FUN fixes everything

FUN fixes everything

Hey Friends-
I keep hearing myself say this phrase to my peeps. Fun fixes everything.

I live in the Midwest and we are hard workers and often are called North Dakota or MN nice. We tend to put everyone elses needs first and our needs, wants or desires come in last. We pride ourselves on the sacrifice we have made for those around us. Ridiculous to sacrifice your health and well being even financially for others before you take care of yourself but I have done it a million times! Its a rough road to turn off of if your used to your value being measured by your sacrifices.

This last weekend we went to the lake. One of the first we left our children at home because they are at an age that we can do that plus we have pretty damn great kids. They did great I was so excited. We felt a bit off not having them with us but I knew it was important for all of us for this next step with kids growing up and becoming independent.

Lets go have some fun I told my hubby. Boat ride, fishing, fish fry with the neighbors and just a relaxing weekend all on our own. It was wonderful. A little fun goes a long way. FUN FILLS YOU UP! FUN helps you have enough energy to work through the things that dont really light us up. FUN is the fuel that our body,mind and spirit needs to feed off of each day.

If its been a long time since you have had some fun I promise that is a reason you may be feeling tired,un-motivated,bored,crabby and a whole host of other things that are not great feeling. GO HAVE SOME FUN.

Its ok if you don’t know what is fun anymore. That can be a great opportunity to learn what makes you tick NOW in your life. I have had to recreate and learn new things that are fun now compared to my fun in my 20’s. That’s part of the game my friends.

Go fill your bucket and watch how things around you start to move. If your stuck go have some fun. If your pissed off go have some fun. If your tired go have some fun. If your unsure or anxious go have some fun. FUN is the fuel my friends.

Don’t forget to make some magic as well!

The Fearless Spirit Workshop

The Fearless Spirit Workshop

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4 Steps to Creating Intentions That Work. Like Today

4 Steps to Creating Intentions That Work. Like Today

4 Steps To Creating Intentions That Work.  Like, Today.


You know what you want:
A clear + bright + supportive home.
A focused + relaxed mind.

You’re just not sure how to get it.

Today I’m going to share my favorite way to make my home as cheering + clear as I want it to be.  Let’s talk intention setting.

1. Spend some time on how you want to feel
Think about your home, job, love life, children, anything. Write down these feelings and create an order to the universe, just like at a restaurant.  “I’d like a clean, fun-filled, calm house with a side of afternoon sun, please.”


2. Use feeling words
Get in your heart + dig deep.  A few words that might be applicable to your home:
safe, comfy, loving, warm, cozy, creative, full of family, etc.  Whatever works for you!

3. Write the story

Write the story of your perfect home as if its already happened.  Intentions are used to get you into the energy that you are seeking – they’re not just a common comment. Intentions actually create the emotion in your body as you set them. You create the energy within your heart to spread to your outside world.
Here’s an example of a good, energy-drawing story.

When I walk in the door I feel my home is giving me a nice warm hug hello. The energy inside my home melts all my stress away as I walk through the door – almost as if I have a magic wand waving over my head to release anything negative that may have followed me home.

My home creates a warm cuddly cozy feeling as soon as I sit down and take a big deep breath. I feel fully supported and confident when I am in my home. This is my safe haven where everybody knows my name and I can just BE. I can slow down, stop thinking, relax, enjoy, laugh and create a space for my boys and husband that nurtures us as well as leaves room for plenty of fun and creativity. My home is my light and love and re-fills my body every day with new life and love.

4.  Make copies of your story
Once you have a story that you can feel down to your toes, write it down again, and make copies. Carry them in your purse, wallet, car, under the couch where you sit a lot. Hang them in the mirror in the bathroom. Put them anywhere that reminds you of the energy you want to create.

For me, a physical symbol is my best reminder. A while ago,  I wanted to new carpet. I found the carpet I wanted and laid a piece of it outside my bathroom door. Each day I said, “I am soo going to love that new carpet when I get it. I can’t wait to create the income to install the new carpet. My house is going to be sooo happy to have a facelift!”  Every day I could feel what it would be like to have that new carpet. Within the year I had created the finances to order new carpet!

Dream it, feel it, write.it.down.
Intentions are best when written down, keeping it in your head just keeps it in your head.

original image (without text on top) by Emma Bradshaw, for sale here

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