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Don’t send me a thank you card.

Don’t send me a thank you card. I know this one is gonna trigger my good manners people. Its not that we do not know about or practice good manners in my family but this one gets a little sticky for me and if you take the time to read to the end you may get why. If I...

Freedom Gathering

A mentoring group for healing and clearing. We will start on September 8th and gather for 6 weeks. Here is the fun part—you have two choices! We all love choices right 😉 One class will be over the phone from noon till 2. One class will be in the evening from 6:30...

It’s Almost Fall Y’all!
Aug 22, 2022

I know it’s not quite Fall but sure feeling those vibes this week with Back to school, the lake was the perfect fall weather this last weekend.

I LOVE this time of year. Both warm and cool and perfect for Fires! I need to give you a little overview of all the fun we have coming up this fall! I don’t want you to miss a thing!

First and foremost, we have our Back to Basics course on August 30th for learning how to maintain your energy! This is a biggie for all my sensitive and empathic, psychic souls.

The next Bonfire date will be Thursday, Sept 22nd at 6pm central at my home! These have been fantastic! We are having the most fun with these intimate groups with lots of laughs and insight from spirit. Just loving the fun of them! 😊

I would love to know from my local peeps. Are you guys ready for an in-person development group this fall? Hit me back with a YES and let me know if you are interested to have an in-person group. Think of it as development and mentoring all in one. I think they go together these days. The world is so busy and so big right now for people and I have noticed that so many are really working on intuition development without realizing life is giving them these great practice moments, but you are just not quite seeing it that way. I would love to open that door for you and offer some easy tools on how to connect more strongly. We would start in October.

I am heading to South Dakota in September. Private sessions are open as I am on my way through Bismarck on September 12th. I have two more open for either readings or one space clearing. If interested also hit me back!

South Dakota, I will be doing a gallery in Rapid City on September 15th and have a few open spots for one-on-ones sessions from 12pm-4pm. You know it – hit me back to set up an appointment with me!

Then I am heading up to Duluth for a Private Retreat with a beautiful soul. I cannot wait! Each year this woman invests in her health, Well Being, and spiritual growth with a personal retreat just her and I, and each year she picks a beautiful spot for our time together. It’s magical ✨ all the way around.

I have just a few spots open for those personal retreats this fall and I am opening two spaces for private mentoring as well. Yes, you got it. Hit reply for info on either of these experiences.

Fall is a fun time for me. I love that I get to dig back in and get back to my consistent schedule. I have LOVED my time at the lake this summer. It was a much-needed grounding space that I didn’t know I needed. It become a very peaceful space and it’s taken us years to really find our groove. It just took us adding a few key ingredients that made all the difference if you ask me. A sacred space to connect and be with nature but most of all just to be in my own thoughts and creative juices. LOVE IT.

And I am feeling more than ready to whip up some magic for all of you!

Let’s go make some magic!

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