you are the…

Full Moon

With a personality as radiant as the Full Moon, you’re a natural star! Just as the Full Moon dominates the night sky, bathing the world in its brilliant glow, you shine with an unmistakable charisma that cannot be ignored. Never one to shy away from the limelight, you revel in it. The drama, the exhilaration, the pull of all eyes on you – it’s your playground.

As the Full Moon brings clarity, illuminating the path ahead, you too, with your magnetic presence, have a knack for grabbing attention and steering the narrative. Your personality sparkles with vivacity, and you effortlessly draw people towards you, just like the moon attracts the tides. This gregarious nature of yours makes you an unforgettable presence, the one everyone knows, appreciates, and looks up to. Sure, you may stir the pot sometimes – but what’s life without a little excitement?


are you guilty of

bad energetic hygiene?

If you’re tired of feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually like a pair of crusty undies, it’s time to elevate your energetic hygiene to a higher level.


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