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New Moon Energy!
Jul 1, 2021

New Moon:

Fertility- creativity- setting intentions- extra energy- manifestation.

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Do you know about the New moon? It often affects us energetically as much as the Full moon, but most people don’t pay as much attention to the New moon as the Full moon.

The moon runs in a cycle each month. I teach a lot of my clients to set up some alarms on their phones or calendars when the moon cycles are because I start to notice different emotions and behaviors start to show up at different times of the month. Not always healthy! Often times self-sabotage behaviors!

The New Moon is a Bad Ass if you ask me. She is full of Fertility, creativity, extra energy, and that amazing energy of manifestation. I also personally feel the moon has a more feminine feel around the New Moon. I hear it in my words each month the New moon I call her She,the full moon I call him He! Isn’t that interesting!

In my new Moon Magic course I will be digging into all of this with you but I wanted to give you a little taste of moon manifesting magic.

I started to notice when I would look at my calendar to plan courses I would be guided into different dates at different times of each month. The cycle that came in was most of my courses were launched and often started during a new moon. I had no idea I was doing it until I started to pay attention.

That is the first step. PAY ATTENTION. That moon energy is here for a reason my friends!

Fertility: is not just about bringing new children into the world. Its about planting seeds. Dreaming. Talking and focusing on things that you love and that you want to create in the world. We will dig more into this and how to do this in my Moon magic course!

Creativity: So many of you don’t think your creative. Creativity is not just for crafts my friends! Creativity is working with spirit to CREATE YOUR LIFE! Creation! What a powerful energy to engage with once you understand the powers of planting seeds and getting on board with the Joy that moon energy wants you to align with. This is a piece so many people need a little kick in the butt to get into alignment!

Setting intentions: WHAT DO YOU WANT? Oh such a loaded questions for people. I have some amazing tools to help you breath through your busy head and open up that energy of want. We are meant to want but we are also meant to receive. It’s a full circle moment just like the moon! ( See what I did there 😊 )   I have some pretty awesome techniques for getting those intentions set and making sure they actually FEEL good and not like pipe dreams that wont ever come true!

Extra energy: Seriously who doesn’t need to step into a little extra energy these days. I hear it all the time how tired people are after this last year. We are all in a healing place after a global pandemic and the moon energy is at our disposal yet so few reach into that unending energy to pull it in and through us. Again these are all subjects we will be walking through in the Moon Magic course!

I cant wait to dig into this course my friends. I have been so pumped for it for WEEKS! Listen. Life could be going amazing for you and this course would be helpful and life could be kinda shitty for you right now and this course could help you. We are coming together to help each other and offer some honest to goodness re-charging information that can help you create the life you not only want but the life you deserve. We all deserve joy and happiness but we also all could use a little assistance, right?

The moon is just begging us to pay attention but not just during the full moon. ALL MONTH LONG!

Let’s honor that energy together and join me for class- We start July 8th right before the next new moon!



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