home + space clearing

transform your favorite space with a home + space energy clearing

Just like your body, your home can get bogged down and blocked by negative energy too. My Home + Space Clearing will get your home – and it’s inhabitants – back in the flow and feeling peaceful once again.

This package is for remote energy clearings – meaning that I can clear your space without needing to be up IN your space.

What you’ll get:

One remote energy clearing
One follow-up call to go over your results
Bonus: Clearing tips to keep the energy flowing in your home

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Experience a profound transformation in your living space and its inhabitants with Jodie Harvala's remote Home & Space energy clearings.
Price: $350.00

Clearing your home won't solve your problems - I want to be very clear with that - but it can help open doors and create space for ideas, helpful people, and opportunities for healing to show up.

You are still a very important part of the process, and together you and I will go on a journey towards bringing more peace, happiness, and abundance into your household and life. Click the button below to begin the intake form.


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