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Re-focus on YOU this new year

With my Word of the Year + 2023 Overview reading, you’ll get expert advice for your year ahead. Including divine guidance from your Spirit team – your guides, angels, and even loved ones who have passed on – on where your focus should lie for 2023, as well as any potential roadblocks or any other pertinent information for your journey that lies ahead.

You’ll also receive your personal “theme” for the year – this is specific to YOU and where you are on your journey. We are all on our own paths, and as such, individualized guidance and support is key in making major strides in your life.

so what does that mean for you?

New year – a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story?

The choice is yours.

Your 2023 Roadmap

With your 2023 Word of the Year and Overview reports, you’ll be armed with the knowledge of where to best spend your energy and focus during the new year.


Know where to spend your time and energy, as well as what isn’t worth the effort.


Easily ecognize potential opportunities and pitfalls on the horizon.


Set intentions, goals, and boundaries with self-awareness and ease.


Feel the comfort and support of your angels, guides, and spirit team.

important details

Here’s what you can expect for your
2023 Word of the Year + Overview Readings

Ready by New Years'

Your reports will be ready and delivered to you by New Years’ 2023.

MP3 Format

Your reports will be in audio format for easy listening on any device.


Email Delivery

Once ready your reports will be sent to the email you provide on checkout.


What you get
– for just $97

2023 Word of the Year

Your Word of the Year is custom-tailored to YOU – where you’re at on your journey and what lies ahead of you over the next year.  Think of this as your personal mantra for 2023.  If you’re going to start the year off with anything, knowing your personal theme is crucial for making the most of your new year and new opportunities.

With your Word of the Year, you will know what the core focus of your year should be, allowing you to be strategic on where you place your time, energy, money, and intention.

2023 Overview Reading

With your 2023 Overview Reading, you’ll get a glimpse of what lies in store for YOU over the next 12 months.  The world has it’s own energy and life, and it’s easy to allow what’s happening with the world directly affect us.  With my 2023 Overview Reading, we’ll look at YOUR life and how you can be the best version of yourself. You’ll learn how to block out the noise of what’s going on with the rest of the world and how to put the focus on the the life you truly want.

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