Do you often doubt your abilities and gifts?

Do you feel shame or the need to hide your spirituality?

Do you feel called to fill your bigger purpose, yet feel too afraid to let yourself be seen?

You, my friend, might be suffering from the Witch Wound.
But the good news is– I’ve been brewing up the cure.

have you been feeling...

guilty, ashamed, or even scared of your gifts?

Like most people, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about how witches were treated back in the olden days. Riddicule, rumors, and heinous persecution were handed out to women believed to be practicing witches. Driven by hysteria and fear of the unknown, tens of thousands of healers, lightworkers, midwives, and others were subjected to horrific penance for the crimes of being different and misunderstood.

While the Salem Witch Trials are ­­­­long behind us, the stigma and sorrow of that time have been ingrained into our ancestral DNA. Passed down from generation to generation, the Witch Wound is unfortunately still a part of our lives today, causing anxiety, shame, and guilt regarding our gifts and our very nature of being seen. 

Are you suffereing from the Witch Wound?

This Spiritual ailments can manifest itself in a variety of emotional, mental, and sometimes even physical ways.

You may notice yourself feeling…

afraid of being seen

You may have a hard time showing up in your life, whether it’s going live on social media or saying “yes” to opportunities that come your way. You feel the need to make yourself smaller and may be prone to not using your voice.

Fearful of success

You find yourself self-sabotaging anytime you get close to accomplishing something you desire. You get wrapped up in the worst-case scenarios, or you may choose to procrastinate and never take that first step at all.

unable to express your true self

You spend more time than you care to admit worrying about what others think of you. You find yourself looking, dressing, behaving how you feel others expect you to rather than in ways that are uniquely & beautifully you.

guilty or fearful of your gifts

You may feel your spiritual gifts come from a dark place, meant to be hidden away and never explored.  You may feel fearful of weilding your power, or feel a sense of guilt and shame showcasing your gifts to the world.

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

What does it mean to heal your witch wound?

Healing your witch wound is about one thing- Empowerment. Empowering you to live your authentic life, as your authentic self, sharing your god given gifts with the world. It’s about being empowered to draw and hold personal boundaries, to start showing up for yourself, and stop playing small in your life.

We have been ingrained to feel like it wasn’t safe to be seen in the world. That’s no longer the case. The world needs more people realizing and reaching their true potential.  We are now in a time of true healing.

healing your inner witch wound

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Join me for a new 5-day class where you’ll learn all about what the Witch Wound, how it presents itself in your life, and how you can heal it once and for all.

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What you Get

Over 5 days you’ll explore your Witch Wound while having fun in a supportive, growth-centered environment.  Once class begins, you’ll receive…

Live Lessons

Join me live each day for your daily lesson – or watch on our own schedule.  Videos will be available to download and rewatch ’til your heart’s content.

Altar Design

Together we will learn the basics of setting up your own home altar for your Spiritual practice.  You’ll also receive a handy reference on designing your custom altar.

Fun Rituals

Step into your power and learn how to weild your natural gifts with fun witchy rituals that will easily fit into your daily life.

Supportive Community

Learn alongside some of the most badass, supportive women in the Jodie Harvala Mighty Networks community.  Ask questions, get insight, and make new friends along the way.

Have questions? I have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a witch?

You do not need to identify as a witch or have any kind of rare powers to join class.  We are ALL born with the gifts of intuition, manifestation, and magic and this class will help you learn how to embrace that part of yourself with confidence.

Do I have to attend live?

I would love to have you join us live but I know that sometimes life gets in the way.  In the event you are unable to attend live, you’ll have downloadable access to the class recording within 24-48 hours of the end of class.  You can watch on our own schedule.

When will class start?

Class begins at 7pm on October 24th and will end around 9pm.  You may want to give yourself some extra time to get ready for class if this is your first time attending an online class with me.

Can I ask questions during class?

For the flow of the class, I ask that all questions be held until the end.  I will allow for a Q&A period to go over all of your questions and comments after class.

How do I attend class?

Class we be held in the new Jodie Harvala Mighty Networks community.  Follow the purchase link and if you’re new to Mighty Networks, you will be guided through the sign-up process.  There is no additional fee for using Mighty Networks, outside of the $22 class fee.

I am new to Mighty Networks and unsure how to proceed.

If you have any questions about signing up for Mighty Networks or need some assistance, please reach out using the email button above and a member of my team will get back to you.  Don’t stress, we’ve got you!

save your spot now

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  • Access to the Jodie Harvala Mighty Networks Community

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