Can I talk to you?

If you are receiving this email it’s because along the way you have shown some interest in energy clearing and my work.

You may have already heard but if you didn’t, we are opening the doors to this year’s spring clearing class- Cut the Clutter starting March 18th and we would love to personally invite you to the course. For some of you it’s a review and for some of my newbies it might be brand new information! Either way it’s a beautiful way to get your vibe in line for the spring shift in energy.

The world may be heavy right now and often we soak that in and walk around with it, our personal world gets heavier and heavier. We can be a much bigger help to the world and all the pain and suffering if we are in our best place energetically. We are more open to solutions we tend to create a more peaceful space and that ripples out into the unrest of the world. Lightworkers are being called into action right now and I know most of you feel that.

This is not a clean your house class. Although we will be doing that it’s a much bigger picture to me. Setting our energy is an important piece to our well-being. We need humans that are paying attention to our well-being. I want you to feel as good as you can every day of your life and using some of the tools and tricks in this course can help achieve that goal.

The Deets:
· March 18th is our start date
· Noon central time – YES Everything is recorded
· Private Facebook group for accountability and FUN
· Worksheets and checklist for those that love a list 😊
· Prizes because who doesn’t love a prize! Sd
· Connection cause friends I could use some people in my life!

Most importantly we are doing a Pay what you can payment scale starting at $77 and I will have a couple scholarships available as well. Regular price for a four-week course like this is $145 so please take advantage and let’s get to some fun and clearing!

Lets get rolling and get the chaos under control 😊

Sign me up! 

or Head on over to my website to get signed up


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