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Find a quiet room where you can grab a couple of minutes for yourself – you’ll want to give your full attention to this energy clearing for the best results.

Remember, you can always replay this video whenever you need an extra energy clearing boost! A copy of this video has also been sent to your email. Be sure to add “Jodie@JodieHarvala.com” to your email’s whitelist to ensure delivery! Click here for instructions on how to whitelist for your email provider.

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Introductory Personal Energy Clearing

Experience my remote energy clearing sessions with this introductory offer.  You’ll receive a personal space clearing from me and a follow-up PDF guide on Energy Session After-Care.

30-Minute Phone reading

Feeling curious and in need of some Spirit-led guidance? My 30-minute phone reading is perfect for those who have specific questions they’d like to explore so we can make the most of your (and your Spirit Guides’!) time.

Reading + Clearing Spirit Bundle

This special bundle gets you both the introductory personal energy clearing and 30-minute phone reading for extra savings. Readings can be scheduled anytime within 1 year of purchase.