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Slap yourself silly
Apr 4, 2022

Slap yourself silly

By now you may have heard that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after a joke was made about his wife and her lack of hair. She suffers from alopecia, and it obviously is a painful topic to the couple.

I know social media would blow up and all the memes and all the jokes and all the stuff. I knew I also wanted to write about it, but I have a different perspective for you to try on.

When I asked spirit what to write, it showed me a session I had long ago with a client. She suffered with painful and negative self-talk. The voice in her head was so abusive and mean and the more we dug in the more I could see what it was doing to her mental health and not supporting the work she was doing to create happiness in her life.

I was given a vision of her and a mirror of herself. When she would say something mean like you’re not good enough or what is wrong with you I saw that mirror self kick her in the stomach. Punch her in the face. Literally beat the shit out of herself. It made us both cringe at the picture we were being shown. The bruises she left on herself energetically. The wounds she created by her own will. It was a shocking picture for us both.

Will Smith just gave us a real life look at what that looks like. Do you make jokes about your shortcomings before someone else does? Do you smile on the outside meanwhile beating yourself up inside your own mind? Do you slap yourself silly with small mistakes? Do you leave bruises and wounds each day in your own energy field?

Maybe he was showing the world what we are all doing inside and out. With each other and to ourselves. Losing our shit on ourselves or on others deserving or not.
I feel like he was also showing the world how fragile and absolutely done we are with humanity treating each other so badly. Take away the joke vs. the slap. Think about it as two humans coming at a situation from two different places and neither understands what the other is feeling nor are they willing to hear one another. One thinks it’s no big deal and one it has caused so much pain and they just want that piece understood. Due to bad communication and lack of compassion the slap comes next. Now a feud that goes on and on and on and on.

It has nothing to do with the two of them, they were just the picture to get our attention. Humanity just keeps walking up to each other and slapping them and then sitting down and collecting an award later for being good at something else. Some of us are doing this to ourselves all day long as well.

Its time for a new way. Its time to learn to manage and control that mindset. Its time to learn to be kind again. Start with yourself. Be a good friend to yourself. Explain your hurt feelings and being misunderstood the people who are willing to listen. The ones that are not take some space. Its ok to choose to be around people who are good for you versus the ones that are assholes. I have a no asshole rule. If you’re an asshole you don’t belong in my world. Period.

Stop slapping yourself and others.

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