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Old Moon (Balsamic Moon)

Ah, the “less is more” mantra couldn’t find a more fitting adherent than you. Much like the Balsamic Moon – that enigmatic sliver of light just before the New Moon – you are drawn to simplicity and solitude. The noise and clutter of the world seem to melt away when you retreat into your comforting cocoon of tranquility.

Much as the Balsamic Moon heralds the end of one lunar cycle and the quiet anticipation of the next, you too cherish your alone time.Whether you’re fashionably late to a party or slip away without a grand goodbye, your elusive ways add an intriguing layer to your persona. You’re the mysterious loner, a character that is as fascinating as it is puzzling. Your personality is a soothing lullaby that eases the world into peaceful slumber, inviting the dawn of a new day – or in your case, the next exciting chapter of life.

introducing a new phase of a favorite ritual


Given its strong influence on our energy, consistent energy clearing during the Full Moon can transform your life. By harnessing the potent energy of the Full Moon, you can release negativity and emotional blockages, realigning your energy with Mother Nature’s natural cycles. in other words, you will get in the FLOW.

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Check out the newly revamped Full Moon Group Clearing Ritual


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