First Steps with Spirit

Hello, Friend

I want to welcome you to the first steps of developing your intuition and creating a stronger foundation and bond with Spirit… and YOURSELF! 

Learning to develop and understand your intuition is a big step – and trust that I know even reading this page may be a huge leap of faith for you.  When I first started getting into all of *this*I had so many emotions come to the surface. I was so excited, yet so scared at the same time. 

But for all the things that I didn’t know, I knew three things to be true…

I felt alone

Yes, even when I was surrounded by my family. I felt like no one understood me, and that no matter how hard I tried I would never fit in. I was desperate to find my people.

I craved community

Community is a need for humans, not a want. We *need* other people. My problem was that I didn’t particularly care for or trust other people. That part held me back for a LONG time!

I needed adventure

I’m an adventurous soul! Okay, so maybe not in a “jump out of planes” kind of way but in a “having cool-as-shit experiences in my life” kind of way. (I’d find out later that many of those experiences would happen in the classroom while working with Spirit 😉)

Having a community of people who understood how I think, speak, and walk through this world changed everything for me.

Finding my people helped change my perspective on everything. It didn’t mean that I had to be besties with everyone I encountered– but it *did* mean that I wasn’t so alone after all. That thought alone lit up my entire being and eased my lonely heart.

That need, that human desire for understanding and connection, has been the driving force behind everything that I have created in my business.

Each class, each gallery, each and every group event is centered around providing people a safe place to explore their magical selves and feel understood and supported every step of the way. I will hold your hand as you discover this newly discovered side of yourself and cheer you on the entire time! Hang on tight- you never know what kind of adventures we may find ourselves on!

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