Wondering about all things woo? My new course is just for you!

Join me on May 5th adn 12th for a new two-week class where you will learn all of the fundamentals of the woo woo world. Read on to learn more!


Anyone can work with Spirit – Yes, including you!

Even if…

You are brand-new to woo woo

I’ve worked with people with varying degrees of woo woo experience- from advanced right down to those who don’t know oracle cards from a hole in the ground.

You were not born with special gifts

My students leave my classes with a newfound realization that we ALL have everything we need for woo work inside of us already. According to the Universe, we are all gifted 🙂

You have little time in your busy schedule

Don’t worry, I don’t have time to sit on a pillow meditating all day either. I am all about practical, do-able ways to work the woo into your daily life.

Join Me for two weeks of Woo!

class begins online May 5th and 12th

I’m Jodie Harvala, and if there’s one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s this: We are meant to have an enriching, intimate relationship with Spirit. Living a woo-woo life, in any capacity, is one of the greatest tools we have in this life. From feeling the love and support of loved ones who have passed to turning to your own Spirit team for guidance, this magical force that we can’t see or touch is very much a viable part of our existence – and one that we can harness for our own greater good. And you’ll learn all about that when you join me for What the Woo!

Channeled Messages from Spirit

direction from your Spirit team

Each particpant will receive their own divinely-received message from their Spirit team, including Spirit guides and angels.

Online Learning + Support

Learn from the comfort of your own home

This two-week class happens all online via the Zoom app, so you can cozy up and learn, all in your PJs if you choose.

Private Facebook Group

make new friends + feel supported

You’ll learn alongside badass, like-minded people in our closeknit private community, get real-time support, and share your journey and discoveries with friends.


Develop the strength and skills that allow you to trust both your intuition and yourself.


Build connections with like-minded people who truly get you.


Experiment with how to communicate with Spirit…and get ready for a whole lotta magic.


Learn the gentle dance of kicking ass – and honoring the need for self-care – as you learn to trust yourself and your own needs.


Get supported by fellow students of the Universe and share the journey together every step of the way.


Allow yourself to dream – BIG – and imagine a brand new life of magical opportunities.

Skills for Life

Learn invaluable skills that you will use to enrich and uplevel for the rest of your life.


All Levels Welcome

Whether you’re brand new or looking to refresh and strengthen your skills, there’s something for you at this retreat.


Support + Accountability

Get feedback from me and your fellow classmates in a tight-knit, supportive environment.

I really didn’t know what to expect because this whole psychic/intuition thing was new to me, but something inside of me told me I had to register. And I am so glad I did as that class was the foundation for my own spiritual/psychic journey. I learned so much, we are all intuitive and the key to a magical life is to learn about the simple ways spirit communicates and leads us and Jodie is the teacher to do just that! Jodie is truly gifted. She helped me open the doors to my own intuition and for that I am eternally grateful!


Fargo, ND

Jodie is a an amazing, outstanding mentor. I wanted to learn how to maintain my energy, trust my intuition, meet my spirit guide and release that ” old story”. I came away with so much more than I could ever have hoped for.  The things I resisted the most were the things that needed the most attention and brought the greatest gifts. I am happy to say I have learned to trust my intuition, I have a huge spirit team which I can now communicate with easily and together we are creating a new story.


Fargo, ND

Do I have to attend live?
I always recommend attending live when you can because you have the opportunity to ask questions and get guidance. However, the class is structured so you can watch the training videos on your own time.
Do I need to be intuitive/have special skills?

Nope! No skills, gifts, or training is required for this class. Just an open mind and a willingness to learn!

Can I download the trainings?

The trainings are downloadable, so you can save them to your preferred device and rewatch at your own convenience. 

Can I invite a friend?

Learning is always better with a friend! Please share this opportunity with anyone you feel would benefit from the class, if you feel guided to do so 🙂

Sign up for class now – class begins on April 21st!