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Grow your intuition + build your relationship with Spirit with this brand-new 44-card oracle deck.

get yours now – just $25

Grow your intuition + build your relationship with Spirit with this brand-new 44-card oracle deck.

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This 44-card oracle deck was designed to help you develop your intuition through fun, easy exercises and interactive tools.

Each card contains prompts to get you out and exploring the magic that surrounds you every single day. You’ll learn how Spirit speaks to you, how to identify messages from Spirit, and how you can tap into your own innate intuitive skills- regardless of your experience level.  Yes, even if you feel you don’t have the gift of intuition at all. (which, btw, everyone does.)

meet the deck

Introducing the Intuition Scavenger Hunt Interactive Oracle Deck

connect with your intuition

This interactive deck contains my top tips and tricks for connecting to your intuition and learning to trust your innate gifts. These easy-to-follow exercises are designed to get your mind, heart, and Spirit open to recognizing the magic that surrounds you every day.


Learn the Language of Spirit

Learn all the ways Spirit reaches out to you every single day – as well as what those signs mean for you. You’ll learn how to open your eyes to the signs that are always right in front of you, reminding you that your Spirit team always has your back.

Strengthen Spiritual bonds

With this deck by your side, you’ll have a handy guide to opening the channels of communication with your Spirit team, allowing you to strengthen your bonds and trust the guidance you receive.

What’s in the deck

This unique deck is designed to get you diving right into your Spiritual journey. These interactive cards are made up of some of my favorite practices, including…

Intuition Exercises

Learn exercises that will get you developing you intuitive muscles in a fun, easy way.

Spirit Dictionary

Identify all the different ways Spirit speaks to you and how to spot when a message is coming through.

Energy Management

Discover how to identify when your energy is out of whack and what to do to fine-tune it.

magical tools

Explore some of the most popular tools for intuition, communicating with spirit, and enhancing your spiritual practice.

Visualization Games

Strengthen your mind’s eye with visualization games designed to connect you to your higher self.

Self-confidence & trust

Build up your confidence and learn to trust your own innate gifts through self-exploration.

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This 52-card deck plus instruction cards contains my best exercises and tips for connecting with Spirit and developing your intuition. You’ll learn how to open up your channels of communication, how to ask for and recognize the messages you receive, and how to work on your own innate gifts in easy and fun ways.

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