Learn how to manifest your heart’s desires with the Magic of the Moon.  My brand-new four week class starts on July 13th, 2022  at 6pm CST on Zoom.


The most powerful manifestation tool
is as close as the night’s sky

With my Moon Magic course, you’ll learn how to…

Harness the power of the moon

You’ll learn how to co-create with the moon for more powerful, predictable results.

Time your manifesting like a pro

Each moon phase has its own super powers.  You’ll learn how to time everything so the moon always has your back.

Get acquainted with yourself on a deeper level

Discover the unique traits encoded into your personality and how to use them for the most positive, powerful changes in your life.

Join Me for some Moon Magic!

this four week class begins on July 13th, 2022 at 6pm CST

The moon has served as a beacon of abundance and fortune for centuries. Ancient peoples dating back as far as tens of thousands of years ago revered the moon for its power. Like its celestial sibling the sun, the moon was often used for timekeeping but its most important role was in rituals and celebrations. Co-creating with the moon is a part of our DNA. As much as the world has changed over the course of time, one thing remains the same. The moon is still shining above us, ready to help aid us in attaining the things we desire most.

What IS Moon Magic?

For eons, humans and animals alike have known that there’s more to than moon than being a bright light in the night sky. We share a deep spiritual connection with this heavenly body.  You may have even witnessed this yourself. Maybe you’ve noticed that people get a little nutty around the full moon or you find yourself feeling more emotional than usual.

Just like the moon controls the tides of the ocean, it has a profound effect on your own emotions and manifestation energy.

The moon is always doing its part to pull things into your orbit. When you learn how to co-create with this powerful body, that’s when the true magic begins. With Moon Magic: Manifesting with the Moon, you’ll learn how to utilize each phase of the moon and its unique powers to shed what’s no longer working for you, pull better opportunities into your path, and write your own destiny based on your heart’s desires.

Live Zoom Lessons Weekly

Comprehensive guides for unlocking your personality + potential

A private, supportive community for every step of your journey

Live Zoom Lessons

four weeks of live online trainings

Join me live on July 13th, 20th, 27th and August 3rd at 6pm CST on Zoom – or catch up at your own pace by accessing the lesson in your classroom dashboard.

Full Moon Clearing

group energy clearing powered by the full moon

Join online live – or catch the recorded session at your own convenience – and start your month fresh with a remote group energy clearing.

Private Facebook Group

make new friends + feel supported

You’ll learn alongside badass, like-minded people in our closeknit private community, get real-time support, and share your journey and discoveries with friends.

Moon Phase Calendar

Downloadable lunar calendar for 2022/2023

Download or print your moon calendar for July 2022- July 2023 for a whole year of planning and co-creating with the Moon.

Know Your Zodiac

Downloadable Astrological Guide

Learn what unique traits are encoded into your personality and how to play to your strengths with zodiac guides for every sign.

Write Your Future

create your own monthly horoscope guide

No more reading what someone else has forecasted for you. This guide will take you through creating your own forecast each month.

Work with the Moon

Moon Phase power guide

This guide gives you a powerful cheatsheet for the unique traits of each moon phase so you can plan your manifesting confidently.

Cleansing Prayer

Moon Prayer and Intention Setting

Set your intentions for each month, center and focus yourself, and help move old energy with this quick, easy cleansing prayer.

Design your Altar

a guide for setting up your own sacred space at home

You’ll learn how to craft your own sacred space for meditation, prayer, and ritual work that is unique to your own personality and desires.


Focus in on what’s most important to you – and what you want to create in your life.

Moon Phase Planning

Learn the super power for each phase of the moon – and how you can best utilize them for your own desires.

Zodiac Power

Discover what your sign is and how you can use your unique traits in your manifesting.

Manifesting Practices

Get tried and true methods for manifesting with ease.

Powerful (but easy!) Rituals

You’ll learn how to craft your own rituals based on what you want to accomplish and what tools you have at your disposal.

Energy Work

Give your spiritual energy a boost with routine energy clearing you can perform anytime, anywhere.


Skills for Life

Learn invaluable skills that you will use to enrich and uplevel for the rest of your life.


All Levels Welcome

Whether you’re brand new or looking to refresh and strengthen your skills, there’s something for you at this retreat.


Support + Accountability

Get feedback from me and your fellow classmates in a tight-knit, supportive environment.

I really didn’t know what to expect because this whole psychic/intuition thing was new to me, but something inside of me told me I had to register. And I am so glad I did as that class was the foundation for my own spiritual/psychic journey. I learned so much, we are all intuitive and the key to a magical life is to learn about the simple ways spirit communicates and leads us and Jodie is the teacher to do just that! Jodie is truly gifted. She helped me open the doors to my own intuition and for that I am eternally grateful!


Fargo, ND

Jodie is an amazing, outstanding mentor. I wanted to learn how to maintain my energy, trust my intuition, meet my spirit guide and release that ” old story”. I came away with so much more than I could ever have hoped for.  The things I resisted the most were the things that needed the most attention and brought the greatest gifts. I am happy to say I have learned to trust my intuition, I have a huge spirit team with which I can now communicate easily and together we are creating a new story.


Fargo, ND

Do I have to attend live?

I always recommend attending live when you can because you have the opportunity to ask questions and get guidance. However, the class is structured so you can watch the training videos on your own time.

How long is each class?

Class generally runs about 60-90 minutes, however, please allow 2 hours for questions.

How long will the Facebook group remain open?

The private Facebook group will remain open until August 31st to allow everyone to catch up on the material.  You will also continue to have access to your training materials via your course dashboard, which will be available once class begins.

Do I need to be intuitive/have special skills?

Nope! No skills, gifts, or training is required for this class. Just an open mind and a willingness to learn!

Can I download the trainings?

The trainings are downloadable, so you can save them to your preferred device and rewatch at your own convenience. 

Can I invite a friend?

Learning is always better with a friend! Please share this opportunity with anyone you feel would benefit from the class, if you feel guided to do so 🙂

Moon Magic

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this 4-week class begins on July 13th
at 6pm CST on Zoom

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