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Discover our wholesale oracle cards and enlightening new age books, each crafted to guide and inspire. Our range of spiritual items is designed to infuse your day with serenity and joy.  Access discount pricing and other wholesale benefits with our collection below.

oracle decks

Embrace the wisdom of the universe with our vibrant Oracle Cards! These beautifully designed cards are a powerful tool for personal growth and insight, offering guidance and clarity for life’s most intricate journeys. Easy to use yet deeply insightful, they serve as a bridge between your conscious and subconscious, paving the way for inner enlightenment.

Minimum wholesale quantity: 12 decks

Print goods

Indulge your spiritual side with our curated collection of books, calendars, and printed goods. From enlightening reads filled with ageless wisdom, to sassy calendars that keep you on your toes, these pieces are the perfect fit for any Spiritual practice.

Minimum wholesale quantity: 12 

Body & Space Clearing

Drench your senses in our bath salts that zap negativity and replace it with chill vibes. Add a spritz (or ten) of our body sprays, each packed with energy-busting essential oils, ensuring you’re not just clean, but energetically squeaky-clean. Add some magic to your daily routine and turn your bath time into an energy-reset ritual.

Minimum wholesale quantity: 12