Energy Tip 101

Energy Tip 101

Hey, Jodie!

Did you know a simple few minutes of a vacuum over your floors can change the energy of your home or space? Even a broom.

Brushing or sucking up the dirt and debris that gets caught on our floors is an extension of what gets caught up in our energy fields at times! It’s a fun way to see cleaning up in a different light.

Sucking up the energy debris most of you learned in our FREE video course the other night ( If not you can watch the reply here)  and if you think about it who doesn’t want a good brushing or sweeping of your energy? Its like a full body massage just cheaper and nobody else is present 😊

If all you can muster when you get home from work is to walk in the house and go directly to putting on your jammies and hitting the couch take a few minutes to vacuum up the floor and see if you feel any lighter or just plain different. Sometimes that dense energy takes a bit to lift but at least you can get started with something so simple!

It’s a good day to shift the energy in your life don’t you think?

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The Deets:
·        March 18th is our start date
·        Noon central time – YES Everything is recorded
·        Private Facebook group for accountability and FUN
·        Worksheets and checklist for those that love a list 😊
·        Prizes because who doesn’t love a prize! Sd
·        Connection cause friends I could use some people in my life!

Most importantly we are doing a Pay what you can payment scale starting at $77 and I will have a couple scholarships available as well. Regular price for a four-week course like this is $145 so please take advantage and let’s get to some fun and clearing!

Lets get rolling and get the chaos under control 😊


Let’s get the magic started!

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Energy Tip 101

Can I talk to you?

If you are receiving this email it’s because along the way you have shown some interest in energy clearing and my work.

You may have already heard but if you didn’t, we are opening the doors to this year’s spring clearing class- Cut the Clutter starting March 18th and we would love to personally invite you to the course. For some of you it’s a review and for some of my newbies it might be brand new information! Either way it’s a beautiful way to get your vibe in line for the spring shift in energy.

The world may be heavy right now and often we soak that in and walk around with it, our personal world gets heavier and heavier. We can be a much bigger help to the world and all the pain and suffering if we are in our best place energetically. We are more open to solutions we tend to create a more peaceful space and that ripples out into the unrest of the world. Lightworkers are being called into action right now and I know most of you feel that.

This is not a clean your house class. Although we will be doing that it’s a much bigger picture to me. Setting our energy is an important piece to our well-being. We need humans that are paying attention to our well-being. I want you to feel as good as you can every day of your life and using some of the tools and tricks in this course can help achieve that goal.

The Deets:
· March 18th is our start date
· Noon central time – YES Everything is recorded
· Private Facebook group for accountability and FUN
· Worksheets and checklist for those that love a list 😊
· Prizes because who doesn’t love a prize! Sd
· Connection cause friends I could use some people in my life!

Most importantly we are doing a Pay what you can payment scale starting at $77 and I will have a couple scholarships available as well. Regular price for a four-week course like this is $145 so please take advantage and let’s get to some fun and clearing!

Lets get rolling and get the chaos under control 😊

Sign me up! 

or Head on over to my website to get signed up www.JodieHarvala.com

Can we talk about Simone Biles

Can we talk about Simone Biles

Can we just talk about Self care and Simone Biles- First of all the stress she is under to preform for the entire world in the Olympics as the G.O.A.T- Greatest of All Time. Expected to win. A tremendous athlete by age 24.
Tapped out for Mental Health reasons. I have read in other posts from gymnasts they are calling it the twisties. Something that many gymnasts go through but I bet very few of us have actually heard about it. I will let the gymnasts explain the twisties. They are the experts.
I am sure we will hear more about it through the next few days.
The piece I want to focus in on is the courage for her to take herself into consideration before everyone else. That is not selfish that is self care.
If she would have Pushed through as so many people would have she could have literally hurt herself for life. She could have damaged her back, her neck, broke her leg so many things could have gone wrong because she was not in a good mental state for competition at the level she was in. She knew she was not in a good state of mind because of the mistakes she was making. THE MISTAKES were a sign to her that something was not right! Think about that!
Instead she decided to take care of herself. Take care of her team. She CHOSE to step out. She chose to trust her team mates with the task at hand instead of damaging herself and the experience they are in. She chose herself first.
Can you imagine the disappointment and the concern from others she is feeling- from her teammates- her coaches- the millions watching her on tv- yet she chose herself first anyway.
That takes courage and as I kept watching her stand by her team you could see the relief in her face for taking herself out of a situation that was not safe for her. She cheered her teammates on to a Silver medal. She was also the first of the team to go over and congratulate the gold medal winners and made sure her team went with her. Also a sign of a good leader. They all cheered each other on even though they were all competing against each other for a slab of gold,silver or bronze.
They did both. They are fierce competitors AND supported each other. I enjoy the competition and cheering on the USA as much as anyone. I also love to see that support each team has for each other. They actually appreciate the work that everyone has put in to get to the Olympics.
Self care is no Joke. Many of my clients learn self care once they have a diagnosis of some kind like cancer. That is when they learn its ok to put themselves first. Or they get an illness that isn’t going to go away. It doesn’t have to go to that level. We can baby step into learning how to care for ourselves.
I have tapped out more in the last year than I ever have before. I am a pusher through and through. I will push through when I know damn well it isn’t good for me.
This last year I didn’t push. I surrendered. I just didn’t have the energy to push. I just needed time and that was super frustrating to me and probably those around me.
Death and Illness took over for a bit this year in my life. ( 13 deaths and covid) Its taken a while to get my groove back. I very much disappointed people around me. I left groups. I shifted my schedule to suit me instead of my clients ( OUCH that one was tough) I said no A LOT. I let myself have more support from those around me. I kept going with my mentor and hired a trainer. I saw my chiropractor way more than normal. I had body work and healing sessions. I have taken SO much time for myself and I am just about to take another week. This time, with my family and I get to go to a place I love. I am investing in my mental health. Recharging at the core.
I have felt guilty and angry and frustrated that I needed time. Then I would remember if I don’t take the time now it will turn into something that forces me to take the time. Simone probably had a similar thought- I could push through but the chances of me hurting myself while flying in the air is to great. I am choosing to care for myself and tapping out.
Tapping out, taking time, time out. I don’t care what you call it but lets all work on this together. Encourage people to care for themselves. Encourage the taps. I do think we have times where we need to push through for sure. I am not ignoring that piece. I just wanted to highlight those times that you really do need to chose yourself do it. She showed the world you can choose yourself and everyone still survives.
We all have our own experience of the twisties. The trick is to recognize when its happening and start doing something about it that turns the self care back on yourself. And for those in the twisties energy- show them some compassion as they find their groove again.
New Moon Energy!

New Moon Energy!

New Moon:

Fertility- creativity- setting intentions- extra energy- manifestation.

0 percent illumination


Do you know about the New moon? It often affects us energetically as much as the Full moon, but most people don’t pay as much attention to the New moon as the Full moon.

The moon runs in a cycle each month. I teach a lot of my clients to set up some alarms on their phones or calendars when the moon cycles are because I start to notice different emotions and behaviors start to show up at different times of the month. Not always healthy! Often times self-sabotage behaviors!

The New Moon is a Bad Ass if you ask me. She is full of Fertility, creativity, extra energy, and that amazing energy of manifestation. I also personally feel the moon has a more feminine feel around the New Moon. I hear it in my words each month the New moon I call her She,the full moon I call him He! Isn’t that interesting!

In my new Moon Magic course I will be digging into all of this with you but I wanted to give you a little taste of moon manifesting magic.

I started to notice when I would look at my calendar to plan courses I would be guided into different dates at different times of each month. The cycle that came in was most of my courses were launched and often started during a new moon. I had no idea I was doing it until I started to pay attention.

That is the first step. PAY ATTENTION. That moon energy is here for a reason my friends!

Fertility: is not just about bringing new children into the world. Its about planting seeds. Dreaming. Talking and focusing on things that you love and that you want to create in the world. We will dig more into this and how to do this in my Moon magic course!

Creativity: So many of you don’t think your creative. Creativity is not just for crafts my friends! Creativity is working with spirit to CREATE YOUR LIFE! Creation! What a powerful energy to engage with once you understand the powers of planting seeds and getting on board with the Joy that moon energy wants you to align with. This is a piece so many people need a little kick in the butt to get into alignment!

Setting intentions: WHAT DO YOU WANT? Oh such a loaded questions for people. I have some amazing tools to help you breath through your busy head and open up that energy of want. We are meant to want but we are also meant to receive. It’s a full circle moment just like the moon! ( See what I did there 😊 )   I have some pretty awesome techniques for getting those intentions set and making sure they actually FEEL good and not like pipe dreams that wont ever come true!

Extra energy: Seriously who doesn’t need to step into a little extra energy these days. I hear it all the time how tired people are after this last year. We are all in a healing place after a global pandemic and the moon energy is at our disposal yet so few reach into that unending energy to pull it in and through us. Again these are all subjects we will be walking through in the Moon Magic course!

I cant wait to dig into this course my friends. I have been so pumped for it for WEEKS! Listen. Life could be going amazing for you and this course would be helpful and life could be kinda shitty for you right now and this course could help you. We are coming together to help each other and offer some honest to goodness re-charging information that can help you create the life you not only want but the life you deserve. We all deserve joy and happiness but we also all could use a little assistance, right?

The moon is just begging us to pay attention but not just during the full moon. ALL MONTH LONG!

Let’s honor that energy together and join me for class- We start July 8th right before the next new moon!



Excuse me, is your energy leaking?

Excuse me, is your energy leaking?

Is your energy leaking?

This has been a conversation piece in the last several weeks for me. I am hearing about it everywhere!

Energy leaks!

Its not something common or something people think about all that often until its brought to the surface. Something happens and they are learning to conserve energy for something like healing a sick body and it dawns on them their energy is leaking all over the place!

Let me give you a few samples of where energy leaks might be coming from!
·        A pile of dirty dishes.
·        Unopened mail
·        Messy house
·        Toxic relationships
·        Social Media
·        Your cell phone
·        Commitments to yourself you don’t fulfill – say walking every day
·        Unsaid conversations
·        Unfelt emotions
·        Pain
·        Responsibilities that are not yours

And on and on- these are just a few off the top of my head. They make such a difference in how you feel each day yet most of the time we don’t even consider these as a reason our energy is suffering or less strong than we want it to be.

I had my ass handed to me when I got covid. I was already run down both physically and emotionally from a very tough and emotionally trying year on top of building a business and having a family.

I was honestly just being human for a while
, I had a lot of people die and that affects me deeply and it took me a minute to work through all of those deaths. Among several other things happening in my personal life and a fast-growing business that is pretty much a one woman show. It can become a lot and I had to start looking at the leaks in my life and start making changes.

I needed to find some help. The right help and the right fit. Still working on this as we work through my entire business. It takes so much time and a lot of focus. It is a great place to start though is asking for and intending to find the right kind of help. So many energy leaks can be supported with allowing help in your life. This goes for any kind of help, a trainer, doctor,therapist,new friends,church,groups,minister or priest,someone to clean your house! Whatever floats your boat but support systems are key to keeping our energy strong.

My phone had become a problem. I love to connect with people and in doing so I was on my phone constantly. Group chats were my new addiction. It was fun to have that connection and I started to notice it was also wearing on me. Texts coming through when I was on with clients. Distraction when I was with my family or at the lake when I was meant to be resting and recuperating. FEELING the messages coming through! WHAT!

Yep, I started to be able to feel everyone who was in my groups and when they texted. My Intuition has grown, and my sensitivity has too. It was a hard decision but yep I had to step out of them this summer. I noticed a difference immediately in my energy. It took me weeks and weeks to decide to step out. It was a commitment to myself to create a healthy body and energy again though so I chose me first.

Piles of mail and papers can be draining for so many people. Taking a half hour to go through and organize could make all the difference in a calm brain or one that keeps saying damn I need to go through all that mail. I need to do that. I need to get to it. I need…………to get it done right now this very minute I am sitting down and setting a timer and getting it done. PERIOD.

An unmade bed! I rarely make my bed honestly until I go to bed. I know for you bedmakers this is a deal breaker, but I am up and out of bed in the morning. I love clean sheets and made beds. If it starts to bug me I make it. If not I don’t. It is funny when I notice it its usually during a stressful time and it does help to have a small accomplishment completed for the day right off the bat. If my bed is made, I am stressed out and need to take a bigger look at what is going on in my life.

Unrealistic promises can drain you too. I am going to walk every day for 5 miles no matter what. When I hear this, I just cringe because the reality for most people is they wont follow through. That’s not to say they can’t its just one of those things. ( Often a sign of that all or nothing energy) Lets get real with our commitments to ourselves. If I know I am not going to walk every day I may shift it to walking 4 times a week for a half hour. That feels better already. I try not to bullshit myself. I know when I am doing it and that is a huge energy leak.

Start where you are and build up to where you want to be.

That all or nothing energy that so many of us live in is also a energy leak. We are ALL IN or ALL OUT. Working on finding harmony in your day is a biggie. It takes some time and often baby steps to learn how to do a little more harmony. There is a drama and energy that we get from those high highs and low lows. It’s a unhealthy habit so learning to stack new healthier habits does work!

This summer might be a great time to start to notice those energy leaks in your life. See where they show up. Sit quite in your home and see what shows up for you. You might be surprised at where your energy goes and what needs to be cleaned up.

Coming soon a brand new class on the Magical Moon energy and Manifestation my friends! OHHHHH I cannot wait! Keep your eyes peeled!

Have a fabulous week my friends!

Lets go make some magic!

Jodie Harvala