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Bad Ass Clearing

When the husband is away mama will play! • Does your home need a bad ass clearing in a bad way? • Does your home have that creepy basement feel? • Do you feel like someone is watching you even though nobody is home? • When you get home from work do you immediately...

Moving Through Energy Challenge

Those of you that know me know how much I love my work! 2012 has been a wild ride already and we have only just begun! I am seeing a lot of challenges coming up fast and furious for people and wanted everyone to know I have been in that spot and have worked my way...

This coming weekend Duluth home space clearings!
May 16, 2021

I am heading the the beautiful and magical Duluth MN for a private retreat next weekend….. I will have a short amount of time to do a few specialty clearings!!! I LOVE clearing during the full moon energy while on my travels….. I have done some pretty amazing clearings while on the road to Sedona, Duluth MN, Big Sky Montana. Some of the most sacred land if you ask me. There is just something magical about sitting next to the Gallatin river or Lake Superior and working on the energy of a persons home. First of all my energy is HIGH vibe because I love to be on vacation. Plus add in that earth energy of a vortex or red rocks, running water and nature YES please lets move some energy my friend!

This trip I have limited space for clearings so if you are guided get on it my friend! Only 7 are available!

I only have 7 spaces available so grab them quick if interested..Full report will be given within two weeks of clearing

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