Reach for a better feeling thought…

I was on my walk last night listening to Abraham Hicks. If you have never heard of Abraham, I highly suggest jumping over to Youtube and listening to any of the broadcasts! They are great for learning a new mindset😊

They often talk about reaching for a better feeling thought. Calibrating yourself into a higher vibration because the vibe you are at is what the universe listens to. Not the words that are coming out of your mouth. That is why we are all talking about ways to raise your vibration constantly!

When you’re in a “good mood,” things tend to go well, right? A great day or a fun lunch out with a friend, and your afternoon flies by with fun and surprises. A great date night. A fun family vacation that goes without a hitch. A meeting you nail, a good belly laugh, an unexpected bit of good news. You can almost feel the physical rise of your vibration. If you have never paid attention, you should!

When I am in a shitty mood or things are not going my way, I practice finding a better feeling thought. It doesn’t mean jumping from this is a holy hell shitty day to saying wow, what a great day I am having this is fantastic, and trying to lie myself into a better mood. The fake it till you make it doesn’t always work in this instance. It’s too big of a jump.

You can go from a holy hell, this is a bad day to I am breathing today; that is a good thing. I like to breathe. It feels good that I can take a deep breath when things are not going my way. I love to step outside, take a big ole breath, breathe in the good stuff, and breathe out the shit today.

Wow, it’s actually pretty nice today. A bit hot, but right now, that feels better than 30 below. The trees 🌳are so green this year because of all the rain. That blue sky is sure pretty too. Look at the neighbor’s flowers 🌷; they sure look nice this year. Glad I came out here to take a breath. It feels pretty good to move around a bit. Maybe I am shaking off the shit show of the day, and coming outside was a good idea. I do have good ideas sometimes. I really do. I typically have a good idea 💡when the shit shows happen if I can take a minute and just calm myself down. That’s why I start with a deep breath. It does help just taking a breath. Who knew that taking a little breathing time would help to slow down the shit show a bit so I can think again. Sure is nice to take a minute to get my shit together.

OK, this day isn’t so bad after all. I might have had an hour or two that kind of sucked, but overall the day has been going well. I got that good news 😊 this morning, and I’m excited to see my friends tonight. I am really looking forward to that supper 🍽️ we have planned. I sure have been enjoying planning some things lately. I do like to plan things. Helps me feel in control of something. Maybe I should jump online and research a few things for that trip next year. That always puts me in a good mood. OK, one more good breath and back to it! I wanna check out a hike for that trip. See what else fun I can plan. Feeling MUCH better now. Good job going outside to take a breath.

Could you feel the vibration shift just in reading that? Top that off with some good affirmations, and allowing yourself to learn this skill is a great place to start, my friends. You don’t have to have perfect thinking, but you have to be willing to learn to keep your mindset strong. Being able to coach yourself is worth the time and effort you put in.




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