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2023 Scavenger Hunt Day 1

 Hello my Friend! Welcome to this year's Intuition Scavenger hunt! I am so excited for the fun and magic that we are about to step into. When you put a little extra focus towards something, it tends to show up bigger and brighter! A few fun things to remember as we...

Free Energy Clearing Class for the New Year

TRANSCRIPT OF JODIE HARVALA SUMMARY KEYWORDS house, clearing, chinese new year, energy, people, fun, sage, selenite, clean, windows, candles, feel, space, open, plants, clearings, home 0:04 Hello hello everybody. Good evening. I'm just gonna hang let everyone jump on...

31 Days of Spirit: Day 3 – Word of the Year
Dec 19, 2022


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SPEAKER : Jodie Harvala

Good morning everybody. Hello. Hello. Hello. Here we are day three. Jodie Harvala. Psychic Medium from Fargo Moorhead. It is day three of our 31 days of spirit. I’ll just hang for a few minutes like I always do. And let people jump on here say hello to me. I am using stream So if you’ve never registered with them, I will see you say hello, but I won’t see your name. So if you register with them, then I can see your name. Hello, Miss Xena. Good to see you darlin. All right, say hello. Let me know you can see me and hear me. Okay. I think my signal is good this morning though. We had a great conversation. So many shares yesterday about support. So if you did not watch yesterday’s yet the replay you should. So many good and read the comments because there’s so many good stories of everybody. Talking about the importance of support and support systems and learning to support yourself and having enough support and all that good stuff. Hello, everybody. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Hello, hello, hello. Love that there’s enough people going on on a Saturday morning. I’m trying lots of different times because you can hit people at different times a day and sometimes you’ll get two people and sometimes you’ll get 100 people. Good morning. Good morning. Hello. Hello. Hello. Good. Thanks, Carla. So it’s chilly in Fargo. It’s cold today. It’s nice, but it is chilly. We had a little bit of snow yesterday. Not enough though. If it’s going to be cold. I want the snow. I’m a skier. So if it’s going to be cold, I might as well have a foot of snow. Yes, the sun is finally shining, which is always nice. Okay, Mary Ellen. I’ll keep track of Yeah. All right. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Okay, so we’ve done a few different comments. And before we jump into today’s subject, I actually would love to know what subjects you guys want me to talk about, or share about or teach about, through this month? What is and it can be any subject. It can be spiritual or not. I’m keeping it very open. And I have a running list of things that I want to talk about. But I also wanted to ask you guys, what are subjects that would be good for you or helpful or supportive or fun? Because we can have fun to that it would be good. Oh, I know. That’s Ruby. That’s right there. That’s Ruby at some point, she’ll fly down on the desk and scare the crap out of me. She is watching the birds right now. She is very crabby about the cold weather. She is an outside kitty. And in the summertime, she is outside, almost 24/7. And she is not happy about the winter. So one of the things she likes to do is come up to the shoe shed and Eli has put a bunch of birdhouses in the back of my shed, and up really high so she can’t get to him. And she she will sit there and chatter out them and it’s hilarious. So she will come get me in the morning if I’m taking too long and start yelling at me to get up and go to work. So yeah, so usually now in the wintertime, you guys will often see tails in the background. Okay, um, so what subjects do you guys want on the list for us to cover? Shadow Work? Yep. You know what shadow work? It can be. It doesn’t you know, Shadow Work can be tough for sure. But I do think there’s so much reward from doing Shadow Work. Excuse me, and I didn’t always think that. But I’ll put that on my list. Past life. I knew that one would come up that one always comes up. I love talking about past lives. I think past lives are super fun. Maybe we could do like a past life. Meditation or something. So you guys, if you’re brand new, maybe you can get a little bit of an experience. Sometimes online it’s a little bit tougher, but I usually have pretty good luck getting people to at least feel or see your sense of limb. Some past lives, I think they’re very fun. Inner Child Yep. That one I am so shocked by how much in the last I would say, probably this last year, how much inner child stuff has been coming up for my people in classes and stuff. what else what else you want to talk about what else would be? What else is is maybe a struggle that you could use some new perspectives on during the holiday season, or just in your day to day life? What else you guys got for me? We’ll talk about angels and signs from loved ones, and all of those kinds of things, of course. So we’ll do some intuition stuff. Because I got to do that. We’ll do some card polls, I am going to do I don’t have it planned yet. I need to look at my week, but I am going to do one in the evening. And I’ll do some free readings. Because everyone always loves that. So we’ll make sure to do that at some point, too. But any other subjects that you guys think about? That you want me to add to my list? Let me know. Making friends. I know that one is a tough one, right? We’ve touched on that just a little bit yesterday. But yeah, we could talk about that. I think that one I hear that a lot from women is they have struggle on how to make friends. So yeah, we can talk about that. Dreams and meanings. You know, it’d be fun, I have a friend we should almost see if she could come on and be a guest because I am definitely not very educated in the dreams. And so I love it. And I know like this much of it. But I have a woman that a friend of mine that she teaches it. And that might be kind of fun. Manifesting always a good subject. Yes. Yep. Since I’m coughing and clearing my throat, standing in your own gifts and not dimming

your light, do not dim your light. That’s a great subject. I could talk about that one for years, speaking your truth.

All sorts of good stuff. All right, perfect. Okay, if something else pops in for you, as we are going through this, just let me know. And today, what I thought would be a fun thing to talk about. And a lot of people are doing this right now. I’m not the only one. But I think it’s a great subject to kind of explain why we do it. And I wanted to talk about allowing and bringing in your word for the year for the focus for the new year. I definitely offer my little service here. So I’ll put a little link up for that. So every year one of my favorite things that I do during the holidays is like it’s gonna get right, is I offer a little overview and a word of the year and I have been picking a word of the year. Man, how many years have I been doing that now? Probably 15 years, I bet. And when it when it first came up, my friend Wes asked me well, what’s your Word of the Year? I’m like, What are you talking about? Why would I need a word of the year. And I didn’t understand the concept of it at all. It made no sense to me. And because I wasn’t focused at all in my life, I didn’t realize that having a place to focus can help you stay on track, it can help you stay balanced or, or stay in harmony, it can pull you back when you get off track. It can be kind of that that Touchstone or that Guiding Light. And we’re such a wordy. Humanity likes words, right. And so picking the word of the year or I always say allowing the word of the year because I think it comes to you and through you right. And I love doing them for my clients each year I’ve done them for several years, I have other colleagues that do that as well as kind of a fun little holiday thing. And we do it for the new year and and we can feel the energy coming in. And it’s so fun to tune in to see what word comes up for my clients. I think it’s so fun. And sometimes it’s brand new clients and sometimes it’s people I’ve known for a while so I kind of know what they’ve been walking through and then the word comes in and kind of get a giggle. So I think that is probably one of my my best. Not best one of my favorite offerings during the holiday seasons. So I did put my link up there if someone is interested in that because I do think it’s really fun and I do have a few spots left. I can only do so many. And I usually lose my voice when I do them because I do so many but they’re so fun. I love doing them. But if you don’t do that as like a little gift to yourself, you can do it for yourself too. And So this is something that I didn’t realize for a few years. So I would I would pick. Oh, my angel lights coming in the window there. Is that distracting? You can still see me. Right? Okay. So one of the things I did not realize I would pick these big strong words, right. And one of the words, don’t tell people that in publicly don’t tell people that go down that. It’s good idea. But don’t tell people that. So one of the things that I would do is I would pick these big strong words, and I would have all this stuff come up around this word, and I’m like, What the hell like, this is the word I picked and did it. And what I didn’t realize, and I don’t know if this is true for everyone, this is how it worked for me. But I’ve learned that I like it, because it very much helps. Some of my inner work, right? And so if I pick a word, I need to look at the strength of the word. But I always have to look at the, at the weaknesses of the word, too. So let’s say my word is courage. Right? And that used to be a big word for me is courage. And still is that’s a word for me. And so I would look at all the positives of courage. But then I’d have to look and be like, Oh, where am I not being courageous? Where am I not stepping into my courage? Where am I not showing up for myself and my courage, and I didn’t realize that side of it. So it’s kind of like that shadow work a little bit is what we’re talking about, because we look at the light of the word, but then we can look at the shadow of the world, we’re too because that will show you the places that you want to expand. And it’s the place that you want to grow into. Or maybe it’s some things that you need to learn some different perspectives or, or gain some tools or so I think of it as a positive. Now I didn’t used to, I used to get really mad because I picked these great words, and all the shit would happen. I’d be like, What the hell, and I didn’t realize it was just, those are spaces that I was looking for, or not noticing that that’s where I needed to do some growth. And so when you sit with you, what is your Word of the Year, you have to be willing to look at both sides. And I think that’s just part of our spiritual practice is you always need to look at the shadows, and you need to look at the light, right? And so I’m curious if any of you already have a word, or a phrase, because I think sometimes it comes in a phrase. And it can be anything, it doesn’t have to be a word. And maybe you have two or three words, I think, I think having less is more, because you want to be able to focus. And so I’m just curious if any of you already have picked your word for 2023. I have one of my words, and it’s resourceful, which I’ve always been very resourceful. So I’m kind of interested in that word. Because I’m very, very resourceful and I can always figure stuff out. So I think it’s to me that word this year feels more of like a validation, not necessarily something that’s going to be super challenging because I’m pretty resourceful. Sousa, see, I love this too. I have picked a word for years. Last year I didn’t. I felt like I had no focus. I didn’t have a bad year. But there were aspects I should have spent more time on. Already have one for 2023 you want to share it with us and you don’t have to. As you started the topic I heard move, as in my body loud and clear. Yep. Grace and Ease. I love those words. I love that phrase. I picked that a long time ago when I was first getting into some of this work. I picked grace and ease. Oh my God, it was awful. Because I did not do anything. Nor did I allow anything with grace and ease. None of it. I was a fighter. I fought my way through everything. I argued my way through everything. Oh my God, it was terrible. It was terrible. And so I learned a lot about grace and ease and how I never allowed it. And so that was a really good thing for me. But I really had to look at that piece because it was it was probably one of my toughest years when I pick that and not that it needs to be for you. I’m just talking about my drama. I used to be very dramatic with that kind of stuff. And so um, grace and ease was was a big phrase for me. Sorry, I started my fire today and I got a little smoky in here. So I am coughing a little bit. Change. Change is always a tricky one, two, I really see I think I like change. And then I pick that word and it turns out I don’t always like change unless I’m in control of the change. That’s what I learned with my big change. Um, I do like the word change a lot. But that one was funny for me too. I was just like, holy shit, I guess I don’t like change unless I’m like the control freak and gets to I get to tell people when to change. Or when I want to change, it was very funny. I have a lot of experiences with like, the shadow side of my words. Well, and that’s the thing. So, so she said, I don’t know what the changes will be. But I know there will be many. So what I would suggest and recommend is start to put your order in, what would you like the changes to be. So when you pick your word, you actually want to to put your order in, like maybe you want to see change around your wealth, and you want to see some positive change, and some bigger numbers in your checking account or in your savings or you want to change the fact that you don’t travel very much. So you want to add travel to your life or you want to change how you feel change was a big one when I was working on on my health and stuff like that. And so you want to put your order in. So when you do pick your word, you guys, don’t forget to put your order in. Like a lot of times I feel changed coming down the road like I can feel it. And it used to trigger me into oh my god, more changes coming. What the hell’s gonna happen now? Like it was such a fear of of what might happen instead of Oh, I wonder what’s going to happen. So yep. Yeah, that’s full moon play on Yep. Good, good, good, good. Chris says I have picked a word for the last three years. And this year, I picked practice. Oh, my gosh, I love that word. That’s a great word need to remember to be consistent. Yes.

So one of the thing that you can do, when you pick your word is make sure that you’re integrating it into your day. And so I usually post mine up in my office, or on my computer, or both. I always look out the window right over here. So I usually will put it up on my window. But I always of course, I’m looking at my computer too. And so I’ll put a little sticky note with it. On my computer, I also will set alarms, and I will put that word of the year as my alarm name. So it reminds me to tune in to that energy and and do some journaling or do some writing or do some expressing on why that word came. Because when those words come, there’s a reason for it. And so you want to expand your practice a little bit with that word. Okay. Okay, so I think it would be fun. Anyone else have a word? Let me get a drink of water. Okay, I know she shouldn’t get a little smoky sometimes. Okay, so I think it would be fun that and you can do this anytime. But I thought we could do it together online too, is let’s help you guys. See if a word is ready to come to you. And for some of you, it may not be ready to come and that’s okay. But when you feel guided one of the first things that I do so I usually will sit in, take a breath. Just breath and Hannah my heart and I will just center myself to see Ruby fly down. Center yourself a little bit. Take some nice deep breaths.

Are you gonna say hi to everybody, Ruby? Is Ruby everyone is crabby. Okay. And just imagining imagine yourself going up to the light connecting with that light way up into the sky. Bringing that light down let it go all through your body down into the earth. Plug it in into that nurturing loving energy of the earth pulling that up.

So that you are connected, both heaven and earth. Okay, and then I want you just to think about 2023 start to bring the energy of it. Now. Some of you are going to bring in the energy that’s going on in the world. push that away. That’s not the energy I want you to think about. I want you to think about the energy that’s in your personal world. Just you not your family, not your kids, not your relatives not Your friends, just you. Okay, and I want you to call in all your angels and guides and guardians. And I want you just to simply ask what is your word for 2023. And go for the first positive word that comes to you. If you’re hearing a negative word that is just your head out of control. So you want to bring it back, bring yourself into your heart space and ask what your Word of the Year is for 2023. Okay, and then bring yourself back to the room. And just let me know if you heard anything. Okay, let me know in the comments. If a word showed up for you, and you can do this, anytime you want to what some people, I hear them doing this as they’ll do it over and over and over and over. Don’t do it that way. Because that will be confusing for you. Just find one that when you hear it, it just lands in your heart. And it just kind of like oh, that’s my word. I got it. Like it’s gotta land kind of like when you’re creating intentions and affirmations. You need it to land. Okay. Ooh, endless possibilities. That’s a powerful phrase. Pretty, I love that for you, Carla. You could do so much with that. So the word pretty could be. You could start to ask yourself where in my life do things not feel pretty? And it could be your bedroom. It could be your kitchen. It could be your clothes. It could be maybe you’re learning to embrace your own beauty. It could be so many fun things. I love that word. Love always a good one. Nom non. That’s a big word. Settled cloudy. I think that’s a great word for you on settled. Where Don’t you feel settled? And where do you feel settled? And what can you do to feel settled in the areas that you don’t feel settled? That’s a big word. There’s a calming to it though. I like that. When I tune into that word for you. There’s a calmness to it. I love it. As soon as you started both my dogs came up and more on me. Yeah. Cats and dogs. Like when I do energy work. It’s super funny. trueness. I heard compassion. Love it. Yep, Xena. Yours definitely is move. I think we even heard that this summer at one of the bonfire readings. Yeah, yeah, animals teach compassion. That does not surprise me at all.

Change. I like that word for you, Laurie. Love it. Purpose. Awesome word. Grow love that word. So grow is such a big word to where do I want to grow? Where do I want to put my energy into growing?

Growing can be in so many different ways. It can be in education. It can be in your mindset. It could be your physical body. Like there’s so many great ways. I love it. Love it. Yeah, it’s dangerous. Dana. She says I put off do it. Her word is move. And she said I put off doing anything little voices won’t let me ignore it anymore. Those little voices will get to be bigger voices and louder. If you don’t listen, you know, Dana, you should check out and anyone on here one of the ways that a lot of my clients kind of it’s such a gentle way to start to move, but it’s super powerful and does a lot of it. It’s very gentle, but it’s Lee Holden Chi Gong, you can look them up on YouTube. Many, many, many, many, many of my clients usually hold and he has. He’s got a great little signup thing, usually around the holidays too. But it’s like he does seven minute routines. He does much longer routines as well. But there are so many of us that use Chi Gong because it’s good exercise and it helps us move but it also moves our energy and emotions too. So you might want to check that out and say now, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you that before but you might want to Forgiveness. Yep. So Samantha, I also just, I just heard this for you too, that, that forgiveness, that’s a great word. A forgiveness is always a good focus, because you want to find the gift in the situation, right? What did you learn from it. But I also heard straight up loud that you need to pick a fun word to forgiveness can be a tough word. And it’s a lot of work sometimes. And so you’re like, That’s what I heard is you need to pick a fun word as well. So you might want to just open up to that and see what pops in for you. Yeah, Lee Holden is great. He’s fantastic. A lot of us have used him. I think Wendy is the one Chris who introduced us all to him several years ago. And we’ve been using Lee Holden and Qigong, we do it at retreats, we do it at some of my classes, like it’s so good. And it’s so gentle, and you can, if you’re not able to, like get up and do it, you can just sit in a chair and do it too. So that’s what I really liked about is anyone can do it. All right, then it’s not ready to come yet, Elaine. And it’s only December 3. So maybe I should have done this a little later in the month. But, um, but I was guided this morning to talk about word of the year. So that’s what we’re going to talk about. Okay, so many of you got a word some of you didn’t, that’s okay. Because I really do think that the word will come through when it’s time and I and I will put the question out each day, and just say, Okay, what’s my word of the year this year, and mine usually will just fall in at a random time. Sometimes I can sit with it, and it’ll come through. Oftentimes, it just falls in though. Or I will I usually order one of the word of the years from a colleague of mine, because I like to see what my word of the year is that comes to me. And then I like to see what she gets to. And then I use them both in my year for my focus, so I do it that way a lot of people do. So if that’s something that you’re interested in, I like I said, I still have some spots left for my word of the year. But I want you guys to use it, if you’re questioning it. So it’s not the word. It when when the word comes to you, there’s no question to it. You might be trying that one on I don’t know, it’s changed my word. I don’t know. Maybe it’s love my word. I don’t know, maybe. But when the word comes, like, there’s no question to it. Okay, so I would give that a little bit and see if something else comes in, that feels more solid to you. And when you first started doing this, if you’ve not done it before, sometimes you’re just you’re just picking the word out, because that’s the word you want to work on. That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. And I would also ask spirit, and your guides and angels to help you have a word come to you and through you from Spirit, because it will probably be very different than the one you picked with your mind. Okay, all right questions on the word of the year, my friends. I love the Word of the Year energy. I think it’s fun. I love to tune into it. I love to see what I feel into. Sometimes I’m looking at my calendar when it comes. And sometimes I’m driving, sometimes I’m not walking, but let just allow the Word to come to you and through you. And when it comes, you’ll be like, Oh, that’s a good word. Like that’s my word. That’s the one I want to focus on. And then you can be really artsy about it, too. If you’re into crafting and stuff and find some ways to bring that word into your life, put it on your cell phone, do a little journal journaling about it, put it up on post, it’s where you’re going to see it, I sometimes will put it on a post it on my makeup bag. And I usually do that for the first couple of months of the year. And then I still will keep it up. But I do it a little bit more at the at the head start of the year so I can integrate it more. Okay. So you want to use it, it’s coming to you for a reason. And a lot of times, it’s helping you step into whatever shows up for you for the next year. And that’s always a good thing, because we’re meant to grow and expand. So our Word of the Year typically is about growth and expansion. Okay. All right, my friends. That’s what I have for you today. We will gather here again tomorrow. So it’s Sunday, I will say at 11 tomorrow, okay. 11am central to morrow for our fourth day of 31 days of spirit. Okay. All right, my friends. I will see you tomorrow morning 11:11pm. And we will see you then and go ahead and share your Word of the Year over on mighty networks. Many, many many of you have signed up thank you for that. And if you want to share you don’t have to share your word if you don’t want to public but go post something on today’s post. I’m gonna go post it right after this and post something so you can get in the drawing for prizes because the prizes start next week okay all right friends have a great Saturday and I will talk to you soon

okay bye guys

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