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Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 7

Day 7!! Head here to watch todays video Morning all!! Morning all!! What a magical week my friend! Thankyou for joining us in this epic adventure with Spirit! It just lights me up when I see people having connections...

Intuition Scavenger Hunt Day 6

Good morning!!! The world today is made up of so much social media! From Facebook to Twitter to TV, it's everywhere. I don’t know that you can really get away from it for too long. Although at times I would suggest you put the phone down and step away and go take a...

2023 Scavenger Hunt Day 1
Feb 4, 2023

Hello my Friend!

Welcome to this year’s Intuition Scavenger hunt! I am so excited for the fun and magic that we are about to step into. When you put a little extra focus towards something, it tends to show up bigger and brighter!

A few fun things to remember as we walk through the week together.

Please share as much as you can- the more fun we have, the more fun and magic we create, and we would love to have this magic energy spread as far and wide as possible. I love to give the world a bit of magic and reminders and these fun touches of spirit create waves of magic and we all know this world could use it!

We have set up really easy ways to share the fun see the attachments! Each person who shares will go into a drawing for prizes at the end of the hunt!

Get connected to the light friends! Connect to your team, your loved ones, the light. All of it! When you take the time to connect each morning before the world hits you the day just shows up different. Yes, even the difficult days.

Here is a connection meditation you can download and use each day if you wish! You can also just create your own! That is the fun of energy and intuition. You can create whatever feels good to YOU!

Commit to it each day this week while we are together and see how you feel at the end of the day. I tend to freshen up my connection throughout the day. It just feels better, more clear and a higher vibration that runs through me each day!

Enjoy! And happy hunting!


Today’s Hunt:

What is it that creates the feeling of connection with your light source? After doing the connection meditation, stay focused on connecting to the light source throughout the day and make sure to share your experience with us on Facebook or Mighty Networks! And share share away to get entered into our drawing for prizes at the end of the hunt! If you missed the live video or need a different link to share, read this article here!

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