Bravery at its best- I heard him whisper thank you on my way home

Bravery at its best – I heard his spirit whisper thankyou on my way home


Let me tell you about bravery.


This weekend I was at a Metaphysical expo in Bismarck ND. Most of us do them at some point in our career because it enables us to get our names out and our work and sell our products and make some income in a short amount of time and of course meet new clients. I have always LOVED doing Expos. I love the energy I love the new faces I love the exchange and stories I hear. I love it all. I get to travel and spent time with new friends all over the place. It’s been a beautiful bonus to my business but most of all to my spirit.

It’s no secret the last couple years has been a bit rough with my dad getting sick and finally passing after a long three years of suffering and many deaths in my world. Covid. Burnout. Finding that fire to keep following my spirit and have the health and well being to do this work in the way I want to do it. It’s been a challenge. This expo was more than just an expo this weekend it was a time to fill myself up and light my fire again.

When life gets that way I often ask spirit to remind me why I am doing all this in the first place. Running a small business is tough. Tiring. Scary and so many things. Its also freedom and fun and magic and adventure. All mixed into one big beautiful mess.

This weekend I asked Spirit for those reminders because Expo season often throws open the doors of opportunity. I was not disappointed. The stories and fun and laughter and oh the hugs. Just fills me up like nothing else.

I had a client book a mini reading at 2. She never showed. I don’t often get no shows when I am at an expo these days. I book up and my beautiful people show up. I had been looking forward to this woman from what Nikki had told me. I knew there was something I could do to support her. She just didn’t show and my spirit said just wait.

I went through my day. I turned to go check out another booth near the end of the day and my spirit said nope get back to your table and I turned around to see this beautiful woman with tears in her eyes and shaking and she asked if I was still doing readings. I had said I was finished for the day, but something said to ask her if she had an appointment. She said yes but I was scared and left. But I needed to come back.

Of course, I said let’s sit I knew her spirit was pushing her a bit and she was very uncomfortable. She told me her story. A loss of a child. A broken heart. A broken spirit and most of all a break in her faith. As a young woman her faith was taught through organized religion. After the death of her son that teaching didn’t quite fit to her experience anymore. Seeing a medium was not looked upon as a healthy thing to do. Hearing from his spirit outweighed her fear thank God. We talked about take what works from each world religion or spiritual and leave the rest. I feel like that was enough of an opening for her to stay present with me.

I had to catch my breath and wipe my own tears as I told her how brave she was to go against what she had been taught. I had to get to her to hear how brave her son felt she was to show up that day. She said yes but I left. I said YOU CAME BACK. That is the bravest thing a person can do. Get scared and come back. To go against what you were taught to following your heart instead. That my friends is bravery at its best.

She is the reason I do this work. She is the reason I keep pushing my business forward. She is why I show up. She is why.

Her child is why. I heard him whisper thank you when I was driving home. I hope she found some space to breath. I hope she found a little bit of peace. She said she did, but we don’t get to follow you home after you see us.


We hope spirit carries you through your pain and suffering and carries you to joy and happy again. He kept telling her that over and over he wants her to laugh again. Can you imagine how hard that must be after losing a child from this earthly place.

I still struggle with that at times, yet its my biggest gift spirit has ever given me is the ability to tune into loved ones that drop these physical bodies and enter into that spiritual energy of love. It leaves me speechless in those moments as she did. I hope none of you ever have to be brave in that way but when you are I hope I am one of the people that gets to hold your hand and hug you through it.

One of the places I love to hold hands is in Spirit school our on line community that has all sorts of fun and support and education and keeps that education and learning open each and every day. We have the doors open right now for those that feel guided! Come join us and lets support each other in this crazy life! To check out Spirit school and join our community follow this link




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