at the Coteau des Praires Lodge
in Havana, North Dakota
October 19th – 22nd, 2023.


Are you ready to experience…?

A strong relationship with Spirit

You know you’ve always felt different but don’t know why. You’d love to meet people who get you.

A heightened, more trustworthy intuition

You knowQuestion your abilities you have a higher calling, if only you could pinpoint what it is.

Guidance + Direction on your Higher Purpose

You want to develop your spiritual gifts but need help bringing the magic out into the world.

Join Me for a weekend of magic

Fall Spirit Retreat at
Coteau des Prairies Lodge

Set in the beautifully rustic Coteau des Prairies, the CDP Lodge is as luxurious as it is cozy. Embark on your journey with Spirit in breathtaking North Dakota. For three days, you’ll explore and learn in a relaxing, homey atmosphere that’s perfect for getting in-tune with yourself and your spiritual side.


About the Lodge

Spacious, Inspirational Atmosphere

get inspired by the beauty of North Dakota

Connect with nature + Spirit in the peaceful prairie land of Havana, North Dakota with it’s unique blend of rural charm and bustling nearby attractions.

Rustic, 4-Star Lodging

homey comfort meets country chic

Get country-cabin cozy with all of the modern amenities including themed rooms, wifi, spacious common areas and more.

Ample, Elegant Amenities

explore the fun of modern prairie life

Enjoy your downtime by exploring Havana and it’s local attractions including state parks, restaurants, bars and nightlife, golf, and museums.


What You’ll Learn


Develop the strength and skills that allow you to trust both your intuition and yourself.


Build connections with like-minded people who truly get you.


Experiment with how to communicate with Spirit…and get ready for a whole lotta magic.


Need to learn to play? Retreats give you the much-needed time and space to reconnect with your playful side.


Whether you come along or with friends, you’ll leave knowing that you have a group of people who love you for YOU.


A new environment brings new vision, allowing you see yourself in a whole new light.


Love from Past Students

I really didn’t know what to expect because this whole psychic/intuition thing was new to me, but something inside of me told me I had to register. And I am so glad I did as that class was the foundation for my own spiritual/psychic journey. I learned so much, we are all intuitive and the key to a magical life is to learn about the simple ways spirit communicates and leads us and Jodie is the teacher to do just that! Jodie is truly gifted. She helped me open the doors to my own intuition and for that I am eternally grateful!


Fargo, ND

Jodie is a an amazing, outstanding mentor. I wanted to learn how to maintain my energy, trust my intuition, meet my spirit guide and release that ” old story”. I came away with so much more than I could ever have hoped for.  The things I resisted the most were the things that needed the most attention and brought the greatest gifts. I am happy to say I have learned to trust my intuition, I have a huge spirit team which I can now communicate with easily and together we are creating a new story.


Fargo, ND


Why Join Us?


Immersive Experience

Spend 3 days surrounded by Spirit in this all-encompassing, deep-dive retreat.


All Levels Welcome

Whether you’re brand new or looking to refresh and strengthen your skills, there’s something for you at this retreat.


Support + Accountability

Get feedback from me and your fellow classmates in a tight-knit, supportive environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are meals included in the price?
Yes! Meals are included in the cost of your purchases. The dining schedule for the retreat is as follows:

Thursday: Dinner
Friday & Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Sunday: Breakfast

Are payment plans available?

You have the option of paying in full or making monthly payments of $175 for 8 months.  If you have questions on the payment plan, please email me at

Can I get a private room?

Private rooms are not available for this retreat. For questions or concerns, please email me at

Where can I learn more about the Coteau des Prairies Lodge?

You can visit the Coteau des Prairies Lodge’s website at