Craving connection? Want to work on your intuition and make new friends?  Join me in person starting on June 1st at 6:30pm  CST for my brand-new six week Spirit Summer School class.

No money due today – your $333 investment is collected upon acceptance into the class.


You have powerful intuitive powers inside you

Each and every one of us is born with a powerful intuition.
So why does it seem like yours isn’t working as well as you’d like?
Well, it could be because…

You have no idea how to harness your power

Like all tools, you have to learn how to use them before you can put them to use. And like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you get.

You're not tuned into your own intuitive frequency

Intuition works like a radio frequency. Once you are aligned with your set channel, information can come through loudly and clearly.

You are letting self-doubt get in your way

It’s easy to fall prey to second-guessing yourself. Unfortunately, this very natural thing can stop your intuition in it’s tracks.

class begins june 1st – Moorshead, MN

Learn how to develop + grow your intuition

As a psychic medium, most people assume that I was born with the gift of strong intuition. And while it’s true that I was, guess what? So were you.

I have worked with countless people over the years to help them identify HOW they receive information from Spirit. There are many different ways such as through hearing, seeing, or feeling, and knowing which way you are most receptive is the biggest step in developing intuitive powers that you can trust. With Spirit Summer School, I will help you identify your unique way of receiving information and teach you valuable exercises that will help you train your skills easily and effectively. (and with a whole lotta fun!)

In-Person Learning

Roth Chiropractic in Moorhead, MN

Join me for six weeks of intuition development + fun at Roth Chiropratic, starting on June 1st at 6:30pm CST.

Exclusive Group Environment

Application required for attendance

Only 12 spots are available – this is so we can keep our class safe (thank you, covid), intimate, and fun.  Please apply for consideration.

Engaging Channeled Content

learn + grow with Spirit

With Spirit-lead exercises, hands-on learning, and partner-based activities, you’ll grow your intuitive skills and have fun at the same time.

Introducing the Clairs

Whether you realize it or not, you already have your own innate way of receiving information from Spirit.

In this class, you’ll learn all the different ways Spirit sends us messages, such as:

Or: Intuitive Vision

This means you receive psychic information through mental images or visions.

Or: Intuitive Hearing

This means you receive psychic information through audio or hearing.

Or: Intuitive Knowledge

This means you receive psychic information through inner knowing, such as “having a hunch”.

Or: Intuitive Knowing through Feeling

This means you receive psychic information through sensing or feeling.

Or: Intuitive Smell

This means you receive psychic information through your sense of smell.

Or: Intuitive Touch

This means you receive psychic information through your sense of touch.

Or: Intuitive Taste

This means you receive psychic information through your sense of taste.

And yes! You can be proficient in more than one. You may even experience more than one simultaneously!

Intimate Learning Environment

Our small class size allows for individualized attention + support (as well as safety!).

Hands On Learning

I believe in diving in and experiencing the magic firsthand. You’ll learn in real time what works best for you.

Social Connections + Support

You’ll learn alongside like-minded people with the same goals – AND we’ll have lots of fun 🙂

A Solid Foundation for More Growth

By the end of the six weeks, you’ll be prepared for your next steps in Spiritual growth – with opportunities to continue your education.

Custom-tailored Content

Get classroom content perfectly created to support your unique abilities + goals.

Gain Life-Changing Skills

You’ll leave class with valuable skils – and expert tips – that will serve you for a lifetime.

I really didn’t know what to expect because this whole psychic/intuition thing was new to me, but something inside of me told me I had to register. And I am so glad I did as that class was the foundation for my own spiritual/psychic journey. I learned so much, we are all intuitive and the key to a magical life is to learn about the simple ways spirit communicates and leads us and Jodie is the teacher to do just that! Jodie is truly gifted. She helped me open the doors to my own intuition and for that I am eternally grateful!


Fargo, ND

Jodie is a an amazing, outstanding mentor. I wanted to learn how to maintain my energy, trust my intuition, meet my spirit guide and release that ” old story”. I came away with so much more than I could ever have hoped for.  The things I resisted the most were the things that needed the most attention and brought the greatest gifts. I am happy to say I have learned to trust my intuition, I have a huge spirit team which I can now communicate with easily and together we are creating a new story.


Fargo, ND

How much does it cost?
Your investment is a one-time fee of just $333. Upon being accepted into the class, you will receive an email with information on how to submit your payment.
Is this online?
Nope! This class is a six-week in-person intensive for those in the Fargo, MN area.
What happens if I do not get a spot?
Please don’t take it personally! If you do not get a spot this time around, you will still remain on the list for upcoming in person and online events. Be sure to check your email for future events – I would love to work with you soon!
Why do I have to apply?
Due to social distancing safety protocols – and to retain the intimacy of this class – we only have 12 spots available. We are asking that you apply so we can assemble the most perfect learning environment for the material.
Can I invite a friend?
Absolutely! Please note that your friend will still need to apply. However, be sure to have them leave a note about who referred them to the class.

Your investment: Just $333, once accepted.
Class begins on June 1st, 2021 at 6:30pm CST
Roth Chiropractice in Moorshead, MN