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Let’s get through life’s hard shit- together.

You were brought here for a reason.

Your guides are always working to lead you to the right opportunities, the right people, and hey, even the right websites 😉 If you’re fun – or desperately seeking your fun side again – and are looking for someone to guide you by the hand through life’s ups and downs, you are exactly where you need to be.

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Hi, I'm Jodie Harvala, Psychic Medium + mentor

And I would love to introduce you to your Fearless side

Many times, people come here looking for answers to the unexplained.

My guess is that you’ve been craving to find your inner badass and are ready to do the work to get there. You know that growth comes with a little pain – but that having fun while going through it is an option that you can choose. You’re looking for someone who will not only hold your hand but will also give you a swift kick in the ass when needed.  You believe wholeheartedly that the Universe has something big in store for you and that you were put on this earth to make a difference.  You’re on a journey, and you want to know all the power you have at your disposal.

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View Case Study

View Case Study

Life gives you the journey. You create the path.

Explore your perfect path below to learn more

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Spirit-led courses and trainings designed to help you tap into your true power.

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Harness the power of the Full Moon every month with my remote Chakra clearings.

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Spirit-lead courses and trainings designed to help you tap into your true power.

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Full Moon Group Clearing – Thursday, June 23rd at 11:30am CST

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Love from Past Clients

Shanda Trofe

Jodie’s clearing and reading special was just what I needed to get myself out of my “funk” and motivated for the year ahead. Now I’m full of fresh ideas for my biz, my home feels lighter and more enjoyable, and I’m excited for what the new year has to offer. More importantly, I feel like ME again.

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The Spirit Blog

Reach for a better feeling thought... I was on my walk last night listening to Abraham Hicks. If you have never heard of Abraham, I highly suggest jumping over to Youtube and listening to any of the broadcasts! They are great for learning a new mindset.  They often...

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