Discover how your previous lives can affect your current path – and how you can use this information to empower yourself, reach your goals, and heal your life.
Discover how your previous lives can affect your current path – and how you can use this information to empower yourself, reach your goals, and heal your life.

have you been experiencing...

anxiety, phobias, recurring dreams, or unexplained physical ailments?

This is not your first rodeo. We have all made multiple trips to this school we call Earth. And each trip we make brings us closer to our ultimate goal of pure love and enlightenment. The people, places, and things we experience during our lifetimes all come with the goal of teaching us some sort of lesson we need to learn. Unfortunately, sometimes those lessons become deeply ingrained into our beings and can be passed on from one lifetime to the next.

Often times, whenever you experience recurring hardships, inexplicable fears and phobias, or even physical ailments, the source can be traced to one of your previous lifetimes on Earth.

And despite what you may try on this plane to alleviate the symptoms, true relief can only be found whenever you confront the true source of the issue.

Reincarnation makes life what it is intended to be – a glorious adventure in which victory is absolutely sure to be ours if we persist. It proves that we are the master of our fate on our road to the stars.

Exploring your past lives

Through the power of past life regression, you can discover the worlds that existed in your past and unlock valuable information about your soul’s journey.

For the past 14+ years, I’ve worked with my clients to dive deep into past life exploration by using various techniques to uncover the mysteries of previous incarnations that may be affecting their present-day lives.
What I’ve learned along the way is that past lives can show up in our current lifetimes in surprising ways, including random birthmarks, unexplained physical or mental conditions, fears or attachments, and more. And when we reach the root cause of these issues, relief and empowerment is right around the corner.
Reincarnation is essential to enable to soul to evolve to its Divine right.

Discover the secrets of your past

Join me for my brand new Past Lives Exploration class

Starting on September 7th at 7pm CST, we’ll meet on Zoom for live training classes where you’ll learn how to uncover your past lives to heal, empower yourself, and grow.

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Live Zoom Classes

We’ll gather online for each class using Zoom, a free video-conferencing platform that allows our group to engage in real-time.

Spirit-Lead Homework
You’ll receive customized assignments as Spirit guides me that will help you dive deeper into your exploration and see real results.
Community Support
You’ll learn alongside like-minded women who will be there every step of the journey. You’ll also receive access to my Facebook group for additional support and friendship.
Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience
You’ll be given the opportunity to explore yourself and your soul on a deeper level, learn from your past experiences, and gain valuable insight on your current life’s path.
Choose your perfect option – take individual classes or sign up for all four and save!


September 7th – 7pm CST 
Join Jodie for a past life exploration class where you will learn more about past life regression and who you were in your past lives.

Relationships - $47

September 14th – 7pm CST 
Explore your important relationships from the past – and make the possible connections to your soul contact relationships of today.

trash & treasure - $47

September 21st – 7pm CST 
In this class, you’ll learn to identify the traits you are carrying over from your past life – including those not-so-nice ones that are causing strife in your life.

going foward - $47

September 28th – 7pm CST 
In the final class of the series, you’ll learn how to let go of old soul wounds for more peace, clarity, happiness, and growth in this lifetime.


Get access to all four classes: Class 1 Who You Were, Class 2 Relationships, Class 3 Trash & Treasure, and Class 4 Going Forward for only $160!

All classes will be held on Zoom. You will also receive an invitation to our private Facebook group for support during your journey.