It's time to get Naughty

Just in time to celebrate all your Naughty + Nice fun this holiday season – Start your New Year off to a great start with a journal for your naughtiest thoughts.

Who says the Naughty list can’t be fun?

Sunshine and Rainbows are fun, but sometimes being bad feels so good.   Life requires a no-holds-barred, in-your-face kind of spunk because sometimes even Spirit can’t help but to get a bit naughty.

With the Naughty Spirit Holiday Set,  you’ll get everything you need to unleash your inner baddie, all while having Spirit on your side.

What do you get with the Naughty Spirit Holiday Set?

Naughty Spirit Journal

The perfect journal for all of your naughty thoughts! This 200+ page, spiral-bound notebook style journal is designed for all of your “journal + burn” needs.

Naughty Spirit Oracle Cards

Spirit with some sass! This 36 card Oracle deck will give you sound spiritual guidance… and a swift kick in the ass when needed.

Which one will you choose?

Get the perfect amount of Naughty in your life.
Choose from the options below:

$20 + $5 Shipping

Includes 36 card Oracle Deck + Instructions for use.

$18 + $5 Shipping

200+ page, Spiral-bound Journal 

$35 + $5 Shipping

Get the Oracle Deck + Journal and save!

Delivery Notice

We’d love to promise a Christmas delivery, but sometimes the post office elves get a bit naughty.
Please account for possible postal delays when ordering.