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2023 Scavenger Hunt Day 1

 Hello my Friend! Welcome to this year's Intuition Scavenger hunt! I am so excited for the fun and magic that we are about to step into. When you put a little extra focus towards something, it tends to show up bigger and brighter! A few fun things to remember as we...

Free Energy Clearing Class for the New Year

TRANSCRIPT OF JODIE HARVALA SUMMARY KEYWORDS house, clearing, chinese new year, energy, people, fun, sage, selenite, clean, windows, candles, feel, space, open, plants, clearings, home 0:04 Hello hello everybody. Good evening. I'm just gonna hang let everyone jump on...

31 Days of Spirit 2021: Day One -Miracles
Dec 1, 2022

This year, I want to get as many people into the spirit of the new year and embracing the gifts that await. That is why I’m holding a new FREE series starting on the first of December geared towards helping you strengthen your relationship with Spirit – and your own unique Spiritual gifts too. Sign up here to join on Mighty Networks for a chance to win great prizes like my oracle cards and more! Sign up on that page and connect with us on Mighty Networks – the only place to win prizes!

Day One of 31 Days of Spirit! Live Transcript

Tue, Dec 06, 2022 6:56PM • 37:55
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Hello, hello, everybody. Hello, Lou. I’m gonna hang for a second. Let everybody join me. Hello. Hello. Hello.

If you are joining me live, go ahead and say hello in the comments and I am using stream yard so if you’ve never registered under stream Please do you then I can see who you are. Hey, Vicki. Hey, Xena. Can you guys hear me okay? And see me okay. I was having some internet issues earlier. But they seem to have cleared up so hello, hello. Hello. Say hello to me in the comment section my friends.

Hello, Carla.

Good to see you darlin.

Hello, hello.

Hey, Miss Karen. Good. Thanks, Vicki. Appreciate that. All right. So here we are. So my name is Jodie Harvala. For those of you that might be new, and joining me over the month, and tonight is our very first night of 31 days of spirit. So we’ll get to that in just a minute. I just want to give people a couple minutes here to jump on and find us. If you are on and you want to share on your wall that’s always helpful for all small business people, is how we get our names out. So we do appreciate that. Hey, Rachel.

Hello, hello. Hello.

I know I’m excited too. I have missed my social media obnoxious SNESs that I normally do. I was telling I hired a new VA to help with some stuff. And she is a tech wizard. And Angela is good. And this chick is good too. And I was telling her she was asking whenever the goal is and I was like well, for sure. Just to get back on social media. I said I’m usually very obnoxious and on social media all the time. And this last year was more just of a quiet year for me. And so I said I need to get back on and I need to get more obnoxious again. So I am very happy to be back. Hello, Miss Angie and Tony and Patti. Thank you. Yes, we went short again. So I had COVID last year and I ended up with a lot of long, like long COVID Blah, blah, bullshit stuff. And my hair really didn’t do well at all. So we cut it once short, let it grow out and it still was not healthy. And so we just cut it short again. So now it’s coming back healthy, which is good. So if you don’t know that could be one of the side effects. Not that I want to talk about COVID Because I don’t. But that is why I have short hair again. I haven’t had short hair in a really long time. So it’s very strange to have short hair again. I used to always have short hair, always always. Not that I always have super long hair. But anyways, thank you. Hello, Samantha. Good, good. Good. It’s so fun to have people on again. love social media. I love social media. Thank you for joining me tonight. I was hoping I’d get a lot of people so this is fun for me. This excites me as much as I hope it excites you guys i i love to have connection. And in the winter months and all of you know the last couple years and stuff you know a lot of us are missing that connection. And so social media really became a great place to connect. So I love it. Love it. Love it. From what Yeah, tell me everyone Where are you guys from? So I’m in Fargo, North Dakota. And we are expecting a storm tomorrow. It doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be a horrible storm just like three to five inches but really bad winds. Which I’m kind of okay to get some snow because my whole backyard because we got snow and then we had super nice weather and then it melted so my whole backyard to get to my shed is just ice. So it’s kind of a mess. So I’m okay with a few inches of snow. Hi Mary and Kristen. Okay, so we got let’s see. So we got Nancy of course from my oming one of my faves we got Bismarck, Morton County, Fargo where else did I see this this last two? Rapid City. That’s one Hi. Carla said I hadn’t had short hair for about 20 years. Wow made her feel like a woman of that. California. Remer, Minnesota Casselton Yeah, I’m kind of excited. I have a client that winters in Palm Springs. And so I might she texted me last night. She’s like, Holy hell, you gotta come to my house. There’s like shit going on. And I was tuning in. I’m like, Yeah, I think I should come out and so I might get to fly out to Palm Springs and clear house, which is always fun. I’d love to travel. So I’m up for traveling. For clearing. Connecticut Of course, I really want to go to Connecticut. I’ve never been there. Rachel and Iowa great.


in the noise Hey, Raven, good to see you. Alyssa. Okay, so, um, I saw someone a little questionable join us, so I blocked them. Um, I will never, ever message you about readings and shit like that, if someone comes on. And they do that, because sometimes people do that. Just ignore them. And we’ll block them as fast as we can see them. Okay. I would like I’ve been to the East Coast one time. For a John Holland class actually on medium ship. It was friggin awesome class, first of all, and I was right by the oh, it was beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful. So yeah, I’ve always wanted to go back again. All right, beautiful people. Okay, so let me tell you why we’re here. So one of the reasons. So, in small business, social media is really important to us, right. And it helps us get our names out and helps us get our products out, it helps get our message out, like all the things right. And it’s always been really fun for me. And the last year, I just haven’t done as much I had a really rough couple of years, I had a lot of I just needed a lot of quiet this last year, just needed some healing time you needed some space, I didn’t do a lot of social media. I didn’t have the schedule, I normally have it in teach the classes I normally had. And I had a friend of mine, he’s he’s been my wizard for years. And he had mentioned to me, he goes, You know about time, it’s your birthday, he goes, you’re gonna feel healed again. And I was like, That is a long time away, because I saw him like last January. And he was oh, I’m not Alyssa. I don’t know how to do that yet. We’ll put a message over there, though. Thank you for that. I know, I’m confusing people. Okay, so anyways, um, and so social media, I was missing it in around August, I did start to feel a lot better. And September, October, I was kind of clearing up a lot of old stuff. And we’ve been trying to switch a few systems and different things like this, just like Alyssa said, We’re are working on our mighty networks community as well. And one of the reasons I wanted to do this, because because I want to introduce people to mighty networks, which is where I’m going to be holding my classes. Normally in the past, I’ve done them through Facebook and things like that. But we’ve started just to see some struggles with it and different things with lives. And it just kind of came a mess. And so I will be going live each day here on social media. And then we’re going to be doing some separate things on mighty networks, including that’s where we’re going to give away our prizes, because we want to bribe you to come over to mighty networks. So you guys get used to it, because that’s how I’m going to be doing my classes, okay. It’s nothing you have to use sign up for it. But you don’t have to pay for it or anything like that. If you want to take a class you can. And we’re in training to learn the system. You guys are in training to learn the system. And yeah, I know it’s confusing. I didn’t even really think about that Alyssa, like I thought of it, but I didn’t address it. So lives are going to be here first. First and foremost. I’m going to do them here. And then we’re going to invite you over to MIT network. So when you sign up, so here’s the sign up. Let me get it for you. This will give you the directions to go get signed up at mighty networks. Okay. Is this link to sign up? for 31 days and directions, are mighty networks, I know it’s confusing. And I know we’re in Mercury retrograde. So just going to do it one step at a time. And all of these lives will be loaded on to mighty networks, okay, they just won’t be live at the same time, we don’t have a platform that will let us go live on everything. We are actually doing some research on that because there might be a way to do it. But I just didn’t want to do it tonight, because I didn’t know the technology. So right now just find me here, okay. And we will do prizes and stuff and the announcement for the prizes over on mighty networks. Because again, we want to invite you over there, to get used to it, to learn it to get comfortable with it. So when it’s time for you to take class, if you’re interested, or join a group or do a full moon clearing or any of that kind of stuff. That’s where we’re going to do that. Okay. All right. Hello, hello. Hello, everybody. Okay. So the other reason I wanted to do this was because I know holidays can be really hard for people. Some people love the holidays, they love everything about it, they, they love all parts of it. And some people really, really struggle and hate the holidays, hate Christmas, hate everything about it, blah, blah, blah. And some people fall in the middle where some days they really love it. And some days really don’t. And we’ve had so much change in our holidays, the last few years. And even just from last year to this year. It’s so different because foster moved out where he’s got a girlfriend, he’s had a girlfriend, but we’re trying to figure out like, Okay, can you come to our house Christmas Eve? Or do we get your Christmas day? Or do we need to do it a whole different day or like what what’s what are we going to do? And I like tradition. And so trying to find a tradition that we can keep doing together as a family, we ski and we typically I buy them silly matching jammies. And then we go to the movies wearing our silly matching jammies because they’ll still do it. So it’s kind of fun that way. And so I wanted a place to put my energy, and I wanted it to be cheerful. And I wanted it to be fun. Holidays typically are really fun. For me. I like the holidays, the last few years, they’ve been a little bit tougher, and things have changed. And things have shifted. And so I wasn’t feeling as excited about them as I normally am. And so I wanted I just kept asking spirit, like give me something, give me an idea, give me something like what would be helpful, not only for my people, because you guys are always what I’m asking for. But for me too. And all of a sudden, 31 days of spirit popped in. And I was like, that’s perfect. And so we’ll talk some about holiday stuff. And we’re going to talk about other stuff that comes in that I’m going to talk about. And so tonight, what I’m guided to talk about to kick us off is miracles. So how many of you have in your in your definition of miracles? Because for me, that’s changed over the years, how many of you have either witnessed a miracle been part of a miracle? Had a miracle happen to you watched a miracle happen to somebody else? Like Tell me a little bit about your your miracle experiences. So growing up to me when I grew up, my definition was miracles really only happened. Kind of in in in those dire moments. It definitely wasn’t a day to day thing. It was like someone who was about to die and, and then all of a sudden they got something else and it cured them and they lived and it’s a miracle. Like that was very much my definition of miracle growing up, it was not.

It was like a once in a lifetime thing didn’t happen very often. It was definitely something that was a far away thing for me, if that makes sense. And when I grew up, my definition really changed. I just started seeing all these different things in the world. And I was like holy shit, miracles happen like everyday all day. And I was I had just had Keaton. And both my kids I had really bad postpartum depression afterwards. And I was very much needing something outside of my house. I just needed something to be just about me and do something. And a friend of mine, Jody box, she was doing this Course in Miracles group. I should have told her to come on tonight because she could have given you a whole different side. So hopefully God maybe you see this, but she was holding the course miracles group and I was like, okay, I can do that. I had known Jodie for a few years at that time. I loved all the work that she did loved all the stuff that she did. And she said just go to Barnes and Noble Grab the book, and then meet at this house. And I think there was like 15 or 18 of us or something like it was a pretty decent group. And I went and got the book. And if you’ve ever seen the Course of Miracles book, it looks kind of like a Bible, right? It’s blue. It, it feels like a buy. It looks like a Bible. And I was like, Well, this is interesting. And it was wrapped in plastic. So I opened it up when I got home, and I was reading it. I had no idea what the hell it said, I was like, What the fuck is like, what is this? I have no idea what this is. And I read it. And I’m like, This feels like a cult like, this feels a little cultish to me. And I just put it on the table. And I walked away from it. And I didn’t really think twice about it. And he like, came home. And he grabbed the book and was reading it. And he looked at me and he’s like, so, um, if they give you Kool Aid, you should not drink it. And I started laughing. And I’m like, I know, like, I don’t know what that book is about. And I don’t understand it. And I don’t think I should do this group. He’s like, No, I think you’re supposed to go, I really do. I think you need to get out of this house, I think you need to go. And I was like, alright, alright, I’ll go, I’ll at least go figure it out. Right. And so I went to this group, and one of the things we did was, we would go around the room, and we would each take a section to read, and then we would discuss it. And to be completely honest, I still didn’t understand half the shit that we were talking about in that group. And they were so great, because they gave me different books to read, to help me interpret this book and things like that. And I was just like, I don’t understand this. But okay, I loved the people. The first night I was there, this beautiful woman sat next to me. And I was like, she is just beautiful. And I’d never met her before. And she looked at me, she goes, Oh, I recognize you. You’re in my soul group. And I was like, Okay, I don’t know what that is. I have no idea what that is. But all I know is I really want to sit by you. And I just kind of want to lean on you a little bit because she was just so beautiful and nurturing and so sweet. And we’re still friends today. And we laugh about this. Because she remembers how just completely out of the water I was. And then we had these these beautiful men in the group. No, no, it was just a beautiful group of people. And we met every single Tuesday. And I don’t think I missed one Tuesday in the entire year. And if anyone knows me, consistency is not always my best bet. Right? And but I didn’t, I didn’t I mean, it was blizzarding, I would still show up at people’s houses. And they kind of create a joke finally, because they’re like, well, Jodi’s never going to miss. So we always know she’s going to be there. And we would do the readings and things like that. But the piece that kept me going every single week was we would do our readings. And we would do the discussion. And I would pretend that I knew what they were talking about. Or I would just tell him, I have no idea what you’re talking about. But I liked the discussion. And then we would share our miracles for the week. And we started that very early on, because the entire group, all of our lives changed that year, there was not one person in that group that didn’t have a complete transformation of their life in some way, shape, or form. Most of us it was our careers, there was a couple that it was around relationships, they they found a new partner, they fell in love, like all the stuff. And the thing that got me every week was we just kept sharing our miracles. And so I would go home, on the hunt for a new story for the next week, because I was so excited about miracles. And I remember going for a walk one day and I had, I don’t know if I had quit my job or lost my job or something. I wasn’t working at the time. And I was staying home more full time with the kids, which was not my best self like it just wasn’t it some people love, love, love that. I loved my kids. I didn’t love being home with them all the time. And I was out for a walk. And I just remember I heard my name. And I turned around and there was no one out there. And I thought I don’t know who you are. But you know, what do you want? And I heard the word is clear as day I heard it believe. And I just kind of sat with that word and I thought okay, I don’t know believe in what and the answer was yourself. Believe in yourself. And the next week is when I started to ask more about spirit asked more about classes, where can I start to learn things? What’s mediumship like What is all this stuff like it was absolutely one of the changing moments of my life. And so I wanted to to get you guys in the mind space in the in the mindset of looking for miracles this entire month, every day this entire year or the rest of the year and into the new year. Like what if you woke up every day looking for miracles. And what was so cool about it is I would see miracles, I still do see them all the time. And I see them daily. And I see small ones, and I see big ones. And I see things outside of my life that happened to people I hear about miracles all the time, which I love for my clients and people that I’m working with. I see it in other people’s lives, even just people I’m watching online that I don’t even know I can kind of see a story and I follow it and then I’ll sneak it to see the miracle. I have miracles in my life all the time. Like one of the things with my health was I was really struggling with my health for a long time after I COVID. And I had kept asking for something to come along to really support my body and my health. And I have started taking some really good steps. I started working out with a trainer and I started eating better and doing all the stuff. And then I went on a trip and I was talking to a really good friend and she was taking the supplement and she’s like, You should try it because it really helped me with my symptoms. And that day we tried it which is a whole nother story. But it frickin like within 20 minutes, my brain was back online. Such a miracle. And I don’t think that would have happened if I wouldn’t be so open to miracles all the time. Because I am always open to miracles. I love miracles. I love them. I love them to be around every day. I love to watch them. I love to see them. We went just a couple of weeks ago I was on a trip with my girlfriends, one of one of our girlfriends turned 50 We did not she did. And we teased her all week and we kept telling people it’s her birthday, she turned 50 We are not. And we went on the sailboat. And I remember at the beginning of the day, I was like alright, spirit, bring me something cool and some fun people to meet and just bring some some miracles and magic to us today. And we ended up going on the sailboat thing. And this woman, we he took us out into the golf and there was like four and five foot waves. And he was going really, really fast. And the boat was like this. And oh my god was so scary and so fun. At the same time. It’s good shit out of me. But it was so fun. And this woman next to me, there was only five of us on the boat. So I love that because we had all this individual time with this guy. And she was having the time of her life. Oh my god, she was having so much fun. And I wish I could have been brave enough to take my phone out. But I didn’t want to drop it in the ocean. It was so fun to see her face lit up and laughing and screaming she was having so much fun. And so when we calm down a little bit, I looked at her and I said that was so much fun for me, but so much fun. Watching you have so much fun. And she goes well let me tell you something. She goes that we’re here. It’s such a miracle. And I was like, Oh, tell me about that. Because that’s that’s my kind of language like What do you mean, and her and her husband were there and her husband looked ill when we got like he was he didn’t look ill. But he was frail. And he looked kind of weak a little bit. And he looked like he either was sick or had been sick. And I noticed it right away. Because because of the way he had to move and get himself in the boat and stuff. And she started talking to us about the story. And he had had cancer for 16 years. And

and it was incurable. inoperable. It was absolute death for him all the stuff. And she said he was a minister and she was minister. And she said, You know, when he first got diagnosed, one of the things everyone suggested was that he stopped doing his preaching because it there’s so many people, they didn’t want him to get sick. They didn’t want to wear him out. And he’s like, why would I give up something that brings me life? Like, why would I do that? So I thought that’s something to remember. And number two, they obviously tried to keep him really safe around COVID and all of that kind of stuff. Because they were very convinced that if he got it, he would pass from it because they had ran out of anything that they could do for him. And he ended up getting COVID. And he couldn’t go in for his treatments that had been keeping him alive until he had to clean tests a week apart. And it took him two and a half months to get those two clean tests because it just stayed in his body. And she said that here’s the miracle. She said when he went back for his treatment before they do that they had to do all his numbers again. And she said when we went back all of his numbers, his cancer numbers were at zero COVID had actually caused him to go into remission. And she said and this is how I know that because every virus that he had had for 15 years before that she said every time he Got a virus, we would freak out because we thought it was going to kill them. And then he’d go in for his numbers. And his numbers would be his cancer numbers would be down. And I was like, really she goes, the doctors didn’t believe it. We didn’t believe she said it was wild. And so when he got COVID, because I know people hate COVID, because I, I get it. But she said, COVID cured my husband. And I thought, Well, if that isn’t a frickin miracle, and to top off the miracle, her and her husband were on that boat that day, and on that trip, and it was their 50th wedding anniversary, and she just started to sob. And my friends are in the back, you know, having a couple of drinks and stuff. And they’re like, What is she doing up there crying with that lady, like, they just had no idea what our conversation was about. And, and so this woman was just sobbing because it was their 50th anniversary, and she goes, and he, in all cases should have been dead, I should never be celebrating. And here I am on this big ass sailboat, having the time of my life with my husband. And we can do this again. And it just was so it just topped off the trip for me. Like I love hearing stuff like that. So tonight, first night of 31 days of spirit is to remind you guys to be open and and open up and turn on the faucets and get your mindset in alignment for miracles. And holidays. Typically, people are more open for miracles. I don’t know why, but they just are. And so open that up and carry it into the new year and put a sign up somewhere that says watch for miracles. I always want to get T shirts and say watch for miracles, because I think they’re everywhere. Okay, so I thought that would be a very fun, fun subject to start with. And if you notice one, if you have a story about one, share it and posted on my wall so other people can see it or go into the mighty networks place and post it so we can all see it. Okay, the more you post over on mighty networks, the more you’re going to be included in for the drawings for the prizes. Okay, so every time you post over on mighty networks, you’re going to be in on the drawings. Feel free to share it on my social media here though, too, of course. But I just wanted to give again, little little push over to mighty networks, but I want to hear about the miracles because I love to hear them. Okay, so, um, fact that they still were peaches. Yep, that’s a miracle that my old kids will still put on jammies and go to the movies with me. I’m Cassandra said I had a miracle happened to me I almost drowned and should have when I was three in a public pool, and a shark dragged me to the surface in a public indoor pool. See, look at all these cool stories. When I was young, I was tasked with delivering pamphlets to various churches around town, I had to walk no vehicle. Halfway through, I knew I didn’t have enough but had resolved to go back home and get more and start over again. But when I was counting them out on my way back home, I suddenly had all the pamphlets I needed. Plus extra small miracle but life changing for me, right? Because it gets you to remind yourself again. Recently, Vicki said recently, my dad and I reunited after 56 years of a strange relationship. He’s 94 and I’m 64 is able to celebrate his 94th birthday at my home. Isn’t that awesome? Vicki? I didn’t know about that. That’s great. Judy, miracles happen daily. I feel different levels, different branches of the miracles. I feel I’ve been on the receiving end of miracles from my guardian angel. Absolutely. Me too. Me too. What’s your miracles and runners right? Yep. All right. So that is our subject for tonight is miracles, I want you to stay open for them. I want you to sign up for 31 days of spirit and I want you to post your stories, post your shares post the things that you observe over on mighty networks that will get you in drawings for different prizes. And we’re going to do the prizes throughout the month I’ll let you know and we’re going to be doing them absolutely feel free. If you want to post them on my Facebook pages. It’s totally fine. I would love to see them. And I think the more we spread that kind of energy around the better. I also think asked for miracles. I think a lot of people forget to ask for them. There was a time when my dad was really sick before he died and we were working on I was get them mixed up medicaid medicare one of them I don’t know it was one of them. And I kept telling I kept on spirit I’m like oh my God, I need an expert on those Medicaid shit because I don’t understand it and I I absolutely need a miracle and I need somebody to help me with this because it was so much paperwork and so much stuff that I just I had no familiarity with. And I kept begging for a miracle on that piece. And I was clearing the house one day, and my spirit said, go to the bra store. And I was like, I don’t really need a new bra and spirits, like, yes, you do. And I was like, okay, so I went to the bra store, because I listened. And when my spirit talks to me and tells me things, I listen. And so I went into the store. And I told this lady, I’m like, I don’t really need a bra. But I think I’m supposed to at least try one on and see if I need one. And she’s like, all right, and she was fitting me and she gets all up in your stuff. And somehow we got to talking about my dad still have no idea how that happened. And I said, Yeah, I keep praying for a miracle, because I need somebody that’s an expert on Medicaid. And she’s like, Oh, well, I worked for Medicaid for, I don’t know, 17 years or something. She goes, what do you need to know? I just stood there. And I looked at her. I’m like, Are you fucking kidding? And she’s like, No, what do you need? Like, what do you need, bring your paperwork in, sit down with me. I’ll go through all of it. I’ll show you how to do it. I’ll show you what you need. Is she called one of the nursing homes as I was there, because I had no idea how to get my dad into a nursing home. And she gave me someone’s number. And she told me I’d be calling and she goes, What’s your dad’s last name? And I told her and she said, Oh, yeah, I even worked with H’s. Like, isn’t that funny, I probably have seen his name. And I’m like, What? What? And so sometimes you need to ask for the miracles to maybe you are on your own in life, maybe you’re you’re lonely and the holidays are tough. Maybe your miracle is to find somebody to spend a holiday with. Maybe it’s to find a new friend, or to find a family to adopt or to create some kind of magic for yourself so that you don’t get stuck in the loneliness, but you get stuck more in the spirit of something else. I asked for a lot of that kind of stuff, like how spirits supposed to know what you want, if you don’t ask. And some people are like, Oh, you’re not supposed to ask for stuff like that. And we’ll do that. Of course you are, how is spirit supposed to know what you need or in what you want. If you don’t put your order in. I always tell people that it’s like going through McDonald’s, and you don’t put your order and they just throw food at you. And you just get what you get. And I’m like that I’m gonna put my order in. So if you’re struggling with something, maybe start asking for some miracles around it just to see what happens. Just start playing with it a little bit. Okay, um

See, I hear these, I hear these a lot these kinds of stories, Mary, April 26. I went into the hospital, and the doctor stated I wouldn’t make it through the night. And I am very much alive today. And sassy. As I stated, I wasn’t ready to give up and I was turning 21 years old on the 27th of April. Isn’t that interesting? Yeah, things like that happen, you guys. Big miracles, little miracles, a small miracles are sometimes the most fun ones to see. Because not everyone sees them. You know, like talking to those people on the boat, my friends were kind of sitting in the back because it was kind of chilly out. And I was like, Man, I know, I’m supposed to sit up there. I know who I am. And so I sat up there, I would have never heard that story. If I wouldn’t have followed my gut that I needed to go sit up there. So put your orders in, it’s a holiday season, put your order and have some fun with it doesn’t have to be super serious. Maybe you’re just looking for a great dress to wear to a wedding or something like that. Just do something fun, and add the word miracle into it and see how much magic it brings. Okay, I think that would be a fun thing to put your energy into, instead of some of the stuff that’s coming up in the world today, or some of the shit that comes up around the holidays are on family or blah, blah, blah, all that stuff, right? If you are struggling with some of that refer stuff, I’ve actually put some things out for that too. In our celebration, kind of our holiday offers. Next week, I have two different clearings one on the sixth one on the seventh. The seventh is the full moon clearing and then the one on the sixth, we are going to start doing some energy clearing around family. So if you struggle with your family, have some shit that you need to clear around family, all that kind of good stuff. Join me on the sixth I put the links here and I’ll put them up again on my Facebook group. And I’ll make sure they’re in mighty networks and stuff too. But make sure that you think about ask yourself, would it be a miracle for me to work the energy and do some energy clearing? And would it helped me to feel better because oftentimes, it’s the energy that people forget about, and it can be really helpful. So maybe that can be your miracle is you’re going to let yourself clear away some of the sludge and I’m going to help you with it. Okay, so that’s going to be on the sixth and on the seventh. The seventh is the new moon or the full moon. So we do that one every single month. The one on the sixth is just one of the Christmas ones that I wanted to do this year. And we’re also in Mercury retrograde. So that just started. But is it today? Thursday went Tuesday, I think it started. And so I actually liked the energy of retrograde to me, it helps me be very detailed. It helps me check things twice. It helps me slow down. It helps me organize. I’ve been organizing all week because I was like, What is going on? Why am I trying to organize all this stuff? And I’m like, oh, it’s Mercury in Retrograde. That’s why. So I actually don’t mind Mercury in Retrograde. Now. My computer’s being naughty a few hours ago. So that stuff does happen. But I stayed really calm with it, I restarted it did all the stuff I needed to do and it’s fine. So adjust. Adjust your mindset around retrograde, because a lot of times it can be some really great energy to work in. And you can really do a lot of good for yourself, if you slow down enough and start to do some self care with it. Okay, um, I don’t know. I’ll have to look up Carla, when it goes to it. It’s usually a few weeks, I don’t remember. I don’t know if it’s two weeks. I don’t remember, I actually wonder if it’s a little bit longer. I have to look for your hand. I’ll look and check. We can Google it. We can look okay, um

See, Mary, you might need some clearing work, when that kind of stuff happens on let’s get some clearing work going so you can get back to presence. Sometimes it is we try to escape this kind of this type of year in North Dakota, I noticed a lot of my clients get it’s hard for them to stay present. Because the sun goes away, it gets cold it gets dark by 430. It’s it’s hard to kind of stay in that hyped up energy and winter is meant to do a little inner work. It is meant for some quiet time and self reflection. But we all have to like live to write. And so sometimes it’s an energy piece that people don’t look at. And for some people, it’s weird. I know. It’s weird, but I do. But it works. And so if you want to join me next week, please do but otherwise in the meantime, tonight, we’re talking about miracles. Tomorrow, I will be on let’s do tomorrow at seven o’clock as well. Let’s do tomorrow night at seven. And because we’ll I know a lot of people, it’s easier for you to come after work. I will be going back and forth with different timeframes. Just so you know throughout the month, but tomorrow for Friday we’ll do 7pm Central. Okay. All right. I will see you guys tomorrow. Get your butt signed up. Take a look at the clearings and some of our holiday offers and then get yourself signed up for mighty networks and we will be on the roll for 31 days of spirit. Okay. All right guys, talk to you later. See ya
and we will be on the roll for 31 days of spirit. Okay. All right guys, talk to you later. See ya

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