Testing the Waters

Hello, Friend

Welcome to my community, and more importantly, welcome to a whole side of yourself that maybe you didn’t know existed- your Spirit, or what some may refer to as your Higher Self or your soul.

This may be a whole new world for you, and a magical one at that. The very fact that you made it to this page, I would dare say you have some intuitive knowledge about this side of yourself- even if you’re not quite sure what it is or what you’re meant to do with it just yet.

You might find yourself experiencing these common mystical occurrences, such as…

Energetic Overwhelm

Have you ever felt *so much* that it feels overwhelming? Going out into public may be a chore since you know that one encounter with someone in a bad mood will leave you in one of your own. You’re energetically wide open, leaving you at the mercy of whatever you may encounter in your day.

Random Intuitive Hits

Have you ever *known* something out of nowhere? Maybe you have had hits of information here and there that ended up being accurate.  You may have dreams of events that have played out in real life or have felt like you were experiencing something that has happened before. You might not be able to pinpoint the source of your information, but yet you can’t deny that it feels like something you should pay attention to.

Unexplained Fears

Do you have a fear that has been seemingly a part of you for most of your life? Or maybe you have some physical ailments that appear to have no medical basis or explanation.  As a child, you may have been afraid of the things you saw or felt in the dark of night. You may have easily written these feelings off as being a part of an overactive imagination, yet deep down you feel there may just be another cause.

That little pull that you brought you here is your spirit– bright, shiny, and so ready to be known.

Your new journey comes with the love and support of a whole heavenly team made up of your Spirit team, angels, and even loved ones who have passed. Think of them as your personal mystical cheerleaders who always have your back. 

As I always say, Community is a need for humans. Not a want.

Having people who have been where you are and understand the way you move through life is invaluable. And quite honestly, it makes the business of getting to know Spirit a lot more fun and rewarding. You have a whole magical world that is waiting for you to stick your toe in and test the waters of Spirit, and a whole community that is ready to take you by the hand and gently lead the way. Are you ready to test the waters with us? 

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