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Don’t send me a thank you card.

Don’t send me a thank you card. I know this one is gonna trigger my good manners people. Its not that we do not know about or practice good manners in my family but this one gets a little sticky for me and if you take the time to read to the end you may get why. If I...

Freedom Gathering

A mentoring group for healing and clearing. We will start on September 8th and gather for 6 weeks. Here is the fun part—you have two choices! We all love choices right 😉 One class will be over the phone from noon till 2. One class will be in the evening from 6:30...

So Many Ways To Love
Aug 18, 2014

Last night was a full moon. The first after my 41st birthday and I ended up going to a ceremony with two of my friends who I have not seen in soooo long.
We ended up in the soccer fields to watch the sun set and the moon come out. A super moon. We all took turns to let the moon know what it was we wanted to let go of and more importantly what we wanted to bring in for ourselves.
The message we all heard was to be LOVE. Love everyone.
My question was how do we love those we don’t like very much? ( A valid question and one I see a lot of “Spiritual” people wrestle with cause you know if your spiritual you love everyone right J )
The answer was so beautiful.
Love people the way you need to love them.
Love people the way you need to love them.
Kind of opened a new perspective for me.
We have lots of ways to love.  We all paused and considered the answer to a very big question.
Here is what came to my in my sleepless night last night. Maybe it will help you on how to love those that are a bit challenging in your life.
You can love quietly.
You can love loudly.
You can love at a distance.
You can love in a healthy way.
You can love with boundaries.
You can love with intimacy.
You can love with family.
You can love with friends.
You can love with ideas.
You can love with Intention.
You can love with beauty.
You can love with fear.
You can love with Bravery.
You can love inwardly.
You can love in the dark.
You can love in the light
You can love with laughter
You can love with tears
You can love seeing the gifts
You can love in the challenge
You can love with conditions
But you can also love
Unconditional love is something I feel we come from in our most pure of spiritual selves. I feel that we are here to clear out the layers of shadows to bring us back to that space within us.
Each layer we clear brings us closer to that love inside of us that is busting to get out.
So each morning we get to pick.
How do you want to LOVE today?

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Jodie Harvala