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We are all on a spiritual journey. Our lifetimes on this Earth have a big purpose. We are here to learn, to grow, and to become the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be.

But let’s be real- that might sound easy, but when it comes to putting things into motion it can be quite the daunting task.

With the right tools and a little bit of guidance, you can start your spiritual journey with ease.

The biggest part of the battle is knowing where to start. When I first began my own spiritual journey, I found myself completely overwhelmed with the amount of information there was out there online and in the world. I wasn’t sure what to trust, what was going to truly resonate with me, and quite frankly, what was actually worth my time and energy.

And I know that I’m not alone. My clients are from all different backgrounds and situations, but they all have one thing in common: They are ready to grow their spiritual side, but don’t know where to start.

That’s where my decades of experience comes in. I have gone through all of the trial and error so you don’t have to.

I’ve spent the last few years creating courses, programs, and study groups based on the spiritual practices that I have found most beneficial for learning and growth. Through my close relationship with my Spirit team, I have been able to teach things that I truly love and feel passionate about.

Because of this, what was once a personal hobby for me has now become my life’s purpose. I’ve been dedicated to guiding my clients on their spiritual journies ever since.

Their results have been my biggest source of pride. I’ve had the pleasure of watching hundreds of women become more in tune with their spiritual sides and have watched them blossom because of it.

And since it’s my birthday month, I thought the best possible way to celebrate would be to package up some of my top courses and content and offer them all in one place for one low price for the first time EVER in hopes of getting more people to follow their own spiritual path and make the most of the lives they’ve been given.

Choose Freedom

Learn + Grow with Spirit

With my brand new Spirit Library, you'll have access to all of my best content, all in one place.

The Spirit Library is the most comprehensive spiritual package I have ever offered. With the Spirit Library, you’ll have the benefit of:


Lifetime access to my most popular courses, programs, and study groups to date.


Content that covers your spiritual journey every step of the way, whether you’re just starting out or are further along in your spiritual journey.


The freedom to study the areas that are most important to you, whenever and wherever you feel like it, all at your own pace. Take as much or as little time as you need.

What's Included

Courses + Programs

Magic of the Chakras

Learn about the 7 Chakras of your body with this video series

Snow Pants to Swim Suits

Celebrate + love the body that you’re in, all year round

Fear Detox

Kick fear to the curb with this quick detox series

ABC's of Intuition

A 26-day series on growing your intuition

Affirmations + Intentions

Learn all about setting intentions that will change your life

Angels at Play

Decode the important messages from your Angels + Spirit team

Becoming Fearless

A Fear-blasting deep-dive program

Summer Oracle Card Series

Learn how to incorporate the Oracle into your daily life

Beyond the Affirmations

Practical, powerful mindset work with life-changing results

Magic of Space Clearing

Learn how to remove negative energy from your home (and its inhabitants!)

Toasty, Cozy Holiday Home

A 12-day series on space clearing and energy prep for the holiday season

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Sign up today to get lifetime access to my top programs, courses, and video series to date.

The Spirit Library covers a wide variety of spiritual growth topics, including…

Your Spirit Team

Connect with, call on, and communicate with your Spirit Guides, guardian angels, and even loved ones who have passed. Through Mediumship, you will learn how to build a relationship with Spirit and decode the messages they send.

Energy + Space Clearing

Tidy up the stale, negative energy in your body, your home, and anyone you share a space with. Energy work is an easy-peasy, sure-fire way to a more peaceful, happier, focused, and high-vibration life.

Growing Your Intuition

Develop and strengthen your intuitive muscles with easy, practical exercises and trainings. Turn your “gut feeling” into a dependable tool you can count on in your daily life.


Meditation is a quick, relaxing way to ground yourself and improve your life. You’ll learn the fundamentals of meditation and start reaping its benefits with easy-to-follow, fun guided tracks.


Set your mind up for great things! Where your attention goes, energy flows… and results show. Mindset training helps you get your thoughts on the right path and moving towards success.

Client Love

Jodie is one of the best facilitators I have even encountered on a retreat. She is able to connect with each individual to enhance their experience. She seems to know what each individual needs.

Client Love

This clearing and reading special was just what I needed to get myself out of my “funk” and motivated for the year ahead. Now I’m full of fresh ideas for my biz, my home feels lighter and more enjoyable, and I’m excited for what the new year has to offer. More importantly, I feel like ME again.

Client Love

Jodie has such a nack about her. When she teaches, she’s channeling Spirit. They work together and everything flows effortlessly. The lessons and time with Jodie will never ever be forgotten.

Client Love

I had such a great experience at the Spirit School retreat. Jodie was very helpful in guiding us through several exercises. We had a variety of skill levels in our group and I feel like everyone came away with new knowledge. From the beginner to the more advanced – each person contributed to the event in their own way.

Client Love

Jodie is amazing and is so understanding and patient. Her passion with space clearing is not only astonishing but is absolutely infectious. She continues to be dedicated to you while in any of her programs, and will continue to be your mentor. She has built my confidence and without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What all is included in the Spirit Library?

The content in the library includes some of my top video programs + trainings I’ve created over the last few years, such as: Snowsuits to Swimsuits; Beyond the Affirmations; Affirmations & Intentions; Becoming Fearless; Magic of the Chakras; Summer Oracle Series; Fear Detox; 5 Day Fearless Video Series; 12 Days to Toasty, Cozy Holiday Home (clearing course); ABC’s of Intuition; Angels at Play. In addition to my courses, I’ve also included nearly 100 of my favorite individual trainings, webinars, and Facebook Live sessions.

How long do I have to complete the trainings?

With the Spirit Library, you get LIFETIME access to all of the trainings, which means you are free to move through the course content at your own pace.

What topics are covered in the trainings?

The Spirit Library covers all of the most important topics for your spiritual growth and advancement, including: Past Lives; Spirit Guides + Guardian Angels; Mediumship; Developing Your Intuition; Meditation; Mindset Work; Reiki (Energy Clearing); Space Clearing; Spiritual Rituals; Astrological Events; Raising Your Vibration; Oracle Cards; Affirmations + Goal-Setting; Self-Love.

If you have any questions about the topics covered in the library, please send an email to me + my team.

Is one-on-one coaching or mentoring available?

While the Spirit Library is designed to be a solo-study, go-at-your-own pace spiritual practice, I do provide personalized mentorship, coaching, and reading services at an additional cost. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please visit my main website at www.JodieHarvala.com or send me + my team an email.

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Sign up today to get lifetime access to my top programs, courses, and video series to date.