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Moving Through Energy Challenge

Those of you that know me know how much I love my work! 2012 has been a wild ride already and we have only just begun! I am seeing a lot of challenges coming up fast and furious for people and wanted everyone to know I have been in that spot and have worked my way through it with lots of help and support! I wanted to talk a little about that piece of moving through the energy when its so challenging.

Now in my ..ahem… challenging moments I am not the easiest person to be around. ( I know, I know hard to imagine!) I have learned a lot of techniques in my last 5 or more years to work with how I present myself when I am rolling in challenge. Just for fun I put together a little list.

Here are some signs that you are JUST about to breakthrough….

1: You get sick- this was a biggie for me- I was sick for four months one time until I decided not to be

2: Everything around you starts to break- I call this upgrading – appliances- computers- cars- pretty much all the things that bring you convenience and comfort- see the symbology to get out of your comfort zone!

3: Friends and family around you start to think you are “Crazy” or keep pushing you to stay the same as you are

4: Friends start dropping away- TOUGH one for all of us- but sometimes you need to just step away for a while as you grow and give them space to grow too.

5: Your body changes- gain or lose weight- again the deeper I dove into my junk the heavier I became-I see it now as I was really working on protecting myself from being vulnerable – this year I am taking steps to really shift that! Sometimes it’s the opposite- you may really get your body in great shape to show how healthy and strong you are- Body changes mean something is changing

6: You get really angry and SWEAR a lot! I love this one myself- I have a potty mouth at times and a breakthrough gives me permission to go there! I have a friend that we swear on the phone to each other like truckers and love every minute of it- then pull ourselves together to be our professional selves when out in public!

We have many others signs of a breakthrough- as well as lots of catch phrases as we are moving through it- The phrases used to drive me crazy but now that I get why they are said and I use them all the time myself. We joke about them often to each other and add a few colorful words just to fluff them up a bit.

2012 is so much about stepping into our own and working through our shadows. But to do this you may need some support. In fact for all those lone rangers out in the world that think they can do this work by themselves I will tell you in my opinion you cant. Support is needed when looking at all this junk we want to let go of. Again that is my opinion and I have tried the do it myself route and its just plain painful. It can be painful even with support but just knowing others have gone through the fire and have made it out makes a big difference in your journey. You can get this support in so many ways! Think outside the box and follow your gut on how to create that support system. I find that outside sources work best for me. I have taken lots of classes, joined groups, tried things way out of my comfort zone and did a lot of things by myself that were quite challenging. I have also met some wonderful teachers, mentors, friends and lifelong allies through this practice.

You may also want to create a plan. I have 9 wonderful women in a class right now that are doing just that. Some of them were admittedly lost and had no idea where to start. The intentional living class is a perfect place as it gives you a place to start and a place to move. I have another starting up shortly so if you just need a place to start I would suggest that class! Its very powerful and creates a map to where you’re going.

Also don’t forget to have some fun! I will be offering some of my Wonderment Series classes and encourage those who just wanna have fun to come join us!


We shift and move and roll around each day trying to find our way. Lets have some fun together and make this a team effort! Learn the rules of the universe and watch how fast you start to live the life you want and create the amazing results you’re wishing for. It can be done! I am living proof! I have come up with several gatherings that can help support you in many ways! If you feel guided please come join us!

Fear Stops us in Our Tracks

Fear Stops us in Our Tracks

Fear- stops us in our tracks at times doesn’t it? More on that in just a minute.

Many of you know I was just in Arizona for a week and on a few adventures. I had a blast in Sedona, hiking, sightseeing, four- wheeling, and all those fun things we do on vacation. I also had some very spiritual experiences.

One of them was spending some one on one time with one of my mentors. The night before we were scheduled to spend time together I was able to stay at her retreat center. I was staying alone and that normally does make me a bit nervous in new places. When I walked in I thought oh this feels so safe and nice. I will be just fine tonight!

We did a class on medium ship that I enjoyed a lot. A thought in the back of my head was I hope all these spirits go home tonight so I can get some sleep! Now some of you know that Sunny lives next door to her healing center and before the last person left I made sure I knew what house she was in. Just for safety sake. ( Ya right)

I went to bed and read for a while and was very tired from my travels. So I figured I would sleep well just from the traveling. A few minutes after the lights were out I started to hear things. I heard a noise like someone throwing sand on the kitchen floor. I heard footsteps. I heard banging noises. All sorts of things. I jumped up and turned on some lights and thought I was just psyching myself out from the class on medium ship. I called in my angels and guides and said a few prayers and told myself I was fine and being silly.

Another half hour or so later the noises were getting louder and I was more scared then I have been in a VERY long time. In one moment the light in the kitchen went out at the same time the sand was being thrown across the floor and the air conditioner made a huge noise and shut off.

I grabbed my pillow and was out the door in about 17 seconds on my way over to Sunny’s. Saying all the way I was not going to wake her up- I was not going to wake her up- I can’t believe I am waking her up at 2AM in the morning! As my hand hit the doorbell I heard the horrid sound of dogs barking and waking up the whole house! (MORTIFIED was a weak word that I could use to describe how I felt in that moment) Her sweet hubby answered the door and asked what was going on- The tears started and I mean BIG tears and ugly cry! I said the house was wild and there was no way I was sleeping in it and I kept hearing shit and the lights went out etc etc- Sunny had come down by then and turned to grab a robe and walk me back over to the house. I was not very happy having to go back in to that space. I think I told her so too! Still ugly crying going on!

We went in the house and she turned on the lights and asked what I was feeling- Total FEAR I said. She asked when I was dowsing houses if I was scared and I said no but that was during the day. I would never dowse a home at night. (Clues to lead us to the point of being woke up at night) We talked for a good ten minutes before it finally came together how scared I was of the dark. The night. The unknown. Being alone with my own fears that seem to come up at night. And being totally alone in a big house that I was not able to see all the rooms triggered this huge reaction. The hotel I had been staying in was ok. At home was ok but I put together the next day that at times when Eli is gone I will have these moments of fear at night but one of the kids would usually wake up or something would distract me. That night I had no distraction and spirit was making a point! Her center has NEVER had any type of negative energy inside the walls. But that night my own fears were so strong they actually created physical manifestations that I could hear- feel and see for myself- proving to me that scary things existed and also that they show up in the quiet times of being alone. How powerful to find that I actually created such a huge experience for myself. It was amazing. It became the learning of light and dark for me. It was a HUGE awareness of what had been holding me back. I have in my plans to grow my business and to do that I will have to work with spirit on an even deeper level and I had some underground fears about that and I didn’t even know it! Since that night I have had a very noticeable shift in the nighttime. At this moment I am in my basement late at night and not afraid of it at all- Normally I would not spend time down here after dark. I think that is so strange I never put that together and what a changes its made since I have put some big pieces together for myself. Amazing!

Many of you have fears, what did that story bring up for you? I would love to hear the reactions!

I feel my point in sharing this is everyone has fears of something. I have not met a person yet that doesn’t have some fear about something. It’s the human experience we are having. The trick is to find what they are about take the responsibility of allowing them to come in and find a way to move through it. This was a personal story that some may question why I would share such a weak moment. The truth is now that it’s done it’s a hysterical story to share! As you will read in my tag line I create dramatic experiences with powerful results and this story says that without question! I learn by experience I just need to be a bit more aware of those experiences be a little more light hearted! We learn and we live. See the rainbow of life and keep the colors flowing is the lesson I learned the dark doesn’t mean I need to fear it I just need to light it up!