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Turn your empathic journey into a powerhouse of intuition, self-love, and boundary-setting brilliance with this brand-new 44-card oracle deck by Psychic Medium Jodie Harvala.

meet the brand-new deck made especially for empaths

Step into a world where empathy and empowerment meet with the Empath Evolution Deck. This deck of 44 interactive cards serves as your guide through the intricate journey of being an empath. Each card provides spiritual guidance, lighthearted wisdom, and practical insights specifically designed for the intuitive empath within you. As a fellow empath, I understand the transformative power of embracing and directing your empathic abilities. With the Empath Evolution oracle deck, you’ll have the perfect toolkit to effortlessly manage your energy and emotions in a fun and engaging way.

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Introducing the Empath Evolution Oracle Deck

Nurture Your Inner Power

Explore and delve into the depths with 44 transformative cards that offer valuable guidance, practical exercises, and profound insights on essential topics that hold utmost significance for empaths. These topics encompass energy management, boundary setting, self-care, self-love, and much more.

easy to use for all levels

Unlike your traditional tarot and oracle decks, this deck offers an interactive experience with practical, actionable items on each card. No need for interpretation or deciphering here! Catering to empaths of all comfort levels, the Empath Evolution deck is a must-have tool that’s easy to use and requires no experience.

For Empaths by an Empath

Walking this path, I’ve experienced immense joys and challenges that come with profound sensitivity. I’ve felt overwhelming waves of emotion, sensed unspoken feelings, and attuned to subtle shifts in energies. This personal journey as an empath has granted me an intimate understanding of our shared experiences, needs, and desires.

What’s in the deck

This unique deck is designed to get you diving right into your Spiritual journey. These interactive cards are made up of some of my favorite practices, including…

Energy Fortifying

Discover how to build a protective barrier around you and your energy, effortlessly maintaining a high vibration and banishing any undesirable vibes.

Self-Care Rituals

Explore new self-care rituals and reap the benefits of taking time out of your busy schedule to love *yourself*.

Energy Management

Identify the people, places, and situations that drain your energy and find practical methods to keep your energy and emotions under control. 

Emotional Alchemy

Turn negative emotions into positive forces in your life by learning the techniques behind emotional alchemy.

Setting Boundaries

Learn the art of setting boundaries and unlock a world of empowerment and freedom while leaving guilt behind. 

Shining Your Light

Learn how to unleash your superpowers of love, care, and passion as a lightworker of the world.


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Ready to embark on a transformative journey tailored just for empaths like you? The Empath Evolution Oracle Deck is more than just cards; it’s an invitation to embrace, understand, and amplify your unique empathic gifts. Each card is a stepping stone to deeper self-awareness, empowerment, and connection. Reserve your copy today and get ready to evolve, elevate, and thrive as an empath in the world.

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