Taking the Leap

Hello, Friend

Welcome to the deep end of the Spirit pool! Not everyone likes to come in this deep, but if you’re like me a little deep-dive is right up your alley sometimes.

Over the years, I have cycled through each type of experience with Spirit, from dipping my toe in to taking a flying leap off the high dive– It really just depends on where I am in my life to which experience I am drawn to at that time. Learning to trust my gut and my Higher Self to know what next step my soul was craving allowed me to seek new experiences and environments I might not have pursued otherwise.

For those times when your soul needs to go really big and deep-dive right into an immersive experience with Spirit, you will want to explore…

1:1 Mentoring

Sometimes certain life stages and events require more support and undivided attention. That’s where 1:1 mentoring is perfect. The curriculum is entirely custom-tailored to what *you* need at that moment in time. This individualized, supportive environment is great for those times in life when you just need a little bit of extra hand-holding and direction.

Group Mentoring

Being able to energetically feed off of, learn from, and laugh and cry with your fellow classmates is what makes group mentoring an especially powerful experience.  Group mentoring is a great fit for those times when you need the additional support and accountability but still crave an intimate learning environment.


Nothing makes you feel the power of Spirit like learning in a gorgeous,magical location! Group retreats and VIP days give you the thrilling experience of a vacation while still allowing for plenty of learning and growth. Feeling the energy of Spirit in a brand-new environment can make for a lot of magical shifts.. And hey, who doesn’t like a good excuse to get away and have some fun?

These intensive, intimate environments have allowed for some incredible experiences for my clients over the years – and have also changed me and my life for the better as well.

The most challenging, yet rewarding part of taking the leap is that every experience and lesson is uniquely profound. I’ve seen my clients experience everything ranging from walking through development with intuition and getting to know themselves on a spiritual level; battling through fears that stop a person in their tracks; walking through life all the way up to their last moment on this earthly plane, and quite honestly everything in between.

Taking a leap of faith and trust to let someone in is no small matter. The big leaps in life are some of the most challenging, but also the ones that you will hold closest to your heart as they are the ones that will change you from the inside out.

When it comes to making massive shifts, sometimes you are ready but not willing. Sometimes you are willing but not ready. It’s okay either way, that’s for damn sure. But when they both line up..when you are both ready AND willing, that’s when the magic happens. I will grab your hand, yell 1, 2, 3 and off we will got into a whole new world that you didn’t even know what possible for you!

Your Next Steps

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Check out these top options for my peeps who are ready to Take the Leap with Spirit.


Get individualized support for all of your Spiritual pursuits with my group mentoring and select 1:1 VIP options.


Grow with Spirit in magical locations with my group retreats with limited slots for maximum attention + support.

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