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Energy Clearings

Get ready to be unstoppable

From yourself, your space, and your loved ones, my energy sessions cover everything and everyone you care about the most. Get ready to clear out that negative energy and usher in balance, peace, and abundance.

Keep reading to learn what my energy sessions can do for you.
Jodie Harvala, Energy Specialist

What is Energy Clearing?

What does remote energy clearing do?

Have you been feeling more emotional, a little bit “off”, or even physically unwell?

Negative and stale energy needs to be released, and it will stop at nothing to get its message through to you. When you start to have those feelings in your mind and body, it’s a sign that it’s time to release what no longer serves you, let go of dense energy and emotions, or just plain let go.

You have a choice: You can struggle along, or you can put this powerful energy to work and get healed.

With my remote energy clearing sessions, you can expect to experience…

Improve Your Body

Feel stronger and more in tune with your body and how it’s feeling. Removing energy blocks leads to feeling more energetic and well-rested during the day, having an easier time falling asleep at night, and a reduction in aches and pains in your muscles and joints.

Improve Your Mind

Go through your day feeling less stressed and better equipped to handle even the most challenging situations. You’ll have more focus, greater happiness, a decrease in anxiety and depression, and an overall increase in your mood and mental capabilities.

Improve Your Spirit

Negative energy can leave us feeling closed off from Spirit and the Universe. When your energy starts flowing again, you’ll be able to connect with Spirit on a deeper level and be more in tune with your intuitive senses.


Are you experiencing…

Declining mental health

Energy blocks can manifest in your mind as depression, stress, anxiety, or boredom.

Physical ailments

You may feel your energy blocks as physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, or an upset stomach.

Lack of Focus

Indecision, lack of drive, and procrastination can begin to plague your daily life and come between you and your goals.

Weight Issues

You might find yourself eating out of boredom or “eating your emotions” rather than facing your issues head-on- OR you may go in the complete opposite direction, unable to eat due to anxiety or stress.

Relationship Problems

Petty disagreements, miscommunication, and discontentment can flare up in your most treasured relationships.

Spiritual Hardships

You may find yourself feeling disconnected from Spirit, unable to trust your intuition, or feel like your Spirit team isn’t listening.

When your energy is in need of balance, you can experience very intense physical, emotional and psychological symptoms.

Energy blocks can span a vast array of everyday issues, ranging from mildly irritating to physically, mentally, and emotionally painful. You could continue to suffer and try to mask your symptoms. Or, you could learn how energy clearing can help you once and for all.

Choose your perfect clearing option:

Full Moon Group Clearing - Single Session

Join us on Zoom for a magical evening of release and rejuvenation. My Full Moon Group Clearings take place every month on the Full Moon, where we will harness the power of the moon together to move energy and usher in abundance.

The next Full Moon group clearing will be November 8th at 7pm CST.

Single sessions include LIVE session only

No recording will be provided- also no refunds if you miss the session 

Full Moon Group Clearing - Monthly Subscription

Join us on Zoom for a magical evening of release and rejuvenation. My Full Moon Group Clearings take place every month on the Full Moon, where we will harness the power of the moon together to move energy and usher in abundance.

The next Full moon group clearing will be November 8th at 7pm CST.

Subscription holders will have access to full recording each month

You can cancel your subscription at any point with a 48 hour notice from when payment is due.

Personal Energy Clearing

Bust through your energy blocks and get flowing again with my Individual Energy Clearing sessions. All that’s required is your consent and I do the rest – easy peasy! You’ll receive a notification that your energy clearing has been completed, as well as a guide on how to uphold the benefits throughout the month.
Choose from 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

Family Clearing

The perfect option for families who may have had a bit too much together time lately. My Family Clearing sessions work to restore the peace, balance, and patience of you and everyone in your immediate household.

Home + Space Clearing

Just like your body, your home can get bogged down and blocked by negative energy too. My Home + Space Clearing will get your home – and it’s inhabitants – back in the flow and feeling peaceful once again.

Home + Space Clearing Monthly Subscription

Get continuous energy clearing for your home with this monthly subscription package.

Still have questions?
Email me + my team at and get your questions answered.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do anything to prepare for my clearing?

Nope! All I need is your consent to do energy work on you. The day of, you may want to take it easy if you feel tired. Otherwise, you can go about your day as usual.

Do I need to be with you in-person for my clearing?

Nope again! I do all of my clearings remotely, so no need to host me or disrupt your schedule.

What happens after my clearing?

After your clearing, you’ll receive a follow-up guide from me that will outline what you can expect to feel and some easy steps you can take to get the most out of your clearing.

Do you offer clearings for businesses?

I do offer special clearings for places of business. To learn more, send me an email at

Client Love


Jodie has such a nack about her. When she teaches, she’s channeling Spirit. They work together and everything flows effortlessly. The lessons and time with Jodie will never ever be forgotten. My tribe and I traveled from Northern Colorado to Walker, Minnesota for time with Jodie. It was absolutely worth every single mile. I would drive 1,900 miles every week for her.

Shanda Trofe

This clearing and reading special was just what I needed to get myself out of my “funk” and motivated for the year ahead. Now I’m full of fresh ideas for my biz, my home feels lighter and more enjoyable, and I’m excited for what the new year has to offer. More importantly, I feel like ME again.


I had such a great experience at the Spirit School retreat. Jodie was very helpful in guiding us through several exercises. We had a variety of skill levels in our group and I feel like everyone came away with new knowledge. I’m so thankful for Jodie’s help and encouragement. She made it fun and educational!