’s what I was doing so super funny

I just burnt a pair of painting sweats. It took me backwards. I have old fish tank stuff met a guy that has fished all he can have it. Yep, exactly. Yep, and if you guys don’t like sage, if you don’t like save some of the things that you could do is you could like the candles, you could stay in the middle of Sonny actually taught me this, you can stand in the middle of your house, and you can just get into a really loving space. And you can just imagine that energy of love. And you can just send love out every corner, every inch basement, upstairs closets, you know, washing machine everything and you can just send the energy of love to your house. I think that is a beautiful, easy free thing that anyone in the world could do. You just send love to every, every little inch of your house. So I do that a lot. If I don’t want to have that sage smell, Keaton hates the smell of sage. So he does not appreciate when I say so I tried to do it when he was going to be working or something. But you can do, you can do the space sprays, you can do unscented candles with just the intention that that’s going to do it you can do green fire. So I learned that from sunny as well. So green fire, do not want to burn your house down. So what I do for green fires, I have a big huge pot, I got at like a secondhand store like a like a spaghetti pot, and it’s big. And then I have a little bowl that I put on the bottom of it, okay, and then you get Epsom salts, and you just put like, I don’t know, I make a little pile. And then I put a hole in the middle is how I do it. And then a little bit of rubbing alcohol, do not start your house on fire. And don’t use a cup of rubbing alcohol, you use like a few capsules, and you put it in the middle, and then you like that. And then that’s green fire. And that clears the energy beautifully. So both Sonny and myself and several colleagues that I have, we use that if there’s been a suicide or death in the house, because there’s something to it. Now Sonny does it and puts it in the tub. And then she just intends for it to clear the whole house, I actually walk room to room with it. Because for me that just felt better. But you have to be very careful. So you don’t put too much rubbing alcohol in it. And if you put too little, it’s not going to start on it won’t have a flame. But when you burn it it it burns, greenish blue. And it’s super funny because you can tell in the room immediately. And so that’s a beautiful way to do it too. So you can do the green fire as well.

Okay, what other questions do you have my friends. So again, if you want to get on my list for the Chinese New Year’s space clearing, remote space clearance I’m doing I don’t have on sale or anything but it’s a beautiful time to do a clearing it sets the energy very, very beautifully. And so if you want that includes declaring a reading and a phone call. So we do the reading and the phone call kinda in the same phone. So you kind of we go over what happened in the house. And then if you have other questions, we talked about it, it’s kind of one of my services where you get the most bang for your buck. Okay. I also do we have that little $8 bundle for the Chinese New Year you get two PDFs and the clearing that you can listen to that will help you move all the past energy of 2022 and move you into 2023 Okay I put a little bowl just for another safety measure you don’t have to put a bowl in the bottom Janice I just do because to me it just is safe. But you don’t have to I have a I actually have a pot at the lake and I just put it right in the bottom but I like to clean the bowl when I get done and so it just keeps the pot a little bit better

I’m so for the new Chinese New Year bundle. I think that’s what you’re talking about. You can follow this link the link might not show up until I’m off though you guys I mean New Year. I know that’s $8 and the clearing on that is about a half an hour long. Where’d that guy go? Nope, wisely. You’re out of here. Okay, see we got all the weirdos coming on here now. Get out. No, no. When you guys see these weird things that says, I have a message you for you from ancestors don’t do that. Okay? They’re just spammers. Don’t do it

Okay, there we go. All right, what other questions do you guys have on space clearing

high space clearing Chinese New Year, so this year this week, clean your house. I also said clean your fridge, you know stock up, get some oranges. Make sure you start your day and here’s what I would love to see is if you do the orange roll into your house, I would love for you to videotape it and then tag me in the video because we did that one year and it was so fun to see everybody do that. Oh my God, it was so much fun. And I am considering I would love to hear from you guys. We have quite a few people on. I would love to know how many people would be interested in an in person clearing class in the spring here in the Fargo Moorhead area. Because I keep getting a hit to do one. I haven’t done one for years. And I would like to do one and it’s usually it would either be a Thursday through Sunday or a Friday through Sunday kind of class but it would be a big class. Okay. Yes, dowsing rods. I’m gonna be like just made another batch of dowsing rods. So I will I will do a separate video and show people some of that Linda, can I do sage spray in the room I’m not comfortable in absolutely Erica. And you can also you could also do holy water. Sometimes if the room is really a strong energy that you really really don’t like and the sage isn’t quite cutting it. You can go to a Catholic church. I’m not Catholic, but you can still go to a Catholic church you can get some of their holy water and that is a beautiful clearing tool. I have a long story for that one I’ll tell another day but that is another thing that you can do if the sage spray just isn’t quite cutting it for you go get some holy water. I would do a separate orange for I think everyone gets their own orange Aubrey, I have I give Eli an orange I get an orange kids get an orange. Yeah, the orange thing is really fun. And the kids love to do it. And in some kids, my kids never wanted to kind of like put their intentions out there. So they would just kind of say it to themselves. But some of them are pretty cute if you can get your kids to do it

class sounds fun. Good. Yes, Florida waters. Another one. That one gives me a headache too. But a lot a lot of colleagues use Florida Water. It’s another spray. And it’s it’s a beautiful I mean it’s a beautiful smell and stuff it just for whatever reason gets me gets headaches. You can use Moon water. Moon water. There’s a lot of opinions on moon water, because some people will fill it out. If you do it on some certain moon and some moon you shouldn’t do it and blah blah. I always say use your intuition. And if you like that moon go ahead and make Moon water and you can spray it around. You absolutely you can do Florida ocean water for sure. Saltwater? Absolutely. Absolutely.

You could always fly home jail. You know how to clear though. Yeah, I think it’s a fun thing to do for kids. And then you can tell them you know, we’re kind of doing the celebration because the energy is shifting and teach them about the energy. Everyone should have their own intentions, Jerry. So everyone gets to either put their own intentions in the orange or their own wishes or what they want to bring in for the year. I always kind of hold my orange to my heart and I put my intentions maybe put your Word of the Year. You can just send some love into the orange and roll it in things like that I was asked for lots of laughter I was asked for lots of joy and travel because I’d love to travel so much abundance of course like all that kind of stuff. And then you can roll it into the into your house. So Moon water you just get a container a lot of people use jars and you set it out in the window or outside so we couldn’t really do it here because it turned to ice it’d be Moon ice. Set it outside in or in a window where the moon light hits it and you keep it there all night and then that’s Moon water. It’s kind of charged by the moon yeah, like Sandy’s high vibe spray as well. Yep, vibe razor hers is called You know what I actually, Aubrey? That’s a great question because I was like so so what do we do with the oranges after we throw them in the house, and I ate it. And I honestly would have to look it up to see what you should do with them. But here’s my thought on it. I thought I put all that energy, all that intention and all that love into my orange. And so I’m going to eat it because I’m going to, I’m going to pull it in. And I’m going to set that intention within my physical body, because I already did it in my energetic and in my mind. And then I use the orange peels in a similar pot on my on my stove that day, and I added some cinnamon and some different things. And so then I put the I put the server, the orange peels and the summer pot, so I use all pieces of the orange. So we ate it, and then we use it for the summer pot. Because to me that felt right. Yep, you can definitely use my naughty spirits where I was going to show it to you. But I must have taken it inside. Because of course that’s a spicy one. Okay, what other questions you guys got? Is this fun? This was pretty fun for you guys, huh? Hopefully you learned just a little something new. Or maybe you remembered some foundational stuff. Roll the orange on the Chinese New Year. So that would be on Sunday, Sunday morning. Actually, you can do it anytime the day. I know we’ve done it in like after school when the kids got home. But on Chinese on the on the day, which is the 22nd the Chinese New Year’s Eve, you can have a beautiful meal, you can you can get your flowers, you can get your house already, all that kind of good stuff. Good. I’m glad it’s fun. I think it’s fun. I love doing stuff like this. So I will also be doing readings at 7pm Central on the night of the Chinese New Year, which is Sunday night. So next Sunday night, I will be here doing free readings for all of you. And we have kind of fun little announcements you might want to join. This week, we’re going to have that bundle for you guys for eight bucks, and do the clearings and all that kind of fun stuff. And then if you want a more, more deeper clearing, or you know you want me to really get into your house, then this is a good week to schedule that with me. And I usually end up clearing the houses for about two weeks. And then we do a follow up call and we we go through everything in your house. And then if you have questions. It’s not a class. It’s just a downloadable thing. I made that downloadable so you can listen to it anytime you’d like to. So when I get off, I’ll post it. So it’s easier to find. I don’t think it shows up when I posted in stream yard until after I’m off. Carla, yes, she goes. I’ve been doing these things since last year, and I feel much more energetic. Absolutely. It works. You guys, if you start to pay attention to the energy of things and the energy around things, then you can do a lot of healing work. And you can start to shift things because you’re like, oh, I can feel the energy around that. It’s usually not what you think it is, it’s usually the energy around it. So like there’s always this shit around money for people. And it’s never about the money. It’s about all the mindset and the emotion and the training and, and the habits and all that kind of stuff. So then you got to start working on all the stuff around it. I would start looking at those Jerry and I would start to create, like if you can catch So her question is how can I clear negative feelings inside of me over fear and not deserving? And so there’s lots of different things you could do. You could definitely energetically you could work with the full moon clearings as a baby step. You could do some personal clearings with me, of course, you can start to if you could catch whatever it is that you keep saying and affirming over and over. Like, like, like, you know, maybe like one of the things I would say is we’re so broke like that was always a thing that I would say. And so I had to create an affirmation about and it was more about me not feeling like I was enough, right? Just like what you said, and so and not deserving. And so I am enough therefore I have enough I created an affirmation that was really, really strong inside of me and I said it a million times over. And so you might want to create, figure out what it is you’re saying to yourself like the shitty stuff that you’re saying. And then figure out a way to flip it. So you have some positive affirmations and I would post them everywhere. I would set alarms on your phone. I would say them all the time. A little trick that that Sonny taught us was drink a lot of water so every time you go and you pee Do you have to say your affirmation 100 times and then you go drink more water. So you have to use, you have to say it more times. So you can use a lot of those little tricks. But I would start with figuring out the negative things that you keep saying to yourself, flip them into something positive, and then start affirming that, so you start to shift that energy internally, okay? You just have to start somewhere. And that’s where I would have you start as affirmations. Because it’s the fastest way you could do it, and start to find an affirmation that that brings tears to your eyes, because you know, deep down, that’s more the truth. Because it’s not true that you’re not deserving. And it’s not true that you need to be scared all the time. Fear was a big one for me as well. And so I that actually started me on a lot of this work with my spirit team. Because one of the things I just started to affirm is I am safe in this moment. Because right now in my I’m safe right now, in this moment, I am safe. And so I would affirm that a lot. And I would start asking my guides and angels to surround me so I could could sense or feel or just know that I had some energy around me because I didn’t necessarily feel like I had support in the outside world at the time. And so I started working with my angels, and I kept asking them to bring me different big signs that I wouldn’t miss. So I knew I knew they were around me as well. Okay. Just start somewhere Jerry. them to Kelly. Peggy, I would so sure. Her question was, What can I do in my office at work so much negativity, I won’t be able to sage or burn a candle. So I would invest in some Selenite. So this is Selenite. So you could do little, so this one is much smaller. So I would get some Selenite whether you do a big one or a little one, or I don’t have the light on. But there’s lots of different sizes of these, this is a Selenite tower. And they owe to heavy, they really, really, really help with absorbing negative energy. And a lot of us that do this kind of energy work have Selenite towers in our office, I have a big huge one in my house, I love it. But the towers are typically not very expensive. And they usually have a light in them. So you can just turn the light on. Or you can just get get, you know, these are super cheap. So you could get some Selenite. And I would put it, whether it’s in your office or your cubicle works on both. You could also you could also do the sprays. You could also just send love out to the office. You could also do, you could play really happy music that helps. You could also fill the office space with a rainbow of energy every morning, I used to do that in a really toxic place that I worked, I would just I just kept, I would surround myself in a rainbow and then I kept spreading it around the whole room. And the really, really nasty people would just leave because they don’t like rainbow energy. So you can do that you can ask your angels to help clear the energy. You could bring in white light into the office space. So there’s a few things like that that you could do but a really one that you might want to keep close to you is some Selenite I think that would be really helpful. You’re welcome Jerry. Yep, Black Tourmaline also Yep, piece of Selenite Yep. That’s a good idea to Janice, she bought a piece plant for the office. That’s a great idea to

Yeah, try some of those and see if that works. offices can be tricky because you you can’t you can’t control everyone else in the office. Right? So you have just get really mindful like what can I do that that you know, you’re not going to smoke them out with sage and stuff like that and the easiest thing I think is getting some Selenite you could even get little tiny pieces of Selenite and put it in each corner of the office and tell the cleaning people to leave it there. Sometimes they play along. Not always but sometimes. Okay, any other last questions my friends again if you want a full space clearing email me Jodie at Jodie I’m doing remote ones this weekend. Not on Sunday, but I’m going to do him on on Chinese New Year’s Eve. And then make sure I will post the $8 Chinese New Year bundle for you.

Ask your angels to help you find it Miss Janice maybe Someone has some hits, they can they can comment. Okay, one other announcement to on the 31st. If you have taken your naughty spirit quiz, or if you need to take it, go ahead and take it. And then we are doing a class that night on all the personalities for naughty spirit, and I’m freaking excited for it. And so that is another and we’re doing that one super cheap to only nine bucks for that. So I will put all those links up on my wall and they’ll be on the website and there’ll be wherever you can find them. No, no worries. But this week, I want you to focus on clearing. Okay, get your house ready for the Chinese New Year. All right, friends, thank you for joining me love, love, love. And I will look and see if there’s any other questions throughout this week. Definitely go ahead and reach out if you need to, and then get your house ready and get your intentions ready and let’s have a really good Chinese New Year. Okay. All right, guys. Have a great night. I will see you again soon. See ya.


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Holiday Season 2022 Clearing Trio Series

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Reach for a better feeling thought…

I was on my walk last night listening to Abraham Hicks. If you have never heard of Abraham, I highly suggest jumping over to Youtube and listening to any of the broadcasts! They are great for learning a new mindset😊

They often talk about reaching for a better feeling thought. Calibrating yourself into a higher vibration because the vibe you are at is what the universe listens to. Not the words that are coming out of your mouth. That is why we are all talking about ways to raise your vibration constantly!

When you’re in a “good mood,” things tend to go well, right? A great day or a fun lunch out with a friend, and your afternoon flies by with fun and surprises. A great date night. A fun family vacation that goes without a hitch. A meeting you nail, a good belly laugh, an unexpected bit of good news. You can almost feel the physical rise of your vibration. If you have never paid attention, you should!

When I am in a shitty mood or things are not going my way, I practice finding a better feeling thought. It doesn’t mean jumping from this is a holy hell shitty day to saying wow, what a great day I am having this is fantastic, and trying to lie myself into a better mood. The fake it till you make it doesn’t always work in this instance. It’s too big of a jump.

You can go from a holy hell, this is a bad day to I am breathing today; that is a good thing. I like to breathe. It feels good that I can take a deep breath when things are not going my way. I love to step outside, take a big ole breath, breathe in the good stuff, and breathe out the shit today.

Wow, it’s actually pretty nice today. A bit hot, but right now, that feels better than 30 below. The trees 🌳are so green this year because of all the rain. That blue sky is sure pretty too. Look at the neighbor’s flowers 🌷; they sure look nice this year. Glad I came out here to take a breath. It feels pretty good to move around a bit. Maybe I am shaking off the shit show of the day, and coming outside was a good idea. I do have good ideas sometimes. I really do. I typically have a good idea 💡when the shit shows happen if I can take a minute and just calm myself down. That’s why I start with a deep breath. It does help just taking a breath. Who knew that taking a little breathing time would help to slow down the shit show a bit so I can think again. Sure is nice to take a minute to get my shit together.

OK, this day isn’t so bad after all. I might have had an hour or two that kind of sucked, but overall the day has been going well. I got that good news 😊 this morning, and I’m excited to see my friends tonight. I am really looking forward to that supper 🍽️ we have planned. I sure have been enjoying planning some things lately. I do like to plan things. Helps me feel in control of something. Maybe I should jump online and research a few things for that trip next year. That always puts me in a good mood. OK, one more good breath and back to it! I wanna check out a hike for that trip. See what else fun I can plan. Feeling MUCH better now. Good job going outside to take a breath.

Could you feel the vibration shift just in reading that? Top that off with some good affirmations, and allowing yourself to learn this skill is a great place to start, my friends. You don’t have to have perfect thinking, but you have to be willing to learn to keep your mindset strong. Being able to coach yourself is worth the time and effort you put in.


Energy Tip 101

Energy Tip 101

Hey, Jodie!

Did you know a simple few minutes of a vacuum over your floors can change the energy of your home or space? Even a broom.

Brushing or sucking up the dirt and debris that gets caught on our floors is an extension of what gets caught up in our energy fields at times! It’s a fun way to see cleaning up in a different light.

Sucking up the energy debris most of you learned in our FREE video course the other night ( If not you can watch the reply here)  and if you think about it who doesn’t want a good brushing or sweeping of your energy? Its like a full body massage just cheaper and nobody else is present 😊

If all you can muster when you get home from work is to walk in the house and go directly to putting on your jammies and hitting the couch take a few minutes to vacuum up the floor and see if you feel any lighter or just plain different. Sometimes that dense energy takes a bit to lift but at least you can get started with something so simple!

It’s a good day to shift the energy in your life don’t you think?

To learn more get signed up for this years Spring Cut the Clutter course starting soon!

The Deets:
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Let’s get the magic started!

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Energy Tip 101

Can I talk to you?

If you are receiving this email it’s because along the way you have shown some interest in energy clearing and my work.

You may have already heard but if you didn’t, we are opening the doors to this year’s spring clearing class- Cut the Clutter starting March 18th and we would love to personally invite you to the course. For some of you it’s a review and for some of my newbies it might be brand new information! Either way it’s a beautiful way to get your vibe in line for the spring shift in energy.

The world may be heavy right now and often we soak that in and walk around with it, our personal world gets heavier and heavier. We can be a much bigger help to the world and all the pain and suffering if we are in our best place energetically. We are more open to solutions we tend to create a more peaceful space and that ripples out into the unrest of the world. Lightworkers are being called into action right now and I know most of you feel that.

This is not a clean your house class. Although we will be doing that it’s a much bigger picture to me. Setting our energy is an important piece to our well-being. We need humans that are paying attention to our well-being. I want you to feel as good as you can every day of your life and using some of the tools and tricks in this course can help achieve that goal.

The Deets:
· March 18th is our start date
· Noon central time – YES Everything is recorded
· Private Facebook group for accountability and FUN
· Worksheets and checklist for those that love a list 😊
· Prizes because who doesn’t love a prize! Sd
· Connection cause friends I could use some people in my life!

Most importantly we are doing a Pay what you can payment scale starting at $77 and I will have a couple scholarships available as well. Regular price for a four-week course like this is $145 so please take advantage and let’s get to some fun and clearing!

Lets get rolling and get the chaos under control 😊

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Can we talk about Simone Biles

Can we talk about Simone Biles

Can we just talk about Self care and Simone Biles- First of all the stress she is under to preform for the entire world in the Olympics as the G.O.A.T- Greatest of All Time. Expected to win. A tremendous athlete by age 24.
Tapped out for Mental Health reasons. I have read in other posts from gymnasts they are calling it the twisties. Something that many gymnasts go through but I bet very few of us have actually heard about it. I will let the gymnasts explain the twisties. They are the experts.
I am sure we will hear more about it through the next few days.
The piece I want to focus in on is the courage for her to take herself into consideration before everyone else. That is not selfish that is self care.
If she would have Pushed through as so many people would have she could have literally hurt herself for life. She could have damaged her back, her neck, broke her leg so many things could have gone wrong because she was not in a good mental state for competition at the level she was in. She knew she was not in a good state of mind because of the mistakes she was making. THE MISTAKES were a sign to her that something was not right! Think about that!
Instead she decided to take care of herself. Take care of her team. She CHOSE to step out. She chose to trust her team mates with the task at hand instead of damaging herself and the experience they are in. She chose herself first.
Can you imagine the disappointment and the concern from others she is feeling- from her teammates- her coaches- the millions watching her on tv- yet she chose herself first anyway.
That takes courage and as I kept watching her stand by her team you could see the relief in her face for taking herself out of a situation that was not safe for her. She cheered her teammates on to a Silver medal. She was also the first of the team to go over and congratulate the gold medal winners and made sure her team went with her. Also a sign of a good leader. They all cheered each other on even though they were all competing against each other for a slab of gold,silver or bronze.
They did both. They are fierce competitors AND supported each other. I enjoy the competition and cheering on the USA as much as anyone. I also love to see that support each team has for each other. They actually appreciate the work that everyone has put in to get to the Olympics.
Self care is no Joke. Many of my clients learn self care once they have a diagnosis of some kind like cancer. That is when they learn its ok to put themselves first. Or they get an illness that isn’t going to go away. It doesn’t have to go to that level. We can baby step into learning how to care for ourselves.
I have tapped out more in the last year than I ever have before. I am a pusher through and through. I will push through when I know damn well it isn’t good for me.
This last year I didn’t push. I surrendered. I just didn’t have the energy to push. I just needed time and that was super frustrating to me and probably those around me.
Death and Illness took over for a bit this year in my life. ( 13 deaths and covid) Its taken a while to get my groove back. I very much disappointed people around me. I left groups. I shifted my schedule to suit me instead of my clients ( OUCH that one was tough) I said no A LOT. I let myself have more support from those around me. I kept going with my mentor and hired a trainer. I saw my chiropractor way more than normal. I had body work and healing sessions. I have taken SO much time for myself and I am just about to take another week. This time, with my family and I get to go to a place I love. I am investing in my mental health. Recharging at the core.
I have felt guilty and angry and frustrated that I needed time. Then I would remember if I don’t take the time now it will turn into something that forces me to take the time. Simone probably had a similar thought- I could push through but the chances of me hurting myself while flying in the air is to great. I am choosing to care for myself and tapping out.
Tapping out, taking time, time out. I don’t care what you call it but lets all work on this together. Encourage people to care for themselves. Encourage the taps. I do think we have times where we need to push through for sure. I am not ignoring that piece. I just wanted to highlight those times that you really do need to chose yourself do it. She showed the world you can choose yourself and everyone still survives.
We all have our own experience of the twisties. The trick is to recognize when its happening and start doing something about it that turns the self care back on yourself. And for those in the twisties energy- show them some compassion as they find their groove again.
New Moon Energy!

New Moon Energy!

New Moon:

Fertility- creativity- setting intentions- extra energy- manifestation.

0 percent illumination


Do you know about the New moon? It often affects us energetically as much as the Full moon, but most people don’t pay as much attention to the New moon as the Full moon.

The moon runs in a cycle each month. I teach a lot of my clients to set up some alarms on their phones or calendars when the moon cycles are because I start to notice different emotions and behaviors start to show up at different times of the month. Not always healthy! Often times self-sabotage behaviors!

The New Moon is a Bad Ass if you ask me. She is full of Fertility, creativity, extra energy, and that amazing energy of manifestation. I also personally feel the moon has a more feminine feel around the New Moon. I hear it in my words each month the New moon I call her She,the full moon I call him He! Isn’t that interesting!

In my new Moon Magic course I will be digging into all of this with you but I wanted to give you a little taste of moon manifesting magic.

I started to notice when I would look at my calendar to plan courses I would be guided into different dates at different times of each month. The cycle that came in was most of my courses were launched and often started during a new moon. I had no idea I was doing it until I started to pay attention.

That is the first step. PAY ATTENTION. That moon energy is here for a reason my friends!

Fertility: is not just about bringing new children into the world. Its about planting seeds. Dreaming. Talking and focusing on things that you love and that you want to create in the world. We will dig more into this and how to do this in my Moon magic course!

Creativity: So many of you don’t think your creative. Creativity is not just for crafts my friends! Creativity is working with spirit to CREATE YOUR LIFE! Creation! What a powerful energy to engage with once you understand the powers of planting seeds and getting on board with the Joy that moon energy wants you to align with. This is a piece so many people need a little kick in the butt to get into alignment!

Setting intentions: WHAT DO YOU WANT? Oh such a loaded questions for people. I have some amazing tools to help you breath through your busy head and open up that energy of want. We are meant to want but we are also meant to receive. It’s a full circle moment just like the moon! ( See what I did there 😊 )   I have some pretty awesome techniques for getting those intentions set and making sure they actually FEEL good and not like pipe dreams that wont ever come true!

Extra energy: Seriously who doesn’t need to step into a little extra energy these days. I hear it all the time how tired people are after this last year. We are all in a healing place after a global pandemic and the moon energy is at our disposal yet so few reach into that unending energy to pull it in and through us. Again these are all subjects we will be walking through in the Moon Magic course!

I cant wait to dig into this course my friends. I have been so pumped for it for WEEKS! Listen. Life could be going amazing for you and this course would be helpful and life could be kinda shitty for you right now and this course could help you. We are coming together to help each other and offer some honest to goodness re-charging information that can help you create the life you not only want but the life you deserve. We all deserve joy and happiness but we also all could use a little assistance, right?

The moon is just begging us to pay attention but not just during the full moon. ALL MONTH LONG!

Let’s honor that energy together and join me for class- We start July 8th right before the next new moon!



Excuse me, is your energy leaking?

Excuse me, is your energy leaking?

Is your energy leaking?

This has been a conversation piece in the last several weeks for me. I am hearing about it everywhere!

Energy leaks!

Its not something common or something people think about all that often until its brought to the surface. Something happens and they are learning to conserve energy for something like healing a sick body and it dawns on them their energy is leaking all over the place!

Let me give you a few samples of where energy leaks might be coming from!
·        A pile of dirty dishes.
·        Unopened mail
·        Messy house
·        Toxic relationships
·        Social Media
·        Your cell phone
·        Commitments to yourself you don’t fulfill – say walking every day
·        Unsaid conversations
·        Unfelt emotions
·        Pain
·        Responsibilities that are not yours

And on and on- these are just a few off the top of my head. They make such a difference in how you feel each day yet most of the time we don’t even consider these as a reason our energy is suffering or less strong than we want it to be.

I had my ass handed to me when I got covid. I was already run down both physically and emotionally from a very tough and emotionally trying year on top of building a business and having a family.

I was honestly just being human for a while
, I had a lot of people die and that affects me deeply and it took me a minute to work through all of those deaths. Among several other things happening in my personal life and a fast-growing business that is pretty much a one woman show. It can become a lot and I had to start looking at the leaks in my life and start making changes.

I needed to find some help. The right help and the right fit. Still working on this as we work through my entire business. It takes so much time and a lot of focus. It is a great place to start though is asking for and intending to find the right kind of help. So many energy leaks can be supported with allowing help in your life. This goes for any kind of help, a trainer, doctor,therapist,new friends,church,groups,minister or priest,someone to clean your house! Whatever floats your boat but support systems are key to keeping our energy strong.

My phone had become a problem. I love to connect with people and in doing so I was on my phone constantly. Group chats were my new addiction. It was fun to have that connection and I started to notice it was also wearing on me. Texts coming through when I was on with clients. Distraction when I was with my family or at the lake when I was meant to be resting and recuperating. FEELING the messages coming through! WHAT!

Yep, I started to be able to feel everyone who was in my groups and when they texted. My Intuition has grown, and my sensitivity has too. It was a hard decision but yep I had to step out of them this summer. I noticed a difference immediately in my energy. It took me weeks and weeks to decide to step out. It was a commitment to myself to create a healthy body and energy again though so I chose me first.

Piles of mail and papers can be draining for so many people. Taking a half hour to go through and organize could make all the difference in a calm brain or one that keeps saying damn I need to go through all that mail. I need to do that. I need to get to it. I need…………to get it done right now this very minute I am sitting down and setting a timer and getting it done. PERIOD.

An unmade bed! I rarely make my bed honestly until I go to bed. I know for you bedmakers this is a deal breaker, but I am up and out of bed in the morning. I love clean sheets and made beds. If it starts to bug me I make it. If not I don’t. It is funny when I notice it its usually during a stressful time and it does help to have a small accomplishment completed for the day right off the bat. If my bed is made, I am stressed out and need to take a bigger look at what is going on in my life.

Unrealistic promises can drain you too. I am going to walk every day for 5 miles no matter what. When I hear this, I just cringe because the reality for most people is they wont follow through. That’s not to say they can’t its just one of those things. ( Often a sign of that all or nothing energy) Lets get real with our commitments to ourselves. If I know I am not going to walk every day I may shift it to walking 4 times a week for a half hour. That feels better already. I try not to bullshit myself. I know when I am doing it and that is a huge energy leak.

Start where you are and build up to where you want to be.

That all or nothing energy that so many of us live in is also a energy leak. We are ALL IN or ALL OUT. Working on finding harmony in your day is a biggie. It takes some time and often baby steps to learn how to do a little more harmony. There is a drama and energy that we get from those high highs and low lows. It’s a unhealthy habit so learning to stack new healthier habits does work!

This summer might be a great time to start to notice those energy leaks in your life. See where they show up. Sit quite in your home and see what shows up for you. You might be surprised at where your energy goes and what needs to be cleaned up.

Coming soon a brand new class on the Magical Moon energy and Manifestation my friends! OHHHHH I cannot wait! Keep your eyes peeled!

Have a fabulous week my friends!

Lets go make some magic!