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Excuse me, is your energy leaking?
Jun 14, 2021
Is your energy leaking?

This has been a conversation piece in the last several weeks for me. I am hearing about it everywhere!

Energy leaks!

Its not something common or something people think about all that often until its brought to the surface. Something happens and they are learning to conserve energy for something like healing a sick body and it dawns on them their energy is leaking all over the place!

Let me give you a few samples of where energy leaks might be coming from!
·        A pile of dirty dishes.
·        Unopened mail
·        Messy house
·        Toxic relationships
·        Social Media
·        Your cell phone
·        Commitments to yourself you don’t fulfill – say walking every day
·        Unsaid conversations
·        Unfelt emotions
·        Pain
·        Responsibilities that are not yours

And on and on- these are just a few off the top of my head. They make such a difference in how you feel each day yet most of the time we don’t even consider these as a reason our energy is suffering or less strong than we want it to be.

I had my ass handed to me when I got covid. I was already run down both physically and emotionally from a very tough and emotionally trying year on top of building a business and having a family.

I was honestly just being human for a while
, I had a lot of people die and that affects me deeply and it took me a minute to work through all of those deaths. Among several other things happening in my personal life and a fast-growing business that is pretty much a one woman show. It can become a lot and I had to start looking at the leaks in my life and start making changes.

I needed to find some help. The right help and the right fit. Still working on this as we work through my entire business. It takes so much time and a lot of focus. It is a great place to start though is asking for and intending to find the right kind of help. So many energy leaks can be supported with allowing help in your life. This goes for any kind of help, a trainer, doctor,therapist,new friends,church,groups,minister or priest,someone to clean your house! Whatever floats your boat but support systems are key to keeping our energy strong.

My phone had become a problem. I love to connect with people and in doing so I was on my phone constantly. Group chats were my new addiction. It was fun to have that connection and I started to notice it was also wearing on me. Texts coming through when I was on with clients. Distraction when I was with my family or at the lake when I was meant to be resting and recuperating. FEELING the messages coming through! WHAT!

Yep, I started to be able to feel everyone who was in my groups and when they texted. My Intuition has grown, and my sensitivity has too. It was a hard decision but yep I had to step out of them this summer. I noticed a difference immediately in my energy. It took me weeks and weeks to decide to step out. It was a commitment to myself to create a healthy body and energy again though so I chose me first.

Piles of mail and papers can be draining for so many people. Taking a half hour to go through and organize could make all the difference in a calm brain or one that keeps saying damn I need to go through all that mail. I need to do that. I need to get to it. I need…………to get it done right now this very minute I am sitting down and setting a timer and getting it done. PERIOD.

An unmade bed! I rarely make my bed honestly until I go to bed. I know for you bedmakers this is a deal breaker, but I am up and out of bed in the morning. I love clean sheets and made beds. If it starts to bug me I make it. If not I don’t. It is funny when I notice it its usually during a stressful time and it does help to have a small accomplishment completed for the day right off the bat. If my bed is made, I am stressed out and need to take a bigger look at what is going on in my life.

Unrealistic promises can drain you too. I am going to walk every day for 5 miles no matter what. When I hear this, I just cringe because the reality for most people is they wont follow through. That’s not to say they can’t its just one of those things. ( Often a sign of that all or nothing energy) Lets get real with our commitments to ourselves. If I know I am not going to walk every day I may shift it to walking 4 times a week for a half hour. That feels better already. I try not to bullshit myself. I know when I am doing it and that is a huge energy leak.

Start where you are and build up to where you want to be.

That all or nothing energy that so many of us live in is also a energy leak. We are ALL IN or ALL OUT. Working on finding harmony in your day is a biggie. It takes some time and often baby steps to learn how to do a little more harmony. There is a drama and energy that we get from those high highs and low lows. It’s a unhealthy habit so learning to stack new healthier habits does work!

This summer might be a great time to start to notice those energy leaks in your life. See where they show up. Sit quite in your home and see what shows up for you. You might be surprised at where your energy goes and what needs to be cleaned up.

Coming soon a brand new class on the Magical Moon energy and Manifestation my friends! OHHHHH I cannot wait! Keep your eyes peeled!

Have a fabulous week my friends!

Lets go make some magic!

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