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Reach for a better feeling thought... I was on my walk last night listening to Abraham Hicks. If you have never heard of Abraham, I highly suggest jumping over to Youtube and listening to any of the broadcasts! They are great for learning a new mindset.  They often...

Holiday Season 2022 Clearing Trio Series
Nov 9, 2022

Give yourself the gift of a peaceful, joyous holiday season with my new Holiday Season Clearing Trio where each week we will focus on one of the three most crucial areas affecting your energy and mindset- Family, The Holidays, and Stress & Anxiety.

or, more simply put, go from grinchy to grateful 😉

Starting on December 6th at 6pm CST, you’ll be guided through meditative clearings designed to address the common holiday season stressors. You’ll also receive downloadable recordings of each weekly clearing so you can listen whenever you need an extra boost throughout the season. And best of all, it’s all inside my new Mighty Networks community where you’ll journey alongside like-minded badasses in a space that is supportive and fun.

Ho ho ho! Bring on the holiday season! Learn more & save your spot here.

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