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Energy Clearing Sessions

Remote & in-person energy sessions for you, your family, and your sacred spaces.

transform your life with energy clearings

Energy clearings are one of the easiest ways to bring more balance and peace into your life.  Read on to learn more about how remote or in-person energy clearings can radically change your life, from the inside out.

have you been feeling...

more emotional, a little bit “off”, or even physically unwell?

Just like your house gets junked up with dust, dirt, and other debris when it’s due for a deep cleaning, the energy that moves throughout your body is the same way. Energetic blocks, attaching onto the energy of others, even stress and trauma you’ve experienced can store itself within your body and wreck all kinds of havoc on your system.

This is a common occurance for everyone and doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. After all, we are all made of energy, just like everything else on this planet, so it only makes sense that sometimes, shit gets out of whack.  Yet despite the fact that every single one of us on the planet will experience this countless times in our lifetime, taking care of our energy isn’t something that is commonplace in our society.  Oftentimes, we end up feeling the symptoms and finding various ways to mask the discomfort, without ever taking care of the true root cause.

This is just one of the many reasons why energy clearings are such an important part of your Spiritual upkeep, and your upkeep as a human being on this planet in general.

So, what IS energy clearing?

In the simplest terms, energy clearing (which is also called dowsing) is moving the negativity energy out and ushering the positive energy back in.  To learn more about what it is and how it can help you and your loved ones, click the play button on my video.

So, how can you tell if your energy is out of whack?

Your body doesn’t mess around when it comes to sending you messages that something isn’t right.  But are you picking up on its SOS call?  If you’re energy is in need of a tune-up, you might experience any of the following symptoms…

Declining Mental Health

Energy blocks can manifest in your mind as depression, stress, anxiety, confusion, trouble concentrating, or even boredom.

Physical Ailments

You may experience energy blockage through physical aches, pains, and discomfort such as headaches, muscle pain, an upset stomach.

Weight Issues

You might find yourself eating out of boredom or “eating your emotions” – OR you may go in the opposite direction and be unable to eat due to anxiety or stress.


You may find that indecision, a lack of drive or motivation, and procrastination can begin to plauge your daily life and come between you and your goals.

Relationship Problems

You may notice petty disagreements, miscommunication, and discontentment flaring up in your most treasured relationships.

Spiritual Hardships

You may feel disconnected from Spirit, unable to trust your intuition, or feel like your Spirit team isn’t listening or worse, is non-existent.

what to expect from your energy clearing

With routine energy clearings, you’ll notice all improvements in every aspect of your life, including…


You’ll feel stronger and more in-tune with your body and how it’s feeling. Removing energy blocks leads to feeling more energetic and well-rested during the day, having an easier time falling asleep at night, and a reduction in the aches and pains in your muscles and joints.


You’ll spend your days feeling less stressed and better equipped to handle challenging situations whenever they do arise. You’ll have more focus, greater happiness, a decrease in anxiety and depression, and an overall increase in your mood and mental capabilities.


Negative energy can leave us feeling closed off from Spirit, the Universe, and ultimately ourselves as well. When your energy starts flowing, you’ll feel connected to Spirit on a deeper level, better attuned to the world, and more in-touch with your intuitive senses.

Full Moon Group Clearing

Join me live on Zoom in my Full Moon Group Clearing Mighty Networks community where each month we will gather to go on a meditative journey on the Full Moon. Together we will harness the power of the moon to move energy and usher in abundance for the next 30 days.

Personal Energy Clearing

Bust through your energy blocks and get flowing again with my Individual Energy Clearing sessions. All that’s required is your consent and I do the rest – easy peasy! You’ll receive a notification that your energy clearing has been completed, as well as a guide on how to uphold the benefits throughout the month.

Choose from 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

Home + Space Clearing

Just like your body, your home can get bogged down and blocked by negative energy too. My Home + Space Clearing will get your home – and it’s inhabitants – back in the flow and feeling peaceful once again.

This package is for remote energy clearings – meaning that I can clear your space without needing to be up IN your space.  

Family Energy Clearing

Fully focused on your family members, this clearing session helps bring harmony and peace back into your lives. This session is great for those looking to open commnication and strengthen the energy of the family as a whole.

This session is for up to 5 family members under the same household. 

have you purchase your clearing? Here's what to do next

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